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AUTHOR’S NOTE: I am most grateful for the assistance of my editor Rovijack43 with this story and for his unfailing support. You are fantastic, Rovijack43, and I thank you! I would also like to thank Patrick, for his inspiration and encouragement, and for being the fabulous Irish man he is.


Renee had been edgy all day, as the hours ticked away so slowly, but finally it was time for her to leave for the airport to meet Joseph. Equal amounts of terror and excitement battled within her, as they had been doing for days. Her hands trembled, as she grabbed her keys and purse, checked her hair and makeup in the mirror, took a deep breath and got into her car. Adrenalin was pumping in her veins, her breathing shallow as she started the car and began her drive to pick him up.

They had been corresponding on the Internet and phone, exchanged a few pictures, but mostly they had lived in each other’s heads for the entire time. Renee had often wondered if their feelings were similar to those that were acquired for a wonderfully drawn character in a novel. Even now, she couldn’t decide. Did she really know him, or had she agreed to meet a total stranger? Does he really know her, or had he projected onto her some kind of role she would never be able to realistically match? Would their chemistry survive the light of day? Their experience together had indeed been love at first keystroke, yet, within only a few hours of emailing her answer, she began to experience episodes of fright-induced butterflies, the same things she vividly recalled from her teenage years.

As she turned the car into the parking lot, the radio station began playing Bob Dylan’s ‘Lay, Lady, Lay.’ As the next line began, ‘Lay across my big brass bed’, Renee forcefully hit the off button and slammed on the brakes. Alone for these last few moments, it was evident that a little self-talk was in order. “Okay, you are a grown woman. He knows you better in many ways than you know yourself. He has been unfailingly kind and generous, and certainly knows all your hot buttons.” She smiled to herself as the recollections came flooding back. “Pull yourself together lady. Put on that smile and deal with this.”

She opened the car door and her tanned legs emerged. It was summer and she was wearing emerald green strapped sandals with a long summer skirt, halter top, and matching leather belt slung low over her hips. She had let her blonde hair dry naturally so it was sweet smelling and soft as it flowed down over her shoulders. The swing of her hoop earrings followed the swaying of her hips as she walked to the baggage claim area to meet Joseph. Looking quickly around, she located a spot where she could watch for him without him seeing her first.

As Joseph stood patiently in line waiting for his turn to clear Homeland Security he started to realize that he would soon meet the woman who had consumed his every waking thought for so long. His anticipation of this meeting had grown exponentially over the past few days and has resulted in him now being so nervous that he was almost jumping out of his skin. It was hard to believe that all those months of IM’s and phone calls were finally going to come to fruition. It seemed like they had known each other so well how could it possibly be that they had never met? They had so much in common: books, movies, politics, humor, and, underlying all of this, a sexual hunger still remaining to be fully satisfied. The cybersex exchanges lasted for hours and were more fulfilling and satisfying to him than practically any physical encounter he had ever had. She seemed to know him like no other woman ever had and it was that knowledge and openness that had drawn him even closer to her. Last night was a perfect example. They had been on their respective computers for hours chatting back and forth, anticipating their first meeting, when suddenly she told him to imagine laying his head in her lap and to just relax. He had lain there, naked in the dark, his eyes half closed, breathing the deep breaths she asked for, thinking of her holding him and stroking his head as he slowly unwound from a tough week.

“Think of my warm breath on your skin,” she typed, “my long hair trailing across your chest. Massage your neck like I would.” Joseph sighed and began rubbing his neck. “Now, slowly bring your hands down and touch the soft skin on your shoulders,” she seemed to whisper. “Enjoy the feel of your skin just like I do. Stroke your pecs, feeling the muscle ridges.”

Then she got bolder. “You should be close to your nipples now. Lick your fingers and tweak them for me.” He reached up, put his fingers in his mouth, wet them and swirled them around his nipples, giving them small squeezes, feeling them stiffen at her touch. Her words were intoxicating. “Place your hands at the bottom of your rib cage, take a deep breath and feel the muscles tighten across your chest and belly.” A few moments later, she typed, “Stroke your hands across your belly, lightly drawing circles around and around. Now move the circles slowly Escort bayan lower,” she continued. “Trail your fingers down the creases of your groin. Now move farther down along the inside of your thighs.”

