How I Met My Wife Ch. 02

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We woke up early in the next morning and made Sara ready for the school. I was getting a fatherly feeling for the first time in my life. That felt really good to feel responsible about a child unlike it’s with work. I took Sara to the school which was at a 15 minute driving distance from her home.

When I returned to Melinda’s place, she was having a shower. I took off my clothes and joined her. She was turning her back to the door and she turned towards me as I stepped in. “I thought you had gone to work after dropping Sara,” She said giving me a kiss.

“I called in for a sick leave today. We are going to make love whole day. How does that sound?” I asked.

“Only until Sara gets home. You naughty boy,” She said squeezing my cheek.

We had a long bath and then I had to brush my teeth. We made love in her bedroom and finally I came in her pussy. She laid there spent with my cum dripping from her pussy. “Babe, I want you to tell you something,” I said.

“What’s that my love?” She asked in concern.

“I want you and Sara to move in with me. I need to be with my beautiful girls at every moment I can.”

“Honey, I’d love to. But I don’t know what Sara would think. We can move in if she’s Okay. If not you can move here. Can’t you?”

I thought for a moment. That won’t be a bad idea at all. But my apartment was quite larger than hers. But this apartment was enough for 3 people to live. So I agreed. “Okay, but Sara has the choice. In fact I don’t care where we live as long as we live together. That’s how much I love you.”

“I love you too baby and there’s something that I want to tell you,” She said.

“I’m always listening.”

“When I told you that I love you and I want to be with you, I really meant it. I was ready to do anything for the sake of our love. So I quit my job, honey. I’ll not whore myself around anymore. I’ll find some other job even though it’s less paid. You are the only man in my life and I can’ imagine a life without you,” She said tears falling from her pretty eyes.

I was so happy to hear that. I was going to suggest her that any way. But I was glad that she had taken the decision herself. “Babe, I don’t know what to say. It’s your job and your income. But actually speaking, I’m so glad that you quit your job. I’m not ready to share you with anyone. I want you to be a full time mother and always stay with Sara. We won’t have any financial problems, but I’m sure Sara is in lot of pain without her mother. I saw it in her eyes when I was at your place that night. So I think it’s in her best interest if you stay with her all the time.”

“But I don’t want to be a burden to you,” She whined.

I thought about it for a bit. “Okay. You can do a job. But only a day time job. Right?”

“Okay darling. I love you,” She said and we shared another passionate kiss.Then we slept until it was time to pick up Sara from the school.

I picked up Sara from the school. When we asked her about where she want to live,she was okay with any place as long as she was with her mother. Then we decided it’s better for them to move in to my place.

They moved in 3 days later and there we were, one happy family. Sara got the smaller bedroom while Melinda settled with me in the master bedroom. That day marked the beginning of a new era of my life. We made love at every opportunity. There weren’t many, except the nights.

I had to go to another city for a meeting with some clients about a week after Melinda moved in. I left on Monday and I came back home on Wednesday evening. I couldn’t stop thinking about Melinda all throughout my trip. I knew it was the same for her back in home. We were so much addicted to each other. I called Melinda before I came home. I was tired as hell from driving when I got home. I opened the door and little Sara ran to me and jumped on to me. “Uncle Shaun, I missed you.”

“I missed you too sweetie. Where’s mommy?” I asked.

“She is preparing dinner.”

Then I went to the kitchen. Melinda was there preparing the dinner turning her back to me. I tip toed to her and hugged her from her back. She got startled and turned around ready to scream. I kissed her before she had any chance. She didn’t respond but as soon as she saw my face she started to respond. “Oh my god, I missed this so much,” I said breaking the kiss.

“I missed you too baby,” She held my face with her hands. “And you made me so scared before.”

“I’m so sorry love. How about we go to the bedroom and you can punish me there?” I asked.

“Hey don’t be naughty,” Melinda playfully slapped my arm. “Sara is at home. But I’m going to punish you as soon as she’s put to sleep. Alright? Now why don’t you have a good shower and we can have an early dinner.”

“As you wish ma’am.”

I had a long refreshing shower and then we had the dinner. We went straight to the bed after putting our daughter to sleep. I kissed Melinda hard as soon as she closed the bedroom door. But she pushed me. “Be a good boy and lay on the bed while I have a shower. I have some Escort bayan surprises for you,” She winked at me and ran to the bathroom.

