How It All Started Ch. 02

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She sat across the peninsula bar of their modern kitchen, sipping the coffee he had made for her. He always made her coffee. Coffee was a ritual for him. He was an early riser and greatly cherished his quiet mornings being the only one awake in the house. He ground his gourmet beans in a ceramic cone grinder, not one of those crappy blade grinders that make powder no matter what you do. He had a kettle with temperature adjustment for that perfect steep, 190°F for 4 minutes. He liked the ritual of it all just as much as he savored the flavors.

The timer on the microwave beeped, Russ turned it off, moved over to the French press, and pushed down the plunger, depressing the coarsely ground coffee to the bottom of the device.

“I understand the performance anxiety. It’s what kept me away from most women. Before my stint in the military, I’d only had three lovers,” he said as he poured the coffee into his cup.

“You only had three lovers before you were 29? So only me and two others?” She looked very amazed.

“Yeah, and only a handful of sexual encounters between them all. Like I literally only had sex about 10 times before I enlisted.” He poured cream into his coffee. “I was just scared to death of not being able to perform, or my dick not being enough, or whatever. So I just avoided girls who showed interest, unless they chased me down like you did. You always say I chased you for years, and I did, but you started this.” He smiled at her before taking a sip of his coffee.

She giggled, “I only showed a little interest because you were so funny and smart; and hot.” She held the cup in both hands as she slipped from her giant mug.

“Showed interest? If I remember correctly, you grabbed me by the dick and gave me a passionate kiss the first time we were alone together. You pretty much owned me from that day on whether you knew it or not,” he scoffed.

“So I was a little aggressive when I was young,” she giggled over the cup.

“And where did that go? You have definitely settled comfortably into the role of the submissive wife. You basically let me make all the decisions. Can you find that aggressive young woman again? Let her out to play in the bedroom?” He grinned broadly.

“Oh, trust me, she’s still in me,” she chuckled. “I’m just afraid you won’t like her as much as you claim and I don’t want to ruin this, we have such a great marriage.” The sincerity of her concern showed on her face. He sat his cup down and came around the bar to her. She sat her cup down as well and stood up from the stool to meet him. He took her in his arms and buried his face in her neck, taking in a deep breath of her hair and neck as he caressed her back from shoulders to ass.

“It’s just a game, a game we can stop at any time. I don’t want to fuck this up either, that’s why I wanted it to stay in the bedroom. I have no desire to be humiliated in public, I just want to be a slave to the object of my desire, and that’s you my love,” he whispered into her neck as he laid delicate kisses on her soft skin. He pulled back enough to look her in the eyes, but still held her in his arms.

“You don’t have to be an angry bitch. Like that story I showed you with the two girls. The dominant girl is mean as fuck, but she’s not mad and she laughs and teases her submissive for the most part. She gets off on power and control as much as physical contact.” He kissed her lightly on the lips, and released her.

“I know you’ve got it in you, you did it the other night when you pulled on my balls, I asked you to stop, and you pulled harder and demanded I beg, so I did, but you didn’t like the way I addressed you, so you pulled harder and demanded I call you goddess,” he said as he walked back around the bar to clean out the French press. Partway around the bar he grabbed his crotch and squeezed.

“Just thinking about that moment makes my dick throb,” he chuckled.

“I liked doing it. I liked the feeling of control, and that scares me. What if I really like this and you decide you don’t. You’ll start hating me.” The concern was obvious on her face.

“No. I don’t believe that’s a possibility. We have never had a problem we couldn’t overcome, and we’ve worked through some truly tough shit. This is just a sex game, and even if I decide I don’t want this and you do, I’m betting we can find a compromise that’ll keep us both happy. We always have in the past, why should sex be different,” he asked.

The concern faded istanbul travesti from her face as he spoke.

“I think our relationship is too strong to be broken over how we like to fuck each other,” he laughed as he rinsed the press in the sink.

“So if I decide I like fucking you up the ass with a strap-on, you’re gonna be ok with that even tho you don’t like me sticking a finger in your butt,” she quietly asked, rather sarcastically.

“Maybe if you fucked me up the ass everyday, I’d learn to love it,” he laughed, unable to finish the statement without laughing.

“Keep it down” she said in a hushed tone. “The kids might be awake and your voice carries.”

He snickered, and sipped his coffee.

“They never get up before 9,” he declared, checking the clock. It was only 7:45 and he was sure their conversation was free of young ears.

“Let’s go play with this.” He sat his coffee down and shook his semi erect cock at her before turning and walking towards the bedroom door.

“Oh.” She smiled, sat her coffee on the bar, and headed toward the bedroom too.

He headed past the bedroom and into the master bath, removing his clothes as he went. The master bath has a double vanity with a long wall opposite. He laid a thick bath mat on the floor next to the wall, and then laid down faceup on it, with his head and upper body on the mat.

She closed and locked the door as she entered the bedroom. When she turned around, he was already naked, moving one of the thick bath mats next to the wall and laying down on it.

