Holiday House

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Alison was taking a hitch hiking holiday, just cruising around and seeing the country. On the current day she had got a bit off the beaten track, and was hiking along a deserted back road.

Strolling along she spotted a cottage sitting back from the road, shutters closed, driveway a bit overgrown. It was pretty obvious to her that it was someone’s holiday house, currently unoccupied.

Her father had agreed to support her for a few months while she explored, with the firm understanding that there was a limit to his generosity.

Looking at the house, Alison considered her options. If the place was deserted and she could get in, she could probably stay there for a couple of days, rent free. And while she didn’t consider herself a thief, she was sure the owners wouldn’t really object if she helped herself to any food they’d left in the larder. Or possibly in a freezer if they’d left it running. It would definitely ease the strain on her pocket.

Prowling around the house, Alison sighed. Both doors she’d tried had been firmly locked, and the screens on the windows all seemed to be in place. Irritably, she thumped the wire door at the back of the house. She was turning away, preparing to continue her hike when something caught her eye. Turning she looked closer at the back door.

The main back door wasn’t properly closed, she noted with satisfaction. For some reason it had failed to latch when closed and was now standing open a fraction. If she could just get past the wire door she was home, safe and sound.

Looking at the wire door, Alison thoughtfully considered the bottom of it. Drawing back her foot she gave the dog-flap a firm kick, watching it pop open. Smiling she pushed her bag through it, opening the back door wider at the same time. Crouching down, she eased herself through the flap, arms first, finding her shoulders a bit of a squeeze, but then she was through, without even losing any skin.

Standing up she entered the house, pushing the back door firmly closed behind her. Then she started to explore.

With the full opening and closing of the back door a silent alarm pulsed. In a nearby city the owner felt his smart phone vibrate, checked and cursed as he saw the alarm signal. He called his son.

“Andy, there’s been an alarm triggered at the holiday house. You’re a lot nearer than me. Can you check it out?”

His reply was a soft laugh.

“I can check it out without leaving my house,” he was told. “I left your PC on and it’s connected to security cameras. I’ll just connect to it and see if anyone’s inside. Then I can either call the police or go and sort out the problem myself.”

Andy made his contact and started panning through the cameras. He quickly spotted a young woman wandering around the house, but no one else appeared to be there.

A hiker who saw a chance for a quick break and entry, he thought. She looked young and pretty. No need for the police. He’d just scare her away and she’d be long gone before he arrived to ensure that the house was properly secure.

He watched her wander around, and when she finally entered the office, he acted.

Alison spun around, startled, when the PC on the desk suddenly lit up, with a young man looking out of it, apparently at her. He was looking at her, she realised when a voice came out of the PC.

“You have no right to be in that house. I suggest you leave immediately. If you leave now, you’ll have about an hour start and that will get you well on your way before I reach the house.

You’d better make good use of that hour to run hard and fast, because I’m sick of young tramps like you breaking into honest people’s houses. You look young and attractive, so if you’re in the vicinity when I get there I’m going to spend the night there, ravishing you to make sure you get the message to stay away from other people’s property.”

Andy disconnected, laughing. The young woman was probably already scrambling out whatever window she’d climbed through and running for dear life.

Alison glared at the PC, now dead. Chauvinist pig. Who did he think he was? She’d leave when she was good and ready. If he won’t be here for an hour I have time for a decent shower and some lunch if I can find some.

Running up to the bathroom she’d spotted earlier, Alison stripped off and jumped under the shower, praising whoever invented solar powered hot water systems. Down stair she checked the fridge and found it was on. After checking the expiry dates on a couple of items, she whipped up a quick snack for herself. Feeling refreshed and fed, she prepared to make her departure.

Strolling up to the back door, Alison turned the handle and pulled. The door remained closed. Startled, she tried again, rattling the handle. The door refused to open. Puzzled, Alison started fumbling for a lock. That’s when she noticed that there was a keypad on the door. A digital lock. All she needed to do was key in the code yalnızım mesut bey izle and she was out of there. Of course, it would help if she knew the code.

A hasty trip to the front door had Alison facing the same dilemma. Another digital lock.

