Home on Leave, The Sequel, The Real Part 3

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It was a fast three weeks, made up of lots of lost sleep caring for the little one, making love to my sister and cuddling with my wonderful wife. I didn’t break the rules as set down by the doctor. I didn’t even try to take her in the ass like I wanted. I just cuddled her and accepted her fantastic oral sex every time she offered it. But my sister, that was something else.

I continued to pump my cum in every hole that I could and she seemed to love it more each time it happened. I couldn’t believe that girl’s stamina and it seemed no matter how often I did it, she always was ready for more. Carol would shake her head and tell her, “Go for it Sweetheart, take advantage of it while you can because the next time that he see’s me, he’ll be busy keeping me satisfied in addition to you.”

We did have one incident that almost caused some major problems in paradise and that was the decision to wait until the end of the school year for my women to come to California to be with me. Marcie told me in no uncertain language that she wanted to come with me now. But Carol and I told her that it would be better for her to finish up her schooling here and start anew in high school next fall. I had to pull rank on her and tell her that she was not coming with me and that was final.

Reluctantly she agreed to that arrangement and by the middle of June, all three of my lovely women joined me in San Diego where I quickly became Command Sponsored, meaning that I would spend the rest of my enlistment with my family and the Navy would treat us all like a one and see to all of our needs. It was a wonderful two years mingling with other Navy families and the time seemed to fly by. In fact, when it came down to making the decision as to whether to re-enlist or not, I was sorely tempted. But, looking at my life as a civilian with my talents in the electronics field, there really wasn’t any real decision to be made.

On the day of my discharge, I returned to our new apartment where I had moved my family on the outskirts of San Diego, to a joyful party of friends that we had accumulated over our stay on base. Some were lifers, some were on the first and last enlistments but all were considered our dear friends and all were there to celebrate my first night as a civilian once again. We all got drunk, well not all of us; there was Marcie who had the task of watching over little Dee, and Carol only had a couple of drinks, being the hostess and all. So about 1 the next morning I staggered to the door to say goodnight to the last of the drunken revelers with Carol by my side and I slowly closed the front door, Carol turned to me and said, “Come on and let me show you what its like to make love as a civilian.”

Marcie over heard this comment and cheerfully asked, “Can I show him too?”

Carol smiled and said, “Sure since you are the only one who hasn’t been drinking, why not. You may have to show us where to put it so come on.”

Having dispatched little Dee to her bedroom many hours earlier, Marcie laughingly joined us as we went into our bedroom and started to shed our clothing. Carol dropped to her knees and her hands began to make short work of taking off my pants while my sister was busy removing my shirt. When Marcie had dropped her task on the floor beside the bed, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a deep passionate kiss, effectively trapping my wife between us with her face right at my crotch. She could only do one thing and so she opened her mouth and took my cock in between her lips.

Carol, while sliding my cock in and out of her glorious lips, was taking off her blouse and bra and was soon rubbing her bare chest into my thighs. I was assisting in the removal of Marcie’s shirt and bra but she had to back away to slip off her small little skirt and then lie down on the bed just wearing her pink striped panties. I waddled over to the bed, dislodged my cock from my wife’s hungry lips and lay down in between Marcie’s outspread legs with my wife on her back right under my crotch.

Both of my girl’s were lying on their backs with me on top of each; my face buried in Marcie’s panty laden Mons area and Carol having her face right on my crotch. We had an oral train going and all three of us were starting to enjoy if very much. My hips were pumping up and down into my wife’s eager mouth as my teeth were biting into Marcie’s labia lips. My tongue was trying to penetrate the crotch of her panties into her slit, in between my nibbles, as she was starting to raise her hips to my stimulation. I reached up with my finger into her crotch and, hooking one side of the double fabric, and slid it to the side, exposing her hair lined opening to my tongue.

Marcie çapa escort moaned out loud as I slid it into her opening and licked it all the way around. Then, pulling her panties up a little more into her crotch, I applied my wet tongue to her clitoris and she wiggled and began squirming her hips in her excitement. All the while my cock was going further and further into Carol’s wanting facial orifice and as it approach the back of her throat, she swallowed hard and took in all the way down into her esophagus. She placed her lips right on my pubic hair and I could feel her throat muscles contract and release around my raging hard cock.

I had to feel it go inside my wife. I suddenly felt so much love for this woman that I had to take her right then. I suddenly rolled over and off my two women and lay on my back beside of them both. I grabbed my sister by her hips, yanked down her panties and pulled her on top of my face, placing her looking directly at my wife. Carol got the hint and mounted my engorged erection, taking it deep within her vagina. Then looking at Marcie, reached out and started fondling her two lovely breasts with her hands as Marcie did the same to Carol.

We were all getting very excited performing our three-way dance of love and were well on our way to find what we were searching for, when we heard a sweet little voice say, “Mommy, I can’t sleep. What are you doing to Daddy?”