I laid there on our bed as instructed, wondering what her surprises may be. I didn’t have to wait long. She appeared from the bathroom wearing a long night dress. I could see that she hadn’t worn a bra as her tits swayed when she walked. Melinda walked seductively towards me and climbed to the bed. She crawled purring like a kitten and gently brushed her lips with mine. “Baby,” I moaned. “This is a real torture,” I said not knowing what her game was. I wasn’t even sure how to play along.

“Sit here,” She said. She straddled me when I sat. That was our favorite position when making out. Then she slowly unbuttoned her dress one by one. Little by little, her big tits came to my view and she let her dress drop from her shoulders. My eyes were transfixed on her beautiful breasts and suddenly I noticed something different. She had a ring on her right nipple. Yes, Melinda had her right nipple pierced. “Do you like what you see?” She asked.

“Oh yes. That’s beautiful,” I left the sentence incomplete.

“And?” She asked lifting my face which had turned down.

“I don’t want to say this word to you. But that was the word which popped into my mind. That’s beautiful and a bit sluttish,” I said embarrassed.

“It’s okay baby. I wanted to be a slut for you. I want to be your slut. So I’m glad that you thought like that.”

“Yes babe. My girlfriend is a slut and she is my slut. May suck it babe?”

“Of course baby. But please be gentle. It’s still a little bit tender around it,” She said and lifted her right breast to my mouth.

I took her nipple between my lips and gently worked on it by sucking and nibbling the nipple. I held that breast with both of my hands letting Melinda to take her hand away. She placed her hands on the back of my head and stared at me worshiping her breast.

Her nipple got really hard in no time as I sucked it. It felt somewhat strange in my mouth as I had used to suck the bare nipple without the ring. “Oh baby, I think my nipple is extra sensitive now,” She moaned.

I held her ring between my teeth and pulled it playfully without putting much effort. “Ouch…” Melinda screamed. “Baby please don’t. It hurts. You can do all that stuff later. Just be gentle with me for today.”

I never intended to hurt my girl and I felt sorry for that. “I’m sorry my love. I never wanted to hurt you. Please don’t be mad at me,” I begged.

“How can I get mad at my Mr.Perfect?” She smiled.

I got back to my work and this time I took her nipple between my teeth and flicked her ring up and down with my tongue. “Baby…” She moaned and tightened her hands around my head more. “That’s great honey. You are the best lover. Aaahhhh…” She said and moaned.

I didn’t neglect her other breast even for a bit. I was squeezing her tit and tweaking her nipple for the whole time. Melinda pulled her breast away from my mouth making me disappointed. “Honey, there’s another thing I want to show you.” Melinda held her dress around her navel and laid on the bed.

“Undress me,” She whispered laying on her back.

I got rid of my t shirt and shorts, ant then unbuttoned her dress. She didn’t let me to part the dress until I unbuttoned her completely. I opened her dress wondering what other surprises she had for me. I parted her dress and tossed it away. My eyes first directed to her neatly trimmed pubes which looked highlighted against her fair skin. She didn’t wax her pubes since we started our relationship as I wanted her to keep them trimmed, not bald. My eyes scanned her body for my special surprise. There it was, she had a tattoo of 2 beautiful rose flowers with entwined stalks on the left side of her belly and the stalks ran to the upper thigh. “Melinda, I’m out of words to describe my love. It should’ve hurt so much for you when getting this done,” I said gently touching the tattoo.

“I just wanted to show our love to everyone. It’s one for you and one for me. And baby, it hurt me a bit while doing this. But I was thinking about you and our love itself was my pain killer. So, don’t think about it,” She said.

I kept kissing her tattoo whispering, ” I love you. I love you.”

She let me kiss her for sometime and pulled me up. We cuddled up together and stared into each other’s eyes. “There’s one more thing I have to tell you and I hope you’ll like it. But please don’t hate or loathe me even if you don’t like it,” She said nervously.

“I’ll never hate you my darling. I promise you. How can I hate you when you’ve gone so far to show your love to me,” I kissed her.

“I wasn’t feeling well even when you left on Monday morning. But I ignored it and didn’t even bother to tell you. I went to the tattoo parlor and got this tattoo and piercing done. Anyway I went to the ob-gyn and they ran some tests. I got the report yesterday and it was what I thought it would be.” She paused and looked down.

I lifted Bayan Escort her face from her chin. “What was in the report?”