“Who the hell puts digital deadlocks on their doors?” wondered Alison.

The answer she realised, was obvious. The owners of this house. She sighed. Window time. Then she remembered the shutters that she’d seen from outside the house. A quick check of the nearest window showed she had two problems. First, the windows all had key locks, not digital, but it didn’t help when she didn’t have the keys. And once the window was opened, she’d have to pry open the shutters, and they looked awfully solid to her.

Running upstairs, Alison found the same problem. Locks and shutters. If these idiots were so security conscious, how the hell did she ever get in, she wondered, irritated.

Time was passing. She needed to get out. A quick but careful survey showed the house was tighter than a drum, barring a window in the toilet. Climbing on the toilet to examine it, Alison found it opened part way only. There was no way she could wriggle through that.

Maybe she could break a window and force a shutter. She decided to try. Running downstairs she looked for something solid to break a window, but changed her mind when she heard a car driving up to the house.

“Lying swine,” thought Alison angrily, checking her watch and finding only forty five minutes had passes. “He said an hour.”

Swearing under her breath she rushed upstairs, desperately looking for somewhere to hide.

Andy parked and did a walk around the house. All doors closed and windows shuttered, he noted with surprise. So how had his little intruder gotten in and out. If she had gotten out, it suddenly occurred to him.

He let himself in and stood for a moment, listening. Total silence. He shrugged, closed the front door and headed to the office. Rousing the PC from sleep mode, he started reviewing the camera take for the last half hour.

He watched grinning as he saw the young woman head to the back door and then stop, baffled. She must have come in that way. Dad probably hadn’t fixed the defective catch. The intruder turned and ran to the front door. Then she was running all over the house, presumably checking the windows.

Finally she came downstairs, picked up a statue as though weighing it, while giving the window a nasty look. A sudden pause and she was looking at the front door. His arrival undoubtedly. Now she was looking panicked and running upstairs. Into his bedroom, of all places, and hadn’t come out. Probably hiding in there.

Alison was curled up in a small ball at the bottom of a wardrobe. If anyone looked in, all they would see was some clothes. Quietly she crouched, sweating.

She heard the door to the room open and soft steps moving around the room. Then the wardrobe door opened and a quiet voice spoke.

“Come on out. I can see you.”

Alison didn’t move, valiantly hoping he was bluffing.

Andy eyed the ball curled up under a couple of his shirts. Let me see, he mused. If that was her head, then that would be her back, her bottom and legs were there. With an evil smile, Andy reached down and gave a firm poke.

Curled up, hoping against hope, Alison was taken by complete surprise when a long hard finger poked her in the middle of her pussy. She jolted upright with a shriek, hands dropping down to protect her sensitive mound, while watching Andy jump back laughing.

“My, my. What have we here?” murmured Andy. “I’m Andy, the owner. The owner’s son, anyway. Do you have a name, my pretty little burglar?”

“Alison, and I’m not a burglar,” snapped Alison. “How dare you poke me like that?” “Just a lucky break,” laughed Andy. “You felt nice and soft, you know. You really should have run when you were warned.”

“I tried to leave,” protested Alison, “but the house wouldn’t let me.”

“From what I saw you seemed to have found time to take a shower and make some lunch,” pointed out Andy. “Possibly if you hadn’t wasted all that time you’d have found the emergency exit code posted next to the doors.”

“Emergency exit code next to the doors?” Alison suddenly felt like a complete idiot. She hadn’t even dreamed about looking around for any codes.

“Well, can I go now?” she asked. “I did try to leave when you said.”

“I’m sorry,” said Andy, sounding anything but. “If you’d made an honest attempt when I told you to I might have just let you go, but you didn’t. Therefore, penalties will be applied before I send you on your way.”

Alison looked at him nervously. Just what did he mean by penalties? He’d mentioned ravishing her all night long, but surely that was just hyperbole?

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

Andy smiled at the nervous yüzüklerin efendisi güç yüzükleri izle young woman standing in front of him. She was worried about being raped, but she wasn’t going to show it if she could help it. He wouldn’t mind taking her to bed, but not rape. Not his style. But she did need a lesson on observing the proprieties, like not breaking into other people’s houses.