“What are you doing,” she asked, obviously confused.

“I wanna try something. Just come here,” he said.

She made her way over to him, not sure what to do, she began disrobing.

“Leave your clothes on for now. It kinda increases the power play dynamic for me to be naked while you remain clothed,” he said as she approached him.

She had only managed to remove her housecoat so far, leaving her in pajama pants, a tee-shirt, and house slippers.

“What do you want me to do? I’m confused here” she said, looking down at him.

“Take off the slippers and get between my legs,” he said as he spread his legs apart for her, his cock now at full mast.

She kicked off her slippers and stepped between his legs.

“See how hard my cock is right now,” he asked her as she looked at it.

“Oh yeah, I see it,” she said as she placed a hand on the wall and using her right foot, she lifted his balls with the top of her toes.

He gave her a broad, mischievous grin. “Step on it.”

“What? You mean your dick?” She looked stunned.

“Yeah, just put your foot on it.” She complied. “Now put some weight on it until I say stop. We need a safe word by the way. I’ve been meaning to bring that up and now seems like a good time to do that.” He said as he caressed the leg of the foot now resting gently on his hard cock.

“Meatloaf.” She said as she looked at her foot on his dick.

“Meatloaf? Why meatloaf?” He asked, knowing there must be a story behind that as she had immediately said the word without thinking about it.

She threw her head back and started singing “I’ll do anything for love,” she looked down and pointed at him “but I won’t do that!” She laughed.

“Fucking perfect. Now step on my dick,” he demanded.

The look on her face changed instantly. It was suddenly cold. Her eyes pierced him.

“What?” Her foot began sliding down towards his balls. “Did you just make a demand? I thought I was in charge here.” His sack was loose and saggy at the moment and his balls were hanging outside his body, so as her foot slid down his balls were trapped in his sack and under the ball of her foot. It instantly became very uncomfortable.

His response was immediate and the ball pulling from the other night had definitely left an impression as he was able to apply the proper terminology even as his discomfort increased.

“I’m sorry Goddess, please forgive me.” He begged through clenched teeth.

She slid her foot back up to his cock, relieving the pressure on his balls.

“And you want me to do that to your cock now? You want me to step on it too,” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am.” He grinned.

“Ok, here we go.” She placed her foot on his hard cock. It felt so hot under her foot. The head was under the ball of her right foot, leaving her heel just above his balls. She bit her lip and watched his face closely as she began travesti istanbul to apply weight. She felt him get even harder and push his pelvis up into her foot, so she pushed him back down, hard. He writhed and groaned beneath her.

“Meatloaf.” He said.

She took her foot away completely.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, it wasn’t hurting my dick, it was hurting inside me. Now I understand why they use those things in the trample videos that just have a hole for a guys cock and balls to stick through so a woman came trample them. Apparently my dick can take a lot more weight than my pelvis can.” He chuckled. “Play with me. Pinch my nipples. Stick your toes in my mouth. Make me lick them.”

“I don’t have to MAKE you do anything. You are very willing.” She chided him as she stepped over his leg so that she was standing by his side. She then placed her left foot on his chest with his left nipple right beneath her toes. She wiggled her toes around until she had his nipple between her big toe and the one next to it. She looked him right in the eyes, smiled devilishly, and started squeezing his nipple.

He sucked in air sharply as she squeezed. “AH, AH, AH.” He began to pant as he raised his head to look at his tormented nipple and she twisted her foot. Her devilish smile grew into a broad grin as she released him and placed her foot directly on his face, pushing his head back down to the floor with his nose between her toes.

“Kiss,” was all she said and complied immediately. He reached up to hold and caress her foot but she kicked his hands away.

“No hands, all mouth and tongue.” She stepped over him and placed her left foot on the floor next to his right bicep, between him and the wall, and shifted her weight onto it, then offered him her right foot. He lavished it with kisses too. His head followed her foot as she pulled it away from him. She placed her toes on his forehead and pushed him back down to the floor.

“Keep your head down,” she scolded as she rested her foot completely on his face with her toes on his forehead.

“Stick your tongue out, wide and flat,” she demanded as she checked the status of his cock to see how much he was actually enjoying this. She could see his dick pulsing with his heartbeat. She felt his tongue touch the bottom of her foot and she slid her foot down so that she basically wiped the bottom of her foot on his tongue like it was a doormat. As her toes left his tongue, he instinctively pulled his tongue into his mouth to rewet it. Her expression instantly changed, and before he could even register that he had fucked up, she slapped his left cheek with the bottom of her foot, hard. It felt like a light little playful smack to her, but it jarred him.

“I didn’t tell you to move.” She scolded firmly. He looked a little stunned but managed to smile awkwardly up at her.

