Hottub Fun With My Wife , Friends

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Here’s something a little different (for me at least). This is a story written by me and a very good friend of mine, involving her, me, my wife, my coworker and an anonymous (male) stranger. My little friend, Jenny, is well aware of my fantasies about my wife and other men and she quite enjoys teasing me. The story appears essentially as we wrote it one afternoon to each other by email. Personally, I thought it was more erotic to keep it in this format rather than try to turn it into a longer story from only one person. I hope it turns you on as much as it has me!!! I’ll spare you some of the preliminary emails, and get right to the good stuff!

Oh, I should also say that I love feedback, and if you like the story and want to email me, I invite you to please do so!!


Sometimes your fantasies are way out of there… I’m also thinking that in your little hottub fantasy you have been trying to think of a way to bring your wife into the fantasy as well, and maybe another guy…


Oh wow, Jenny… you know exactly how to push my buttons!! I would so love to be in a hottub with Cheryl and another guy, maybe having a few drinks and laughing as he mentions something he heard about girls always supposed to be topless in hot tubs…


I know you have thought of the next part to this story so please share…. and what about Cyndi and I… aren’t we in the fantasy too?


Hmmm… you, me, Cyndi, my wife and a stranger all in the hot tub together…. sounds plausable!

Let’s back it up a bit, and say that after numerous drinks and some friendly pushing, the three of you finally agree to take off your bikini tops if me and the other guy remove our shorts. We quickly agree to that deal, and before anyone can say anything else, both of us are standing up in the middle of the hot tub, pulling our shorts down. Both of us are semi-hard already, and you can see that the stranger has a very large cock.

You grin and say “C’mon girls, a deal is a deal” as you reach back to undo your bikini top. You proudly pull it away from your chest, revealing your amazing firm tits to us. Cyndi goes next, smiling at me as she unclips the clasp in between her tits, pulling it open. Her small tits and hard nipples are exposed. Finally my wife gulps down the rest of her drink, and reaches back to undo her bikini. Slowly she lets it ride up her breasts, and then she slides down into the water a bit, which causes her bikini to float up. The stranger reaches out and and pulls it away from her.

Mmmm, this is nice, I say, smiling at my wife and seeing her smile back, fully aware that I’m totally turned on by these other two girls…

The stranger, still holding my wife’s bikini top, says that he’ll get her another drink, and stands up to climb out of the hottub… Cheryl is blatantly staring at his cock, as she reaches up to hand him her glass. He climbs out of the hottub right beside her, his semi-hard cock swinging from side to side as he moves…


Well like any girl would do her mouth opens a little as his semi hard cock swings from side to side, and hits her cheek. As we all watch this unfold, she says “Maybe i should go inside and help you make a round of drinks for all of us.” Cheryl turns back to you and you nod in approval and watch her stand up, exposing her nicely hard nipples to everyone. She leans forward and gives you a kiss, then turns back Cyndi and I and says “Now be nice girls and share.”

With that the stranger helps her out of the hottub and as she gets out Cheryl slips a little and leans forward into him to stop from falling… she could feel his semi-hard cock up against her and he liked the way her tits brushed up against him… laughing as they walked in, you knew they would be awhile so you turn back to us and I move over a little bit and motion to Cyndi to move to the other side of you…..


I love seeing my sexy wife so close to the stranger’s cock, and I was sure that she only pretended to slip, trying to get an “accidental” feel of him. Watching them as they walk off, we see his hand drop down and grab her ass…

As you move around to one side of me and Cyndi scoots over on my other side, you smile devilishly and with full knowledge of which buttons to press. You tell me that the stranger was staring at my wife’s tits the whole time, and “just think, right now he’s probably fondling those tits in his big hands… how long until she has his cock in her hands? Mmmm, Doug, do you think she’s feeling his cock and balls right now…?”

