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For two years, Brian and I had lived in a small apartment in a rather rundown part of the city. We couldn’t afford anything nicer without destroying our meager budget. Luck finally came our way when Brian heard through a friend of an older man, Charles, looking for a housemate. It seemed perfect for us!

Brain was a little older than I was at the time, he was 29 and I had just turned 20. In most ways we were opposites. He stood a full head taller than me. His shoulders were broad and strong, mine were not. His dark brown hair laid down flat and he kept it cut short. My hair was blonde, wavy and hung down around my face. He was also very smart and persuasive, it seemed as if he could talk me into about anything. Basically, in our relationship, he was the man and I had taken on the role of the girl. And it was very comfortable for both of us.

Brian and I met with Charles the day after hearing about the opportunity. Charles turned out to be in his early fifty’s. He was also taller than I was, but honestly, I was used to being the smallest person in a room. He and his wife divorced years ago and his son recently moved a few states away after getting married.

The meeting was a little strange, Charles seemed to address only Brian when speaking. When he did look at me, it was odd, almost as if he was avoiding me on purpose. The house was very nice. It was a beautifully decorated, 3-bedroom, ranch style home. Our bedroom would be off the main living room. A bathroom would separate our bedroom from Charles’. The final bedroom was at the end of a hall, it was used as a study and storage room. The kitchen was next to the living room. He and Brian seemed to be getting along really well. When asked if he was ‘okay’ living with a gay couple, Charles said he didn’t mind at all. The rent he was asking was only slightly higher than we were used to and we agreed to rent a part of his home that day.

Up until izmir escort then, we had rented our apartment month-by-month. And at the end of that month, we moved our things into Charles’ home. Brian and I were both very excited to be getting out of the nasty part of town we had never gotten used to. Our new home was in a nice little area, too near to the city to be considered a suburb. The yards of every house were all perfectly manicured and the houses looked similar, but far from identical.

While carrying in box after box, it was obvious just how excited both of us were to be moving into such a nice neighborhood. Brian’s hands were grabbing and feeling me every time we were out of Charles’ sight. When we got the last box into our room, Brian pushed me against the wall and kissed me passionately, with the door to our room wide open. I couldn’t see Charles out there, but got nervous nevertheless. Brian’s tongue dove deep into my mouth while grinding his body against mine. I tend to be a bit vocal when I get excited and I heard myself chirp with the unexpected kiss.

It was at that moment when I realized what we had done. With our bedroom was right off of the living room, if Charles happened to be in the living room while we were making love, I was sure he would hear everything. If the walls were as thin as our last apartment, he would probably hear us even in his own room. Being in the apartment was different, we didn’t have to face and speak with our neighbors every single day!

I somehow pushed Brian away and I calmed myself down. Not being able to make love whenever, wherever we wanted, would take some getting used to.

We all worked ourselves into a routine over the next few weeks. Everything was going so smoothly, everyone went to work and came home afterwards. Charles was a wonderful cook and loved to do it. After I cleaned the kitchen, something alsancak escort I offered to do, we all sat down and relaxed in front of the television. I know, we were pretty boring people.

I was especially careful about watching how I was dressed during those first few weeks. In the past, I had run around our apartment basically naked, something I was no longer able to do. Generally, I slept naked or in a nightshirt (one of Brian’s dress shirts). This forced me to get dressed before I was even ready in the morning for my dash to the bathroom.

Brian and I had never been happier. We made love just about every single night. As more time passed, we relaxed and didn’t worry about the noises I made so much. Charles didn’t ever mention it, or even look at us differently afterwards. It probably helped that he constantly told us to relax, this was our home now too.

One particular weekday evening I was especially tired and was going to bed early. After brushing my teeth and slipping into my nightshirt, I realized I never said goodnight. As tired as I was, I made my way to the living room. Brian told me later that Charles’ eyes bugged out of his head when he saw me. My nightshirt hung down far enough to easily cover everything that needed covered. But I had only two buttons done, which left a lot of me showing. Aside from the shirt, I wore nothing else.

I walked right in front of Brian and bent down to kiss him goodnight. I can’t be sure if I flashed Charles or not, but I’m sure he saw far more of me than ever before. Rising up I then turned and bent to kiss Charles goodnight. Something I had never done before. I guess I was REALLY tired. It was a simple bunny-kiss, but still a kiss. Wishing both of them a goodnight, I wandered to my room and fell fast asleep without even realizing what I had done.

The next morning, Brian woke me up before he left buca escort for work. He quietly told me about the little show I had put on the night before and how much Charles enjoyed it. Brian told me how they had both stayed up pretty late talking, mostly about me. From what Brian found out, Charles was straight, but had admitted the night before, if he were going to have a homosexual experience, it would be with someone like me. Talk about an ego boost!

In the past, Brian had talked me into teasing different friends of his. I had found it terribly exciting. I knew I was safe, and it would never go farther than I wanted with him around. He of course knew how much I enjoyed it, and before leaving for work, suggested I tease Charles a little bit. I squirmed in the sheets just thinking about it.

A half hour after Brian left, I got out of bed and wandered into the living room, still wearing only my nightshirt. Instead of going straight to the bathroom, I made my way to the kitchen. Charles was there, already dressed. Without taking his eyes off me, he offered to get me a cup of coffee. I told him I could get it myself. With my back to him, I stretched up to the second shelf for a mug. I checked when I got to the bathroom, the bottoms of my butt cheeks peeked out when I stretched that far.

With my back still to him, I filled my cup. Casually I turned to face him, holding the warm cup in both hands, I told him I was going to go and shower. The look in his eyes was beginning to make my smallish cock stiff. This made my hips squirm a little which let the shirt slide off one of my shoulders. I hadn’t planned this and wound up showing more than I planned to. I thought he might jump up and take me right there in the kitchen, but he didn’t. He simply smiled, letting his eyes wander up and down my almost exposed body. I bit my lower lip and wandered into the living room before a bump appeared under the shirt.

That is how it began. As time passed, I became almost comfortable exposing myself to Charles and my teasing became more and more blatant. At the same time, Charles began to openly flirt with me, sometimes right in front of Brian. Living in that home turned out to be the most exciting time of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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