Hilton Head Golf Partner Ch. 03

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The first two installments of this series were posted in the ‘Mature’ category, if you’d like to read them before embarking on this journey.

I’ve posted this final segment in the ‘Group Sex’ category for obvious reasons, as the sexually philanthropic Kathy is kind enough to share me.

A one-way trip to Atlanta was never more pleasurable. Please enjoy……

After the outdoor shower and the wonderful dual blow job administered upon me by Kathy and our new friend, Mary, I sat on the patio while the women went upstairs to change into their attire for the limo ride to Atlanta. Since Mary was much taller than the petite Kathy and couldn’t wear anything in her wardrobe, Mary had brought a small bag of clothes to change into, so it was clear that the ladies had orchestrated this plan with great forethought.

Since I had already boasted that I was capable of providing the two older women with a half-dozen bursts of cum for the afternoon activities, I likened the initial tag-team hummer as the equivalent of a warm-up, the proverbial ‘hitting a bucket of balls’ before starting the round.

Mary came outside first, explaining that Kathy was putting the finishing touches on her outfit and also packing a few ‘goodies’ for the ride, edible and otherwise. She looked fantastic, and I made a mental note that this was the first time I had seen her with clothes on. Her long, angular frame was adorned in a aqua blue, sleeveless, lace camisole blouse, and she wore a slate gray, short cotton miniskirt. Her big brown nipples were easily visible beneath an almost sheer white half-cup bra.

We made good use of our time while waiting for Kathy to emerge as Mary straddled me on my chair, and we made out softly and passionately while I eased my hands underneath her blouse and massaged her ever-growing nipples to greater heights. “Your dick is crack cocaine, it’s beautiful, I’m gonna suck it and ride it for four hours, you handsome young stud,” she whispered in my ear, stroking my ego as well as my cock.

As Mary bounced up and down on me, I opened my eyes during our kiss, and saw that Kathy was peering through the sliding glass door, watching, looking a bit jealous, or so it appeared to me.

As much as Mary was turning me on, I got the feeling that she was much wilder than Kathy, a female Lothario. Kathy had already shared with me that I was her first extra-marital lover, and naively or not, I believed her. Mary, on the other hand, struck me as a woman who’d had her share of carnal rodeo rides in her day. The way she had so expertly sucked my cock had something to do with my hypothesis, and don’t get me wrong, I sure wanted to be the recipient of that talent in the next several hours

It seems strange to say, but pleasing Kathy was going to be my number one priority on this sexual trip on wheels. She was the one who had organized my ‘present’, but more than that, I was already starting to feel an emotional attachment to my beautiful older lover. Plus, not to be discounted cavalierly, her pussy tasted like nectar from the gods. I could suck on that sweet, fresh cunt all day.

Mary was still nibbling on my neck and grinding into my crotch, oblivious to Kathy’s presence, when I called out to Kathy. “Come here, beautiful, you look gorgeous from what I can see, so come closer.” Kathy almost bashfully opened the screen door and eased through it, and my heart again fluttered like a schoolboy’s. She had on a pastel, scoop-neck mini dress that was full of pink and purple floral prints that hugged her sensational, mature frame. Her large freckled tits peeked out invitingly from the dress, displaying ample yet tasteful cleavage.

The best contrast I can convey was that Mary and Kathy reminded me of Veronica and Betty from the old Archie comics. Veronica, a/k/a Mary, was the tall brunette vixen/debutante. While Betty, alias Kathy, was the sweet, shy, somewhat self-conscious, blonde girl-next-door with the killer body. The song, “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful” rang in my head as Kathy approached, watching Mary intently, whose thighs were now covering my own like a snuggie blanket, still on top of me and feeding me her hot, hungry tongue.

I literally had to gently push Mary off of me, and as she extracted her warm thong-covered lap from mine, Mary cupped a palm to her ear. “I think I hear the limo in the driveway!” She picked up her bag and scurried around the gate, yelling, “I got shotgun!” She then turned and winked to us. “Just kidding!” Kathy and I couldn’t help but smile as she disappeared around the corner of the house.

I walked over to Kathy, took her pretty face in my hands, and kissed her deeply, a lover’s kiss. I turned her around, lifted her hair from the nape of her neck, and began to trail soft kisses on her skin as she melted into my arms. I rubbed my fingers over the taut nubs on her bosom, and whispered in her ear, “Not that I’m not grateful for the present, mind you, but why wasn’t the limo ride just for you and taksim escort me?”

