HighTech Sex, Inc. Ch. 1

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Diana Morgan spun her chair around, crossing her ankles as she set her heels down on the large mahogany credenza, and let her gaze drift to the floor to ceiling windows that made up the west wall of her office. At 27, she was the youngest CEO her high-technology company had ever seen, and arguably the best as well. Under her leadership, profits had increased faster than ever before. Her salary was in the 7 figure range, 8 figures during particularly successful years.

It’s a good life, she reflected, watching the sunset from her spacious office 57 stories above the ground. However, she couldn’t help but feel like she was missing something. Her efforts at dating always seemed doomed to failure; most men couldn’t take a controlling woman, and those who could were frequently spineless, hoping to find a replacement for their mother who would take care of them. Diana had no need for spineless people; one of the first items of business when she took over the firm 2 years previous was to fire anyone who wasn’t aggressive and success-hungry. Her sex life was nonexistent, unless you counted the vibrator she carried in her purse for when things got too frustrating. Diana sighed and reflected that sometimes you have to sacrifice to get what you want.

She looked over at the clock – 7pm, time to be heading out to the dinner meeting she had planned with the head of an allied company. His personality grated on hers like nails on a chalkboard, but she needed the products his company, and only his company, could provide her. Maybe I’ll start my own company to make those products, she thought as she headed for the elevator.

As she stood, waiting for the doors to close, she saw one of her employees walk by. Mark was his name, Mark Grayson, a fiery salesperson she had met briefly some months before, when he was hired. She had noticed his beauty even then, but for some reason, today it all clicked in her head, and she knew that, starting tomorrow, things in her life were going to be different, and, more importantly, much better.

The next day, Diana’s secretary, Samantha, was surprised at the change in her boss. Sammi (as she liked to be called, and never was by Diana) was like the day to Diana’s night. Where Diana was tall, Samantha barely reached 5 foot 4 inches. Diana’s short hair was black as coal; Sammi’s blond hair gleamed as it fell in curls beyond her shoulders. Diana would be described as slender and proportionately built; Samantha had a body that others would have killed for, a perfect hourglass figure. Diana had a tendency towards dark, severe business suits that showed nothing off except how expensive they were. Sammi dressed to impress a different audience, in bright colors, short skirts, and plunging necklines.

On this day, however, Diana was markedly different. Her hair was perfectly styled, as always, but seemed softer somehow. The makeup on her face lent a feminine air to her look, instead of the masculine feel she often presented. Her business suit was a gorgeous deep blue, and clung to her like a glove, the short jacket emphasizing the curve of her hips, the short neckline showing only skin beneath it. Perfectly coordinated almanbahis adres blue high heels adorned the feet at the end of her black stocking clad legs. Sammi stumbled over her greeting in shock, then continued properly, outlining Diana’s schedule for this particular Friday.

Sammi’s second shock came when Diana asked her to alter that schedule, booked solid until 8pm, freeing up an hour at 3pm for a meeting with one of the employees, someone named Mark Grayson. 15 minutes later, Sammi had accomplished the switcharound, and notified Grayson of the meeting. Sammi spent the rest of the day at Diana’s side, as they made their way through seemingly endless meetings. Finally 3pm arrived, as did Mark Grayson. Sammi showed him into Diana’s office and at a nod from her, quietly closed the doors and left the room, leaving Mark standing in front of Diana’s desk.

Diana began with small talk about the job, motioning Mark to sit. For about 10 minutes they chatted amiably about nothing of import. Finally, sensing Mark’s confusion, Diana came to the point. “Mark, first, this meeting never happened. Both I and my secretary will back that statement up. Second, if you breathe a word of this to anybody, I will make sure you never work in sales again, anywhere. Finally, if you do exactly as you are told, you will be richly rewarded. Now stand up.” Mark started to protest; Diana fixed him with an icy stare and repeated “Stand up. Now. Or you will be on the street within 10 minutes.” Mark closed his mouth and stood up.

Diana raised her heels to the desk and crossed them at the ankles, leaning back to take a look at Mark. Around 6 feet tall and athletic, he was a definite looker. Sandy brown hair on top of tanned skin, probably 190 pounds, mostly muscle, Diana guessed. Blue eyes that leapt out at you, soft lips that begged you to kiss them. When she had seen him the night before, her knees had gone weak with lust. The weakness had gone; the lust was still there in full force.

“Take off your jacket” she commanded. “But…” Mark began, then stopped speaking when she reached for the phone. He took off his jacket, reluctantly. Diana stood up and walked around behind him. “Look at the view… isn’t it beautiful?” she asked rhetorically as she examined him from behind. He stood unmoving and unspeaking. She reached around him and undid his tie, throwing it aside. “Take off your shoes” she commanded, and he kicked them off as she unbuttoned his shirt from behind, pulling it wide and running her hands over his bare chest, squeezing his muscular body, exulting in the raw physicality of the action.

Her hands slipped lower, massaging his crotch through his pants, one hand slipping around behind to cup his ass. “Now that’s not so bad, is it?” Diana asked, yanking his zipper down in one quick move, her hand slipping inside to stroke him through his underwear. “MMM” she moaned softly “I knew you’d be big,” as she grabbed his erection and squeezed gently. “Just think,” she continued, “you’re getting paid for this.” With that comment she undid his pants and pushed them down, and pulled his shirt off his back. She walked back and sat down in her chair, almanbahis adresi and looked him over again.

