I Am So Hot For Him!

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Praveen could not help noticing the teasing view of the soft curves of my cleavage as the top button of my low cut blouse was undone. I followed the direction of his gaze, smiled and said:

“Hi, what you’re looking for?”

He spoke in a soft voice:

“Pooja you’re so beautiful!”

I grinned.

Praveen’s hand went around my waist, pulled me closer and landed his first kiss on my lips. A shudder raced through me. My body shivered with his touch, the first touch of my lover. Electricity cackled through my body, my heart wildly fluttered, nipples started to ache and pussy started to seep.

As our kiss ended I leaned forward to pick up my luggage and my blouse opened more. He glanced on my breasts and glued his eyes on the soft puffy tip topped by a hard pea of my nipple.

Praveen blinked his eyes and said radiantly:

“God, you are so sexy! Lucky me! What lovely breasts you have, so grown, so attractive!”

I surrounded my hand around his neck and whispered in his ear:

“Praveen, my sweet darling, I was eagerly waiting for meeting you. My love, I’m yearning to do every explicit act we talked about.”

He grinned:

“Me too, my sweet Pooja, me too. Now that we’re together, I’ll take you to my apartment and do what we dreamed about it!”

I wanted to dive on him there and then, desire making my limbs weak. I squirmed:

“I’m so horny for you. I don’t want to wait.”

Praveen lovingly kissed me on my lips once again and said:

“Same to me my sweetie, I can scarcely believe it is really happening. You’re so lovely. I’ve dreamed of kissing you from head to toe. I want to pleasure you in any and every way that you desire and at the same time I want to be pleasured by you.”

He pressed his cheek on mine and continued:

“My cock is straining to be free to flood your mouth, your pussy, your ass, your hands, your belly, your tits… every part of you.

Praveen had such a soft, pleasing voice, which uttered the naughtiest of things with seductive persuasion.

A playful grin came across my face.

Fire filled my insides and moisture flooded my panties. I wanted to bury my hands in his hair, drag him to me and draw his scent deep, lick his neck, bite it, kiss it better, and then lick that smile right off his tantalizing lips.

I longed to tear that white shirt from his beautiful fair skin and worship every inch of him with my salivating mouth but with great difficulty I controlled myself.

Praveen held my hand and led me to his car kept in the parking place.

As we got in, I leaned closer to him and rested my head upon his shoulder.

After another kiss on my lips he started the engine and drove the car on the road.

After about fifteen minutes he slowed the car and drove down a narrow road. He stopped the car behind a large brushy bush which blocked the view of anyone driving in on the road.

I sensed Praveen is surely going to do some naughty things with me. Still resting my head on his shoulder and eyes closed, I was keenly waiting for his action.

His hand reached to my thigh and slowly raised the hem of my skirt. His artist’s fingers brushed my bare thighs. A smile ran through my lips, I opened my eyes and spread my thighs wider eager for his touch.

Drawing aside my saturated panties, his fingers parted my pussy lips and lubricated them with my excitement. They found my clit and circled it ever so gently.

A finger traveled down and sank deep inside me. I closed my eyes.

Praveen held my chin, turned my face towards him and whispered:

“No, don’t close your eyes; I want to see your pleasure in your eyes.”

I gripped the edge of the seat and thrust forward. Feeding my greed, he added another finger and pumped. The incessant rubbing of his thumb on my clit poured waves of unadulterated bliss through me curling my toes.

I wanted to close my eyes, but I wanted my own man to see the bliss in my eyes during my coming. I gripped his hand harder and my groin started to squirm. Only sound came from my mouth:


Praveen increased the pace of stirring up my pussy, stared at my eyes and asked playfully:

“Do you like it?”

Bucking to his wondrous tune I could only say:

“Yes that feels good!”

A triumphant glow filled his eyes. My quivering and clenching body spent all over his fingers. His lips curled in satisfaction reading my facial gesture. He brought those dripping fingers to his lips. His tongue darted out and licked at the clear juices. He whispered:

“Good taste, sweet and salty.”

Scrambling to get myself presentable to him, I turned slightly in the seat to face him and sat back against the door gently parting my legs, raising my right knee and leg up onto the seat and propping my left leg upon the dash.

I unbuttoned a few more buttons of my blouse until it was loose several inches below my breasts exposing them to his eyes. I did not wear any bra.

