How could this happen to me Part 2

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Debbie woke up feeling very groggy and lethargic.
Sitting up in bed she rubbed her eyes, her whole body felt sore and uncomfortable, she ached like hell. Looking down she was shocked at her appearance.
She was wearing her wedding dress, her breasts were hanging out and she had her big pink dildo three quarters of the way up her vagina.

“Oh my god”. She exclaimed. “What the fuck”.

Trying to think straight she couldn’t for the life of her remember how she came to be in this situation. Glancing at the clock and seeing it was about five minutes before Brian got home from school she panicked, removing her dildo and quickly taking her shoes, wedding dress, stockings and suspenders off she made her way unsteadily to the shower.

The hot water spraying her body brought some relief to her discomfort, she felt like she’d been in a car crash.
As she lathered her body she flinched as she soaped her breasts and nipples, they were so sore, she had the same experience when washing her vagina and bottom.
When washing her hair and face she could feel just how sore her throat was and her jaw ached. She became aware just how thirsty she was.

Having washed her dildo, Debbie put it back in her draw, she hung up her wedding dress, put her red shoes away, her suspenders and stockings in the wash basket.
Debbie quickly dressed in her normal attire and dried her hair. She desperately needed a drink.

Brian had arrived home and Debbie was relieved to see he was alone.

“Hi mum”. He greeted her.
” Hi love, no friends with you today?”. Debbie asked.
” No, haven’t seen Tony or Dave since we got to school “. Replied Brian.

Debbie gulped down a whole pint glass of water even though it was very painful to swallow. Her eyes were drawn to the badge on Brian’s school blazer and it made her feel uncomfortable, it was as if a sixth sense was telling her it meant something bad.

Brian headed for his bedroom to do his homework. Debbie made a coffee and sat at the breakfast bar trying her best to understand what had happened to her.
As hard as she tried, her memory was a blank between the boys leaving for school and waking up thirty minutes ago. Why was she dressed up like that and why was her dildo in her vagina.

Debbie very rarely masturbated and when she did it was always in the bath when no one was in and the bathroom door was locked.
She always remembered it and was never sore afterwards, in fact she didn’t use her dildo when pleasuring herself in the bath, she always used her fingers.

Her husband Martin had bought the dildo to spice up their sex life, he liked to watch her using it on herself while she sucked his cock. He would call her a dirty bitch as he came in her mouth.
Debbie never enjoyed or got any pleasure out of it. She only went along with it to satisfy her husbands fantasies, she would even fake an orgasm to fed his ego.
It’s not that Debbie wasn’t adventurous when it came to sex, she liked to be fucked in a variety of positions and places. She just wasn’t keen on a large rubber dildo being used on her.

Why would she be wearing her wedding dress, stockings, suspenders and sexy red shoes during the day? She hadn’t worn her dress since the day of her wedding.
Debbie kept going over and over her dilemma but drew a blank. It made her worried and frightened, something must have happened to her, she didn’t feel sore all over for no reason.
Still wracking her brains for an answer she set about preparing dinner.

Dave and Tony couldn’t stop laughing, they had both had the best sex they’d ever had, with the sexiest woman they’d ever seen.
Both of them were walking bow legged, as they headed home to change before heading for the high street.

Tony fed the debit card into the cash machine, tapped in 4545 enter followed by balance.
Both their eyes lit up as £5625 appeared on the screen. Tony withdrew the maximum £300 limit and they headed for the cafe to satisfy their appetite after their exhaustive efforts and plan their next moves.

That night Debbie barely slept and woke up early sharing a coffee with her husband before he left for work.
“Are you ok princess? you’re never up this early and you didn’t seem yourself last night “. Asked a concerned Martin.
“I’m fine, just a bit washed out. It’s probably just the stress of this relocating and not seeing much of you lately “. Debbie answered.

“It’s only going to be like this for a month or so while i’m organising my department, things will soon be back to normal.
Got to rush, bye love”. Said Martin, kissing Debbie and departing for work.
“Bye love, mind how you go”. Said Debbie.

Little did they both know that their lives would never be back to normal ever again.

