History Repeats Itself

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Nearly two weeks have passed since our night together, the one where you totally broke me. It took days to sit without biting my lip at the full throb you’d left behind.

I’ve managed to make my excuses and creep out for an hour. Parking up a little side street, your car is already waiting. I open the door and slip in, the smell of you fills the car causing a flutter inside my knickers.

You want to take me to our old place, guess you get a kick from the nostalgia and from it being the place you first had me. The first time anyone had me. I’m still proud that the first cock I ever took was yours and you didn’t even know you were the first to fill and stretch open those parts of me. I get goosebumps at the memory, not many people cum like I did on their first time.

Your hand has been in and out of my knickers the whole drive there, teasing me and getting me ready for you. You don’t know I’m going to let you have my ass again. I’ve worn high heeled boots especially, they throw my hips forward when I stand giving you the deepest access to me.

The car slows to a stop over the crunchy gravel & you finally turn to face me. My cheeks are flushed already. You fully recline your seat and I can women at war izle see in the moonlight your cock straining against your jeans. I lick my lips appreciatively.

Leaning over to you I unbutton and unzip you and your beautiful thick cock springs against my hand. You lift your hips shimmying them down to grant me access. I kiss you hard on the lips, so hungry for you, while my hand grips your shaft. Using my thumb I massage the glistening drop of precum over the head of you. I pull away from your lips and my head drops to your cock hungrily devouring you. Your hands gather up my curls pulling them tight, to give you a full view and push my head harder onto you. I gag every now and again as you hit the back of my throat, a hot tear rolls down my cheeks.

You fuck my mouth for a few minutes before pulling me up towards you. “Outside” you instruct.

It’s a cold and dry night, perfectly silent apart from the crash of waves in the distance. You take my hand and lead me to the bonnet, roughly pushing me over it. It’s ice cold, my hands support me and my nipples stiffen harder against the metal. I’ve worn hold ups knowing how much you love them. wong winchester izle You lift my dress and rip my knickers roughly to one side, I can hear the tear of lace. Pushing me forward even more my head against the cold bonnets. You’re not going to be gentle I just know it and I spread my feet wider apart ready. In a flash you thrust yourself into me, your cock knowing the exact spot, I scream out having no chance to stretch to take you. A delicious burn rips through me, now that felt like a first time. You repeatedly drill into me, my pussy responding fast as my juices run down my thighs. I can’t take this long, it’s so primal and hearing your moans of appreciation I ask,

“Can I cum?” I ask desperately.

“Oh yes, cum for me baby” you breath heavily. I convulse, an orgasm ripping through me gripping your shaft so tight.

You keep driving into me throughout my orgasm building your own, “Stop” I request, “Please” my tone makes you stop.

“Why?” you ask, leaning forward so your head is against mine.

“Take my ass” I whisper back, “Hard”.

I can physically feel your cock thicken inside me hearing those words. “Fuck” is all yakamoz s 245 izle you say before pulling yourself out of my dripping wet pussy.

Your fingers scoop up my own lube and you rub it over my most private spot, your finger stops over it and you gently start to push it inside me. I’m barely breathing.

“Oh god” you exclaim feeling how tight it is.

You slide my knickers off me and I step out of them. Rolling them into a ball you pass them to me. “Bite down on these”.

No sooner as I clench my teeth against the lace you slam the full length of your rock hard cock deep into my ass. I scream out loud, it hurts so much, your cock is perfect in every way, but for anal, you’re big. Almost too big.

You make no apology as you drive into me hard and fast, totally lost in the moment, your hands holding my hips firmly.

I love giving myself fully over to you like this, allowing you to let go. And I know let go you will, very soon.

Your hand moves down to work against my swollen clit, I didn’t think women orgasmed from anal but I do with you. Despite the pain, the sensation of your cock pumping me full of you, emptying yourself, drives me wild. I feel you start, your cock thickens, pulsing into me and your fingers roughly pinch at my clit, we cum hard together. Our own orgasms intensifying each others.

You collapse heavy onto me, still filling my ass, your cock twitches a few more times allowing every last drop to fill me.

“You are filthy” you breathe in my ear.

“Only for you” I reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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