Imprinted Ch. 09

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She took me down the hall to their bedroom. Inside the doorway she stopped to flick on the light. “I like to see you,” she said with a wry smile. “You have a beautiful body Jacob.”

I blushed and she placed her cool hand on my flushed cheek. “Will you show me your body Jacob? Please.”

I nodded, eager to please her—she sat down on the bed and watched me strip. When I stood naked before her she dropped to her knees. Her mouth at my cock. I speared my fingers in her hair, freeing her curls from the bun as her supple lips enclosed my dick. Her mouth was softer than Mr. D’s had been. Hotter. She held me at the root, tugged hard and pulled the skin back tight.

I made a fist in her hair as she tongued my sensitive slit. She moaned and I felt the vibration through my balls. She was so good at this, that I wanted to make it last. I wanted to feel it all. I didn’t want to come in her mouth. Not yet. Not so fast. She must have realized I was close because she tightened her hold on my root and pulled her mouth away.

“I like the taste of you.” She licked the head of my cock and purred, “Mmmmm. This is the only other cock I’ve sucked since I got married.”

I didn’t know why but I got a little head rush at the thought. She stood up, and pressed her lush body against me.

Soft. So soft.

“Do you want to taste me Jacob?”

I nodded. I’d wanted to taste her from the moment I first saw her through the bedroom window.

“Undress me.”

My hands shook my fingers trembling at the tie of her dress. Thankfully it was one of those wraps that fell open with one good tug. When I pulled her dress from her shoulders I saw him.

Mr. D.

He was leaning on the frame of the doorway, watching. He’d taken off his jacket and tie and his business shirt was half unbuttoned.

I didn’t stop what I was doing. I didn’t tell her that he was there, I kept undressing her. Her bra was pink. Lacy and sheer. I dropped my head and sucked her nipple through the fabric. She moaned as I sucked hard. Her nipple swelled hard and full in my mouth. I bit the berry tipped end and rolled it between my teeth.

I liked the hissing sound she released as I bit and sucked. She was leaning into me, I unclipped the front clasp of her bra and pulled it apart. Slipping off her shoulders it fell to the ground beside her dress. I moved a hand under the elastic of her panties. I pulled them up, hard into the cleft and rocked the fabric in her slit. She liked that, moaning loud as I tugged.

I went to my knees and pulled the panties down, helping them over her feet. When she was bare before me I took my time trailing kisses up her thigh. She held onto my shoulder.

He watched. Still at the door. His hand at his cock, rubbing through the fabric of his suit pants. His eyes locked with mine as I pushed her legs apart.

She cried out when my tongue lapped her flesh. Her scent was overwhelming; the musk hit me like a punch of lust to the gut. I spread her, opening her sweet folds with my tongue. My fingers teased her entrance, played there lightly while my tongue flicked her clit. Her desire coated my hand, slick, warm and wet. Her fingers gripped my shoulders.

“Please,” she cried out. Over and over. “Please. Please. Please.”

I twined my fingers together and pushed them inside her, short thrusts as I played her clit with my tongue. She was soft, warm and tight. The walls of her cunt rippled around my fingers each time I sucked at her clit. She was close. I could tell from her cries and from the stream of honey that flowed from her cunt. I knew it was time to stop playing. Latching my lips on her ripe, stiff, clit I took control, fucking her hard with my fingers, curling them up until I hit the spot that made her cry out.

Both her hands escort kocaeli were on my shoulders. I felt her knees buckle and her cunt spasm at the same time. Around my fingers she clenched over and over. I sucked gently at her clit until she was still, then because I wanted to, I licked her clean.

I looked up at her. Her hair was wild and her eyes glassy. I felt a surge of pride that it was me that did that to her, made her look that way. So satisfied. My mouth still wet with her juices I said, “You taste good Mrs. D.”

“Looked good too,” he said from the doorway, his voice thick with desire.

Mrs. D started at his voice, she looked over her shoulder at him and flushed red. He came towards the bed and slapped her ass as he went past us. “Started without me naughty girl.”

“Look at him Lucas. How could I help it?”

“Yes he’s gorgeous,” Mr. D said as he stood near the end of the bed and looked me over.

It was my time to flush red, at the intensity of his gaze. His hunger for me obvious—his eyes dark, shining blue black with want. His suit pants tented at his crotch with a cock hard for me. My mouth watered at the thought of the hard hot flesh trapped behind that zip.

“Jacob. Undress me.”

Even though my hands shook I made quick work of his clothes. I wanted him naked so badly—wanted to feel his skin against mine. Down on my knees, removing his socks, I felt her kneel beside me. Her soft warm body nestled in close.