Joseph did so, squirming as a result, noticing his breathing becoming erratic. Her sentences became more erotic. “Spread your legs apart, and with both hands, reach down and lift your sac.” He did so and moaned, but she continued, “Gently shift the weight back and forth between your hands, first one, and then the other.” He complied and felt the heaviness of his scrotum as his balls shifted from palm to palm.

“Place your pinkies behind the sac,” he saw her type, “and press them against the flesh there. Do this as you gently manipulate your sac.” Joseph’s cock hardened at his touch, with the image of her hands tugging at his testes. “Now,” she typed, “move your hands up to your cock. Imagine me breathing up and down it, licking it.” He did so and found it thick and hard in his palms. “Touch yourself lightly, trailing your fingers up and down.” He felt his hard shaft, the bulging veins, and the thick protruding head.

Suddenly she shifted direction. “Get some lubrication and put it on your hands. Rub them together so the liquid will be warm against you, like my mouth.” He reached for the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a small bottle of K-Y, quickly squirted some on his hands and vigorously rubbed them together like he was trying to start a fire with two sticks while falling heavily back on to the bed. Her instructions were dream-like. “Now, with them warm, put your hands on either side of your hardness. Don’t grip it. Just put your hands on either side. Slowly put one hand on top of the other and close your fingers around yourself.”

His breathing quickened, his eyes closed with the pleasure he was feeling. Lightning shot through his body, his nerve endings at their most sensitive. When he opened his eyes a moment later, she had left more directions. “Very, very slowly move your hands up in unison. When the first reaches the top place it under the other hand.” A few seconds later, she said, “Very slowly, do this several more times, be patient, enjoy the sensations.” Then a word of delay, “Don’t touch the tip! Just experience your cock, warm in your hands, leaping occasionally at the feelings, moving one hand over the other, gently, slowly.” Joseph moaned as his world shrank around his hands and cock. “Keep moving one hand over the other, gently, slowly.” She egged him on, “Think of me tightening myself against you. Now as your hand moves from the top, let it graze the tip, like it would if you were teasing my pussy with it.”

His breathing picked up and she seemed to sense this. “Start stroking yourself,” she typed. “Use both hands. The hand on the top is my mouth; the one on the bottom is my hand stroking you.” His pace quickened as the words appeared on the eerily lit screen. “Massage the tip with your thumb,” she typed, “move your hands faster now, like you were fucking me from behind.” He groaned and stroked faster and his hips rose to meet his pumping fist, his breathing turning to panting as the level of pleasure climbed between his fingers.

Her “voice” became more insistent. “Faster now, darling. Switch to one hand if that’s better.” He did and she continued, “Touch under your balls with the other hand, applying pressure there.”

He managed to type a few unintelligible letters to let her know he was still there, but his hands continued to service his mounting excitement. Her typing correctly read his state of activity and encouraged him, “Faster, faster, Joseph!” He rapidly pumped his meatbeaters along his rock hard cock, his hips bucking to meet them and he could feel the tide rising in the pit of his belly. She could, too. He glanced at the screen and there were her waiting words, “You want to cum, you know you do.” He desperately wanted to and when she typed, “Your hips are thrusting and grinding into the bed!” he finally lost all control. His sac began to constrict like a deflating balloon and his cock went rigid in his hands and started uncontrollably spewing cum into the air, load after load being spewed out onto his stomach and chest as he violently writhed in the dark.

“Excuse me, Sir, are you alright?”

The question jolted him out of his thoughts of her. He looked up and saw the agent peering past a couple of fellow passengers with a raised, inquisitive brow. “Uh, …sure, mate!” he stammered and waved. “I’m meeting a girl I haven’t seen in quite awhile. Just nervous. No worries!” ‘Quite awhile,’ he thought to himself with a wry smile. ‘How about never?!’

The agent and his surrounding passengers smiled understandingly and continued with the business of clearing immigration. A hand reached out, “Passport, Sir…?”