I groan, and you smile, knowing that the whole scene is driving me wild: not only am I naked in a hot tub with two gorgeous girls, but at the same time my wife is topless with another guy who’s naked…

Cyndi can see that I’m incredibly turned on, and I suddenly feel a hand in my lap, closing around my very hard cock. I quickly learn that it’s my pretty little co-worker grabbing me, when she tells you that I am responding topkapı escort well to what you were saying…. she asks me seductively “Doug, do you like the idea of your wife holding another man’s cock?” “Oh yes….” I moan. “Good,” she says, “because I know that she likes the idea of you with us…”

I reach one hand down to your lap, and you willingly spread your legs for my hand, allowing me to rub you over your bikini bottoms. I do the same thing to Cyndi, noticing that even through your bikinis I can tell that you are shaved totally smooth, while Cyndi seems to have a short, trimmed pussy.


As we both continue our sexy little comments that are making your curious as to what your wife and the stranger are doing we all look towards the house and in the corner of the window we can see what is going on inside the house… we see the guy fondling Cheryl ‘s tits and her every so gently stroking his cock. He slips one of his hands down her bikini to feel her soft wet pussy… you can tell she moaned a little and said something dirty to him. At that point I turned to you with my hand caressing your balls as Cyndi stroked and said “I wonder what Cheryl said, probably something like “oh your hard cock feels good in my hands, and I like the way you fondle my breasts, and my pussy, would you like to see more?”

With that Cyndi giggled a little and grabbed your cock a little bit tigher and you shoved your fingers inside both of us as we moaned in complete approval…we knew you like what you were seeing and what was happening to you….


Mmmm, standing at the window, watching the stranger feeling my wife’s tits, then seeing his hand drop down her bikini to her pussy… seeing her hands gently holding his cock, stroking it….

I loved feeling two different hands on my cock and balls, and sliding my hand under each of your bikini bottoms I only wanted more. I told both of you to face the window, but stand back a few feet so you could lean forward. Bending each of you at the waist, I first moved behind Cyndi to pull down her bikini. From behind, I ran my fingers up her inner thighs to her pussy, admiring a light covering of almost blonde pussy hair. She moaned with approval, and I pressed two fingers up inside her for a moment.

Then I turned to you, and had you bend forward the same way, as I inched your bikini off as well. As I kneeled on the ground behind you, your smooth pussy was on display for me right in front of my face. Like I did with Cyndi, I gently traced my fingers up your inner thigh, and over your totally exposed lips. You groaned, and whispered to please use my mouth, and you’d keep telling me what my wife was doing if I couldn’t see…

Without any hesitation, I brought my mouth to your sweet, wet pussy, burying my tongue inside of you. You moaned loudly, trying to arch your back even more to give me total access to you. At the same time I reached up to Cyndi, and slid two fingers back inside her…. I couldn’t believe it, there I was eating out your delicious pussy as I fingered my sexy little co-worker, all the while my wife was being groped and fondled by a stranger with a huge cock!


Turn back your thought and use the edge of the hottub for support so that we can see inside the house.

Well back inside, I tell you that the stranger has brought Cheryl to the couch as he lies down. Cheryl follows suit by straddling his head, giving him full access to flaring hot pussy as he has given her access to his cock. This give us a clear view of what is going on inside. I tell you that Cheryl has lowered her mouth to the guys cock making him nice and horny and squirmmy…and spreads her legs open wider to give him better access. We could hear her moan in complete pleasure as both Cyndi and I respond similarly as your tongue continues to work my clit over and your fingers dance over Cyndi’s…..

I turn to Cyndi and say poor Doug, he’s hard as a rock but no ones playing or stroking his cock….she looks at me and looks at your hard pulsating cock and says “well maybe I could help him with that…” You immediately thrust your fingers inside once more as if you are saying yes, than release. You unleash your mouth from my pussy so that we can repostion each other to give access to all areas….


As you describe for me what my lovely wife is doing with the stranger and his cock, I lap your wet, hot pussy and clit in approval of what my wife is doing, knowing that just inside on that couch, her pussy is being licked just the same way by another man.

As we reposition ourselves, I take a moment to kiss Cyndi, letting her taste how good your pussy juices are… You sit up back on the edge of the hottub, as I stand up on the seats, leaning down to your pussy. Cyndi sits down in the hottub right in front of you with my cock right in front of her pretty little face. I briefly grab my co-worker’s tits, before leaning forward and lowering my face back onto your needy pussy.

You fatih escort moan again as you feel my tongue slide inside your wetness, then flick over your clit. I also started to moan as I feel Cyndi’s mouth enveloping my cock, her fingernails lightly scratching the skin just behind my balls. My hands keep roaming from your tits, back down to Cyndi’s as I continue to attack your gorgeous pussy with my mouth.

