I Do as I’m Told

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I love this feeling. Vulnerability and trust with a hint of anticipation. What will he ask me to do? How good will it feel? How long will he make me wait?

He circles me, looking me up and down. He looks at me as if he can see through my clothes but also as if the fact that he can’t frustrates him enough to want to rip them from my body. The tension in the air builds as I watch him watch me in agonizing silence.

“Lean down on bed.” I do as I’m told.

I place my hands on the bed, watching his reaction as I fulfill his wish. Dissatisfaction crosses his eyes. “More.” I lean over further. My arms tuck under me restraining my breasts as they are pressed into the mattress. I turn my face to watch him, a difficult position to hold as my stilettos force my backside higher than usual. My short skirt strains against the curve it creates. This draws a smile to the corner of his lips.

He walks behind me and out of my line of sight. The moment lingers with anticipation as I wait for further instruction, for another clue of what will come next.

His hand runs over the smooth fabric that covers my backside. A quick smack makes me jump with surprise. As the sting fades, the heat radiates to my pussy. His hand rubs and soothes the tingle he just caused. His hand wanders to the edge of my skirt and pulls it up and over the curve resting it around my waist, revealing the black lace panties I wore especially for him. I wiggle my backside for him, taunting him to do something. SMACK. “Stay still.” He doesn’t like to wait either but we both know how good it will be. So I do as I’m told.

He kicks my feet wider, spreading me open. His hand runs over the lace without stopping to appreciate them and goes straight to my pussy. He rubs through the fabric, which gets wetter with each stroke. In one smooth movement he moves the fabric aside and the barrier is gone. His fingers rub over my sensitive clit and I instinctively start to writhe with surprise and pleasure. “Keep. Still.” He says shortly. I do as I’m told. I understand his frustration. He must already be straining against his jeans and has so many more steps in his plan before satisfaction.

His finger runs up my clit I suck in a breath as he quickly dips it into me. He drags his finger mecidiyeköy escort along the back wall as he pulls it out. Another quick thrust in before he drags it slowly along my front wall hitting my favorite spot just so. This time when he pulls out he adds another finger. Two fingers in, stretching me ever so slightly then dragging them and pressing on that spot. I can’t help but moan with a quiet plea for more. He dips them in again but this time stays there. He rubs and presses on that spot beckoning me with his fingers. I am dripping with wetness and nearly there when he suddenly pulls out. I come down from the edge with slight confusion until I realize what he is doing.

He is dragging his fingers upward, carrying the wetness he collected until his finger finds my backside. Rubbing the opening, preparing it. Suddenly I feel something cool against it. This was his plan all along. It pushes gently against my opening. My nerve endings go wild as the toy slowly spreads me open. He pulls it out slowly as the pain eases and the friction turns me on further. He works it back in going deeper this time. A tinge of pain mixed with a lot of pleasure. Again he repeats the gentle assault. Easing the tension before a sweet pinch as it spreads me wider with each stroke. With one last push the widest part strains against my opening. He turns it on and the vibration soothes my opening. He replaces the fabric over the plug and gives me another quick smack on the other cheek. The jolt causes me to move sending the vibrations through my body.

“Stand up.”

I do as I am told, but not easily. The vibrations are sent through me as I do. Buzzing against such a sensitive spot with every tiny movement.

“Feet together” I do as I am told. The feeling gets more intense. I convulse in a tiny orgasm making my ass tighten around the plug making the feeling more intense. It is a vicious circle I can’t get control of.

“Stand still.” I try my best but this command I cannot compel my body to follow in its pleasure.

“I said stand still.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t.” I plead. SMACK. His hand across my backside makes my muscles clench.

“There, keep clenching those beautiful merter escort cheeks.” He whispers in my ear then kisses my cheek. I do as I am told. Surprisingly, it helps. Though the vibrations are sill intense, it keeps the plug in place and allows me to keep still. The side effect is that my breathing gets heavier which he seems to enjoy anyways.

“Hands on your head” I do as I am told. I lay my arms across my head allowing him full access to my perky breasts. He runs a hand across the fabric finding each nipple, rubbing gently then pinching fiercely drawing a gasp from me, which he consumes with a hungry kiss as he pinches harder. He pulls my shirt up over my breasts and frees them from the lacy bra’s front clasp giving him full access. He continues to pinch them. Altering his fingers with his mouth as he sucks, bites and pinches each tender spot making them tender still. I moan with the sweet pain he sends through me until he consumes my moans with a ferocious kiss while kneading my breasts with his hands.

“Get on your knees” he says so close to me, I feel the heat of his breath. I do as I’m told.

I am careful to keep the vibrations in place as they tease me with every movement. He stands in front of me and I watch up close as he unbuckles his trousers and slides them to his ankles, his cock springing free, already hard for me. I instinctively reach out to stroke it.

“Ah ah ah. Only your mouth this time.” I smile at the challenge.

“Give me your hands.” I do as I’m told as I reach up to him. He reaches behind my hands and weaves his fingers through mine. He places my hands back on my head using them to brush the hair from my face. He pins down my hands and steps towards me, drawing me in with his strong arms exactly where he wants me to be. I look up at him and open my mouth. I want to tease him. I want to draw the pleasure from him as slowly as he has for me. I stick out my tongue and lick the tip gently.

“Again.” I do as I’m told. Another lick and one on the other side. Again and again watching him as I go. With another long, slow lick up the crease of his tip, he looks up and closes his eyes. Now, I decide. I cover his head with my mouth and draw him out of mutlukent escort my mouth. The guttural moan that rumbles through him is my heaven. I bring him deeper in my mouth before drawing out again. Sucking him in and out of my mouth. I go even deeper. He loves to feel the back of my throat and I love to please him. I pull him in deeply. He makes that wonderful noise again so when he uses his hands on my head to pull me in again, I let him. Two, three deep thrusts and I must tame him. I suck along the sides of him with the messy wetness he drew from my mouth but he is too wild.

He pulls me up by my hands and lifts me to my feet. The movement reminds me without apology of the vibrations pulsing through my backside. I stumble. He uses the momentum to swing me onto the bed in one fluid motion. I am suddenly staring up at the ceiling as he tears off the rest of his clothes. At this point he has no patience for mine. He draws my skirt to my waist and pulls the panties off over my heels and runs his rough hands up my silky legs positioning himself between them.

He leans over me kissing my breasts and my neck with feverish passion. “I want every inch of you.” He rumbles into my ear. All I can say is “Please.” He does as he’s told. He thrusts into the wet chasm. My eyes roll back as I hear that sweet, deep, rumbling moan and we are both reminded how good it feels to be joined. He stays inside me for a brief moment before pulling out and thrusting deeply again. Again and again, he thrusts harder and faster. His carnal grunts and the moans he draws from me with each one competing with the noise of his skin on mine echo in the empty room. I run my nails along his back and pull him in closer. He hooks his arms around my shoulders giving him enough leverage to go deeper than I thought he could. I can feel his hard cock hitting deep inside, bottoming out inside me. The force of his cock hammering inside me, the friction of it rubbing on my favorite spot, the vibration of the plug making the whole area tingle, it’s too much. “Come for me” he pleads into my ear with a strained voice. That is all it takes. I do as I’m told. I feel him more intensely as my insides clamp around him and a bolt of electricity rockets up my spine. I writhe and shake and it courses through me as I hear his final grunts of pleasure and feel him stiffen. My pleasure became his own.

We both come down from the ecstasy and out of the quiet I hear him whisper in my ear. “Say it again. Tell me you love me.” He brings me back to earlier that day. Before I came to him. Before I came for him. I smile, look into his joyful eyes and do as I’m told.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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