Debbie picked up her coffee and headed over to the patio window. Gazing aimlessly over her garden she wondered what had altered her plans to do more gardening yesterday.

“Morning mum………MORNING MUM”. Brian repeated.

Debbie was snapped out of her daze by Brian’s voice. “Oh, morning love, sorry i was miles away “.
Her coffee was hardly touched and cold. Yet again her eyes were drawn to her sons school blazer badge and she shivered like someone had walked over her grave.
Why was his badge freaking her out? Forcing the thought from her head she made Brian’s breakfast and herself another cup of coffee.

It was soon time for Brian to leave for school.
“Your friends not calling for you this morning “. Asked Debbie.
” Doesn’t look like it, i’ll catch up with them at school. Bye mum”. Said Brian.
“Bye love, have a good day “. Said Debbie kissing her son on the cheek.

Barely a minute had passed when Debbie’s peace was interrupted by the door knocker.

Dave and Tony had been out of sight at the end of Brian’s road watching him leave for school.

Debbie opened the door and seeing the two boys told them. “Brian’s only just left, you’ve missed him by a minute, if you rush you’ll catch him up “.

“It’s you we’ve come to see Debs, can we come in”. Asked Dave.
Debbie was a bit confused and a bit shocked with Dave’s tone and familiarity, calling her Debs and not the usual Mrs Wilson.
Before she had even invited them in they brushed past her and headed for the lounge. Debbie followed, an uneasy feeling descending on her.
The feeling increasing as they sat either end of her sofa and patted the space in between them, Tony telling her. “Sit here Debs, there’s something you need to see”.

The feeling of forbodding intensified as her eyes were hypnotically drawn to their blazer badges and she sat between them.
“What is this all about, what do i need to see “. Inquired Debbie nervously.

Tony got up and picking the tv remote from the coffee table switched the tv on. He repeated the process with the dvd player and inserted their home made dvd disc.

“Well it’s like this Debs, do you remember telling us to bunk off school and sneak back here without Brian yesterday morning, you said you had something for us”. Dave lied.

“No i don’t, why would i ask you both to play truant, that’s absurd and stop topkapı escort calling me Debs, it’s Mrs Wilson to both of you “. An angry Debbie told them.

Tony laughed at her. “Well you did Debs, here’s the proof “. Tony pressed the play button and their amateurish attempt at film editing burst into life on the screen.

Debbie went rigid as she saw herself with just her bra on, Tony behind her playing with her tits while she tells Dave she wants to watch him strip so she can wank his schoolboy cock.

Debbie was in denial. “No, this can’t be true, this can’t of happened. How have you made this look like it’s me. Turn it off, it’s lies, it’s not true “.
Debbie tried to get up to turn it off. She was gripped on her thighs and arms as both boys restrained her.
Dave telling her. ” Don’t be hasty Debs, it’s only fair you watch how you corrupted two innocent schoolboys, it gets really juicy, relax and enjoy “.

Debbie was forced to watch their forty minute edited extravaganza unable to comprehend the enormity of what happened to her.
She felt like her body had been drained of blood and energy, she was too shocked to even attempt to struggle from their restraining hands.
The silent tears that rolled down her cheeks was the only sign of life as she limply sat between the two bastards that had somehow got her to have sex with both of them and filmed it.
The unanswered questions since she had woken yesterday afternoon were answered only to be replaced by new ones. Why would she have sex with either of them, let alone both together.
The image of Brian’s blazer badge filling her with a sense of dread now made sense after seeing her supposed seduction of the two schoolboys.

“Well dirty Debs, what are we going to do about this shameful situation? Tony and me enjoyed you fucking our brains out yesterday but today we’re feeling like you took advantage and used us”. Dave told her feigning hurt.

“Yeah Debs, perhaps we should report this to the police or our school, after all we’re only fifteen and at thirty eight you’re old enough to be our mum and should know better”. Tony chipped in upping the ante.

Debbie was crestfallen, unable to talk and what little bit of her brain was able to function told her she would be ruined and probably go to prison on the evidence of what she had had just been forced to witness.

Dave pulled out his phone, tapped its screen a few times and all three of them heard Debbie’s mobile bleep to an incoming message in the kitchen.

