High Rise Ch. 05

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I am completely lost. You are gripping my hips so tightly and holding me up and I am lost, panting my way down the other side of a long and hard orgasm. You are sliding your hard tongue over my swollen clit and I can’t, I can’t take it anymore. Enough, I say. Enough. I am breathing so hard I am lightheaded, and I’m afraid I am going to pass out. I bring my hands to your face and try to stop you. I push back on the window and you pull your face out of my cunt. Your face is covered in my juices and you look up at me with such lust, but, I can’t.

I can’t, I say, trying to catch my breath.

You wipe your face on my thigh and move your hands up my legs as you stand. I start to crumple to the ground and you catch me, holding me up until you have enough balance to lift me up in your arms and take me over to the bed. I wrap my arms around your neck, thankful for the support. I am still beside myself in my recovery. I have never cum that hard and that long before. You set me down on the bed and stand up to look at me. You take me all in, looking me up and down. You are still completely dressed in your suit and tie and I love being naked in front of you, love the way you are looking at me. But, I can’t.

I can’t, I say.

Can’t what? You ask.

I can’t. It’s all I can think of to say.

You can’t cum for me? But you just did.

Yes. I did. But I can’t anymore.

He was too rough with you.


But I promised you I wouldn’t be. Do you trust me? You look at me, searching my face for an answer.

Yes, I say, but I don’t know you.

You just need some time, you say. You go over and get the champagne glasses and bring them back to the nightstand. You dip a finger into one of the glasses and then bring it over to rub on my right nipple. You bend over and suck on it, pulling it up and stretching it. I arch my back up to your warm mouth.

You sit on the bed facing me and place your hand on my belly. I am sleepy and spent and sore. I still like being naked next to you in your suit and tie. wednesday izle You lean over and take my nipple in your mouth again, licking slowly and languidly. Before I know it your fingers are on my pussy, gently slipping all the wetness around and bringing it up to my swollen clit. Everything is soft and slow and I close my eyes.

You don’t have to cum, you say. Just enjoy it.

I’m going to fall asleep, I say. I look at you watching me. I move my hips with the rhythm of your slow hand.

That’s okay, you say, moving on to lick my other nipple. You continue stroking my nipple with your tongue at the same steady pace as you stroke my slippery clit. I am getting aroused not just by what you are doing, but the fact that you are still in your suit. You tie is draped over my arm and I turn my head so I am looking at your chest as you stroke me. Your jacket is open and hugging your shoulders. I see the bulge in your pants and I think how sexy it is to see a grown man in a suit with a hard-on.

My orgasm starts so slowly I barely feel where my enjoyment of what you are doing ends and the orgasm begins, but soon I am rising up to your hand and groaning out at the pleasure. It’s one of those soft and sweet orgasms, the kind that usually comes in the morning when you’re half asleep and still groggy from a night of fast and hard sex. Ummmmm. You suck my nipple and stroke it with your tongue and then lift your head to watch me. I groan my way through it, watching how you watch me and it all feels so sexy. When I’m done, you leave your stilled fingers on my clit, just holding them there as I squirm beneath them, still raising my hips in the aftermath. I realize this is also one of those sweet orgasms that lingers. Your fingers stay pressed against my clit and I feel the buzzing of energy in my pussy, a tension that was not thoroughly released.

You lean over and kiss me, soft lips and tongue. I still taste myself on your tongue and lips. When you pull back, you ask, Do you mind if I join you weekend family izle in bed? You start sliding your fingers down to my wet hole, spreading my juices over my entire pussy.

I groan. Please, I say. But take your clothes off. I want to feel your skin up against me.

You take your fingers away and I am sorry for that. I groan. You stand up, looking at me as you start untying your tie. You are, as usual, slow and deliberate. As you undress, I imagine how you got dressed this morning, what you were thinking, if you were wondering about me and what might happen. If you got hard thinking about the possibilities, and if you picked your suit and tie for the day in anticipation of what might be. You’ve chosen a light gray summer suit, my favorite on men because it is easier to see the body beneath, and a red tie. And I do like your body, the length and athleticism of it. But the tie. Well. You wear it very well. There is a certain kind of man who can wear a red tie naturally. Most men who wear them use it as a façade, a symbol signifying something they wish or strive for (power, control, prestige) but do not naturally possess. But you. You have a presence that others immediately recognize as different, elevated. On you, the red tie simply signifies your natural born position as a leader. There is nothing posturing about your tie.

I recognize this because I have the same kind of presence packaged in a female body. I have risen through the ranks of my company to a position of power no other woman has achieved. I have done so because I am good at my job and I know how to lead men and women with firmness and fairness. And as a woman, I have to maintain my reputation as being tough-minded and without any weakness that could be exploited. That is why I have never dated within my company or even my field. Men below my level in the company, men who I have been terribly attracted to, have tried to seduce me over the years.

Most of these men wanted me only because they thought sex welcome to chippendales izle would diminish me. I had been promoted over them for obvious and legitimate reasons and they wanted to prove that I was just a woman afterall, a cunt who could be ultimately conquered in the bedroom. And I always resist. For one, the resistance shows that I have more control than they assume, and second, the fact that I never succumbed left them wanting to fuck me just for the sake of knowing what it was like to fuck me. And this brings me great satisfaction, knowing there are men in powerful positions who want to fuck me but know they will always be denied. I’m sure I don’t need to bother explaining about all the fresh-faced college graduates that come and go in the company and their surreptitious glances at my tits, their bulging crotches and trips to the bathroom. They are a horny and amusing bunch, and they really have no idea what they are wishing for.

And perhaps this explains why I ultimately answered the Craigslist ad the man placed. Because while I enjoy denying my colleagues, I am still a very sexual woman with strong needs, primal needs that include submission at times. I knew from the tower address he gave that he had no relation to my field or company. And then there was you. And now you are undressing in front of me. What has transpired over the last few weeks has led me to being here in a hotel room completely and utterly spent. I have submitted myself over and over again. I was taken with such force and anger by the man today and now moved to multiple orgasms almost against my will by you, and I feel all of my control entirely erased. I lay before you with no will to do anything but submit. I am entirely in your hands. And part of me knows how dangerous this is for a woman like me, but I am so without willpower that I can only think sleepily that at least they are good hands. I think that you have given me every reason to trust that you will not abuse your power over me.

You are naked now, so beautifully naked with your cock standing at attention, and you reach over to pull the comforter down and get us under the sheets. You slip in beside me, turning me onto my side and pulling me tight up against your long body. My back is up against your hard chest, my ass is pressed against your hard cock, and your big hand grasps my breast as I sigh and settle into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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