Carol froze and looked into Marcie’s eyes as if to say, “Oh my God, now what?” Then, sliding off of my sticky wet cock, she walked over to where Dee was standing; rubbing her eyes trying to see clearly, and then she scooped her up into her arms and started for Dee’s bedroom. Marcie had rolled off of my face and I had propped myself up on one elbow. Dee said out loud, “Daddy,” and held out her arms for me to take her.

“Carol,” I suddenly said, “Bring her over to us. I want to cuddle with my daughter.”

Carol stopped, turned around and looked questioning into my eyes. “It’s okay,” I told her, “It’s not as if she isn’t a part of this family. After all, she started it all, she might as well share in our love of each other.”

“Bobby!” Carol shrieked.

“I don’t mean it the way it came out. Marcie, get under the covers and pull them up over me too. Come here Dee Sweetie, come here to Daddy,” I said, extending my arms to my daughter.

Carol handed my sleepy little girl to me and crawled in beside of me as I put my arms around Dee and lay her down next to me under the covers. “Now, Little Girl, let’s all go to sleep, just like one happy family.” Carol reached up and turned off the lights and we all went fast to sleep. All three of the grown up people were somewhat frustrated by the interruption of our sexual escapade but I felt better after awhile with my littlest girl cuddled up next to me falling asleep in her Daddy’s arms.

Time seemed to fly by with my new job, Marcie going to school and our little Dee growing like a weed under Carol’s tutorage and before you knew it, two years had flown by. Our Dee was in kindergarten, Marcie was in her senior year in high school, Carol had accepted a position at our bank as an assistant to the president and I was on the fast track to becoming a vice-president in charge of R & D in electronics.

Carol was called back home by her mother who reported that her father had had a heart attack and was resting at home. She took Dee with her and left Marcie and I alone to man the fort. Marcie had been dating some and was kind of smitten by this young lad who was a senior also at her high school. They had been dating off and on for about two or three months and seemed to be getting along fine until one night when Marcie came home early, with that look of regret showing all over her face.

As soon as I saw it, I knew something was not right in paradise so I asked, “What’s wrong Little Bit, something happen between you and Brad tonight?”

She looked shocked when I called her my pet nickname since I’d not called her that in a long time but she sighed as she sat down beside me on the couch, slumped down and said in an exasperated voice, “Men! Just about the time you think that you’ve finally found one that will make you happy and you take him to bed with you, what does he do but shoots his wad all over the outside of your pussy and declares that he’s through. “Oh Marcie,” she mimics him through her expressive tone, “that was so good.” Hell, what about me?”

I snickered to myself as I thought of my response. “Well, maybe he was concerned about making you pregnant or something,” I finally offered as his defense.

“He knows that I’m on the pill,” she said in disgust. fatih escort “He could shoot his wad just thinking about doing me.”

“Well, that’s flattering isn’t it?” I suggested.

She looked over at me with this look of disbelief spread all over her face and she spread out her legs wide and ran her hands up her thighs. “Why didn’t he do it the way you do?” she asked. “Why did he have to rush everything and then even that wasn’t enough time for him? Oh why wasn’t it you turning me on?”

She looked over at me again and the questioning look seemed sincere as a tiny drop escaped down her cheek. “Compared to you, I don’t think anyone can make me happy,” she said starting to cry.

I scooted over to her and took her into my arms to comfort her. “Marcie, I don’t think I did you any favors when I started making love to you when you were so young. I didn’t allow you to grow and experience your sexuality in a natural way. I brought out the woman in you before you were ready; you were still a little girl but I forced myself upon you. I’m sorry for that,” I told her giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“God Bobby, that’s so noble of you but, the fact of the matter is that, I wanted it, hell, I demanded it. You taught me how to love a man in every way possible. You taught me what a man wants and how to make him happy. It’s not your fault that Brad is still a boy instead of a man. I’ll just have to keep searching for a real man, a man like you,” she said raising her head up to look into my eyes.

I looked down into hers and had a sudden urge to kiss her passionately. The urge was felt by her also as she craned her neck up off of the couch back and threw her hands around my neck inviting me the take right then and there. I was more than obliging as I scooted over on top of her and gave her a warm, wet kiss. My love for my sister poured out through my passion into a sensuous meeting of our lips and open mouths, driving our tongues deep into each other wanting kiss, trying to meet each others with passion and drive.

My hand found her breast and she cuddled into it with eager acceptance as I threw my leg over hers and settled into her open crotch. Moving my knee up to put pressure right on her junction, her arms around my back drew me into her waiting embrace. I was starting to feel the lustfulness of my sister’s passion for love and I instinctively knew why Brad had shot his wad prematurely because I also knew that a lesser man would not be able to control himself.

I ground away on her crotch with my knee as I tried desperately to get my hand on her bare breast under her clothing. I felt the building urge and as I slid her bra cup over her breast, I dove down with my mouth to devour the perky little nipple that stood erect on top of the fleshy mound. The end of my knee was pushing into her cunt with all the pressure that I could muster and I heard a slight little groan as it escaped her lips.