“I’ll get that for you Debs”. Said a helpful Tony.
He was soon back and handed Debbie her phone.
Debbie ignored it, she just about had enough wits about her to not want them to see her pin number.

” Not in the mood to find out what it is Debs, let me”. Said Tony taking the phone from her hand.
Her heart sank even lower as she watched him tap in 4545 and open her messages page, then tap the play symbol to the video message.

All three watched a three minute clip of Debbie in her wedding dress telling them it was her fantasy to be fucked by two underage schoolboys. It showed her being spit roasted, double penetrated , fisted while her dildo sodomised her, then her tongue and finger in their arses.
It ended with her telling them both to spray her face with their beautiful young cum and a close up of her spunk covered face.
Even though she had not long seen the longer version it set her off sobbing uncontrollably.

“Don’t cry Debs, there’s no need to get upset, i’m sure we can come to some arrangement, we’re reasonable and understanding.
After all we wouldn’t want to be responsible for you wrecking your marriage or sending our best friend Brian’s mum to prison now, would we”. sniggered Dave.

“Yeah, just cos you’re a dirty slut that likes underage cock, it’s not a crime is it . Well i suppose it is a crime but it’s not like we’re eight or something, it’s not like you’re a kiddie fiddler. At least you like proper cock”. Goaded Tony.

Dave began to massage Debbie’s neck with one hand and brushed her hair from her face, wiping her tears away from her cheeks he asked her. “How we gonna solve this problem Debs, we should really be getting off to school, you’ve made us miss enough of our education as it is, you wouldn’t want us to get into trouble would you?”.

Not that the pair of them gave a shit about school, they had been warned, suspended and their mothers threatened with court action on countless occasions. It has got to the stage where most of their teachers don’t even report their absence from their class, they’re relived they haven’t got to put up with their disruptive behaviour.

Debbie had regained a little bit of her composure, managing to mumble. “Just go and leave me and my family alone, i never want to see you again “.

Dave cupped her chin and ran his thumb over her wet lips, telling her. “That’s not very nice or friendly Debs, you were very friendly to us yesterday, we all got along so well. How many times did we cum between us? must have been about twenty times wouldn’t you say Debs?”.

Debbie had never felt so intimidated or helpless, she wasn’t sure how they had managed to have sex with her and film it all without her objecting or putting up a fight. They must have drugged her somehow or she would have remembered how and what had happened.

” Why did you do this to me, i thought you were Brian’s friends. Get out of my house before i call the police “. An outraged Debbie shouted at them.

Tony calling her bluff handed Debbie her phone. “There you go dirty Debs, don’t forget to tell them about the dvd, perhaps we could all have a nice cup of tea and watch it together when they get here”.

Debbie knew she wouldn’t stand a chance against the evidence of the incriminating film, it would be as good as signing her own death warrant if she called the police. Debbie buckled. “Ok, what is it you want”.

“That’s better Debs, it’s so much nicer when we’re all friends. Just to prove we’re not bluffing when we tell you we’ll show the dvd to the police if you give us any trouble, i’m gonna send the same clip to your husbands phone but i’ll let you choose the time i do it giving you the chance to get to his phone first and delete it as long as you fuck us both now”. Dave challenged her.

“No i won’t do that, you bastards, you disgust me, i feel sick”. Cried Debbie.

” There you go with the bad attitude again”. Said Tony.

Dave opened his contact list and showed her Brian’s number followed by her husbands then her mum and dads. “Perhaps i should just do a group message Debs or forward it from your phone to everyone in your contact list. What’s it to be, shame and humiliation or a good enjoyable fucking that we all know you’re so good at dirty Debora”.

Debbie was a broken woman, there was no way out for her, she knew it and the two bastards sat either side of her knew it.
“Ok you win”. She whispered in defeat.

“Right now we’ve got that all straight and you’ve decided to do as your told Debs, i want you to stand up and do a sexy striptease for us and if you don’t act like you mean it we’ll etiler escort start sending the video clip, got it”. Tony told her.

Debbie stood, moved to the centre of the lounge and began swaying to some imaginary music rubbing her hands over her soon to be naked and fucked body.
She knew the only way to cope with this was to pretend it was her husband she was performing for and being fucked by.

