Hike it Up

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They did not know each other well, though they had worked as night shift nurses together for almost a year already. Being twenty seven years apart – the years between them four years greater than Lauren’s own age – the two were not exactly expected to fish each other’s friendship out of the pool of about forty or so other nurses who entered and exited the doors to the oncology floor. Lauren was tall, athletic, black hair falling over her shoulders, skin tanned by the summer sun. She was beautiful with an edge to her, a tattoo of a mermaid crept up her back and her blue eyes pierced with intensity. Carolyn was smaller with a voluptuous body, wavy blond hair, and a wide ass that begged to be grabbed. She had a sweet voice to match a lovely trusting face, but the way the corner of her mouth curled and her green eyes sparkled, Carolyn carried undertones to suggest she was not as at all innocent.

The women had noticed each other and began to pick up on the other’s eroticism. Carolyn had walked up behind her young co-worker to find the woman looking up pictures of women masturbating. Lauren had quickly closed the browser, but she had hoped Carolyn had seen. Without her knowing, Lauren had opened up Carolyn’s locker to find a giant dildo shoved in the recesses of her bag. She picked up the monstrosity, mostly brown from being shoved up Carolyn’s ass, no doubt. The thing was wider and longer than Carolyn’s little arm. This impressed Lauren. She licked the tip before shoving it back into Carolyn’s locker.

Lauren began looking for ways to touch Carolyn. When Carolyn was typing on the computer, Lauren pretended to be interested and laid her breasts on Carolyn’s arm while she looked at the computer screen. Lauren kept her hands out when she passed by Carolyn in the medication room, grazing this woman’s ass. Though both women usually preferred men, they found themselves their minds wandering to what lay beneath the other’s scrubs. Carolyn often found Lauren staring at her chest or her ass, and she liked the younger woman’s attention. When she noticed this, she would excuse herself to the employee bathroom and grab the dildo from her locker. She fucked herself in the bathroom at work every night with her huge dildo, pretending that it was Lauren’s hand holding the cock in her ass. She had to put a washcloth in her mouth to keep from shouting Lauren’s name.

Twenty-four years old, Lauren had only slight experience with women. These days it was popular for girls she ran with to drink too much and make out with a friend in the bar bathroom. And Lauren had done this a few times, sipping too many margaritas and letting her hands find her ways down the front of a friend’s slutty top. She had never done more than lick another woman’s nipples, but she began dreaming of what Carolyn’s cunt would taste like, how her tongue would curl to lick Carolyn’s asshole. Lauren began looking for opportunity to give the two time alone.

“Do you water ski?” Lauren asked, hoping to get Carolyn in a little bathing suit, wet, the bounce of the water flopping her breasts in a tiny little top. Lauren wiggled a little in her chair at the thought of it.

“Me? No,” Carolyn said. “You know, I hurt my back in a motorcycle accident about ten years ago, so my spine is not very flexible. I don’t think I could handle that.” Lauren watched Carolyn rotate her trunk on her hips as she demonstrated her supposed inflexibility. Her full breasts bounced a little under her white shirt, just below where her wavy blond hair lay on her shoulders.

Lauren wetted her lips with the tip of her tongue and swallowed. She tried to hide the desire in her blue eyes. She ran a hand bursa escort bayan through her long black hair, and recrossed her legs, feeling her cunt pulsing as she did. She tried anyway, “You should go with me sometime. See if you like it.”

“Oh no,” Carolyn said.

Lauren tried not to feel rebuffed. She tried again, “We should go hiking sometime.”

Carolyn could see that Lauren wanted her alone. “Yeah. That would be fun,” thinking of what she would do to this young girl.

Which was why Lauren was surprised when they sat by a dribbling waterfall on this hike she had looked forward to for weeks, when Carolyn said, “And when you asked to go hiking, I thought, ‘Me? She wants to go hiking with me?'”

“No way,” Lauren said. And then more quietly, “You know I have been looking for an excuse for us to get together.”

Carolyn did not respond, just smiled. Lauren splashed a little water from the pool of the waterfall at Carolyn’s ankles. A pleasant feeling whispered all around them.

“Do you smoke four-twenty?” Carolyn asked Lauren.

“Yes,” Lauren said, pleased.

“Good, let’s smoke.” Carolyn said.

They had chosen the waterfall as the natural resting place and now they were sharing a pipe, inhaling the smoke the through their wet mouths and exhaling it out their dry nostrils. The beauty of the surrounding slate and red dust covered mountains shouldered them. The sun radiated its heat in heartbeats. The women looked at the water sliding over the rocks on this tiny little waterfall, seeping out the side of the mountain.

