Help with the Computer

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Heather needed Raul and needed him NOW. She tried to drop some hints but he just kept saying he was busy. He was working on the computer. It looked important but Heather didn’t like when Raul didn’t pay attention to her. She sat and watched him, getting more turned on thinking about the last time they made love, and getting angrier at his inattention.

“Raul, I have something for you if you come sit beside me on the couch.” Victoria spoke in her sexiest voice.

But Raul only answered, “Heather you know it’s important that I finish this today.”

Hearing that she decided she needed to do something drastic. Maybe she could help him get his work done and get pleasure herself. She tried not to make too much noise so Raul wouldn’t know what she was doing. She undressed right there standing behind Raul letting her clothes drop. She took all her clothes off, surprised that she was getting turned on by her own actions and wondering how Raul would like her surprise.

Heather started massaging his shoulders and murmured, “Why don’t I just help you with your computer work then you’ll be done faster and we can play?”

“Heather!” he voice betrayed his irritation even though his words didn’t. “I don’t think I need help, just let me finish this.”

“I’m sure you want my help Raul.”

His chair was on wheels and she was able to pull it and him a short way away from the computer. She moved quickly wondering again at her sanity. She moved to sit on his lap. But instead of facing him she faced the computer.

“Raul, you know I can type faster then you. Just tell me what you want to say and I’ll type it for you.”

Raul was angry at first at her continued disruptions. But the suddenness of her actions seemed to startle the anger right out of him. He was instead staring at Heather’s naked back, and feeling her weight against him. He leaned to the side to see if she was really fully naked. His view now gave a look at her breasts. YES, she was naked. His eyes looked down seeing as much as he could see. He wasn’t even aware that she had spoken to him.

“Raul, I’ll type for you so that your hands will be free for other things,” she spoke as she wiggled her ass against him.

The words finally registered. How could he even think about what to type staring at this gorgeous view? Her hair was up in a pony tail. He wanted to see it fall over her shoulders so he pulled out her hair clip. He leaned towards her to kiss her neck and smell her hair and her scent. He moaned as he touched her soft skin.

“Concentrate sweetie!”

“I’m concentrating….on you,” he replied. He couldn’t make himself get angry at her.

He too hot to handle latino izle rubbed his hands up and down her back caressing her skin. He’d never get his work done now. Maybe there would be a way to take advantage of this situation since she was taking advantage of him.

“I give up, you win. I won’t even be sore looser because it seems in this game even the looser gets a prize,” as he spoke one hand slid around to her left breast taking the whole thing in his hand massaging it. “Let me just save this, and get it out of the way.”

He reached with his other hand to take the mouse and save, meanwhile his left hand continued touching her beautiful breasts. He peeked at her face, her eyes were closed and she wasn’t paying attention to his activities on the computer. The computer cam was set up beside the computer where it always was for their chats with family and friends. He surreptitiously clicked the button ‘Record from Cam’, and hoped nothing had moved it out of its usual proper placement. In place of a face he hoped when he watched this later he’d see their actions again and again. She deserved it for not listening to him.

“You know I like it when you’re loud and I know everything you’re feeling,” he hoped to encourage her to be loud for the cam to pick up every detail. His right hand now moved to her other breast. He kissed her neck and massaged her breasts.

She was getting lost in his touches and was taking pride that he was so easily distracted by her body. Their marriage had their ups and downs of course but he made it easier to hold on to by his frequent compliments, and frequent love-making. She knew in the long run he’d be glad she had distracted him. She leaned back into him; raised her arms so he could continue his ministrations. Her head settled into his shoulder, and her arms went around his neck. She let herself enjoy the intense pleasure of his touch as his hands carressed her breasts, and then his fingers teasingly traced all over her naked body before returning again to her alert nipple.

She snuggled into him and allowed her weight purposefully rub up against him. Her lips began a playful yet purposeful journey as she began nibbling his ear. She wished they could just stay like this, without a care except for their mutual physical touches.

He didn’t even remember what he had been working on anymore, his fingers so enjoying the touch of her smooth skin instead of the computer keys. He felt time would last forever if he could just keep holding her in his arms. He smiled as she rubbed against him, as he looked at her body, treason izle and as he thought about the amazing view he would have of his naked wife in his arms later on via the cam.