His skin was covered with a light growth of blond hair. His muscles were finely sculpted, creating small clefts and valleys across his body. A line of pale hair ran down from his stomach into his tight briefs. The erection she had caused pushed at the thin material covering it, and that material created a snug pouch below. His arms and legs were well muscled also; Diana had made a good choice. She could feel her body starting to respond; it had been a long time since she’d had any man, let alone one as gorgeous as this.

“Come here” she ordered, and Mark moved to obey. All reluctance was gone from him now at the prospect of what was to come. Diana swiveled her chair to face him as he came around the desk. She raised one foot to him, and he removed her shoe, caressing her foot as he did. She raised the other foot, and he repeated his actions. “From now on you are my personal toy” Diana said to him. He nodded and kissed her foot. Diana stood and turned her back to him. He reached around and removed her jacket as she continued speaking. “Your command word will be… sapphire. Whenever you hear that word, you will obey without question. Agreed? You may speak.” For the first time Mark spoke out fully. “What do i get out of this?” He asked.

Diana turned and looked him in the eye. She hadn’t worn a blouse, and his eyes were drawn to the bright blue bra that held her breasts barely in. She reached back and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She let him stare at her tiny, lacy blue panties, and at her thigh-high stockings below. She watched as he looked her over, taking in the flat stomach she worked hard to keep, the curves that she usually hid well, the undeniable beauty that was before him. Then she answered in a whisper. “You get all the perks you can possibly imagine. And more. Agreed?” “Agreed” Mark choked out as he reached for the clasp of Diana’s bra.

Diana let him unsnap her bra, then slid away as he tried to fondle her. She sat back into her leather chair and said “kneel,” shivering slightly as the cold leather raised bumps on her bare skin. Mark knelt before her, clearly uncomfortable with the submission being asked of him. Diana reveled in the feeling of power combined with her lust for this man. “Take them off” she ordered, sliding her hips forward; Mark reached forward and ripped her underwear from her in one hard motion, drawing a gasp from Diana and showing again his desire to be the one in charge, and hurled them across the room. The sweet tang of her body’s perfume hit the air, and Mark was affected by it; he started to climb to his feet to mount her.

“Kneel” she commanded again, firmly, pressing one foot to his shoulder to guide him back to his knees. She slid down in the chair, slumping, sliding her feet forward until her knees bent over his shoulders. A hand in his hair pushed his mouth to her moist lips as she told him “Eat.” She moaned in pleasure as his tongue opened her up fully, wasting no time in darting deep inside her. His hands were on her ass, squeezing, pushing her into almanbahis adres his mouth so he could slide his tongue deeper inside her. Diana gripped the arm of the chair with one hand, the high back of the chair with the other, and tried not to explode as she rode his lips and his tongue, her hips circling into his busy mouth.

After several minutes of being eaten out, and a couple small orgasms, Diana felt it was time to move on. With no warning she put her foot on Mark’s chest and pushed, knocking him over. She cut off his complaints by reaching down and yanking his underwear off, tossing it across the room. His erection stood up proudly; Diana reached down and lifted him to his feet, guiding him with her hand on his cock, and pushed him into the chair.

Locking eyes with him, Diana climbed on top of him and lowered herself slowly onto his tool, feeling it slide deep inside her, filling her up. She moaned in pleasure as his teeth found her nipples and began to tease them, as she ever so slowly lowered and dropped herself onto him. He shifted position and Diana almost yelled as his fingers found her dripping button and began to rub it hard and fast. Her hands used his shoulders as leverage to raise and lower herself as she fucked him.

The intercom chose that moment to buzz. Diana put a finger over Mark’s lips and reached down to hit it. “Yes?” she asked breathlessly. Sammi’s voice came out saying “Mr. Jameson is here for his 4pm appointment. Shall I show him in?”

“Tell him I’ll be with him in 10 minutes, Samantha” Diana stated, and stabbed at the off button for the intercom. She threw herself back down on Mark with a vengeance, driving his cock deep into the center of her being, and growled “5 minutes, Mark, fuck me harder.” Mark rose to the occasion, pistoning his hips up into her and rubbing her hard nipples and harder clit until she came, shaking, panting, and biting his shoulder to keep from screaming. Their thrusting slowed, then finally stopped, and Diana stepped off of him and gathered her clothes, slipping into her private bathroom to get dressed. “Remember, your code word is Sapphire. When you hear that word, you will obey. Be ready to leave when I get out. You have 3 minutes,” she said as she closed the door.

3 minutes later, she stepped out, dressed as if nothing had happened. Mark was rumpled, but dressed. She opened the door and escorted him out with a glance, and sat down behind her desk to await her next meeting. She reflected inwardly that it was the first time she’d be in a meeting without panties; hers had ripped when Mark removed them, and she hadn’t thought to bring an extra pair. She wouldn’t make that mistake again.

Sammi escorted Mr. Jameson into the room, and closed the door behind her. Looking down the hall, she enjoyed the view of Mark’s tight ass as he waited for the elevator. Moving back into her office, she reached up and took the earpiece and microphone combination that was her half of the intercom out of her ear. After what she’d heard between Mark and Diana when Diana missed turning the intercom off, she needed some time to relax, and listening to the meeting with Mr. Jameson wasn’t going to be any fun. Then she paused. Who knows what I might learn, she thought, as she replaced the headset on her head. Information is power, she’d heard it said… and now she was going to put that idea to the test.

To Be Continued…

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