Both boys sat watching her slowly strip as they rubbed their hard cocks through their trousers. Debbie kicked off her flip flops and eased her yoga pants down past her hips as she turned her back on them and revealed her gorgeous arse cheeks to them.
She slid them off and bent forward to reveal her camel toe cunt lips encased in the gusset of a tiny black silk thong, she pulled her arse cheeks apart showing the thin string stretched over her wrinkled shithole.

Both boys were so turned on they began stripping off in anticipation of fucking Brian’s hot mum again.
Debbie turned to face them again and eased her loose tee shirt sexily over her breasts and on upwards until it was clear of her arms and head, she threw it at both boys.
She then seductively cupped her matching black bra clad tits and teased the boys as she juggled them before reaching behind her to undo her bra clasp.
Debbie stopped the black silk cups from sliding off her tits as her hands again played with her tits, teasing the boys a minute longer before letting her bra slip away to reveal her fantastic tits and rock hard, small berry sized nipples.
Gently slapping her still sore tits together for the pleasure of the now naked blackmailing shits ogling the sexy body that belonged to her husband.
Debbie again turned her back on them, bent forward and eased her thong slowly down and off showing them her puffy glistening cunt lips.

Debbie stood up and faced the two fifteen year olds resigned to the knowledge they would use her like a cheap whore as they played out their nightmare fantasy.

Both boys got up and stood at the end of the sofa, Dave telling her. “Kneel on the sofa and suck our cocks like a good slut wife should.

Debbie did as she was told knowing it pointless refusing or trying to beg them not to have sex with her. First she sucked Daves cock then Tony’s, then both.
They gripped her sexy, dirty blonde hair and face fucked her, no need for filming now, they had all the blackmailing evidence they needed.

Tony was the first to break away, getting behind her on the sofa he spat a mouthful of sylvia on the crack of her arse, rubbed his already wet helmet up a down her crack then parted her pussy lips and pushed in slowly until he was buried nuts deep.
“Just like old times princess ” Said Tony as he began to fuck her slow and deep.
Tears started to trickle down Debbie’s cheeks on being called a princess, that was her husbands favourite pet name for her.

Dave forced his cock deep into Debbie’s already sore throat and held it there.
Debbie began gagging and panicking, trying to push him away and slapping his thighs.
Dave held her head tightly in place, telling her. “You was much better at swallowing cock yesterday, try breathing through your nose you dirty slag, all that gagging is gonna make me cum and i don’t want to cum until i’m buried balls deep in that pretty cunt of yours, do you understand ?”.

Debbie was in a blind panic, frantically trying to breathe through her nose and get some air in her lungs,. Just when she thought she was going to pass out Dave pulled his cock from her throat and mouth.
He laughed at the state her face was in, thick, clinging drool dripping from her nose and mouth.

In a mocking tone he told her. “I can see we’re gonna have to work on this deep throating, we can’t have you messing that beautiful face up each time you suck us off, it’s not as if we’ve got porn star size cocks, they’re only average size.
I know that’s a shame but we do make up for it with charm and personality “.

Debbie gradually regained her composure and remembering Dave’s words about wanting to be balls deep in her pretty cunt when he cums was terror struck, she wasn’t protected against pregnancy, there was no need with Martin having had the snip.
She then remembered the film of the three of them and the amount of times they had cum in her defenceless pussy.

” Oh my god, no, please don’t cum inside me, i could easily get pregnant, i’m unprotected, please don’t “. She pleaded.

Tony increased he’s pace, his pelvis slapping into her arse cheeks, telling her. ” What, you mean don’t do this “.
With that he clamped onto her hips as tight as he could, he buried his rock hard prick as deep as possible and fired his spunk into her cunt. “Aaawwww fuuuck, take it all you dirty bitch”.

Debbie burst into tears. “Noooo, please nooooo, why are you doing this to me, noooo”. She sobbed.

Dave was very amused by his mates disregard for Mrs Wilsons desperate pleas. “What’s the matter Debs, don’t you think Brian would like a little brother or sister to play with, it must be horrible being an only child. It will be fun watching it grow up and trying to work out if it’s Tony’s or mine.
On the other hand we might both be jaffas and you won’t get pregnant at all. Let’s swap ends mate, it’s not fair if your baby juice has too much of a head start”.

