Helping Out A Friend

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My friend Rob asked me over to his home to help him build a deck in his backyard. Rob lives with his girlfriend Carrie who I must say is very hot. I always tell Rob what a lucky guy he is that he goes home to a piece of ass like that every night.

Carrie’s dynamite body is about 5’6″ tall blonde hair, 36C and a size 6.

I arrived at Rob’s place at about 11AM. I wore work clothes, tank top and jeans. Rob already prepared all of the tools and supplies that we were going to need so we were able to get to work right away.

About half an hour into our work Carrie made her first appearance. She looked as hot and sexy as I have ever seen her. Wearing a skimpy bikini there was an ample amount of her cleavage on display. The bottom shaped her legs and ass perfectly.

“You guys look thirsty, I will bring you something to drink” she said.

She came back with three glasses of ice water, two for us and one for herself. After handing us our drinks, she pulled up a lawn chair for herself and lay down to tan.

I stared at her as she slowly and deliberately rubbed tanning lotion all over her body. Her hands seemed to linger as she massaged the lotion into her breasts, and then ran down her tummy, and between her thighs.

After that pleasant distraction Rob and I got back to work. I caught Carrie glancing over at us periodically while we worked. She seemed to enjoy the sight of two well-built men at work with sweat glistening off their bodies. At one point Carrie and I locked eyes on each other. She smiled at me taking an ice cube and running izmir escort it down the front of her neck and between her breasts. I noticed her nipples almost immediately stood up from the chill of the ice cube. She licked the ice cube seductively and sucked it into her mouth. I felt a bulge start to grow in my pants.

I decided that two could play the tease game. I took off my tank top, flexed my body, wiped my brow and went back to work shirtless. Rob followed suit, removing his shirt too.

We continued our work on the deck. Now that we were shirtless Carrie watched us more attentively now than before. I looked up again at Carrie when I heard a soft moan escape from her mouth. The sight of her got me aroused right away. Her top was off and her legs were draped over the sides of the lawn chair, one hand was in her bikini bottom and her other hand was teasing her now bare nipples.

Watching the two of us work got Carrie so hot and bothered that she had to start playing with herself now. Rob smiled at me conveying his approval of my watching his sexy companion pleasure herself. I told Rob that if he did not hose me down soon with cold water that I might have to jump his girl. Rob just told me to try to calm down and save my energy for later.

I took a cold drink and somehow managed to calm myself down. Rob and I got back to work despite hearing the soft moans of Carrie playing with herself on the lawn a few feet away from us. As things would turn out, I would not have to wait or hold myself alsancak escort back for very long. In fact, Carrie lost herself and gave in to her carnal desires first.

Topless, lustfully, and seductively she approached us. She went straight to Rob. She wrapped one arm around his neck as she kissed him, and her other hand went directly to his crotch. Seeing Carrie in heat like this really had me turned on. Rob and I had never discussed a threesome before, so I was not quite sure what to do now. Almost instinctively, I reacted by pulling out my cock, and I started to stroke it.

I watched as Rob took Carrie’s nipples into his mouth and I heard her sweet and sexy moan. Carrie looked over at me and licked her lips when she saw my cock in my hands. She stepped away from Rob and got down to her knees in front of me. She pushed me back against the frame of the deck and tugged my jeans down around my ankles. She took hold of my cock and then lowered her mouth over it.

Her mouth was warm and wet. She rolled her tongue around my shaft as her head bobbed up and down over my cock. Rob smiled at me as he bent down behind Carrie. He pulled down her bikini, then raised her ass and spread her legs. I couldn’t see what Rob was doing but judging from her muffled moans and her now frenetic pace sucking my cock I knew he was giving her pussy a good tongue fucking. I held her head down on my cock and gyrated my hips pumping my cock into her hungry mouth. She held my cock firmly in her mouth as her body shook from buca escort her first orgasm of the day.

Rob took Carrie by the hand and started leading her back to the lawn chair. Carrie took my hand leading me to follow them. Rob sat down on the chair and guided Carrie to straddle him. Carrie grabbed Rob’s cock and held it as she slowly lowered herself down onto him swallowing his cock inside of her. Rob played with her nipples as her breasts bounced up and down as she rode him.

I bent down behind Carrie and pushed a finger into her ass to see if she would like it. The presence of my finger in her ass made her fuck Rob faster, so I started fingering her ass while she fucked him.

Carrie was moaning with pleasure and she told me to get my finger out of her ass and stick my cock in there. I spit into my hand to lube up my cock and then I got on top of her and pressed my cock into her ass. Her ass was nice and tight.

Carrie moaned in pleasure as Rob and I both pumped her with our cocks. Fuck me! Fuck me! I am coming again! She squealed as her second orgasm rocked her. As she hit her climax I felt her ass tighten around my cock, the sensation was more than I could handle and she made me explode into her ass. As I finished emptying into her ass Rob started to erupt in her pussy.

When we were all done, Carrie licked our cocks clean of any juices left on them, and then she went upstairs to shower. Rob and I got dressed, and when our strength came back, we finished our work on the deck. He told me that Carrie always thought that I was the hottest of his guy friends and that she had been interested in getting me into a threesome for a while now. I told Rob that I still thought he was the luckiest guy in the world but now I felt like the second luckiest guy in the world. He smiled and suggested that we go upstairs to see if Carrie had gotten out of the shower yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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