I Waited Twenty Years

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My name is Lars Bach. I’m forty-six years old and tonight I’m gonna get a piece of ass that I’ve been waiting almost twenty years to get. Twenty years is a long time to wait for pussy – but tonight that bitch is gonna spread those lovely legs and I’m gonna fuck her.

I know she’s gonna fuck. I can see the signs. I been fucking women in their late forties for twenty years. I’m an expert on mature pussy. They put on a few pounds. Their hormones start to change and they get horny as mountain goats. They start to use that estrogen cream to keep their pussies soft and that makes them want to fuck even more. I’m gonna get her – I just know it!

But perhaps I had better start at the beginning. I grew up in Bergen, Norway and like my family before me I became a sailor. Well, not a real sailor, my father keeps reminding me. I’m a cruise line sailor and real sailors like my dad know there’s a big difference.

After graduating as a nautical engineer, I went to work on those big cruise ships that sailed the warm waters of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. I got regular promotions and now I’m chief engineering officer on a really nice ship with top of the line service – it’s the Seabourn line. The work is good and I cruise for three months and spend the next three months with my wife Gro at our home in Bergen.

Now back to that pussy I’m gonna get tonight. It belongs to Kirsten Jensen, a gal I went to school with and later worked on a cruise ship with. She’s two years older than me and married to a good friend of mine Stein Jensen. They live near us in Bergen and when I’m home we spend a lot of time with them.

We’d been taking saunas together for years and Kirsten is beautiful when she’s naked. I mean legs and tits and beaver – she’s really built. I been wanting to pound that pussy for twenty years and she has always said no.

Year after year in the sauna, I watched her naked body change slowly from svelte, sexy mid-twenties to slightly overweight mid forties. I watched her hips put on a little fat getting the handholds that I adore. I watched her tits get bigger and maybe just a little floppy when she moved and I thought of her doing me cowboy with those big beauties hanging down in my face.

Jesus! I really wanted to fuck her! She was looking better and better every year, even though I knew she begrudged every ounce of extra fat she put on that beautiful body. I had learned about feminine beauty by fucking forty-something year old broads on cruise ships and Kirsten was turning me on more and more each year.

Before Kirsten had her two kids she worked the same cruise line I did, often on the same ship. But, she would never fuck!

One of the benefits of being an officer on a cruise ship is the ready supply of pussy. On every cruise there are always a half dozen forty-somethings, whose husbands spend their time in the casino till the wee hours of the morning. The wives go to the bar and try to pick up guys to fuck. I was often one of those guys – in fact I been fuckin those horny broads for years. That’s where I learned about mature women.

These couples cruised every few months – the husbands to gamble and the wives to fuck. These gals all told me the same story: Hubby left his first wife and married me and fucked like a stud – bought me anything I wanted – it was a great life – but now he’s sixty-something and prefers gambling to fucking – at least to fucking me – and I think my hormones just started to kick in big time.

You just can’t understand what it’s like not to get fucked, they all told me. But I did understand. They needed to fuck – real bad. And that was great for me. Kirsten used to kid me about it when we cruised together.

I can still remember those evenings. We were both very junior officers. Kirsten and I would stop by the bar and have a drink – a light one because our supervisors frowned on any crew drinking too much. The gals would be lined up, sitting on the bar stools, eying the guys in the crowd. I was young, well built, and had blond hair to match a tanned complexion. I got lots of looks and every time a gal looked at me Kirsten would kick me under the table.

“How about that one,” Kirsten would say, laughing. “Those big boobs of hers would be fun to play with if you make her do you cowboy.”

She knew I was fuckin ’em but she never said it directly or reminded me that I had a wife. All the officers were doing it. Kirsten thought it was funny – our scandahoovian lifestyle I guess.

I always invited Kirsten to take a walk around the deck and she always said, “Not tonight Lars – not tonight.”