Both boys swapped ends and Tony forced Brian’s mum to taste her own cunt juice and his sperm as he made her suck his still hard cock.
Dave fed his cock into Debbie’s sloppy leaking cunt and hammered her as hard as he could. For two minutes the lounge was filled with the sound of squelching and slapping until it was Dave’s turn to destroy any hope Debbie had of him conceding to her desperate pleas.
” Here it comes you fucking unfaithful cunt, rrrrrrgggggghhhhh shiiiiiiit”. Moaned Dave as he pumped four big blasts of hot semen up her.

After pulling out and watching her overfilled gaping pussy spew out the excess spunk onto the sofa Dave sat down, slapped. her arse and gave Debbie his orders. ” Kneel down on the floor and suck my knob clean, it’s about time you had that cute little arse of yours fucked, what do you say Tony, are you up to smashing her back doors in?”.

” Only if Mrs Wilson asks me nicely, i wouldn’t want to do anything she is not comfortable with or offended by “. Said Tony sarcastically.

“Well Mrs Wilson, are you going to ask me if i would like you to clean my spunk covered cock with your pretty mouth and ask Tony to give your arsehole a good seeing to?”. enquired Dave.

With no choice Debbie obediently asked. ” Please may i clean your cock Dave and would you please fuck my arse Tony”.

“Of course “. Replied both boys.

Debbie crawled between Dave’s legs and took his semi erect, salty sperm covered cock in her mouth and set about doing her best to please him.

Feeling Tony spit sylvia at her already sore anus she braced herself for the sodomy that was about to be inflicted on her.
Nothing could have prepared her for the pain that was to follow. Tony aimed his bellend at her bruised, wrinkled brown eye and rammed ataköy escort in as hard as possible until he was balls deep up her shitter.

Debbie lifted off Dave’s cock screaming in pain. “Aaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhh fuck, take it out, it’s ripping me apart, noooooooo”.
She had never known pain like it. Debbie tried to free her arse but Tony had his arms locked around her mid section preventing escape.

Tony was definitely the more sadistic out of the two of them and told a sobbing Debbie. “I’ll teach you to scream out you big baby”.
Still buried to the hilt Tony smacked her arse cheek as hard as he could three times, causing it to welt, she screamed out in pain once more.
“That will take your mind off your arse fucking, now reach back with both hands and pull your arse cheeks apart”. Tony told her.

Debbie did as she was told, terrified any disobedience would bring further retribution. To make matters worse Dave gripped her hair tightly and forced her mouth onto his now erect cock, causing her to gag repeatedly.

Tony resumed his brutal arse fucking, going at it as hard as he could, Debbie winced in pain with every inward and outward thrust.
The small amount of sylvia nowhere near enough lubrication for her red raw anal passage that had been so roughly abused yesterday.
Debbie wasn’t overly keen on anal sex and rarely let her husband fuck that part of her anatomy. She had to be in a very highly charged sexual state and when it was offered Martin had to use copious amounts of lubricant.

For three minutes that seemed to last a lifetime she was viciously sodomised and roughly face fucked, Tony finally exploding , spewing his cum into her arse cavity.
” Aaaaarrrrhhh fuck, you filthy slag, that should soothe your tight arsehole you moaning whore”.

Excited by the show Dave proclaimed. “Time to change ends”. Both boys swapped and Dave told her. “Come on dirty Debora, you should know what to do by now”.

Foolishly Debbie pleaded with them. “Please stop i can’t take any more “.

She was rewarded by Dave spanking her other arse cheek with the same ferocity and result as the one Tony had spanked a few minutes earlier.

Debbie reached back and pulled the burning cheeks of her bottom apart, offering her destroyed rectum to Dave. She then concentrated on the task that was in front of her face .
Tony’s still fairly erect cock was bobbing about a few inches away, she could see and smell the state if was in. It was covered in a thick mixture of sperm, blood and shit, it smelt awful.