“I’m pregnant. I wasn’t on the pill when we had sex. In fact I’ve never used a pill, only condoms. The pills make me uncomfortable. But I want to you to know that the child is yours. I didn’t let anyone cum in me even with the condoms since our last time in your home. You were the only man I took in without the condom for the last 6 years,” She said and bit her lower lip.

I was elated after hearing her news. I was going to be a father and that too with the woman that I loved so much. I was so excited that I hugged her so tightly and mashed my lips hardly on hers. I think she almost screamed because of the tightness of my grip on her. I held her face with both my hands. “Babe, I wanted this to happen since the day I fell in love with you. This is the fruit of our love. I want our baby to be a beautiful girl just like her mother,” I said with tears of joy pouring from my eyes.

“Does that mean you aren’t angry at me?” She asked.

“No baby, no. In fact I love you more than ever. This is the best thing happened to me beside you and Sara. Besides, I was the one who told you to trust me. Remember? So how can I get angry at you?” I said and smiled.

“Thank you so much honey. I thought you’d not want the baby since we aren’t married yet and I don’t want to go through the trouble of raising a child alone,” She said and started to cry.

“Hey sweetie, this time there are 2 of us. So I promise you raising our child will be the most enjoyable thing in the world and we can be so proud that we are parents of 2 beautiful children.” I wiped her tears away.

“But, I won’t be able to find a job, I will get fat and ugly, and atop all of that I will always be horny. Are you ready for all of that?” She asked.

“Simple answer is yes. You know I always opposed your idea of finding a job. So that’s not a problem at all. About your looks, I think you’ll only get more and more beautiful when your belly swell with baby bump and you tits get swollen with milk. I’m damn sure that it would need a lot of effort to keep my hands off of you. I know that pregnant women are always horny and you need the relief more than ever. I’m more than happy to comply it. In fact I’m looking forward to have some great pregnant sex with you. I will make you cum everyday until you beg me to stop. So don’t worry about it. Does that all say I’m ready to be a father?” I asked.

“Yes baby. I know you’ll support me all the way through pregnancy and you’ll be the best father in the world.”

“Ain’t I the best father to Sara?” I asked.

“Yes you are. But this is different. This baby is all yours. Your genes and your blood.”

“Sara may not be my blood. But Sara is my daughter and no one can change that.” My voice was getting louder with the anger rising in me. Not even Melinda had got it that I loved Sara as a father just like she did as a mother.

She quickly understood what I meant and her eyes got teary once again. “Oh Shaun. I knew you loved her so much. But I never thought you’d love her as your own daughter. I’m really sorry my darling. I’m really sorry.”

“Hey babe, don’t worry about it. At least you know it now. So how about we celebrate this occasion right now?” I asked.

“Yes baby. Make love to me. I haven’t had you in 3 days. So lot of catching up is ahead,” She said as I got on top of her.

I entered her hot pussy in one swift motion. “Oh baby yes, fuck me. I slept alone for 2 nights waiting for you. Please,” She cried as she held my face and kissed me.

I started to move slowly at first. But she was impatient and she pushed her hips up trying to make me go faster. But I kept my speed steady. Melinda had to give up. “Shaun please, I need it harder,” She whined.

“Babe, I haven’t even masturbated since our last time. If we go harder I won’t even last 5 minutes.”

“Same here honey. But I don’t care about it. Just fuck me hard and I assure you, No one will be disappointed,” She said touching my face.

“All right then. Here we go,” I said and started to fuck her faster. Suddenly our soft love making turned into a crazy fuck as I fucked her like a piston of a race car and she cried out loud with passion.

“Please Shaun, don’t ever stop this. Oh god… You are going to make me cum,” She cried out.

I was feeling the urge to cum so badly. But I tried my best to keep my climax at bay. The thought of fucking my pregnant girlfriend didn’t help my course either. “I’m not going to last long either,” I said panting heavily for the oxygen.

We fucked for sometime when she announced, “I’m ready love. I want you to cum with me. Just let it go.”

That was it. I needed no further encouragement. I let go my cum of 3 days inside her pussy with a grunt. She also climaxed as soon as my cum hit her walls. “Aaahhhh…” Both of us moaned in unison as we experienced the most beautiful mutual orgasm.

Melinda hugged me and held on to Escort me until her powerful orgasm subsided. Her pussy was milking my cock even after my orgasm washed away and cock went flaccid. It could be more than one orgasm as she held on to me for so long.