“Still want this?” She asked as she reached back with her right foot, holding the wall for balance she slowly dragged the top of her foot up the length of his hard cock. She felt so powerful all of the sudden. He kept saying she owned him, but right now, in this moment, she felt it for the first time. What a sudden rush it was having him at her mercy like this, knowing, without a doubt, that he was about to beg her for more. She could do whatever she wanted with him. Her pussy began to drip with anticipation.

He began to stammer something out as she looked down on him and his pleading eyes. She loved him deeply, but right now, he was a plaything, an object, and she owned him. If that’s what he wanted, that’s what he was about to get. In that instant, with his mouth agape trying to assemble some line of reassuring bullshit, she made the decision that she was going to find out if he really wanted this. She was going to make him work for HER orgasm. She wasn’t even sure what he had started to say when she cut him off.

“Shut the fuck up,” she said firmly as she came down with her ass on his chest with her knees on either side of his head.

“You wanna suffer for my pleasure. You want me to fuck you face. Ok, here we go. Let’s see how bad you really want this,” she said, almost in an angry tone. She grabbed two handfuls of hair as she slid herself forward, mounting his face with her sex. Already dripping wet, she wasn’t feeling gentle. She immediately started furiously humping his face. She didn’t care if his tongue was out or not. Then she felt his teeth rub against istanbul travestileri her as she thrust into him. She pushed his head back to the floor and pulled her pussy away from his face.

“Close your fucking mouth and don’t let your teeth touch me again. I didn’t tell you to lick me. I’m just fucking your face like you wanted. Deep breath!” He took a deep breath and she pulled him back into her crotch and resumed working herself to an orgasm using mostly his nose.

His lungs began to burn before he started to writhe around under her. She was too wrapped up in fucking his face to notice what his body was doing behind her. He finally gave in and started pushing her up off his face to breathe. She pulled his face away from her.

“Don’t touch me again. When you need air, you tap the floor. Deep breath!” He inhaled and she pulled him back to her crotch and began grinding again. She was so close, his face gliding up and down her pussy was wonderful, rougher than what she really liked, but she was trying to make a point. He wanted to suffer for her while she came, then he would suffer. The power enthralled her. She looked down at his bright red forehead and her handfuls of hair.

“Stick your tongue out and keep your lips over your teeth,” she demanded. His tongue slid into her pussy as she ground her clit on his nose. The feeling of him under her, serving her, willing putty in her hands, his face pressed into her, his tongue inside her, the overwhelming feeling of power, it all suddenly culminated in a massive orgasm. She gripped his head with her legs and pulled his face as hard as she could into her as she climaxed and bucked against his face. He was tapping the floor with both hands and kicking his feet before she pulled his head away and let him breathe again. As he lay there gasping for air, she scooted back, sat on his chest, and leaned back placing her hands on his hips so she could get her legs out from under her. She placed a foot on each side of his head. Sitting on his chest with her knees to her chest and her feet on either side of his head, she looked down at him with a huge grin on her face as he continued to gasp, trying to catch his breath.

“Deep breath!” She chuckled. He quickly inhaled deeply as she was obviously not going to give him much time. Her asshole came down directly on his mouth and she wiggled as she settled her weight on him. She looked over her shoulder to see if he was still enjoying this. She was disappointed to find he was limp as a rag.

“I thought you liked this. Why isn’t your dick hard,” she demanded as she hopped back onto his chest.

“I’m just trying to concentrate on breathing and pleasing you. I don’t have a hard on because there’s no room in my mind left for anything but you.” He gasped. “I love this.”

“You love this,” she asked incredulously. “Show me how much you love this. Kiss me.” She hovered over his face with her asshole above his mouth. “Make out with me. Make love to me,” she said mockingly.

He started kissing all up and down the crack of her ass and as he got close to her pussy she moved to keep him at her asshole.

“No, no. We’re done with that. You said my ass was the object of your desire, so worship it,” she demanded firmly.

He began kissing her all over her ass again.

“Is that how you kiss the woman you love? Just little pecks with puckered lips,” she teased him as she ground her asshole into his mouth. “Women want long passionate deep kisses with lots of tongue. French kiss me,” she demanded as she wiggled her asshole on his open mouth.

He slid his tongue into her asshole and began rolling it around, sliding it in and out as he sucked gently. She eased her weight off him and began hovering over him again so that he could breathe while he made out with her asshole. She grinned and almost laughed at the idea.

She let him work on her for a few minutes before standing up and placing a foot on his face. She looked down at him and then back at his cock. He was fully erect again.

“Still liking this I see. We can save that for tonight. Let’s get a shower and get ready. We need to leave in about an hour.” She took her foot from his face and walked over to the shower, stopped at the door of the walkin double shower, and looked back at him on the floor.

“Get towels and washcloths, maybe I’ll let you wash me.” She turned and got into the shower. He hurried over to the towel rack in their walk-in closet, just off the bathroom, and quickly returned with what was asked for, in hopes of her allowing him to wash her.

He felt his life was almost a dream right now. Retired at 50, and now at 52, his sex life was about to be the entire focus of his life. Exciting times.

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