I slowly raised the hem of my skirt until my Escort bayan thighs were mostly bare and my pussy was exposed to him.

Praveen’s crazy eyes alternated over my breasts and pussy. He asked me:

“What you’re doing?”

I smiled looking at him and replied:

“I’m showing you my treasures, the treasures for you only.”

He smiled:

“Is all that for me?”

I sighed:

“Yes darling. Every inch of my body is for you and only for you.”

A delight sparkled in his eyes and he laughed out loud:

“You’re a nice girl. I love you Pooja!”

I rubbed my pussy lightly with one hand and caressed my right breast with the other. As I lifted my barest and offered him, he leaned forward and took the nipple in his mouth. After few minutes of torturous sucking my nipple and rolling his tongue on it, he took the control of my pussy from my hand.

Praveen bowed his head between my silky thighs and started to lick in circles around my pussy outer lips.

Lightly grazing the edge of my pussy he parted my feminine petals with his fingers to expose the deep pink inner lips, glistening with the nectar of my desire.

The tip of his tongue ran up along my slit until he bumped the hard nub of my clit. He flicked it with his tongue several times and then started to draw rings around my hard clit.

My hips rocked with pleasure as he darted his tongue all over my pussy.

His hot tongue worked its magic on the glossy pink lips of my sex. I lost myself to the moment, my fingers clinging to his silky curls.

Yes, he adored me, beyond comprehension, beyond words, which made me melt.

Praveen consumed me with his mouth. I became like an animal exploding with desire.

I struggled for a moment and released torrent of my sex juice directly in his mouth. I groaned loudly and grounded my pussy against his mouth as I came and came hard.

After I calmed down and returned to normalcy I whispered:

“My love, you know how to kill a girl’s fantasies, don’t you?”

Praveen did not reply. Instead he smilingly winked at me and holding the steering rolled the car on the road.

On the drive to his place I kept teasing him all along.

I worked my hands into his pants and wrapped my little fingers around his cock, pulled it out from the confinement, exposed it to my view.

I began to tease his cock lightly grasping the shaft and slowly jacking my hand up and down in long strokes. His cock started to grow in my hand. I cupped his sack and played with his balls. I noticed that he was having problems concentrating on the road and that he was driving way too fast.

Once we were at his apartment Praveen pulled me and his arms enfolded me, his heady masculine scent enveloping me.

I relaxed against the wall of his chest. Resting my cheek against him I spoke:

“I’m so addicted to you my honey.”

His lips caressed my neck and he said:

“I’m beyond addicted.”

I turned in his arms and his fingers started to gently comb my mane, tugging lightly. A choked groan escaped him and our lips met.

Moist and open, our lips brushed. Softly, slowly our tongues rolled and dipped. Muffled moans and panted breaths flowed into each other, lips tugged and nipped, tasting. We devoured one another like starving wild things. Our heated bodies molded together and rocked in passion’s tempestuous dance.

Praveen’s lips grazed my throat and lower. He unbuttoned my blouse and his face landed on my bare breasts. His teeth nipped my breasts and I pushed my aching nipples at him. He squeezed them together and laved their pinkness making them tingle at his bite. His fingers slid under my panties, gently caressing my curls. He twitched my aching clit with the tip of the thumbnail, back and forth, coating it with my juices, sending fire to my loins.

I then pushed him back, telling him that I would like to shower first. He showed me the bathroom and leaved me to freshen myself from the flight.

I took my time, wanting Praveen to get impatient. After creaming my body I slipped into new black panties, short skirt and a fresh shirt. I wandered back to his living room and found him sitting on couch, naked!

He was already hard as a rock, and a small droplet of precum was on his cock head.

His cock stood straight up proudly at attention and pulsated with every heartbeat. It was hard as blue steel and was ready to explode.

I was spellbound to see his huge erection standing up firmly just below the washboard stomach.

It was so big, so thick and so long that I could not imagine before. The lovely bluish veins running crisscrossed over the entire shaft and the contrast between the smooth soft head and the hard firm shaft in combination with scrotum with pair of big balls hanging from the root of his cock was unbelievably arousing!

The sight of him, naked and hard, got me wet instantly!

