Honey Tip

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Here is a fun smut story I wrote it’s really good and classy have a read if you want.


Honey Tip

It had been a long day for Scarlet and all she wanted to do was get home and have a nice long bath, a glass of wine and an orgasm. She smiled at that last part. Her sexy full figure was showing in that red dress she wore to work. Her jet black hair was long and silky. Her long curvaceous legs showed as she walked. She was about to get on the bus and her body was stiff as a rock. She thought it was a funny thought as she thought of hard ons.

The bus was completely packed like a can of sardines. She stood there on the bus being jostled between passengers. She felt random hands grope her ass as she tilted and swayed but just let it go. She wore the dress for attention after all and loved all of it. She felt the familiar tingle between her legs telling her the touches were working to tease her.

Her stop was coming up and she hated to leave all those nice probing hands. They were all special to her wondering about the people attached to them. She fixed her skirt as she left the bus and gave a bend over as the door closed giving those hands something to see. She smiled as the men on the bus looked around uncomfortably afraid to be caught starring. She walked on sauntering her hips side to side attracting some cat calls and whistles.

She seemed like a tramp but the wetness in her loins was growing ever hungrier. She wanted some good loving that night after a rough day but it was hard to find someone to just have. She wanted someone that she could get indoors easily and control so she could get off. A good climax after a long day is always a welcome finish.

She thought for a while and unlocked her door sliding into her apartment. She drew a nice hot bath and bubbles as she slowly stripped free from her dress. She just dropped it on the floor and then followed with her lace pink bra and matching panties. She laid in the hot water as the tub filled up. Her wetness only enticed further by the heat of the tub. Her hands started to explore her soft skin slowly and sensually inching their way downward. They reached their goals as her hand nişantaşı escort softly caressed her breast and the other found that tiny and sensitive nub between her legs. She let out a small gasp as her fingers made the smallest circles over the engorged tender clitoris. She was going to enjoy herself tonight.

Her index finger found its way between her lips as she let it settle in she teased the magic spot with in. She wanted her climax badly but did not want to rush herself too much. She teased herself rubbing within herself slowly as her breathing grew labored. She felt her body slowly tensing up as she approached her end. The heat from the water only heightening her sensitivity. The slow moving pleasure crawling its way through her body as if alive. It had its own motives and mating was all it wanted. Her climax was close but each time she found it, it slipped away like an elusive gazelle to a hungry lion. She was frustrated that she accelerated her peacemaking sure to attack the best of her pleasure points to no avail. She kept up her fruitless assault against her sensitive clitoris and dripping womanhood. The water cooled and the bubbles burst into nonexistence.

She gave up on her climax for now knowing that her refined fingers were just not going to cut it. She needed the real thing and needed it like she needed air. It was starting to get late so she called for a pizza and sat there waiting in her robe. Her wet womanhood pulsing for a real hard on to be thrust into her. She had no idea how to get one. She tried to play again probing the pulsing muscles within her and still the finish was just out of her grasp.

“Shit” she swore out loud as she could not find release. There was a knock on her door and she got up with her wetness still dripping down her legs as she answered the door. She opened the door for the delivery boy and smiled.

“That is 15.67$” he said retrieving her pizza from the bag not yet noticing her slightly open robe. She handed him a twenty and put the pizza down on the table.

“You are new what’s your name?” She asked not even knowing if he was new she rarely ordered out.

“James, miss and sorry I don’t have kağıthane escort exact change” he said still looking through his wallet for coins. She knew this was her chance to maybe get what she wants.

“Well I need my change James” she said faking some anger at him still letting her robe be slightly open. “What kind of sixteen year old has no coins in his wallet?” She asked probing him for information.

“I am eighteen ma’am” James returned now aggravated at her candor.

“Perfect” she grabbed him and pulled him inside the house and slammed the door. She moved fast dropping her robe showing off her voluptuous body. She sauntered to him grabbing his collar and yanking him into her lips forcing hers to his.

“Ma’am” he said still fighting the shock of all this. She placed a slender finger on his lips shaking her head.

“No words just give me what I need” she begged softly rubbing his crotch on his pants gripping his hardening cock. She wasted no time in undoing the belt and zipper pulling out his hardened member. Sliding her tongue over the tip and caressing his manhood. She held it in place rolling her tongue over every solid inch of his manhood before sliding the every hardening length into her damp mouth.

“Oh my god” James groaned in pleasure as he was swallowed down this woman’s throat. He could not resist but to try and push himself deeper into her throat. She licked him as best she could just letting him take over. Getting what she had wanted, a man to ravage her as she needed. She pulled free of his grip and smirked up at him.

“Is that all you can do?” She teased him trying to antagonize him to really cut loose. He grew irritated and grabbed her head and started to pump his stiffness into her throat. He could feel it as he groaned and his heart pulsed in the confined blood vessels of his cock. He pulled her down his length and burst in her mouth. His hot spunk pouring down her throat. She slowly drank it milking the man before her.

“Damn that felt incredible.” James sputtered as he slowly reached for his belt.

“You call yourself a man and you can only cum once pfft. Thought you might be able to go on guess osmanbey escort I am too much woman for you.” She was trying to push him harder as she teased pretending to reach for her robe. She turned her head away and as she did so James pulled his pants and boxers off tackling her to the floor. She put up a small struggle enjoying herself now knowing what was next.

He pressed her down and pushed the head of his manhood into her. Once the head was inside he thrust his hips as hard as a battering ram into her. She cried out in pleasure as her body went limp for a moment unable to move now. Her body had shivers as she was forced open by this young man. Her body regained its muscle control as she wrapped her legs around him pushing him further into her. James thought she was trying to get away so he started to thrust in and out of her wetness. She was moaning now letting her head fall back as she was hammered like a loose nail.

“OH GOD!” She screamed as James’ furious thrusting pounded away at her sensitive walls. His hands busy pulling her hips to meet his. She was lost in her pleasure trying not to scream out again. She was in heaven her climax crawling to her again taking over her body but was still just not there.

“I.. Am.. gonna cum” James groaned still pushing his hips into hers as he was feverish with lust not giving up his prize.”

“NO NOT IN…” As she pleaded the young man blasted her insides with more of his hot spunk drowning her pussy in his cum. That was all her body needed to finally reach what it sought out all day without success. Every last muscle and cell roared and shook as she screamed as loud as she could and got her well deserved release. She collapsed under the force of her orgasm as James pulled out of her his cum dripping behind him. Her own honey streaming out of her as she tried to catch her breath. James got his pants and got dressed handing her the money back.

“That was one hell of a tip” he groaned as his cock was still stiff and sensitive to touch. She smiled at last released from her build up.

“Deliver here again I may have more, tips,” she teased as she crawled to her robe and put it on. She made sure to lick her lips as she said tip to emphasize her point. James got her message and made sure to remember this house for deliveries.

“I can’t wait” he said leaving her to her recovery as he got his delivery bag and headed back to the store.

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