Paralysed by fear she began to lick and suck the vile penis, too frightened to gag in the fear of upsetting Tony.
Debbie felt Dave enter her arse and literally pound the shit out of her, the pain only slightly less than before due to the fact that Dave’s penis was slightly smaller and her rectum was full of Tony’s sperm.

Tony’s cock was hard again, which he was quite proud of considering the amount of fucking he’d done the last couple of days. He treated her mouth and throat the same rough way as Dave had knowing he would manage to cum one more time.

Debbie winced and sobbed for a further five minutes until she felt Dave go rigid as he erupted inside her rectum.
“Fuuuuuck, that’s one shaggable arse you’ve got Debs”. Said Dave with a satisfied smile on his face.

The relief of the respite from her sodomised anus was soon forgotten as Tony forced his cock and half his balls as far into her mouth as possible and flooded her throat causing her to choke violently. Once Tony removed his spent cock Debbie continued to cough and splutter.
By the time she had regained control she was confronted by Dave’s turgid, foul smelling cock, that had even more sperm, blood and shit on it than Tony’s .

Debbie knew what was expected of her and set about sucking clean Dave’s cock, praying he wouldn’t get a full erection again.
Luckily for her he’s penis continued to slowly deflate, he pulled it from her mouth spotlessly clean and limp.

“Well Debs sadly it’s time for us to go, i know how disappointed you’ll be, not being able to take further advantage of our underage schoolboy cocks for the rest of the day”. Said Tony sarcastically.

“Now Mrs Wilson, what time do you want us to forward that video clip to your devoted husband?”. Asked Dave.

Debbie was stunned out of her almost comatose state, trying to get her mind to concentrate , Her husband was always home for Sunday dinner, so she knew the only chance of getting to his phone would be then.
“One o’clock Sunday afternoon “. Debbie managed to tell them before slumping back to the floor.

“Oh yeah, by the way Debs we’ve taken your debit card, the money will help ease the trauma we’ve suffered by being sexually abused. If you even think about cancelling it or transferring any of the money out of the account, then……. Well, you know the rest”. Dave told her.

Both boys got dressed and were about to leave when Tony had an idea, he whispered it to Dave.
They rolled a slumped Debbie onto her back and ordered her. “Open your legs and pull your knees back towards your tits”.

Despite her exhausted condition Debbie obeyed fearful of any retribution if she complained. She was distraught thinking they had changed their minds and wanted more sex with her.

Tony and Dave got between her legs and looked at her leaking and battered arsehole. It looked like it had been used as a target at an army firing range, it was in a right state, bruised, bloody and swollen, the oozing spunk, blood and shit clinging to the inside of her thighs.
They both took a couple of close up photos then both took turns sticking two fingers up her gaping arsehole coating them in her cream pie juice.

“Bye Debs, see you Monday “. Were the last words she heard from them.
Never had she been so relieved to hear the front door slam behind them.
Debbie let her legs slump back to the carpet and curled up in the foetal position quietly sobbing.

Dave and Tony got back to school during the lunch break. They found Brian sitting on his favourite bench.

“Where have you two been all morning”. Inquired Brian happy to see his only mates again.

“We’ve both been fucking this fit housewife we know, she’s a right dirty old slapper, we can do anything we want to her, she even takes it up the arse”. Dave told him.

“Yeah right”. Said Brian not believing them.

“Have you ever fucked or fingered a girl?”. Asked Tony.

” Of course, well i’ve fingered a couple of girls”. Confessed Brian.

“Then you’ll know what it smells like”. Said Dave.

Both of them offered up their fingers that had not long been up his mothers messy arse. Brian nodded his head as he recognised the pungent odour and as he opened his mouth to tell them he believed them they shoved them in wiping them around the inside of his mouth and tongue.

” Arrrggghhh fuck, that gross “. Squirmed Brian breaking free.
The three of them bursting into laughter.

They showed him the close up photos of his mothers destroyed arsehole and asked. ” Now do you believe us?”.

“Yeah, you lucky bastards, i wish i could fuck her in the arse”. Brian said enviously.

Dave and Tony both cracked up laughing. Brian kind of had the feeling they were sharing some sort of private joke that he was excluded from.

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