I switched my oral assault to the other breast as I bit down on her hard little nipple. She cried out in a soft noise that indicated to me that she was getting really turned on so, keeping my face buried into her chest, I slid myself in between her legs and settled my weight down upon her crotch and wiggled myself into her area where her legs meet one another. She cried out again as she pulled with her arms around my back giving me permission to pressure her there.

I was getting more aroused than I have felt in a long time with her or with my absent wife. I realized that our joint love making had become rather rote and stagnant in its feeling and finally I was anxious to make real love with one of my women. It just so happened to be my sister that I was about to make love to, but I knew instinctively that some changes had to be made to keep our love fresh and free.

I moved my hand down to meet her junction as she spread her knees even further apart in her most inviting way possible, I felt the moisture come to the surface of her panties as she began to react to my ever increasing rubbing and pleasuring of her most sensitive spot. I found her camel toe with my exploring finger and she let out a loud groan of approval and rose up with her hips to meet my exploration. I bit down roughly on her nipple and as she once again groaned out her approval and pushed up with her hips even more, indicating that she wanted her panties removed.

I reached around under her butt and pulled them forward until they cleared her butt and then I raised her pelvis and slid them off of her legs, leaving me with this most beautiful view of her vulva squished between her two legs that I could ever imagine. Her two puffy clam shell lips were staring fındıkzade escort at me with this thin glazing of her fine pubic hair that barely covered anything and a tiny bit of moisture glistening through at her opening. I swear there was steam rising with the faint smell of womanhood from this area and I just had to explore her treasured that I knew were protected by those two tight lips.

When I slid her underwear off of her ankles, I opened up her legs wide and lowered my body down between them until I was resting my head right at the junction. I took in a deep breath to inhale her strong feminine odor of nectar and then a slowly separated her two clitoral guardians with my fingers and ran my touch along the length of her slit. When I reached the top, I encircled her hooded love button causing her to jerk her hips madly away from the stimulus and when I reached down and slightly inserted my finger into her vaginal opening she reacted in the opposite way by pushing up with her hips trying to force it into her cavity.

Her skirt had ridden up around her waist and her shirt and bra were bunched up around her arm pits. Her legs were sticking straight up in the air and were spread out wide with me in between them. She was clutching my back as I tried frantically to free my enraged cock from my pants with my free hand. Finally succeeding, I rose up with my body and placed my cock right at the entrance of her wet and willing opening.

I got up on my feet and hovered down on top of her crotch, forcing her legs to extend up over her chest area. There I positioned my entrance perfectly and lowered my weight down as I impaled her vaginal opening with my cock. It met with much less resistance than the first time but it was still an effort it separate her protective vaginal walls but they were used to my presence so they spread themselves apart and allowed my penetration.

She held her breath until I had bottom out right next to her cervix and then she exhale in a rush and it all came out in a groan as I withdrew the entire length out and reversed it back in. I was going wild with passion as I thrust my pelvis in and withdrew it all the way out over and over again and as I withdrew it out completely on one occasion, it slipped out of her opening and entered into her rectum with force.

She screamed out her displeasure and she tightened up and stopped her responsive actions. It was already well into her colon so I started sliding it in and out slowly at first until she relaxed and started to feel pleasure once again. When her hands grabbed my butt and forced my cock into her anus harder than before, I knew that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass so I started to plunge into her with all the energy that I could muster.

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” she kept repeating with ever increasing volume and tone until she was screaming out loud, “OH, OH, OH, BOBBY, IT FEELS SO GOOD!”

She tightened up her sphincter and clamped down on my cock sending it into a spastic release as I started to shoot my first load of my juices deep into her bowels with such force that she reacted to ever individual jet as it splashed off of her soft warm colon. She raised her hips up and pressed her legs wide apart, applying pressure with her anus in an effort to satisfy the urges that she felt coming from her rectum. She widely pulled at my hips and screamed my name out in encouragement as she reached her own release of her pent up emotions and desires. Finally settling down from her experience, she lowered her legs, forcing the extraction of my spent cock from her rear end and we both settled down into a state of satisfactory afterglow.

She cuddled me there for awhile and then suggested that we go to bed where we could take off our clothes and cuddle with each others naked bodies until we fell asleep. We did just that but cuddling turned into petting that turned into feeling and before you knew it, it turned into another session of wide love making for the two of us.

When my wife and daughter finally returned, she commented upon my somewhat lacking motivation to make love with her but quickly recognized that I had been alone with my younger sister and gave me this knowing look. She invited Marcie into our bed the next night and proceeded to turn her on with her womanly charms and gave me the treat of a lesbian love affair that would knock my socks off.

By the time they were each ready to be satisfied, it was my turn to jump into the fray and pound my loving wife with the best sex that I could ever imagine. I sucked my sister’s clit raw as I rammed my wife pussy, causing them both to reach an unbelievable orgasm that raised the roof of our apartment. We all three slept that night all the way through until the next morning when we were awakened by our daughter wondering why we were all in one bed together again, naked. I told her we were family and she accepted that for now.

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