Hotel Retreat

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Big Tits

It’s our last day at the hotel. I woke up early and decide not to disturb you. I slip out to the living room and grab myself a snack while I explore my phone for a bit. After getting caught up on the day’s news and playing a few games, I decide I may as well start getting ready for the day.

You’re still asleep when I enter the bedroom. I smile, looking down on your sleeping form, taking in the delicate way your hair falls across your face and how you sleep with one leg tucked against you with the other stretched out. I’m tempted to get under the covers and explore that beautiful body of yours but I knew you were tired after a late night and need to catch up on your sleep. Instead I place a gentle kiss on the side of your cheek, barely brushing you with my lips, then head into the bathroom.

I open the glass door to the shower stall to let the water warm up while I strip down. I step in under the rainfall shower head and begin washing away the dirt from the previous day. I stand there for a moment, basking in the gentle fall of water against my skin. It’s been a wonderful weekend away, it’s a shame it has to come to an end.

I break from my reverie and begin working shampoo through my hair. I close my eyes to keep the suds from seeping in and massage my scalp with water cascading down my back. Suddenly I feel a wash of cold air across my skin. Before I can react, the feeling is replaced with your warm silky skin pressed tightly against mine.

“Good morning,” I say with a smile, my eyes still closed.

You reply by getting up on your toes and greeting my wet lips with a kiss. You gently push me Escort bayan further into the downpour of water, soaking your own body in the process. I feel the water pour down between us, weaving it’s way between your breasts pressed flat against my chest. It winds its way down our stomach to where our hips meet and traces its way through the interwoven twist of our legs. Your body begins to follow the path of the water, gently sliding down my chest and stomach. My hardened cock gets caught on your sumptuous breasts as they glide past, the nipples grazing my tip. I shudder from the sensation.

I feel your delicate fingers wrap themselves around my thick shaft as you gently take me into your warm mouth. Your full lips graze along my length, feeling me pulse inside you as you taste me with your tongue. I let out a soft moan, barely audible over the din of the falling water. Blindly, I reach down. My hands find your shoulders, crawling along until the weave their way into your wet hair. I begin to firmly guide you back and forth on my cock, driving myself deeper and deeper into your mouth.

You reach your hands around and clutch onto my ass, digging into my flesh with your nails. You begin to move your hands up my body, letting my cock slide out of your mouth as you trace your way up my stomach and chest with your tongue. It meets up with my mouth again and slips in to tangle with my own tongue. As we explore each other’s mouths, I feel your hands reach back down to stroke my cock, making sure I stay hard for you.

You pull away from me, letting go of my cock and releasing my tongue. My eyes still closed Bayan Escort I don’t know where you’ve gone or what you plan to do to me. All I can feel is the warm water continue to pour out onto me.

Then, a sensation. The briefest brush of your ass against the tip of my still hard cock. I softly moan from the welcome surprise. I feel your hand take hold of my girth once again. You pull me closer, my hands finding your back and slip around your shoulders. As I take your soft breasts in my grip, I feel you plunge my cock deep into your wet, warm pussy. I moan in your ear, squeezing your breasts as I glide deep inside you. I hear you release a pleasurable gasp as you take my full length, filling your pussy with my throbbing cock. Slowly I begin to pump myself in and out of you. I push you against the glass wall of the shower, angling your hips so my head brushes against a sensitive spot inside you with every thrust. My left hand leaves your breast, slipping down your body to firmly clutch your ass. My right hand shifts to allow my fingers to roll your nipple between my fingers, the light pain causing you to shudder against me.

The water falls down between us, a spray shooting up each time my hips pound against your ass cheeks. My left hand creeps around between your legs, letting my fingers play with your sensitive clit. They work their way in small circles, matching the rhythm of my thrusts. The pleasure causes your juices to gush out of you and mix with the water flowing down our legs. My right hand moves up to your neck, grasping you tightly as I blindly lean down and begin nibbling on your flesh.

The Escort sweet taste of your skin, combined with the incredible sensation of your pussy gliding against my cock, cause me to moan into your neck. The gentle vibrations are too much for you to handle and you slam your arms against the glass wall, letting out a howl of orgasmic pleasure as you shudder and explode cum all over our intertwined bodies. I feel you tighten around me as the warm wave of your juices flows down our legs. I was barely hanging on but, after feeling you explode with me inside you, I lose all control. Clutching your throat in one hand and your ass in my other, I pull you all the way onto my cock and let out a load moan as I unload myself inside you. You feel thick ropes of cum shoot deep into your pussy, my cock pulsing with each shot and filling you will a fantastic warmth. You cum again from the sensation and our juices mix and flow out of you as my cock continues a few soft thrusts.

I feel you pull away from me, letting my cum soaked cock slip out of you. You turn and get back on your knees, licking our cum off my shaft and cleaning me with enthusiastic glee. After you finish, you stand back up and push my head under the shower. You clean to shampoo from my hair and push the suds away from my face so I can finally take in your naked beauty. As I stare in awe of your incredible body, you smile and raise my head to meet your eyes. I smile, reminding myself how lucky I am to have such an amazing woman in my life. You feel the love and passion pouring out of my gaze and return my smile. Reaching out your hands, you pull me in close for a deep, lingering kiss. After what feels like a timeless moment of perfection, you pull away and smile at me.

“Good morning.” You say. And without another word you step out of the shower and leave me there, breathless and wanting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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