I Shouldn’t Have

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Rob is one of the best friends I have. We used to work together in an oppressive and dull corporate call centre, between calls we would make each other laugh and support each other through the boredom. I grew very close to him when he joined my team, and I could always feel a slight sexual charge between us, he would rest his leg against mine when I showed him something on my PC, or he’d tell me about the girls he was attracted to in explicit detail and watch my reaction. I never wanted to admit it made me slightly jealous.

I live with my boyfriend in a very sensible and safe relationship, and to say that Paul and Rob don’t get on would be something of an understatement, I have to keep them apart and discourage Paul from joining me when I go out if I know Rob will be there. I have to endure Rob’s comments too, snide little remarks about Paul that I don’t need to hear, but while I defend my boyfriend I realised I could never admit that I love Paul in front of Rob, my defence would usually be:

“Oh stop it; I live with the guy don’t I? I’m very fond of him!”

Rob left work a few weeks ago, leaving me with few people I get on with, and certainly no one as well as Rob. He’s leaving town in a few weeks to study and follow his dreams, or so he says. I will miss him an awful lot, more now I think about last Friday.

I went out to a leaving party, all Rob’s friends were seeing him off and I know a few of them so I agreed to come along, I wanted to say goodbye, although I’d probably see him before he left town.

The party was held in a familiar pub, we go there often, usually on a Friday, to relax and let the work stress go. I’m not a big drinker but I found myself exploring the cocktail menu with my friend Rachel. We were sat squashed in on one of the tables rather tipsy and laughing at the ‘men’ who were displaying testosterone and egos by telling stories about fights and showing off scars.

I was opposite Rob, and while he was joining in he was not as enthusiastic as usual, he kept glancing at me, and I felt his foot pressing against my leg, urging me to provide physical contact, although his expression and face didn’t show it. I don’t know whether it was the drink or my attraction to him, that appeared to grow by the second but I pushed back, sliding my leg further under the table and rubbing my foot against his.

Later on, I wasn’t much more drunk, I had started to alternate between lemonade and white wine to keep myself in check, I hate being drunk and out of control.

We Escort bayan had started dancing and Rachel had found a bloke to gyrate against as she usually does, leaving me with the choice to hope someone would come to my rescue or leave the dance floor and chat to my seated friends. I am not the most graceful or sexy of dancers and I was beginning to feel distinctly uncomfortable.

I was just about to leave and it down when I felt a body press up close behind me and wrap their arms around my waist. Startled I looked over my shoulder and realised Rob, swaying a little from the drink was holding me. I relaxed visibly, in the way that drink makes all movements slightly exaggerated.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked

“Yeah,” I replied. “I lost Rachel, as per usual”

Rob glanced over to the slim brunette who was now kissing her chosen guy enthusiastically; I guessed I wouldn’t see her for the rest of the night.

“Leave her” Rob said “you know what she’s like, we’ll have our own fun”

I felt a thrill race through me. Did he just mean we were having a good time, or more? I felt a guilty pang at the thought of Paul at home, probably in bed by now.

“Yeah,” I answered, “let’s have fun.”

Rob smiled and we carried on dancing for a while, Rob always staying behind me.

“Do you want another drink?” he shouted over the music. I glanced down at the empty glass I was clutching.

“Ok, Sure, White wine thanks”

He pushed through the crowd to the bar, and returned a minute later, holding his wallet.

“I gotta go to the cash machine,” he said, “wanna keep me company; it’s a bit of a trek?”

I shrugged and agreed, thinking I could do with some fresh air, and followed him out of the pub. We walked swiftly to the machine, me trying to keep up with his long stride, I’m at least a foot shorter than him.

We stopped at the machine and he withdrew £30 enough to see him through to closing time, he motioned me to use it and I pulled out my card.

My cash card is worn, it has a mind of its own, I keep thinking I should get it replaced. While I was stood at the machine trying to convince the card that the PIN

I was typing in was right, I felt Rob’s arm encircle my waist again. This time more tightly, he was pressed right up close to me, he started stroking my bare arm with the other hand and I paused at the machine, guiltily enjoying the sensations for a moment, not wanting to move and break the spell.