I had heard that “not tonight” regularly for three years and then Kirsten quit to izmit escort bayan have her two kids. I had two of my own and they all went to school together. Now all of them are in college and Kirsten has come back to work. But now she’s forty-eight! And I know a lot about forty-eight year old women. I got a hunch that tonight I’m NOT gonna hear her say “not tonight Lars.”

It got to be routine – I learned it young. Check them out in the bar. Dance with two or three. Select the horniest and invite her for a walk around the deck. Find a dark place. Kiss her and feel her up. Make sure the merchandise is genuine. Make sure she’s ready to fuck. If there’s any question, take her back to the bar. Sometimes they beg when you do that. When you’re in your twenties, it’s fun to hear a mature woman beg you for it.

Early on I learned the rules and I followed them.

Rule: Learn where to fuck ’em.

“I don’t want to go back to my cabin,” the gal would often say. “My husband doesn’t like to sleep in wet spots.”

And when I fucked ’em, there were always lots of wet spots – at least when I was in my twenties. Now, at forty-six I don’t leave quite as many wet spots as I used to.

Rule: Learn that you always need help and you need to reward the help.

I usually got help from a buddy in the hotel staff (there is a separate staff to manage the cabins on a cruise ship and it’s called the “hotel staff”). He would find a nice big empty cabin – sometimes even the Owner’s Suite – and stock it with champagne and other stuff for a real party. Of course after I’d fucked the bitch a few times I’d call him and invite him in for really sloppy thirds.

My buddy was grateful of course but often the bitch was grateful as well – some of these gals could just never get enough. Over the years I was surprised at the number of mature ladies that liked to fuck black guys. I think it was their imagination, but they all said black guys are better hung than white guys, so usually I got a black guy from the hotel staff to find me a room and see that it was cleaned up after I’d used it.

Rule: Keep the same bitch for the whole cruise – there are extra benefits.

Once I decided I liked a particular bitch I used her regular for the whole cruise – usually a week or ten days. That way I could develop her skills and share her with several of my buddies. Usually she was willing to do lots of special things that the guys liked. There’s no broad quite so grateful as a mature one who suddenly is getting as much dick as she has been fantasizing about using her vibrator.

Rule: Pick the right body to start with and skip the skinny ones.

I always enjoyed those mature bodies. They all thought they had too much fat of course and were always talking about losing weight. But I liked them to have handholds on their hips – especially when I made ’em do it cowboy.

Cowboy was my favorite position because I could lay back and relax and watch them hump for their orgasm. Watch them sweat! There’s no turn on quite like watching a horny forty-something year-old bitch sweat when she’s working to cum – watching those big floppy tits bounce like water-filled balloons, as sweat drips off of erect nipples onto your chest. Watching her face as she works and strains was always a real turn on. Jesus! That was fun!

Rule: If she’s a cooperative bitch make it into a party.

Once you had the right bitch and a big room and champagne and fixings you could invite your friends in for a party. These broads all just loved being the center of attention for three or four or even five guys. They’d walk around naked in spike heels and dance and flirt and let a guy take them to bed and do his thing, with other guys watching as they squealed and giggled and fucked like minks. It was usually good for two or three hours before they overdid the booze or got sore pussies – and it was usually the booze because these forty-something estrogen-primed pussies lasted a long time. On a ten-day cruise there was a chance for a lot of parties and you could watch a bitch develop her skills.

Rule: Always get them back where they belong.

It is always embarrassing when the security staff finds a drunken, naked bitch, walking down a hallway in spike heels, laughing and singing and calling for you by your name and rank. So I learned early on to get the bitch back to her room and in bed when I finished using her. Stand there quietly and watch till she passes out or goes to sleep. This was probably the most important rule of all. It never happened to me, but a junior officer I worked with lost his job when he neglected to take care of this seemingly small but very important detail.

I izmit eve gelen escort enjoyed countless wonderful evenings for twenty years following these rules. But always in the back of my mind was the thought of that beautiful body I had watched develop from twenty-eight to forty-eight and turn me on more every year that I saw it. And tonight I was gonna get it.