Andy considered Alison. She was currently dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. A very nice figure, she had, and a really cute bottom. He wouldn’t mind seeing more of that bottom.

“I believe I mentioned ravishment if you didn’t hightail it out of here,” he murmured, his smiled getting wider as Alison went paler, “but maybe you would consider that a bit harsh.

I’ll tell you what. You drop your shorts and panties to half-mast and bend over the bed there, and I’ll give you a good spanking and then let you go.”

Alison felt her tummy turn over. Pull down her shorts and panties? He’d see everything. And then to have to bend over for a spanking? Her tummy did another little flip. She wouldn’t. She just couldn’t. But what if she refused? Would he then assault her and rape her? But if she pulled her panties down, it would just make it easier for him to rape her.

“Um, if I, um that is, would you…?” her voice trailed off, Alison unable to express her fears.

“If you pull down your panties and expose your pretty little tush to my lecherous gaze, will I give a cry of wild delight, fall upon you and ravish you? Is that what you’re asking?”

Noting the look of mute indignation on Alison’s face, Andy assumed that yes, that was what she was asking.

“No, I will not fall upon you and ravish you. Not unless you want me to. I will be on my best behaviour, as long as you count spanking your pretty bare bottom as being good behaviour. I assure you, it will just be strictly business and a firm spanking for a naughty little girl. I promise to not even notice if you shave your pussy.

Do you?” he added.

A furious silence was his only answer while Alison considered the situation. If it was just a spanking, she could handle that. How painful could it be, after all? If he tried anything else she could always fight him, but she suspected that he’d keep his word and not do anything she didn’t want. Even his teasing seemed good natured.

Alison felt the butterflies in her tummy being joined by a faint burning excitement. Being spanked by a man on her bare bottom, knowing that would be as far as it went was sending little shivers through her.

Silently she capitulated, reaching down and undoing her shorts. She slipped them down to just above her knees, and then sent her panties to join them, face burning red as she did so.

Seeing Andy’s mocking appreciation, it belatedly dawned on Alison she should have approached the bed first and dropped her clothes facing the bed. Not stand there giving Andy a free show. She bit her lip, remembering the gleam in his eye as he glanced down and nodded approvingly at her neatly shaven pussy. So much for not noticing.

She edged over to the bed and bent forward over it, bracing herself by placing her hands on the mattress. Her butterflies were now ash, incinerated by the excitement burning within her. She waited in nervous anticipation.

Andy had almost burst out laughing when Alison had pushed down her shorts and panties while watching him and blushing. How he’d get a straight face while watching her waddle over to the bed with her knees constricted by shorts and panties wrapped around them he’d never know. She was just too cute and naive for words.

Now she was bending over the bed, bottom high, head turned to look at him and blushing fiercely. And so she should blush. Bending over like that with her legs parted that way she was showing everything she had and tacitly telling him to help himself. He could see her breasts heaving, she was breathing that hard in anticipation of what was to come.

Standing next to Alison, Andy delivered a firm spank, fingers spread wide so that his hand covered most of her bottom while his long middle finger curled around her, pressing into her pussy.

Alison squealed, feeling Andy’s hand land on her bottom. It smarted, but that was secondary to the excitement that raced through her when she felt his finger curl down between her legs and press into her pussy.

“Oh god, he’s touching me there. He’s doing that deliberately,” she thought. “He thinks I want him to, I just know it.”

Another firm spank drew another frantic squeal, not from the sting of the spank but from the excitement of having her pussy touched again. Alison could feel the heat rising and moisture soaking inside her.

“What am I supposed to do?” she wailed to herself. “He’s only started and he’s touched me there both times. He’s going to rape me, I just know it.”

Looking back at Andy, Alison saw his hand swing down again and screamed in anticipation of spank and touch, and then felt like an idiot when Andy stopped mid-stroke to look at her with a raised eyebrow.

“You might at least wait until I spank before you scream, don’t you think,” he asked, and Alison could hear the hidden laughter.

“You’re deliberately touching me down there. You know you are,” she protested.