As I eat you out, while at the same time enjoying Cyndi’s very capable mouth, she pulls away and jokingly reminds you that my wife said that we were supposed to share… I pull back from you, as you reluctantly agree to switch positions. From my stance, you have a good view of my hard, throbbing cock just beside Cyndi’s face. You smile, and say that you really need a taste of cock.

As you sit down, I lower my hard throbbing cock down your pretty face, towards your mouth which you obediently open for me, letting me press my cockhead in between your lips. Cyndi sits up on the edge, and spreads her legs, giving me a fantastic view of her blonde pussy and red lips. I lower my mouth to her delicious snatch as I slowly begin to thrust my cock in and out of your mouth.

Looking over her shoulder, Cyndi can still see inside the house, and watches my wife with the stranger.

Ohmygod, she moans as my tongue penetrates her, then circles over her clit…


You release your mouth and gently blow on her snatch and look inside to see if your wife was enjoying herself as much as you were. At that moment Cheryl looks up at you with her mouth fully engulfing that stranger’s cock. She gives you a grin and wink and rocks her hips back lower on the guys mouth. All the mean time you are increasing the pace as you thrust your hard pulsating cock into my eager awaiting mouth. You whisper to me “God I love fucking your mouth Jenny, how did you get so good? Cyndi do like that view? Do you know what else I love doing?”

With that Cyndi replies, “I love the view and watching you fuck another girl’s mouth all the while letting your wife get eaten out by another man as she sucks on his cock. You must like how she works his cock, Doug. What else do you like to to do, let me guess… fuck a girl’s tits? I bet your cock would look great in between Jenny’s breasts, why don’t you show me how you like to fuck a girl’s tits…”

With that I let you release your cock from my mouth, and you allow me to sit up against Cyndi so that we are beside each other. You move in close, giving her a kiss than me. Teasing you I reach with one hand towards your balls and give them a tight squeeze as my other hand pinches Leisa’s nipples. You moan because you like the picture so much. I then take my hand that is pinching her nipples and move towards her hand to reposition it to my thigh, as I do the same. Our hands both dance around each other’s thighs, and simutaneously we open our legs wider as our fingers reach one anothers pussy lips….

Do you like that view and what you are seeing?


Oh fuck, Jenny… this is so amazing, watching you touching Cyndi’s tender pussy… seeing her fingers gently sliding over you… realizing that both of you are touching another woman’s pussy for the first time… I love seeing my wife sucking that stranger’s huge cock, looking up at me every so often…

I love making eye-contact with my wife as she has a stranger’s cock deep in her mouth, smiling at her to tell her how much I approve of her… I love seeing Cyndi looking down at you as I fuck your mouth with my cock…

As I stand back, letting you sit up beside Cyndi, I am mesmerized as you place one of your legs up over hers, and take her hand to place it on your thigh. I stare and watch each of you slowly working down towards each other’s pussy… your fingers trace through her soft pussy down to her lips, spreading them and sliding easily through her wetness… I then see her fingers pushing down to your pussy, nervously but willingly, as one of her fingers easily finds your wet hole and slides inside. “oh god, Jenny,” she says, “I’ve never touched another girl before….”

I reach down to cup your gorgeous tits in my hands, and squeeze them together as I press my cock in between them. You both look down, watching the head of my cock bobbing up and down in your cleavage. You open your mouth, allowing me to thrust up into your waiting lips each time, keeping my cock wet and slippery. Your fingers continue to work over Cyndi’s clit, as she tries to keep up the intensity on you at the same time.

Meanwhile, I look over at my wife, who is down on her hands as she keeps grinding her pussy down on his face. Her tits hang down, and her lover is grabbing them, squeezing them hard and pinching her nipples. She continues to lick and suck his huge cock, and looks over at me, watching me just like I’m watching her. She lets his cock slip from her mouth, and rests it against her cheek and face, almost as if she’s posing with it for me. Then she silently mouths eyüp escort the words “I want to fuck him.”