We had sailed out of Miami on a ten-day cruise to the Caribbean and Kirsten had joined the staff after a six-week refresher course. It was just luck that she was assigned to my ship. It was a hard days work for us both getting the ship ready and out to sea and we ate our dinner a bit frazzled. Our duties behind us I invited her for a drink and we sat, resting, in the bar.

The usual line of horny ladies, forty-somethings, were sitting at the bar, surveying the men in the room. A rather handsome junior officer asked one of them to dance and Kirsten watched them move around the floor – the gal’s body molded like wax to the young stud that had asked her to dance.

“I think she likes him,” she said softly to me, with a chuckle.

“It’s the old routine,” I responded. “Next he’ll walk her around the deck.”

“Nothing’s changed! Not a thing in twenty years,” Kirsten said, shaking her head from side to side.

“A lot has changed. I’m twenty years older,” I said.

Kirsten laughed. “Yeah and so am I, and I’m twenty pounds heavier.”

I remembered a few months ago when I had seen her naked in the sauna. And that extra twenty pounds, I thought, had made that beautiful body perfect for my desires – what I had always wanted. Jesus! I hope she’s ready to fuck!

“You’re as beautiful as always,” I said. “You were too skinny before.”

“Bullshit!” Kirsten said. “You’ve got yourself accustomed to fat ladies over the years.”

She laughed and smiled at me – almost flirting. It was a charming smile. It made my dick tingle. I began to wonder. Was she getting horny like most ladies her age?

“The young man has taken the lady for a walk on the deck,” she said nodding at the empty dance floor.

“That means she has met his expectations,” I said.

“And by expectations, you bastard, you mean she’s as horny as a mountain goat, right?” Kirsten said it in fun but there was a serious tone in her voice.

“Yeah,” I answered. “They are probably finishing their walk and heading for a room.”

Kirsten was silent. I could tell she was thinking about that couple. Her breathing became a little deeper and her face became a little slack – sensuous I would call it. I remained silent and I could almost read her mind. She was thinking about that blond forty-something bitch getting stripped down by that young officer.

I never dreamed it would be like this. When she was young she had always been in control and I was always the nervous one. Now I could read her like a book – she was just like one of the gals I had been picking up from the bar for the past twenty years. She was horny – really horny. Stein must not be fucking her – at least not fucking her enough – it happened to most women as they approached fifty.

“Well that dried up babe is gonna get what she came for,” Kirsten said.

“They usually do,” I said.

But her words hit me. She had said “dried up” and she could only have been thinking about what happens to pussies that were approaching fifty years of age. That meant it had happened to HER and she was dosing her pussy with large amounts of estrogen cream to keep it soft and loose. I knew in that moment that she was horny. I knew why she was keeping that pussy soft and loose. I was gonna get laid.

I let her mind work – it was working for me now. I knew what she was thinking. I let it work till one drink was finished and a second mostly gone. I didn’t talk. I just let her think. She was thinking about that young officer and that mature gal – in her mind she could see that stud between that gal’s legs just pumping away. I could see it in her face. She was thinking about getting fucked – getting fucked by me.

I leaned over close to her ear and whispered, “Would you like to dance?”

She came into my arms softly as we stood and danced slowly away from the table onto the dance floor. I held her close and she molded her body to mine. Her pussy was riding my thigh. I had danced with Kirsten many times over the years but never like this – never with her pussy up against me that way. I knew she gonna be mine.

We danced for a few minutes until the tune finished and a faster tune began.

“Would you like to walk around the deck?” I asked softly.

This was the question that I had been izmit otele gelen escort thinking about asking her for years. I had dreamed of what her answer would be. Now I heard my dream come true.

She looked up into my eyes, warmly, and said, “I’d love to Lars.”

I knew that “not tonight Lars” was history – ancient history. I was gonna get fucked!

