HighTech Sex, Inc. Ch. 2

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Weeks had passed since Diana and Mark’s first encounter. She had repeatedly had “special” meetings with him. After the first one, Samantha had one of the technicians that worked for the company secretly rig a way for her to turn on Diana’s intercom microphone by remote. Sammi had spent many an afternoon in the outer office, eyes focused into space, listening to the sounds of Diana using Mark for her pleasure.

Her experiment in voyeurism had unseen consequences, however; Sammi was now drooling for the chance to bed Mark. Knowing that Diana was getting to experience his luscious body over and over was driving her crazy; but she couldn’t stop listening. Finally, she saw her opportunity, and was determined that Mark would be hers.

Diana was out of town, returning that evening at 11pm. Mark had to be expecting a summons from her when she returned; Samantha was going to use that to her advantage. When Mark came in at 9am, Samantha’s plan was already well underway.

As he went through his mail, Mark was surprised to see an envelope with no postage, just his name. It was soft blue, one of Diana’s favorite colors. He was still unsure about the way he was being treated by Diana, but she was a good lay, and that was enough for now. He smiled in anticipation as he opened the letter.

It read “The Ritz hotel, room 745, 4pm. Don’t be late. Sapphire.” He frowned, thinking how different this was than normal, then shrugged it off; there was nothing “normal” about the whole situation anyway. Also, with Diana out of town, he had been without sex for over a week; she had forbidden him any partners other than her. He pocketed the room key he found in the envelope.

Mark left at noon to get ready. Since their first encounter, Diana had insisted that he get a haircut, shower, and be perfectly groomed at all times for her pleasure; with her out of town, he had slacked off, and needed to clean up some. He arrived at 4pm exactly and slid into the room, expecting Diana.

What will trent izle he got was… no one. He looked around the room confused, and found a wrapped box and another note on the bed. The note, on the same blue stationary, said “Use the items in the box. Sapphire.” Shrugging, he unwrapped the box and opened it. Inside were a blindfold and several bands with straps and buckles, and another note. “Wrists on the headboard, ankles on the footboard, blindfold on, no clothes. Fasten both ankles and one wrist, and have the other ready. Sapphire.”

As he obediently stripped off his clothes, he wondered at this turn of events. Diana hadn’t been this kinky in the past, just a hot straightforward fuck with a little domination on the side. It took him a couple tries to get it right, but finally he was laying on his back, blindfolded, naked and bound, except for one wrist. He relaxed, wondering what was next.

He heard the door open, and footsteps. Soon after, he felt his free arm being tied to the bed, leaving him spread-eagled, and beginning to become aroused. Nails raked lightly down his body, drawing a gasp from him; when he tried to speak, those nails rose to press against his lips, limiting him to silence.

He felt pressure on the bed as the owner of the nails climbed on and straddled him; then the touch of soft skin against his lips. He licked the skin, feeling it part under the pressure of his tongue. Her spicy taste assaulted his tongue as it slid deep into her, as she rubbed her smooth slit on his face. As he pleasured her, he reflected that Diana had never shaved down there before; a lot seemed to have changed!

She continued to use his mouth, slowly swiveling her hips into him. Her hands with those long nails found his erect organ and started to stroke it slowly. She shuddered in silent orgasm, and moved away from his mouth. He felt the warmth of her mouth as she went down on him, sucking him to full stiffness fate the winx saga izle in no time

She dropped onto him hard, making him grunt, those nails finding his chest as she fucked him. He strained against his bonds, wanting to take control of the situation, and he heard a very soft laugh at his ineffective efforts. She was using him like she would a toy, with little concern for his pleasure.

When his breathing quickened and he was about to lose it, she would slide off of him and squeeze his privates, hard, holding him back, then stroke him back to full erection, and climb on again. She came more than once on top of him, while holding him back from his own pleasure like an expert. Finally, after what seemed like hours in his blackened, virtually soundless world, she climbed off of him at the sound of a knock at the door.

What he heard next confused him; he could have sworn someone came into the room, but there was no talking. He heard the door to the bathroom close, and some mumbling from that direction that he couldn’t make out. Finally he heard the door open again. Without preamble he felt a soft mouth on his cock again, blowing him back to hardness. He was very ready, and quickly got lost in the sensation, barely noting a strange clicking sound in the room.

The next 15 minutes were ecstasy. She was incredible, taking him to the brink over and over, exploring ever position, she spun on him like a top. Finally her mouth returned to his aching cock, which exploded. The blindfold was ripped off of his eyes, and he took in the whole scene at once in disbelief.

Lying beside him, licking his deflating cock, was a woman he didn’t recognize. She was heavily made up, and her face was sprayed with his semen, dripping from her hair as she posed. Yes, posed. Standing beside the bed was Samantha, wearing only a bra and panties, holding an expensive looking camera, taking pictures of this woman sucking with love izle his cock.

Once he realized what was going on, he started to struggle, to no avail. Sammi nodded, and the woman he didn’t know got up off of him, put on her clothes, and left. He watched as Sammi plugged the camera into a laptop computer and hit a few buttons, accompanied by the sound of him yelling at her, and her responding “shhh” to his entreaties. Finally she pulled a chair over and sat down beside his head, and started to smooth the hair away from his face.

“Do you understand what happened here, Marky? Let me make sure you do. First, i had my way with you… and mmmm it was really good. You’re a good toy. Much better than my other toys. Then that other woman came in and fucked you in so many ways, and I’ve got photos of all of them. Most of the photos hide the blindfold; Diana will never know the difference. And she definitely won’t believe you were tricked into this; she’ll think you chose to have sex with someone else while she was away. She’ll destroy you if she sees those pictures, which I’ve already uploaded to a secure place. So, it looks like you have a choice, Mark. Do as I say from now on, or be destroyed by Diana.” She leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips. “Which do you choose?”

Through gritted teeth Mark replied “I’ll listen.” Sammi reached down and grabbed his dick, stroking it gently.

“Good decision. I think you’ll learn to enjoy it. Or not. After all, what does it matter to me as long as I get what I want?” Once he was hard again, she stood up and quickly threw her dress on. Reaching for the phone with one hand, she went back to stroking him with the other. “Hello, maid service? Yes, can you send a female maid up to room 745? I need some assistance unwrapping a package. Just have her walk right in. Thanks very much.” She hung up the phone and looked down at him. “The maid will probably untie you…I can’t promise anything, of course. She may decide to use you too… now that I’ve made sure you’re ready to go. Oh, and Diana really did send you a message. Be at her place at 9pm, or face the consequences. Ciao.” With that, Sammi grabbed her belongings and swayed out the door. Mark was at Diana’s on time, with the sound of the maid’s laughter ringing in his ears.

To Be Continued…

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