“Oh, come on,” said Andy. “It’s not my fault. I just happen to have large hands and you just happen to have a cute little bottom, and my hand overflows slightly.”

“Pigs it does,” thought Alison grumpily, turning her head away, deciding she would NOT speak to the swine any more.

She was almost trembling with anticipation when the next swat landed, and this time her shriek was outraged. Andy hadn’t even made a pretence of spanking her bottom, his hand cupping her mound with a firm slap.

“See,” he told her. “That’s what it would be like if I was doing it deliberately, so stop complaining.”

Alison gave up. Eventually he was going to take her, and she knew it. Honestly, she wanted him to. She was excited, burning with need, and his supposed spanking was just making things worse.

“Alright, enough,” she yelled. “Just do it. You know you’re going to.”

“Sorry?” asked Andy. “Do what?”

“You’re going to fuck me,” wailed Alison. “So will you stop teasing me and just get on with it.”

“Alison, I’m shocked to hear you say something like that. After I gave my word I wouldn’t ravish you. Unless you wanted me to.”

“All right, I want it,” Alison raged at him. “Now will you just do it instead of tormenting me?”

Waiting for Andy to answer, Alison found a hand was resting on her mound, coaxing her lips apart. Then she was groaning in relief as Andy moved forcefully into her, soothing her frazzled nerves, giving her excited flesh something to seize on and hold.

She felt hands pushing her top up, unclipping her bra and taking over her breasts.

“We’ll finish the spanking later, OK?” Andy breathed into her ear, and Alison nodded happily. Later was fine by her as long as what was happening now continued.

Andy withdrew and started sliding smoothly back into Alison. To his surprise, Alison was having none of that. With a twist of her hips she drove herself hard back against him, forcing him in deep and hard. Small and cute she might be, fragile she wasn’t.

With a laugh, Andy started thrusting into Alison, this time putting some force behind his drive. Alison was laughing with glee, matching him as her bottom bobbed enthusiastically, welcoming his attentions.

Alison happily gave herself over to Andy’s attentions. There were no worries or confusion now, just a joyful acceptance of Andy taking her, controlling her, using her to satisfy both their needs.

Eagerly she pressed back against him as he pushed lustily forward. Excitedly she rubbed her breasts against his firm hands, feeling her nipples rolling around his palm, while shivery little sensations spread out from around her breasts, lighter but just as exciting as the sensations burning deep inside her.

Soon, she knew, both sets of sensations would merge, and it would all come to an end, and she couldn’t wait for it to happen. Eagerly she threw herself into encouraging it to happen.

Andy was amused and excited as he felt Alison writhing beneath him. She seemed eager to feel him everywhere, rubbing her breasts into his hands while her bottom pressed hard against his groin, encouraging him to go deeper. Happy to oblige he kept driving into her, hands firmly holding her breasts, drawing her towards him as he thrust forward.

Andy drove harder, faster, hearing Alison starting to scream as her excitement built and started to overwhelm her. Then he was gasping himself as his own excitement got the better of him and he came within her, desperately driven by his need to satisfy himself and this woman.

Alison could hear herself screaming as she was overwhelmed, sensations running riot within her, all of her concentrating on the cock inside her, hammering out its message of pleasure. Shuddering, she yielded to its siren call, feeling herself float away.

Alison slowly gathered herself together. She was feeling totally relaxed, and she rather enjoyed the feel of Andy’s hands on her, one cupping her breast while the other rested on her bottom.

She sighed and stirred.

“Back with me, are you?” she heard a laughing voice say.

She nodded, slowly taking stock of her situation. She was she realised, effectively naked, and lying across Andy’s lap. She tried to push herself up, but found that Andy was able to restrain her effortlessly.

“If you’re back amongst the living,” she heard Andy say, “we should finish what we started. OK?”

“What? OK, I guess,” she mumbled, wondering what he meant.

“I’m glad you see it that way,” came a laughing reply, and Alison squealed in indignation as a hand spanked firmly off her bottom.

“What are you doing?” she screamed.

“Spanking you. We agreed to finish it off later, and it’s now later. You’ve been a naughty girl, remember?”

Alison squealed again as another spank bounced off her bottom.

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