We were both in front of him, on our knees.

“Suck me. Both of you,” he commanded.

We both reached for his erection at the same time. Our fingers entwined around the root of his cock. I saw Mrs. D lick her lips and then move in for a sucking kiss on the head. I did the same, moving in to suck the erect flesh of his helmet into my mouth. Above us he was murmuring, his words indistinct sounds of pleasure.

I met her lips. Soft around his hardness. Her tongue found mine, an electric shock of pleasure that made my balls tighten.

Her lips moved away from his shaft. She let me take his whole head in my mouth. While I worked my mouth down his cock she went beneath me, to his balls. The wet sound of her sucking them into her mouth made me moan. Mr. D’s hand gripped in my hair as I did, so I did it again. He pulled away.

“Fuck! You two are going to make me come too soon.”

His cock was standing out, plum head shining wet. I tried to take him back in my mouth but he tugged my head back by my hair.

“No Jacob. I have other plans. For both of you. Get up on the bed.”

I did as he told me and Mrs. D followed me.

“Get on your back Lissy.”

Mrs. D moved to the head of the bed and spread out on her back, legs wide. “Up on your knees. Between her legs Jacob.”

I did as I was told, loving every minute of him directing me. Mr. D came up behind me. I could feel the hair of his chest rubbing my back, his hard cock still damp from my mouth in the cleft of my ass. His lips at my ear he said gruff and low, “You’re going to fuck her Jacob and I’m going to fuck you.”

His hand reached around and grabbed my cock. He slicked a condom on for me with practiced ease. After I was sheathed I moved forward to position my cock at her cunt. Mr. D put a hand on my shoulder and pulled me back.

“Not there Jacob. You’re going to fuck her ass, while I fuck yours.”

My eyes met hers. Would she? Did she do that?

She opened her legs wider, shifting her ass higher. “Yes Jacob. Yes.”

I had my answer.

Mr. D’s hand came back to my cock, coating me thick with lube. He handed me the tube. “Lube her up. Coat your fingers and open her ass, get it ready for your cock.”

I covered two fingers with the thick clear gel. I’d never done this before, I was kocaeli anal yapan escort nervous. I wanted so badly to do it, but I didn’t want to hurt her.

Mrs. D’s hand came around my wrist and guided my fingers down to her little pink asshole. When I spread the gel on that puckered hole she sighed. The sound made me a little more confident so I pushed a finger against it. The first finger pushed in easily, it was hotter than her pussy, tighter and the walls were smooth. The entrance was a ring of muscle, like a tiny round vice. I pushed inside, past that ring with the second finger. She groaned. I added a third finger. Her groan deepened.

At my back Mr. D watched. His cock rubbed between the cheeks of my ass and up the small of my back. “She loves it. Look at her Jacob she loves it.”

I looked at her face. Her small white teeth bit into the pillow of her lower lip. Her neck was taut, her head pushed back into the pillows. Each time I thrust she moaned and her ass clenched around my fingers.

“She’s ready. Take her now.” Mr. D reached between my legs and took my cock, positioning it at his wife’s asshole.

Time slowed. The moment was surreal. I felt almost out of body, as if it were all happening to someone else. Seeing her in front of me, feeling him at my back, it was all too much.

He pushed me forward, the head of my cock entered and I felt that tight ring stretch. I knew exactly what she’d be feeling. The burn of that muscle stretching. The almost overwhelming sensations, a melting mix of pleasure and pain. I took it slow, the tight ring of her sphincter slipped over the head of my cock with a pop.

And I was inside.

Inside the smooth hot tight walls of her ass. It was incredible. She moaned, as I did, when I slowly pushed in to my full length. When I was in her as far as I could go, reveling in the feeling of her tight asshole, I felt him. I felt his lube slicked fingers at my anus.

I stilled, letting him spread me open. Ready for his cock. Her mouth was at my ear, sucking at the lobe. She knew what he was doing above me. Above us both. I flinched as I felt his cock start to push inside me. She whispered in my ear, “Slow. Slow. He’ll take it slow.”

I shuddered, moaning as his hardness slowly filled me.

“You like it,” she said, “You love it. You love him filling you. Fucking you.”

“Yes. Yes,” I said, my mouth against her neck.

Mr. D set the rhythm, pushing into me as I pushed into her. The feeling was incredible. To fill and be filled. My cock in the vice like clench of her ass. My own ass split, spread wide by his plunging shaft.