Praveen suddenly realize that he was completely naked and yet I was not. To remedy the situation he whispered: Bayan Escort

“Strip yourself. Pooja I’m eager to see each and every pleasing curves of your voluptuous nude body.”

I unbuttoned my shirt, pulled it up and threw it on the floor. My classic pair of firm boobs ad warm pink areolas tipped with light brown nipples was exposed in open air. My nipples were already standing erect.

My hands moved to my skirt. I slid it down before stepping free of it.

I opened my legs revealing the tight black panties.

I began slowly writhe my groin and his attention was directed to my crotch.

The black panties contrasted against my fair skin made the whole encounter more erotic.

Above the panties, my pubic hair line reached for my navel, while the rest of it seemed to be trying to escape through the sides.

Meanwhile, I began to pull and stretch the panties. When I was not pulling the panties, my fat pussy outer lips bulged against the fabric and the outline gave him shivers.

Praveen could actually see the entire image of my pussy straining against the confinement.

I pulled the panties taut against my slit and it appeared visibly swollen, while the dampness started to show through.

I clasped the panties together at the top and pulled them up. He watched my pussy feverishly because this made it seem like two pussies on one woman.

One hidden behind the panties with pubic hair partially visible and when I pulled them tight, he saw the other one. This was the actual pussy, lips visible, hair all around it.

The black strip of panty appeared to be part of my slit. I languorously began to remove my panties, showing him everything. I threw the panties at him.

I was totally naked. Skin was my only dress. His eyes drank in my nakedness. He spoke excitingly:

“You’re a beautiful lady, glowing and radiant in your nudity. What a gorgeous sexy and beautiful well-shaped body! Voluptuous body of curves, raven hair, full cherry lips, golden sparkling hair with crystal black hypnotic eyes, lips of baby slender, mountain peak breasts, valley below the groin, slender thighs… the Asian beauty with ancient secrets… You’re lovelier even than I imagined. What an absolute beauty!

I smiled demurely.

Praveen asked me whether I can dance. When I nodded my head and said yes, he told me:

“I have a dream to see nude dance. Would you fulfill my desire?”

I replied:

“I’m at your disposal and ready to do whatever my Prince Charming wants.”

I moved towards the music system lying on a table at the corner of the room and switched on the music. As I turned back and walked to the center of the room, I could see his eyes were running along my naked figure admiring gentle swaying my breasts and groin with my each step.

I started to dance with the rhythm of the music. My arms floated above my long hair, my fingers flickered like snakes’ tongues. My body gyrated, gyrated, shook, shook and rolled, rolled; I moved my shoulders in rhythm with my pelvis. Hip circled, chest circled, shoulder trembled. I was dancing completely nude and without any shame. I was dancing for my man, my lover.

I picked up the long red cane from the corner of the room. I swung it over my head, balancing it on my left breast, left hip and the curve of my round buttocks, same then on my right breast, right hip and my buttocks again. I dared to roll the cane up and down over my pussy crack. With the rhythm of the music I rippled my body, rocked my nude pussy, I danced, I turned, hands over my head, my breasts swayed wildly with my each movement.

Suddenly I slowed it all down; I was on my knees, thighs opened while arched back on my arms. I offered him my groin, my groin was doing the dancing alone then, it was the only part of my body moving.

The rhythm of my dance had again increased with the rhythm of the music, my hips, my pelvis and my pussy gyrated at a so high speed.

The music stopped. Praveen was clapping his hands shouting his love for me. I was standing up in front of him, my naked body glistening with the sweat of the dance. Without any music, I began to dance, slowly, voluptuously, with an animalistic sensuality. I danced with the only music of the clapping of his hands, the rhythm was in my veins and it beat throughout my body. He was clapping his hands quicker now, quicker, quicker… until I stopped.

He stood up and moved towards me. He cuddled me into his arms and whispered into my ear:

“I’ve never seen such a sensual dance in my life.”

I looked at his eyes and told:

“I’m so happy to dance for you!”

He started to brush his lips over my lips, nibbling briefly at my lower lip. His kisses left me breathless; my body flamed by his touch.

His tongue meshed with mine and began to lightly explore the contours of my mouth.

As we kissed, his hands roamed on the gentle curves of my naked body.

His hands moved around my shoulders and slid them down to my firm Escort and round pair of full grown bare breasts. He cupped my full breasts in his hands and felt their weight, their shape, their softness.

