I Can’t Get Wet or the Tentacles Will Fuck Me!

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I Don’t Wanna Do the Fitness Test!

“All right class, settle down. It’s time to begin the fitness test.”

The gym class continued their various conversations, paying the instructor little mind. While he was rattling off instructions, Johnny asked Lucy if she could pass him the calculus homework after gym.

“-Yeah sure,” she said after stumbling over her words. Then Lucy felt someone punch her shoulder. It was Francisca behind her.

“You are just going to help him cheat like that?”

“Pretty much.”

“You need to keep it in your pants, Lucy. You can’t just do everything for a guy because they’re hot.”

Then a whistle blowing pierced the air and the gym went silent, with some students in the front covering their ears. “Push-ups! Let’s go!”

Lucy couldn’t afford to sweat. Not since a couple days ago. She took it easy and did half push-ups, hoping the instructor wouldn’t notice her in the crowd of her colleagues. But she wouldn’t be so lucky.

“Lucy, stop. Those are terrible push-ups. If you want to keep your 5.2 GPA, then you will have to show some effort!”

So, she did some actual push-ups. One drawback of being out of shape is that she started to sweat after only a couple, and with that small tendrils started to form all over her body. They began to crawl their way to their targets, some starting to tweak her nipples and more adventurous ones on her ass. By the tenth push-up kocaeli escort they had grown into small tentacles and Lucy was red in the face and she couldn’t help but moan slightly during her last push-up.

“That’s what I like to see! Look at Lucy over there pushing herself!”

“I can’t take any more of this,” Lucy thought. She got up from the gym floor and ran before this situation got any worse.

“Hey Lucy, the fitness test isn’t over!” the instructor yelled as the gym door closed behind her.

With each step she took, she sweated more, empowering these phantom tentacles fondling her body. They became larger and more aggressive. One slithered around her clit and another penetrated her, going in and out of her ass. Her steps became increasingly labored as the pleasure is overcame her will to hide. She stopped to rest for a moment next to some lockers while the tentacles pound her harder and faster, but this rest would be short lived, as a hall monitor approached.

“Halt, truant!” yelled a nasally, disgustingly high-pitched voice.

It’s Claire. She was one of the hall monitors and her most striking feature beside her shrill voice was her goblin-like stature. To make up for her physical presence, she milked all of the authority given to her.

Lucy started to notice a wetness in her gym shorts, so she knew it was time to go. The consequences were much preferable to being caught like this, so she took darıca escort off, easily outpacing Claire’s tiny strides and ignoring her futile yells to stop. As she sprinted around the corner, the tentacles became more forceful and her legs gave way to the pleasure, but a classroom door suddenly opened and a hand with black nail polish motioned for her to come inside.

The door closed quickly behind her and Claire continued the pursuit, unaware of Lucy’s fortunate detour into the dark classroom.

“Oh, Lucy. I didn’t expect this out of you.” A sultry voice said from the shadows. The sound of heels clacking against the tile floor approached Lucy and this mysterious benefactor became visible. Black hair. Black lipstick. Piercings all over. Ripped mesh leggings over legs that seem to go up forever. It was a familiar sight.

“Now what is so important that you would leave class,” Samantha said.

Lucy’s had just about reached her limit. Her legs were shaking, her gym shorts were soaked, and Samantha noticed.

“So that’s it. Of all the students here, I never thought you would be the perv. So, what do you have, vibes in your shorts or something?”

Samantha managed to get out an, “Or something-” before losing her capacity for speech to an orgasm. She fell to her knees after wetting the floor a bit.

“Well, we can’t have you dripping all over the place. Let’s go the bathroom.” Samantha tried gölcük escort to take her by the hand, but Lucy was in an orgasmic daze. “You are going to have to send me the link so I can get whatever you’re using.”

Undeterred by Lucy’s loss of motor function, Samantha picked Lucy up and carried her to the closest bathroom while she squirmed in the large goth’s arms. She dropped her off inside and as soon as Samantha exited, Claire was waiting for her.

“I already know what you’re looking for. You can go inside, but you might not like what’s there–” Claire pushed Samantha aside, not with sheer strength, but with her powers as a hall monitor. But as soon as she stepped into the bathroom, she got an earful of Lucy’s moaning and panting. She’d never thought sounds like this were possible in the real world, only in porn. As quickly as Claire stepped in, she stepped out, flustered.

“—Told you.”

The tentacles continued to grow, and by that time, each was as big as a limb and powerful enough to grab and suspend her in the air. They stripped her and held her upside down, thrusting in and out of each of her holes. One went all the way down her throat while she squirted, showering her body with her own juices.

While her senses were going berserk Lucy managed to hear the bathroom door open once more.

“I don’t mean to rush you or anything, but I can’t stay here all day. I’ll catch you later.”

The door closed and Lucy tried to call out to Samantha, but the only thing that left her mouth was a small sputtering of saliva as the tentacle continued to deepthroat her.

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