As Renee scanned the passengers emerging from the exit all she could see were couples, couples and more couples. Finally a large group of people appeared and she recognized Joseph immediately, which shocked her. He was Bayan Escort wearing blue jeans, white t-shirt, with a light jacket, kind of reminiscent of James Dean. His eyes were that striking blue that she remembered from the pictures and he had a lovely, wicked smile on those oh so kissable lips. She took her time walking up to him, wondering if he would recognize her as quickly as she had recognized him. His eyes wandered from one woman to the next, searching for her face, for that smile. The light jumped in them instantly when he saw her and then he laughed as Renee flashed him the best smile she could muster. He came over to her in long strides and immediately picked her up and swung her around in his arms like a sailor on shore leave.

‘It’s going to be OK – more than OK!’ Renee thought. ‘What a relief!’ Her worst fears were set aside but the nervousness remained. Would all those memories of sexual tension, frustration, flirtation, fantasies and imagined conversations overtake reality? She told herself, ‘Stop it! Enjoy the moment!’ He set her down and immediately began kissing her face, hair, eyes and lips, not with passion, but with the simple joy of greeting. ‘Could it really be that your expectations were that clear and simple?’ Renee thought, as she looked into his eyes and wrapped her arms around Joseph to give him the big hug that she had promised. They stood together for a moment, swaying, and then quickly broke apart.

“Is your car close by?” he asked as he grabbed his suitcase.

“Yes, just across the ramp a few feet away. I got lucky. But I’m afraid it’s very hot outside. Florida in the summer, what can I say?”

“Then let’s stop somewhere and have a quick drink before I check in,” he said with a chuckle. As they arrived at her car, Renee thought, ‘Thank heavens it’s parked in the shade.’ As they got in, she suggested that because of rush hour, it would be better to go directly to the hotel, check in and then get a drink at the bar. He readily agreed with this plan, his face lit up by a broad smile.

As they leave the airport, Joseph tells Renee, “You are lovelier than your pictures, your body more luscious, your skin softer, and your hair silkier!” and then he was astounded to see that she was blushing. “Are you blushing?” he asked. “I can’t believe after all we have shared that you are blushing. That is truly amazing!”

This remark made Renee’s face even redder, but she ignored what he said and started to point out landmarks on the way into Tampa. Suddenly Joseph realized that all her chatter was just her nerves, and then he saw how she was twisting the fabric of her skirt as if she was ready to jump out of her skin. “Honey, it’s me!” he said as he slowly reached for her twisting fingers. “It’s us, you and me. We know each other better than most people do after whole months together. Take a deep breath and give me a smile.”

Renee looked over at him with a hint of glimmering tears in her eyes, breathed deeply and smiled. “I know what you are saying is right, but, ah, let’s not rush things, OK?” she said. “Just take it easy and be old friends catching up first? Is that OK?”

Joseph arched an eyebrow at her and grinned, “Sure, a quick catch up first and then we rush. Right?” he smirked in reply.

He knew joking and making her laugh could fix most issues, but he also knew she needed more time with him in the flesh, before flesh would touch flesh. By the time they arrived at the hotel, they were laughing and kidding with each other, just like those little letters that skidded across their computer screens every day. They went straight to the bar before checking in, ordered drinks and acclimated to each other’s presence for an hour or so. Joseph could see Renee finally felt at ease and realized then that he had truly come to know and deeply care for her.

After checking in, they took the bags to their room, and Joseph seemed to be taken by surprise when they went inside. “It really is a suite, sweetie!” he exclaimed, “I thought you were kidding!” He strolled through the sitting room and into the bedroom and then the huge bathroom then back in the sitting room, approaching Renee as she stood in front of the window, watching the wind blow the trees on the golf course below.

Stopping his progress towards her, he gazed at the sunlit silhouette of her body in the thin fabric. Desperately swallowing the sound trying to escape from his lips, he quietly slipped up behind her and slowly wrapped his arms around her. Sighing, she tilted her head back against his shoulder and as he murmured into her ear goose bumps rise on her skin. He gently moved her hair back and began to trace with his tongue and kissed down her neck all the way to the top of her shoulder. The little love bites he was planting there made her shudder and she turned in his arms to face him. Fitting her body snug against his, she purred, “Kiss me!” His head slanted towards hers and their lips touched flirtingly, with light, gentle strokes, tongues briefly flicking. The tip of her tongue ran all around his, touching Escort every inch both inside and out. Their lips rubbed back and forth in rhythm, swiftly accelerating their desire. They became wild for each other as their tongues united with fire, their movements in unison and stabbing like their lovemaking would eventually become.