I tried to hold it back. I tried to extend the pleasure but it was too much. Especially when I felt her hand go to her clit. Her fingers dipped into her cunt and I could feel them through the thin wall of her pussy.

“I’m going to come. I’m going to come!” I cried out.

Mr. D picked up the pace, his hips butting into my ass. He fucked me. Fucked me hard, pushing me into his wife. She cried out next. The walls of her ass clenched around my cock. Her spasms sent me over the edge. Unable to take it anymore I cried out and arched my back. Shoving my length deep, deep into her ass I came.

I felt the walls of my own ass pulse around Mr. D in orgasm. Around the length of meat he had buried deep within me my ass undulated. I knew what he was feeling because I’d just experienced it with Mrs. D.

Once. Twice. Three more times he shoved inside me and then he bellowed, “Fuuuuuuuck!” And I knew he’d come.

He collapsed on top of me, sandwiching me between them.

“Off.Off.” Mrs. D hit at his shoulder above mine. He pulled away and I groaned as I felt his shaft leave me.

I did the izmit yabancı escort same to Mrs. D. Then we three lay flat. Panting and spent on the bed.

Mrs. D was the first to speak. “Shower.”

She rolled over and off the bed onto her feet. I turned to my side and watched her rounded ass disappear through the walk in wardrobe to the bathroom.

“That’s a fine sight isn’t it?”

I felt a little embarrassed to be caught ogling Mr. D’s wife. Which was odd considering he’d just watched me fuck her ass.

“It is. She is.”

He slapped my shoulder and said, “You heard her. Let’s shower.”

“You want me to join you?” I hadn’t expected them to.

He laughed at my expression and said, “We can hardly send you home in that state. Come on.”

I got out of the bed and joined Mr. D in the bathroom. Condom discarded I moved to the glass of the shower. I looked at over at Mr. D and he nodded so I slid open the door.

The shower was so big it could have easily fit four people. It was the fanciest shower I’d ever seen. It looked like it belonged in a five star hotel room. It had three shower heads. All three were on, pulsing steaming hot water all over Mrs. D.

Naked she was gorgeous.

Steaming hot wet naked she was even better. Even though I’d already come I felt my cock jump at the sight of her under the streaming water.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me under the water. Mr. D came in too and I felt him at my back.

“You’re good for a woman’s ego Jacob,” Mrs. D said as she wrapped a hand around my growing erection.

“Aaah to be young again,” Mr. D said to her over my shoulder.

“You’re not doing so bad yourself Mr. Dean,” she said with a chuckle as I felt her reach around my hip to grab his stiffening cock.

Now I was sandwiched between them. Slick hot wet skin. Mr. D rough at my back, Mrs. D soft at my front. It was heaven. I closed my eyes and sighed.

“Let’s clean this dirty boy,” Mrs. D said and I felt her hand, slick with fragrant soap at my chest. She rubbed in big circles, massaging my Pecs as Mr. D rubbed my back. Soapy fingers pulled at my nipples, circled my ass, cupped my balls, dug into the aching muscles of my shoulders. I was touched everywhere, all at once.

It was good, so good. I was pliant, swaying between their hands. They propped me up between them while they played me until I begged. Begged for one more release.

And then both their hands, were on my cock. Mr. D reaching from behind, Mrs. D from the front. Her hands soft and small, his strong and big.

My knees buckled and he held me up. Held me up as my cum sprayed across the soft swell of his wife’s stomach.

I sank to the tiles. Propped under the hot spray I watched them. Watched as he backed her up against the glass. As she hooked a leg up and he speared his cock in her tight pink cunt. I watched his hips piston, thrust into her. Watched their hips slam together, listened to the wet slap of their bodies hitting.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” She ground her hips against him. I knew that he’d be hitting her wet stiff little clit with each thrust. He had both her legs up now, pushing her hard against the glass. Her legs wrapped tight around his hips and her feet dug into his butt.

“Yes,” she cried out and wailed. I knew that she’d come. She went limp. Her head fell against his shoulder.

His hips did not stop. Did not falter in their constant fucking rhythm, until he too cried out, arched his back and finally stilled. He pulled out of her slowly, carefully letting her feet fall back to the ground.

She slid down the glass wall to sit on the shower floor opposite me. Her head slumped forward to rest on her knees.

We sat until the spray of water started to cool and Mr. D shut off the taps.

“Can I come back?” I asked as it was the only thought that was going through my head.

Mrs. D tilted her head up to look at me. “Yes Jacob. Until you go back to college you’re most welcome to come back. Let’s leave it a day though. I can’t see you again until my legs work.”

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