He murmured:

“What lovely yummy breasts you have!”

A shudder went through me as he dragged his thumbs lightly across my nipples, watching and feeling as the dark flesh wrinkled and puckered until my nipples were taut and erect.

He bent over and gripped one of my nipples between his teeth, bit softly, tugged lightly taking my breath away. I grabbed his head tightly, pulling him against me. I felt a twinge in my crotch.

Snaking his tongue out, he lightly licked the hard nipples and the soft areolas under it. He continued to lick circles around the whole of my right breast starting at the nipple and working toward my chest. Once he reached my chest, he switched to my left breast and licked circles around that one until he reached the nipple.

Praveen lightly flicked over my nipples looking over at my eyes seductively. I leaned back, exhaling softly, as his lips started to kiss each nipple and began to suck first one nipple, then the other very gently.

His hands roamed downward across my stomach, my lower belly and reached to the smooth skin of my inner thighs. He lightly grazed the edge of my pussy and his finger tips brushed over my outer labia. He ran the tip of his finger up my slit until it bumped the hard nub of my clit.

I craved every touch and sensation. My desires were climbing to their peak.I could feel my knees giving way. He put an arm around my waist to steady me and let me stand up.

When he slightly increased the pace of thrusting his fingers over my clit and flicked it with his fingertip several times, I sighed loudly “Ahhh”.

He then dropped on his knees and spreading my legs apart made long sweeping licks up and down the crack of my pussy. He stabbed his tongue into my hot wet opening to explore its depth drawing rings around my hard clit.

As an orgasm engulfed me, I writhed and groaned loudly. I grounded my pussy against his face as I came and came hard. Hot flood of my nectar seeped out of my vagina and ran onto my inner thighs.

Praveen then moved back and sat down on one the couch. I slowly prowled over to the couch and sat down opposite him. I looked up at him.

His hand was then on his hard swollen cock and he slowly started stroking it. I licked my lips watching his play with his toy, my eyes filled with desire. I let my hand run over my tummy to my pussy, but just before I reached it he told me to stop.

“I don’t want you to touch yourself, not until I allow it!”

The control he was taking over me made me even wetter. I watched him stroking his cock in slow steady move. I started to rub my legs together. Every time I let my hand go towards that aching wetness, he growled at me and I pulled it back.

I started begging:

“What happens to you darling, why don’t you allow me? Please!!!”

He did not utter any word. He only shook his head and stroked faster, moaning and growling.

Showing signs of impatience I cried:

“Please, please allow me!!!”

Praveen broke the silence and smilingly assented:

“Okay, you may now touch yourself but remember don’t cum until I permit you.”

I was relived from the embargo imposed on me.

I thanked him and spread my legs to expose to his view the wetness shining between my pussy lips.

With no words or hesitation, my one hand lasciviously separated my pussy inner lips apart so he could see what I was going to do. My swollen pink clitoris protruded from its hiding place at the top of my parted long crack.

The finger of my other hand sensuously ran over the folds of my vulva and slipped inside through my parted pussy lips. I flicked my clit several times. A rippling sensation pulsed through my body as I started to manipulate my button between my thumb and forefinger.

Praveen’s eyes was fixed on my pussy, I could see his delight. He loved seeing my moving fingers playing with my clit which by that time took the shape of big pee; he loved seeing lust built on my face and that reflected in every part of my naked body, he loved seeing the soft sheen of sweat that coated my flesh, he loved seeing the flushed color of my skin. My ragged breath and low moans all added to his pleasure of watching me.

With the continued manipulations on my clit, I was at the edge to my sexual climax.

But I required his permission to cum.

I slid my finger into my slick pussy, my hips started to writhe; I felt the rippling sensations pulsed through my body. In a guttural voice, I urged:

“Honey, I am so close, please may I come?”

Praveen did not reply. Instead his hand squeezed down hard on his cock and started to move up and down rapidly.

He was making me crazy. I was pumping my pussy mercilessly with my finger in the rhythm of his hand moving on his own cock. I knew I could not hold out much longer. But I could not climax without his permission. I felt my body shaking, pussy tingling and aching, yearning to cum.

With desperation in my voice, I began to plead:

“I need to come so badly, please, honey, ooohhhhhh, please!”

Praveen finally spoke:

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