Kathy raised her arms to pull my mouth closer to her neck, and moved her body backwards slightly so that her tiny little butt rested against the ever-present bulge within my shorts. “Three reasons, really. One, ah didn’t know if ah could please you for four whole hours, ah was afraid you’d wear me out, and you’d get bored.” I shook my head, trying to dissuade her anxiety. She looked down at my dick, bashfully. “Your dick is so fuckin’ big, and you’re so young, you’re like a fuckin’ machine.”

It was my turn to blush now, it was the first time I heard her talk like that. And I liked it.

“Two, ah know Mary has a lot more experience than ah do in, um, these sort of things, and, well, ah thought ah might learn a few things of mah own from her.”

Her face now turned beet red, which I found adorable, I was already head over heels in puppy love whenever she blushed.

“Three, well, truth is…..” she hesitated, seeking the right words, then just blurted it out. “Ah’ve always wanted to watch.” My dick rose at this sexy revelation. “And be watched.” It got harder. “Ah want to see how it feels to be watched when fucking mah lover.” Titanium now. “And to watch mah lover fuck another woman.”

She leaned back to kiss me over her shoulder, her blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders as she did so. “So you see, you’re mah fantasy fuck come true. Ah’ve waited fifteen years, and now ah have four hours NOT to be innocent, to live out all of mah desires. With you.” Those sexy, southern lemon-lime pupils blazed in the sunlight. “Shall we go? Our ride’s here, baby.”

Another pleasant surprise awaited me when we got to the limo. The limo driver, resplendent in her tailored uniform, including necktie over a crisp white shirt which showed a more than adequate rack, was a petite, attractive woman, perhaps fifty, with pale blue eyes and wheat-colored hair streaked with gray, tucked up beneath one of those chauffeur caps. She doffed her cap at Kathy and me as she held the door for us. Mary had already made herself more than comfortable in the spacious back seat, fiddling with the CD player.

“Good afternoon, my name is Cindy, I’ll be your driver today, and I’m here to make sure you have everything you need for an enjoyable ride.” Cindy’s eyes twinkled with the knowledge of a limo driver who had already done the math when she saw this trio of passengers.

She looked at Kathy and smiled, a co-conspirator in this plot, the driver of the getaway vehicle. “Although, ma’am, if I may say so, it looks like y’all may already have all the entertainment y’all will need.” Cindy then turned to me, and said, “Your clubs are already in the trunk, sir. Your GOLF clubs, that is.” Her eyes bore into mine; this was a very sexy woman, there was no duplicity in that. “Enjoy your rides, sir.” The emphasis on plural.

She had one more question for Kathy. “Ma’am, do you mind if I leave the divider window down so that I can hear you and see you back there? You know, just in case you need anything?”

Kathy eased into the rear of the limo, on one side of me while Mary hooked her arm under mine on the other side. “Actually, Cindy, I was going to request that myself, that will be fine.”

Kathy began to rub my cock over my zipper, making sure that Cindy had a clear view, and Cindy’s eyes opened wide when she saw the tent in my shorts. Kathy purred suggestively, “Who knows? We just might be needing your services. I have a feeling you could be most accommodating.”

Shortly after we had exited the Hilton Head Country Club plantation neighborhood where Kathy lived, Cindy turned the limo onto Highway 278. Before we had reached the causeway bridge to enter the mainland, Kathy and I were necking like post-prom teenagers in the back seat, and Mary had peeled off her skirt and was lying prone on the seat with her legs on my lap, beginning to diddle herself beneath her the thin triangular patch of fabric over her pussy that served as a thong.

Kathy pulled urgently on my zipper to pull my dick out of its prison while I lowered the scoop-neck on her dress and began to suck on her big, pink nips. Meanwhile, I lowered my left hand to Mary’s crotch and eased her thong to the side and began to leisurely finger-fuck her glistening pussy. Mary began to moan, “I’m the only one who hasn’t cum yet, I need to cum, I’m going to be selfish, I need to cum, I need to cum…”

With one hand, I grabbed Mary by the ankles and slid her along the leather upholstery so that I could get a better angle at her pussy, so that her ass was pressed against my left hip. With the other, I lifted Kathy’s slim frame by cupping her ass, and she got the message and placed one leg over mine, reached under her dress to extract her own lavender thong, and slid her sopping gash down onto my dick, causing both of us to moan as her swollen, puffy folds enveloped topkapı escort my shaft like a glove.