He started to kiss my neck, now I knew Bayan Escort it, he’d broken the friendship boundary and he wanted more, and by God I wanted him. I pulled my useless card from the machine and turned to face him. He paused for a moment and kissed me for the first time, I could feel his tongue stud against my mouth, it was pure lust, I needed him, and he told me everything in that kiss. He needed me too.

“Let’s go to mine” he whispered, nibbling my ear.

I nodded in submission, I would have followed him to Timbuktu at that moment.

We made the short journey to his flat, and fell to kissing as soon as we entered the door. He probed my mouth with his tongue and I made little darting licks to his lips. He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled it back, exposing my neck. He explored that too, licking and sucking, but gentle enough, I noticed not to leave any marks that Paul could find. I silently thanked him for that, this was clearly a one night stand, and I didn’t want to jeopardise the long term thing that I had at home.

He slipped one strap of my top off my shoulder exposing the top of my breast, I hadn’t worn a bra, and my tits are big enough that they provide enough support on their own when I wear a tight top.

He moaned slightly and pulled the top up, changing his mind and taking the whole thing off in one go. I was half naked now, and Rob was sucking my nipples and pressing my breasts together with his hands.

He turned me around, clearly in control and knelt behind me. He undid my skirt and pulled it down around my ankles, running one finger lightly over my panty clad pussy lips, feeling the contours and the slight damp spot.

I stepped out of the heap of clothes on the floor and bent to shift off my socks and shoes. In doing so my panties pulled tighter across my pussy, a sight that he clearly enjoyed. He put one hand on my back and pushed me forward so I was bent over, and he pushed my legs further apart. I guessed I looked like a total slut, a notion I’d always enjoyed. He pulled the crotch of my underwear to one side and started tonguing my shaved and aching pussy. I moaned, Paul had always had a problem with licking me, he didn’t like the taste, but Rob loved every second. He inserted a finger and inched it inside me, making me squirm and sigh.

He took my wrist and led me to his bed, laying me down on my back he kneeled once again on the floor, he resumed his oral exploration and now employed his thumb, rubbing it over my clit, Escort making the heat in my body rise.

He stood and removed his clothes, taking care with his boxers to slowly reveal his thick 7” erection. I smiled and sat up. With extreme care and attention I took him into my mouth, feeling him sag slightly with relief. I dragged my lips up and down his shaft, licking the tip briefly when I got to the top. He murmured that he didn’t want to come and lay down on the bed next to me.

He returned his attention to my breast and stroked them and nibbled them, as though he wanted to imprint them into his mind.

“Do you want me now?” he asked

“Yes” I sighed, “please, now”

“You want it bad?” he growled. I knew this game, and I loved it. I straddled him and lowered my pussy against the tip of his cock. His hands on my waist restraining me.

“So bad Rob, let me have it?”

“Have you been good?” he hissed, writhing against temptation to just let me sit down.

“No” I said, truthfully. He grinned evilly

“Then you can have it” he said, “I know you’re a bad girl, now take it”

I sat down slowly, revelling in every inch of his solid cock, sliding luxuriously into me, and leaned forward to kiss him. He placed a hand on my arse and guided me, telling me what rhythm he needed. I was only too happy to oblige.

Our motions grew more intense as I reached my climax, I gripped his body with my knees and panted, not concentrating on my breathing. He smacked me a few times, hard on my arse, letting me know who was in control. He pushed up to meet me with every stroke, until I came, feeling my virginal muscles grip his solid member.

He stroked my hair roughly as I collapsed on top of him, and he kissed me again.

“Good?” he whispered, I could only nod.

When I had got my breath back he slid out from under me and pulled me up onto my hands and knees. Placing himself behind me he lined his cock up against me and patted my arse. “Good girl” he chuckled.

With one well aimed push he entered me again and I cried out with the intense sensation, he did not let up either, every stroke was as hard as the first and he withdrew completely every time. Grunting obscenities and encouragement at me he persisted, I felt incredible, tears welled up in my eyes from the sensation.

I felt him grip my waist hard and with one strong push he came, holding himself against me and breathing hard.

“Oh God Sweetie,” he sighed “I’ve needed that for so long.”

“Me too!” I chuckled, “that hit just the right spot”

As I was leaving he kissed me again, then brought my hands up to his lips and kissed them both.

“That’s one hell of a leaving present. Thank you, I’ll miss you sweetie” was all he said.

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