“God the sun is beautiful today. Do you mind if you take off my clothes and sunbathe a little?” Carolyn asked.

So much blood rushed to Lauren’s clitoris she could barely form the words to speak. “Oh I don’t mind,” she said, keeping her cool air about her.

Carolyn slipped her t-shirt over her head, letting her full brown breasts flop against her chest. She slid her shorts off her hips to reveal a full bush of blond pubic hair in a triangle just above her shapely, muscular legs. Lauren’s nipples stood hard against her t-shirt. Carolyn noticed her affect on the young woman and smiled a little. She crossed her legs on and took a large inhalation of the pipe they were sharing, as if she were igniting every sense. She handed the pipe back to Lauren. As Lauren’s hands slid over Carolyn’s brown and wiry hands, she became suddenly embarrassed by the magnetic feeling of their skin against each other’s and she looked up. Her eyes stopped on the Carolyn’s stiff nipples. Lauren forced her eyes further upward and found them starting into Carolyn’s eyes, normally green, now as grey and wet as the rocks of the waterfall. Lauren imagined pressing Carolyn against these rocks, saturating their t-shirts with water. Lauren looked away. She looked down and raised her eyes again, this time, Lauren’s gaze resting on a tuft of pubic hair above the crest of her labia. She was just imagining stretching out her tongue, wide and flat on Carolyn’s clit when she realized the pipe was still in hand. She took sucked in the light from the hole in the top of the pipe, tried to separate her mind from the pulsing of her clit against her panties. She handed the pipe back to Carolyn.

Carolyn took Lauren’s hand in her own as she took the pipe back. She held Lauren’s hand in the air suspended until Lauren looked up into her face. There, she saw Carolyn’s eyes, once again green, staring back at her with intent. Carolyn took the pipe with one hand and placed it on the rocks. She kept Lauren’s hand in the other and brought it to her mouth. She took Lauren’s middle and pointer fingers into her nilüfer escort mouth and sucked. She stretched the two fingers widely apart and licked the web of flesh between. Her fingers slipped onto the soft of Carolyn’s palate. Lauren moaned and was so lost in her rippling of pleasure, she was surprised to find Carolyn’s hand leading hers to Carolyn’s right nipple. Carolyn’s left hand fingers played lightly on her own nipple, showing Lauren how she wanted to be touched. Lauren saw this and rose to bite Carolyn’s neck before she pressed her wet mouth Carolyn’s puckered and moaning lips. Lauren sucked and bit a little on their swollen texture, imagining them swollen like the lips of Carolyn’s cunt. Her tongue pressed with Carolyn’s.

Lauren rose her body to press Carolyn’s against the rocks, but Carolyn was up before her with one leg around Lauren’s hip, leading her to the ground. Together they fell the last centimeter or two, Lauren’s back first, softly thumping the ground. Lauren lifted her own shirt above her head, revealing she had worn no bra.

“I thought I would make it easier for you,” Lauren said. “If we were to get together.”

Overwhelmed with pleasure, Carolyn took a bite of skin around Lauren’s tight belly button. Lauren let out a yelp, then Carolyn ripped Lauren’s jeans off her hips. With the top of her pants still over her knees, Carolyn, moaned, at Lauren’s cunt, ran her hand through the soft curl of pubic hair and moaned, “Oh, beautiful, beautiful.”

“I want to fuck you,” Lauren moaned, feeling all at once, raptorously trapped, as if she did not know how much longer she could wiggle under Carolyn’s hips without slipping into insanity.

“I know you do,” Carolyn said, her cunt simmering in its juices no more than an inch over Lauren’s own pussy, drowning in its wet desire. Carolyn lowered her hips and let her pelvis stroke over Lauren’s exposed cunt.

“I know you want to fuck me. But first…” Carolyn said. Her head bent down and her tongue separated the swollen lips of Lauren’s vagina. “God I love your smell,”

Carolyn almost growled and then dove her eyes, nose and mouth, wiggling her whole face in Lauren’s cunt, licking up like she was licking an ice cream cone, moaning as if Lauren’s juices were sparking the corners of her cheeks. Carolyn rose and kissed Lauren’s mouth, running her tongue over Lauren’s mouth. Lauren’s hips moving in aching rhythm, led her swimming into Carolyn’s mouth.