I pulled the hem of Kathy’s pretty dress up over her belly button, so that it reached the top of her dress, which had already been pulled down below her beautiful tits. The material bunched in a wad at her midsection as she began to ride my throbbing cock with alacrity, and she pressed her breasts together in an invitation for me to suck on them, and I eagerly complied.

Meanwhile, I looked down at Mary and could see the puddle of wetness glistening on and between her slender thighs as both her fingers and two of my own invaded her slit in a tandem finger-fuck. She was so turned that she had literally soaked herself, granting her wish to cum by the manipulations of four fingers within her tunnel.

It was an intoxicating, heady feeling to know that I had this power over two older, sex-starved women. I wanted to taste the moisture that had pooled there between Mary’s legs, so even as I continued to push my cock deeper into Kathy’s tight twat, I lowered my head and positioned it to allow for the best angle for penetration for a tongue-fucking of Mary’s bald vulva.

I felt the warm liquid within Kathy’s cunt, bobbing up and down on my pole with urgency now, as her fantasy was being acted out, with a bonus twist. She was being watched while getting well-fucked by my big dick by both Mary and Cindy, who was peering with great interest into the rear mirror, while at the same time witnessing her good friend’s pussy getting eaten, mere inches away.

Slowly, I pushed my tongue inside Mary. I felt tiny spasms inside her wet hole with each movement, the muscles in her strong cunt reacting to the muscles of my flicking tongue tip. On top of me, Kathy’s cunt made slow strokes on my cock, clenching it with each insertion, as if she was feeding from me. I plunged my tongue deeper into Mary, scooping my tongue to taste her warm juices, reaching further within her with each lick.

I took my hands and spread Kathy’s cunt with one hand and Mary’s with the other, so that both of their beautiful gashes were open more to me. Displaying their gorgeous labia like flowers opening their petals to the sun. None of us could believe how deep my tongue went inside one hole, while my cock assaulted the other. Kathy’s cunt squished with each thrust, while Mary shot small bursts of peppermint-tasting pussy cream into my lips.

I continued my slow torture of the two married women. Moving in and out of two pussies, one with my tongue, one with my cock. Stabbing and then retracting, in varying speeds and rhythms. Hearing their groans, their exhortations…and then……

Mary came with a shudder and a violent heave of her flat tummy as my tongue tip reached her spongy g-spot deep inside of the top wall of her vaginal cavern. A stream of hot, white cum burst from her slit and saturated my face, and seconds thereafter, I felt Kathy’s silky, soft cunt contract on my cock, and my cock head slapped against her cervix as her cunt opened wide to accept the full length of my shaft, liquid flowing out of her on the upstrokes, coating my belly with her ejaculate.

Kathy collapsed to my right, rolling off of me with a satisfied grunt, her hand almost involuntarily rubbing her clit vigorously as she continued to shake in orgasmic after-shock. This allowed me to get a glimpse of Cindy in the front seat, and we made eye contact in the rear view mirror, and I could tell she was driving the limo with one hand while snaking her other hand down inside her tight pants.

This momentarily distracted me from the next sensation I felt, which was Mary’s warm mouth enveloping my dick. She had quickly rebounded from her own squirting session to commence on an oral exploration of my swollen cock, covered with Kathy’s tasty fluids.

Mary went down on me until I felt the tip of my cock touch the back of her throat. Beside me, Kathy was roused to attention as I cupped her head in my hand, and gently nudged her. “THIS is how you deep throat, sexy lady. Watch.” Kathy and I both gently massaged her still engorged clit as we watched Mary’s oral matinee show.

Mary swirled her tongue all over my big, thick cock as it was deep in her talented mouth. Suddenly, she began going up and down on me, fast, real fast, sucking hard with her mouth encased in a tight ‘O’. I began to moan in pleasure in response to the tight grip she had on my shaft with her full, red lips, and that encouraged her to go even faster.

The faster she went the more I moaned. I yelled encouragement to Mary, “Yes, do me, you beautiful cocksucker. Take me all in!” I grabbed the back of her head and began to face-fuck her now, and a moan from Cindy up front wafted into the rear seat.

Kathy reached over to cup my balls in her hand while Mary was blowing me, and gently she massaged my balls in her hand while her mouth moved to kiss me, and she began tuyap escort to suck my tongue while Mary sucked my cock.

After a few more minutes of hard cocksucking and testicle massage by the two cougars, I felt my cock finally tighten up, my balls begin to swell. “Oh yess, Mary. Oh God, Kathy, I am gonna cuummmm.”