I’d prepared myself for the evening. No way was I gonna used one of my buddies to get the room – no way were my buddies gonna know I was fucking this very special woman – this woman I’d been dreaming about when I jacked off for twenty years.

I had a key to an empty luxury suite in my pocket. An hour ago I had put an ice bucket in there with a bottle of Château d’Yquem chilling. I was ready.

We walked slowly along the deck, pausing here and there to look out at the rushing waves. In a dark spot I took her in my arms and kissed her softly – not passionately but respectfully – not grabbing her ass like I usually did the gals from the bar. She responded warmly. We made a complete circle of the deck, stopping from time to time to kiss or just embrace tenderly.

After one especially nice kiss I asked, “Kirsten darling, I have a room with some white wine chilling. Would you like to go up for a drink?”

“I’d love to,” she said, sweetly.

And suddenly I felt guilty as hell! Here was a gal who was gonna fuck because her hormones were acting up, her age was getting to her, she was worried about twenty extra pounds – all of which had made her horny as a mountain goat and I happened to be available. Jesus! I was gonna have to watch this horny bitch like a hawk for the next ten days!

And what if she got assigned to another ship? How the hell could I keep this situation under control?

Then another voice spoke to me. I think it was my dick. To hell with those thoughts, the voice said, just get this bitch in bed!

It was so easy and so wonderful. We sipped a little of that delicious wine, standing on the veranda and looking out at the waves and the stars. When I stripped her it was no surprise – I had seen her naked a few months ago. I took my time. I was proud that I didn’t rush.

I enjoyed the feel of her body – those breasts I had stared at all these years and those hips. I had watched as those hips put on the weight that made them exactly what I wanted them to be. I kissed her breasts and then belly and then bush and finally I turned her on big time by tickling her clit with my tongue.

She was eager – so very eager.

“Do it,” she whispered. “Do it now. Oh God! I want it!”

It was fun taking my time with her urging me on.

I fucked her missionary – very slow and very gentle. Every cell in my body said pound that pussy, but I was gentle and slow and in about five minutes she had a soft, wonderful orgasm that just seemed to swell and grow until it filled her whole body and made her tremble. As it maxed out I pumped my load deep. It was a very satisfying piece of ass.

She said a soft “Thank you” and we rested, without talking, breathing heavily.

Several minutes later, suddenly, she started to laugh. It was a loud, raucous laugh.

What the hell is happening? I thought.

“You bastard!” she said. “I really didn’t believe you’d have the patience and self-control to do it right. After wanting that pussy all these years – and baby, trust me, I knew you wanted it – I thought you were just gonna pound away.”

“But I was wrong! You did it perfectly! Beautifully! You gave me exactly what I needed. You gave me what I’d been thinking about getting for a long time. Lars, you gave me my fantasy!”

Then she laughed some more.

“Now I’m gonna give you what I know you been thinking about, you bastard. What you been thinking about all these years.”

With that she crawled on to do me cowboy. I got hard immediately and she reached down and put it in for me. Her pussy was soft and dripping. I was suddenly glad she was using that estrogen cream. Then she started to pound me like a slut would fuck.

I reached up and grabbed the handholds on those beautiful hips and guided her as she fucked me. I watched those big tits bounce to the rhythm of her thrusts. When I could resist them no longer, I gave up on those beautiful hips and began to play with her big, flopping tits.

She looked down at me, smiling, as she watched me lose control. It was a superior smile. She was in charge now. She had me!

Jesus! This was a great fuck. It was worth every day of the twenty years that I had waited. I felt my juices start to rise and I knew that this horny bitch was gonna bring me off faster than I had ever expected – this was gonna be the best cruise I had ever taken.

She was smiling as she fucked me – a superior smile that seemed to say, “I’m gonna enjoy watching your face when you lose all control, get helpless, and start to pump that load.”

It was only a few moments before she finished me off.

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