Renee took his hand and started to move towards the bedroom, and Joseph’s body meshed with hers and he followed, his hands all over her. She kicked off her sandals, took off her belt and then turned to pull his shirt out of his pants and over his head. Her long fingernails trailed along his skin leaving faint marks, but as she reached for his belt, Joseph pulled away.

“I didn’t come here to watch you undress me,” he said.

Renee looked at him and smiled, then turned away and took off her top, revealing that she wore no bra and had no tan lines, only her glowing skin. She slowly turned to face him again and he reached for her breasts, welcoming their warmth. Joseph dropped to his knees and slipped her skirt past her hips, letting it slip to her feet so that she could step out of it. All that remained was her thong, and she could tell from the expression on his face that even that was too much to leave on. He yanked off this last obstacle to her complete nudity and buried his face against her thighs, while she grabbed his head and opened her stance to him. Her pussy was hot and wet and became even wetter as he stroked her with his hand, sliding it to curve around to her ass.

Renee felt sizzling as he pulled her closer to him and then spread her exposed lips apart, softly blew on her clit, and then put his tongue against it, making both tongue and clit firmer. As he tongued and swirled around it he pulled at her lips with his fingers. She arched towards him, panting, her passion making her dizzy as his hands trailed down, continuing to her opening, but as he began to insert his fingers she pulled away. Knowing what she wanted, he looked up at her, smiled and tongued me again, then kissed her belly, noticing as he stood up her pierced navel. He pulled gently on the butterfly charm there and then began stroking her again.

Renee reached down to undo his belt, wriggling harder against his hand. Once the belt was undone and the jeans unfastened, she pulled everything down and off his legs. His engorged shaft sprung free at last! It was stiff with the veins roughening the terrain. She pushed his hand away from her to step towards him, heat against heat, skin against skin, his hardness crushed against her belly; her sex soaked in readiness. Touching herself, Renee brought her juice to the tip of his cock and began teasing and playing with it. She touched herself again and then touched him. His eyes were feral and glittered, his mouth watering and then he pushed her down to her knees.

His scent was magnetic to her and her lips were drawn to him like the needle on a compass. He held her head against him as she began to kiss the tip of his cock and then take it into her mouth, tasting herself and the sweetness of it. Her tongue swirled around it, teasing the tip, dipping in then out of the little hole at the top and finally closing her mouth over it. His hips jerked involuntarily, wanting to go deeper into her mouth. Her hand found his sac and weighed it gently, feeling a fullness she could never have imagined.

Reaching for her arms to stand her up, Joseph fiercely ripped the bed coverings away, and then carried her to the bed. He moved over her, his arms holding his body motionless over hers. After carefully studying the length of her body he dropped to the side, and propped his head up on his hand. Leisurely, he slid his hand teasingly from her breast and under it to make the weight of it real to him. His thumb crossed her nipple making her jump slightly. He then skimmed his hand further down her rib cage, around her waist, spanning his fingers and flattening his hand on his belly. Just as she thought his travels would take him down to her pussy, he stopped and reached for the charm in her pierced navel. “Have I told you how sexy this is?” he said.

“Really? I can’t believe I had it done, but I’ve always thought it was sexy.”

“Yes, it really is,” he said, grinning at her. Joseph leaned his head forward and trailed his tongue down over her breast, following the moist trail with his breath to leave a cold path instantly causing her to shiver and for goose bumps to appear again. When he reached her navel, he took the tiny gold butterfly in his teeth and gently pulled on it watching her reaction. Amazingly, that sly little grin he had dreamt of many times dawned. He rumbled a low chuckle so close to her belly she felt its vibration inside her. “Mmmmmm! …… now I know why they are more than just cute!” she exclaimed.

Continuing to play with the little charm in his mouth, Joseph moved to trap her waist in both of his hands massaging her back muscles and kneading her belly with his thumbs. He dropped the charm from his lips and pulled himself around so that they were facing each other, eye to eye. He traced the lines and planes of Renee’s face, lifting, touching and inhaling her tangled hair, then pulling it away and pushing it behind her ears. “Look at those ears! So tiny, like little shells,” he teased her.

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