Mary continued sucking and opened her eyes in anticipation. Within seconds she felt me shoot my gooey, warm fluid into her mouth. Mary continued with her sucking until she decided I was done shooting and she felt my member soften, just a tad. After that, Mary thought it was safe and she sat up, took Kathy by the head, and spit all of my sticky cum seed into Kathy’s mouth. She wiped any excess from my cock and Kathy’s mouth and licked it off her fingers.

In the front seat, Cindy came with a loud squeal, struggling to keep the car in the proper lane as her pants were now pushed to her ankles, her fingers dancing over her clit. Her hat was off now, and her face was flushed, and I could see that most of the buttons were loosened on her white blouse, displaying a profile of a very promising-looking pair of fifty-year-old tits.

There was a deafening, awkward silence in the vehicle for a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity, until Cindy took the lead with this ice-breaker. “Four people cumming within a minute or two. That’s a record for this car, I can tell y’all that!”

All three rear-seat passengers giggled, exhausted from this mobile sex show, and Kathy closed her eyes and rested her head on the rear headrest. “Jee-zus Fucking Christ, that was ah-may-zing!”

Cindy was not shy, she next offered her services just as she had indicated when we left port about an hour before. “If you ladies run out of holes back there, I’d be glad to volunteer a few of my own, it’s torture to sit here and watch that huge cock and not get a feel of it.” She pointed to the clock on the dashboard. “Hey, we still have a little under three hours to go.”

I was filled with a sex-fueled adrenalin and confidence that only being the cocksman in a steaming FFM can induce. “Mary’s next, Cindy, but if you really want to, I would love to have you ride my cock, also.” Kathy’s eyes popped open in reaction to my bold declaration.

“See,” Kathy said. “And you wanted to know why I invited Mary along, and now you’re ready to do the driver, too.” She shook her head, and I’m still not sure whether it was in disbelief, disappointment, or admiration.

Cindy retreated just a bit, she didn’t want to overstep her boundaries. “Hey, I’m just the hired help here, and believe me, I’d pay to watch that show again. But like I said, I’m here if you need me, sugar.”

Mary, the pragmatic, experienced one when it came to solving complex sexual equations, piped up with a brilliant idea, at least from my perspective.

“Well, I don’t think we could pull over to the side of the road and still get John to the airport on time. But, I’ll tell you what, Cindy, it’s my turn next, but after I fuck John, how about I take the wheel from you for a spell, and you can get back here and enjoy your, uh….” Mary began to stroke my cock, feeling it coming back to life in her palm. She shook her head in marvel. “Your, uh, gratuity here. It’s a REALLY big tip.”

Cindy unclasped the snap of her bra, and a pair of obviously surgically enhanced, but still very edible-looking titties spilled out. “I like the way you think, girlfriend. Now ride that cowboy!”

To assure that Kathy wasn’t feeling left out or betrayed, I took her into my arms and snuggled her against me, and whispered tenderly in her ear, “You’ll get me last, and you’re still the best. But for now, you get to enjoy one of your fantasies, so sit back and watch me fuck your friend.”

I turned to look at Mary, and she returned my gaze with flaming lust in her eyes. “Hard,” I promised.

I took Kathy’s hand and placed it on my half-erect dick, already once again rising like Lazarus in conjunction to the dual caressing of Mary and Kathy, and began to make out with Mary.

Once fully ready for lift-off, Mary turned around and rode me reverse-cowgirl-style, so that “Cindy can see my tits”, as she announced to our intimate group. How thoughtful.

Cindy bounced up and down on my cock in a steady rhythm. The girl could really fuck, I had to give her that, I could definitely see her as a gang-bang girl and wondered silently how many men she had enjoyed at one time, it was apparent that she knew from dick, as they say in New York.

Her position allowed me to maneuver my cock into her at varying speeds and angles, and it also permitted me to lap and suck on Kathy’s perfect tits while doing so. I made it a point to try to run my tongue over each and every freckle, and any envy that Kathy may have been feeling was soon forgotten when she began to writhe and arch her back in response to my oral attention on her twin mounds.

“You have sensational tits, Kathy,” I mumbled, my mouth full of her delicious breasts, as Mary reached under my shaft buried inside of her and grabbed my sack, giving them what I call a ‘frumunda squeeze’ (from unda my balls!).

I looked up at Kathy as she smiled down at me contentedly, two nipples being attended to simultaneously. “Almost as tasty as your pussy. I could eat every bit of you all day.”

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