His fingers of one hand moved up from her breasts to her neck to her lips. The fingers of his other hand wandered down to her bush. Then at the same moment his fingers entered her pussy and her mouth. He wanted to watch her writhe and beg for him.

Her groans were loud, and his movement turned her breathing up a notch. He could hear her trying to catch her breath. Her lips sucked in his finger, and her tongue played with his finger. Her legs closed around his hand trapping him in her pussy where he added another finger. Her wetness grew quickly surrounding his fingers, and he quickly started to pump them into her with his fingers.

Her moans were almost constant now, calling out “Raul, yes, hmmm, Raul, you are the best.”

“You are beautiful Heather; I look at your body and am so turned on.”

“Slide in deeper Raul.”

She opened her legs up wide, and put her feet up on the edge of the computer table. He kept his feet tight to the ground so they wouldn’t slide out of the reach of the camera. This was perfect, he imagined the wide open view of her pussy, which the camera could see and he couldn’t see. He felt a little jealous.

He could feel it though. He wondered why his hands were ever anywhere else. Her wetness coated his hand making it slippery. He started to get rougher, he couldn’t control how much he wanted her right now and he was completely dressed. This control she had over him made him question his own sanity, until he realized that Heather wanted him just as badly, she was the one who threw herself at him. The thought made a growl rise from deep inside him where it finally came up and escaped from his lips as he sunk his teeth lightly into her neck. He started his hips moving with his finger movements in and out of her. She was really at his mercy, he held her body in his control, and could stop at any moment and leave her unfulfilled. At the same moment he also realized, that he couldn’t stop, he wanted to see her orgasm as much as she did.

Slowly and purposefully he allowed his hand now slipping out of her to reach for her breasts to play again with her breasts and feel her hard nipples. This time his motions more rough, as he pinched lightly and pulled on each nipple. Her breast moved under his fingers and told the same story that her moans told and hardened even more in reaction to the pressure.

Holding her tightly he slipped his finger out of her deep wetness but found the true detective izle wetness was already spread. Now his goal was her hardened clit and her orgasm. Under his complete control it would be his orgasm. Her orgasm for and because of only him.

Heather lost all touch with reality, aware only of the hands of the man she loved surrounding her, and caressing her clit. Her moans equaled the intensity of her feelings, and for a moment she felt bad that she was not pleasuring Raul at the same time. But it was too late to think of changing the situation.

“Raul, Raaaaaaaaul, take me all the way. Please, more, more.” Heather’s cries were loud and passionate enough to alert the neighbors.

He strummed across her clit with his finger tips over and over. She was so close, soooooo close.

“Were you thinking you were so hot, that I couldn’t resist you? Look who has the power now?” He whispered in her ear.

“Raul, you control me. I’m in your hands. I’m at your mercy.” Another moan broke out before she found her voice again. “I need what you can give me. No one can please me like you can, Raul. Please Raul; I’m so fucking hot and wet for you.” Her response was not a whisper but a loud moan of submission. Submission to her love, submission to the pleasure his fingers were providing, submission to her inner longing, and submission to her powerlessness.

“My Heather, Who do you belong to now?”

“To my Raul.”

Raul wondered if Heather could feel how his own pleasure was also increasing but he was sure she was lost in her own pleasure. He enjoyed his view, he enjoyed bringing pleasure to his wife, and he enjoyed the thought that he would have footage to enjoy later on.

She started slipping out of his grip as she got closer and closer to her orgasm and couldn’t help but squirm on top of him. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer to him, to keep her from getting away but also to rub her naked ass against his growing cock.

She moaned in disappointment as his hand was taken away from her pussy and he realized that she really did need and want him. She wasn’t acting, she was desperate for him

Instead of returning quickly to her clit, he tickled his fingers along her inner thighs, even though she complained. He couldn’t deny though that he wanted her to orgasm soon in front of their webcam, and so he returned to rubbing her clit at the same moment he sucked on her ear lobe. Her moans changed now, and she almost sounded like she was in pain but he knew she liked to be loud to get her full enjoyment.

It wasn’t long before his fingers brought her to a place he had enjoyed bringing her many times. Even after years of making love to her this time is was different for both of them. She leaned back into him, and pushed her legs against the table as she tensed up and screamed her bliss.

She was panting and purring as she slowly settled down while his fingers stayed in her pussy and his arms held on to her as she let her body go limp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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