You can feel my cock throbbing in between your tits as I moan, and nod in approval at my wife. She starts to get up off him, repositioning him so he is sitting on the couch facing us, as she straddles him. From behind her, his hands reach in between her legs, rubbing her pussy and sliding fingers inside her. She’s reaching down fondling his balls, and stroking his thick, meaty cock.

“Mmmm, Jenny, Cyndi…” I say, ” I think both of you are going to want to see this….”


Let’s back the train up just a bit before Cheryl mouths the words…I think I have something that might put you into overdrive!

All three of us have gotten into a good rhythm to the point where we are in a complete trance. You have now moved over to Cyndi’s tits and begin fucking them. I can see what is going on inside and liking that view, I decided to slip out of the hottub, without you noticing me…. I walk inside very quietly not to disturb what was happening on the couch but Cheryl notices me and I motion for her to stay quiet. I point outside to her husband who is having so much fun with his coworker that he hasn’t noticed I left yet.

She releases her mouth from his cock and begins to stroke it while I kneel down beside it, opening my mouth as Cheryl bends his cock towards me… his cock enters my mouth as I flick the tip and blow a little on it to make him shiver…he moans and say “God Cheryl, that feels great” as he lifts his hips uptowards her making me fully lean over and take it completely in….

Cheryl takes her one hand and grabs his balls as the other she traces over my nipples and quietly says “we have a visitor that has come to join us… the girl you were feeling up earlier.” He moans and replies “Now I know what Doug was talking about- she does have a fantastic mouth.”

I release my mouth and Cheryl begins to stroke his cock as I crawl towards his face, sitting up on the coffee table exposing my pussy to Cheryl, leaning in to give him a kiss and to taste your wife’s juices. He immdiantly grabs my tits with one hand and firmly slides two fingers up inside Cheryl. She responds by running her hand over my pussy, spreading me with her fingers, then sliding two fingers inside of me.

After a few moments like this, Cheryl totally enjoying herself asks me “Jenny do you think Doug would mind if I fuck this guy?” I said, “he doesn’t have a problem with another guy eating you out so I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind you fucking him. ” With that the guy chirps in and says “Fuck Cheryl that sound so good right now, straddle me and Jenny I’m not done with you just yet, you straddle my face- I want to eat you out as I get fucked by Doug’s wife.”

With that Cheryl gets up and straddles the guy facing toward him as I straddle his face so that Cheryl and I are facing each other, giving us an opportunity to play with one another’s breasts…

I don’t know when you noticed that I went inside, but you and Cyndi are about to witness something neither of you have seen….


I noticed you as I see you flicking your tongue over his cockhead, and watch as your mouth takes him in, realizing that the guy is getting the royal treatment from your mouth. I’m totally amazed as I watch you manoeuver into a position that allows my sexy wife to start fingering your pussy, and then to my total, total, total amazement I see you and my wife talking, then moving so my sweet little wife is straddling his massive cock, while you straddle his face. I see you lean into each other, and my wife leans into to kiss you, her hands dropping to your tits as yours do the same to hers.

You look down at her dripping wet pussy only inches over his huge cock, and ask her “Cheryl, you realize that your husband is just outside that window, watching you, and he’s about to see you lower your pussy down onto another man’s cock….” She turns to look back at me, her husband, and smiles, knowing that I’m watching her, and I can see her gorgeous cunt lips hovering just over her new lover’s massive cockhead and in just a few seconds, she’ll be taking that huge cock up inside her.

Meanwhile, Cyndi has turned around so she can see the show too, she’s kneeling on the seat of the hottub leaning forward, her ass up in the air as I stand right behind her, my cockhead gently rubbing against her ass cheeks… without taking her eyes off the amazing scene inside, she asks me “Are you ready to see your wife fuck another man, Doug?” “Oh god, yes” I reply.

My wife reaches down to grasp his shaft, teasing him by rubbing his cockhead over her pussy lips, getting him even wetter from her juices, moaning as she feels the first actual contact of the stranger’s cock with her pussy lips She places the head against her cunt and lowers herself onto it, but no farther. She pauses, realizing that she’s taken another man’s cock inside her for the first time since pledging to be faithful to me, and she knows there is no turning back now… not that she wants to, in fact she desperately wants more. I can tell that he’s moaning and squirming with pleasure and the need to bury his cock deeper into my wife.

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