Finally her body went limp and her arms and legs dropped to the bed. I too laid on her with tiredness. It suddenly came to mind that Melinda was pregnant. “Oops babe, sorry. I forgot about this,” I said rolling away and touching her belly.

“I’m not fragile, silly boy. We can still do it anyway we want. But we have to be careful when the baby grows. That’s it,” She said while laughing for my immaturity.

“Oh, that’s great,” I said.

I was feeling sleepy after our orgasm. It had been a long tired day and I had to go to work on next day too. But I tried so hard to stay awake as I needed to make love to her once more. But couldn’t help but yawn with my sleepiness started to overpower my will to stay awake. “You are sleepy. Aren’t you?” Asked Melinda, seeing me yawn.

“Yes, but I want to love you once more, at least.”

“Baby, it can wait until tomorrow. All you need now is a good sleep. You have to go to work in the morning. Let’s make it up tomorrow,” She said and kissed me.

Then she laid her head on my chest and put one hand and a leg over me. I put my arm around her and she whispered, “Good night baby.”

“Good night darling. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


I returned home from work 2 weeks later and I opened the door. Sara came to me, but she looked different unlike other days. “Hi sweetie, anything wrong?” I asked kneeling down.

“No daddy,” She said slowly and looked into my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Sara called me daddy, the word I was looking forward to hear for quite some time. Tears of joy rolled over my cheeks as I hugged her. “My sweet little daughter. I love you Sara.”

“I love you too daddy,” She said and kissed my cheek.

“Come here,” I said and lifted her. Then I saw Melinda looking at us with a bright smile on her face. She came to me and asked, “I thought you’d like it.”

“Of course I love it,” I said and hugged both Melinda and Sara.


My life was filled with joy and pride since Melinda’s pregnancy. Sara was also happy to know that she would become a big sister in some time. It became a habit of mine to rub Melinda’s belly at every moment I can. I kissed it and whispered my love to the little fetus. Not to forget that I loved Sara as much as I loved the unborn child. I can tell you without a doubt that we were the happiest family on the planet. But that happiness lasted short until one fateful day.

It was about 3 months into Melinda’s pregnancy and I came home in the evening. I went to the kitchen where Melinda was preparing dinner and hugged her from behind. “Hey babe, how was your day?” I rubbed her still small baby bump gently while nuzzling her neck.

“Mmmm…” She sighed as she leaned to me. “Great. Baby, there was a parcel couriered this morning. It was addressed to you. So I left it on the table.”

“I’ll get it after this,” I said slowly moving my hands towards her tits.

She turned to me and held my hands. “You’ll get everything in the bed. Now I have to prepare the dinner and you have to take a shower,” She said with a mock stern voice.

“All right ma’am.” I kissed her and left to have a shower.

I remembered about the parcel after the dinner. I opened it and it contained a CD and an envelope with the words, ‘ Read this after the CD’ written on it.

I sensed that this would be nothing good. So I waited until Sara was sent to sleep and put the CD in the player. Melinda too sat on the couch as I played the CD. “Was it in the parcel?” She asked. “Yes,” I said and pressed the ‘Play’ button.

A video started with a man carrying an apparently unconscious woman. The cameraman went behind the man carrying the woman. So I couldn’t see the face of woman or the man. Then he dropped the woman on a bed. The woman started to mumble some unclear words. Then I got it that the woman wasn’t unconscious, but she was drunk.

The man dropped his pants and long cock about 8 inches long sprang out of his boxers as he removed them. “Suck this bitch,” He ordered.

The woman sat on the edge of the bed and started to suck his cock. The camera view didn’t show the man’s face. But it was clear from his moans that he was enjoying the inexperienced looking blow job. The camera angle was still from the woman’s back not clearly showing her face. “Oh man, her mouth is made to blow,” The man exclaimed.

“Yeah, her pussy should be better,” Said the cameraman.

Then the man pushed the drunk woman away and positioned himself between her legs lifting her skirt and tearing off her thong to penetrate her. “I don’t want you to knock up my new whore on the very first day. So you better wear this,” Cameraman said giving a condom to the man.

The woman’s face wasn’t still clear because of the low quality of the video. The man rolled the condom on his cock and penetrated the trimmed pussy in one motion. The woman screamed in both pain and pleasure. “Oh shit, this slut’s pussy is so tight,” the man said.

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