Carolyn rose and kissed Lauren’s mouth running her tongue over Lauren’s lips and tongue. “That is what you taste like.” Carolyn reached her fingers into Lauren’s cunt as Lauren sat up. Her fingers reached to Lauren’s cervix and Lauren could feel her fingers wiggle inside, her fingernails scratch lightly on the sides.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Lauren spasmed in pleasure. She came three times equally and succinctly, then returned her begging eyes to Carolyn’s gaze. Carolyn lifted her sticky fingers into Lauren’s mouth.

“That is what you taste like. You like how you taste? Yes,” she purred. “You like it.” Carolyn dove her mouth into Lauren’s hot and moaning one. “You like the taste of your hot wet cunt. I like to taste it too, your tight little pussy. At work, I watch your ass walk down the hallway in your scrub pants. I think about ripping those pants off you, bending you over and tasting your asshole. Yes, I will. I will taste your asshole. You are going to like the way I eat your asshole. I am going to eat your asshole.”

Lauren’s fingers were in Carolyn’s cunt, immediately saturated with Carolyn’s wetness. Laurens fingers circled the plush front wall of Carolyn’s cunt, türbanlı escort making her chest rise with her desire, Lauren’s mouth rose to catch one of Carolyn’s heaving nipples with her tongue and upper lip. Lauren sucked Carolyn’s breast with force and pulsed her fingers in Carolyn’s cunt. Carolyn reached down and finger fucked Lauren’s cunt. They stayed like this for several minutes, their forearms stretched against each other sweaty, their eyes locked and squinting and relaxing alternately with desire and release. Lauren kissed and bit her way down from Carolyn’s breast to her cunt separating the labia, causing Carolyn’s clit to poke out.

“Yes, yes,” Carolyn said and Lauren outstretched her tongue to wiggle Carolyn’s clit. With just the tips of her lips, Lauren sucked Carolyn’s clit and moaned as Carolyn did.

They did not hear the sound of the other hikers coming down the trail, but the boys heard their moans long before the women came into sight. Quietly, the boys slipped into the woods, their shoulders tensing with the crack of every twig. But Carolyn and Lauren were far too involved in themselves to notice such a noise. The two young men were about twenty and had only seen women make love in the movies. They stood behind separate trees and watched the women fuck each other like animals. Each young man slid his throbbing cock out of his pants and began to rub, jerking off his throbbing cock with increasing speed. One got down on his knees and began sucking his friend off, taking the hard, wet, red cock in his mouth and sucking, mouth wet with saliva. He took the man’s balls in his right hand and jerked him off with his left, his mouth bobbing on the throbbing cock, the seeping seminal fluid oozing past his soft palate and down his throat. He felt his friend spasm, the rigid cock fire off a wet and salty stream of cum. He swallowed two large gulps of his friends cum and then put his cock in his friends mouth. He groaned loudly as he felt his hot wet mouth around his cock, the tongue making circles around the tip. He watched the dark haired woman losing her face in the blond woman’s cunt and moaned, cuming so hard his dick jerked against the top of his friend’s soft, hot mouth.

“What was that?” Lauren asked, pulling her head up from Carolyn’s dripping cunt.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Carolyn said, stroking Lauren’s hair, trying to coax her mouth back down to her throbbing wet pussy.

“I think I heard something,” Lauren said.

“How could you have heard anything over my moans?”

The boys in the woods tensed, seeing the women had stopped. Perhaps they had been caught. One shoved his dick back into his pants, the other, still hard, left his out, jerking it slowly in its wetness. Another woman’s voice was heard and he jerked a little harder, tugging his cock so it ached with pleasure.

“Excuse me,” the voice said. He looked and saw it was coming from a buxom, fully dressed, blond ranger. “Ladies, this is a national park, not a nudist colony.”

Lauren stood up, revealing her striking firm body, pert breasts, and full black bush of hair. “I am sorry, ma’am, we just a little carried away. We’ll be on our way,” she said, grabbing up her clothes as Carolyn did the same.

“I understand these things can happen,” the ranger said, looking at Carolyn, watching their tight asses run naked down the trail. The ranger smiled to herself. ‘Shit, if I had a woman that looked as good as either of them, I couldn’t help but go down in public.’ With the image still in her mind, nipples hard and pussy saturated, she decided to slip into the trees and get herself off. She let out a little yelp to see two college-aged men, one stroking his dick, obviously getting off to the same sight that she was thinking about.

“Boys, boys,” she said. The boys looked at each other with concern. “Let me help you with that,” the ranger said, getting down on her knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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