In Humiliating Service Ch. 02

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I am a thirty-six year old, good looking, rugged, bisexual male. I am very athletic, in great shape, with good Nordic looks. I ride motorcycles, love extreme sports, am well educated with a degree in Engineering and an MBA, own my own successful business, have lots of friends and am sought after by attractive women. I love having relationships with great looking women and also love having occasional flings with men. There is a darker side to me though. I love humiliation. It makes me hornier that anything and gives me those oh so nice butterflies in the belly. This series is about how I get this humiliation by having sex with very unattractive people that very few would touch. I get off on sexually servicing these people that would probably not be getting any sex if it were not for my debasement. This series is a few of my adventures and each chapter can be read on its own.

I keep my urges to have sex with other males very discrete. Therefore, I never visit any of the Gay establishments in my city. I do check them out in other cities. Recently I was in a city a few hours away from home on business. Since it was Friday, I decided to stay the weekend and just enjoy the night life. I took a hotel in the Gay district and went out to a leather bar.

I entered and ordered a Budweiser at the bar. The place was small and crowded. All of the tables were full except for a small one with a guy in a wheel chair sitting by himself. I approached and introduced myself asking him if he would mind company.

“Be my guest.” The guy answered, “My name is Roy.”

I sat down next to him and we started talking. I found out that Roy lost his legs due to a land mine in Iraq when he was serving. He was forty-eight years old, burly, scarred and only had about four inch stumps below his crotch.

Roy told me that he frequents the bar a lot, that everyone knows him, treats him with respect, but that no one has ever hooked up with him due to his condition. I knew right then or there that this would be a great way for me to debase myself!

I had a great conversation going on with Roy and bought two rounds for us. I steered the conversation towards sex and subtly interrogated him on his sexual desires. Roy told me that since he never gets any sex, he watches lots porn and has gravitated to some very wild fetishes. I was intrigued and egged him on. He told me that he wants to dominate and humiliate other men as revenge for not giving him sex. Jackpot! I thought to myself.

Eventually I told him, “Lets get out of here and make some of those fantasies come true!”

He was shocked and asked me, “Really?”

“Yes.” I replied, “I am into humiliation, and would love to let you dominate me.”

We agreed to go back to his place which was not far away. After arriving at his modest house, he opened two beers for us and demanded that I strip. I gladly complied, and he ordered me into the bathroom since he had to piss. We entered the bathroom, which had a shower coming out of the wall and a drain in the middle of the floor. Roy took out a leather body harness and cuffs from a cabinet. Telling me that he dreamed of using these on someone for years. He also gave me a rope and asked me to securely tie it to the shower spout.

I put the body harness on and Roy ordered me onto my knees over the drain in the floor. Roy then cuffed my right wrist to my right ankle and my left wrist to my left ankle. He looped a rope around the base of the toilet and tied it to my ankles. Finally, he took the rope that I had tied to shower head pipe and tied it to a D-ring on back collar part of the harness.

I was now securely tied in a kneeling position in the middle of his bathroom. I could not move or escape. I could only move my head.

Roy now removed his pants and I could see his nasty scarred stubs. The scars extended up to his groin and abdomen.

“Let’s see how much you really are into humiliation and being dominated.” He stated, istanbul travesti as he took his cock into his hand.

I looked at his cock with interest and he let loose on me with a big stream of piss. All of the beers came out and totally soaked my long hair and whole body. I burned with shame deep in my bowels and loved it! By the time he finished pissing, I was wet with piss all over my body and the smell filled my senses.

Roy now wheeled his chair closer in front of me and commanded, “Suck, you Pussy!

I lowered my head onto his soft cock. I tasted some piss and it only added to my shame. Roy let out a few more little spurts and I swallowed them down. I started sucking and licking the underside. It grew fast in my mouth and soon Roy was ramming my head down on it. It entered the back of my throat and I knew that I was where I belonged. Debased by a legless scarred man who was going to use me hard for his pleasure!

I worked on Roy’s cock for a few minutes, enjoying his grunts and the shame deep inside of me. Roy lifted my head up by my ears so that only his head was in my mouth.

“I want you to taste my load boy.” He exclaimed, “You will hold it all in your mouth, and only swallow it after I give the command.”

I nodded in agreement, and Roy started a series of short thrusts into my mouth. He soon grunted and filled my mouth with a huge load of jizz. When he was finished spurting, he removed his still hard cock from my mouth and I kept the seal so that no jizz would leak out.

“Now swish that load around in your mouth!” Roy commanded.

I swished his thick load around with my tongue, making sure to move my cheeks in and out so that Roy could clearly see and enjoy his dominance over me and my deep self-abasement.

Roy had me swish his load around for almost a minute before commanding me to open up and show him.

I opened my mouth pushing the cum to the front with my tongue and he just smiled at me with a wicked smile before saying, “Swallow.”

I swallowed his thick load down enjoying my submission to him. This was my purpose in life. To serve people who are usually denied sex. To submit in shame and take care of their needs.

“I want to fuck your ass too. “Roy stated, “I am going to go watch some porn to get hard again. You can stay here and think about what you just had done to you.”

Roy shut the light off and wheeled out of the bathroom. I was left in the darkness wet and cold from his piss. My knees were starting to hurt from being on the hard tiled floor. I could still taste his cum in my mouth and then I heard porn playing at a high volume from another room.

I think Roy left me there for half an hour before returning. He turned on the shower with cold water to let all the piss rinse off me. I opened my mouth to catch some water in order to rinse out the cum taste still in my mouth. Once I was rinsed off, he turned off the shower and unlocked the cuffs. He then commanded me to untie myself and dry off. He left a towel on the vanity.

When I was done drying Roy said, “Follow me.”

I followed him out to a den with a big glass table. There was a computer playing hardcore Gay S&M porn on it.

“Get under the table Roy commanded, “I could not get hard yet with just the porn. Maybe your mouth with help.”

Roy wheeled his chair over to in front of the computer where he took a swig of beer and watched his porn. I got on my knees under the table and started sucking on his big balls. I could not fit them both into my mouth so I took turns of sucking on one and the other and sometimes just a part of his sac.

“Rim me.” He ordered, scooting forward in his chair, giving access to his asshole.

I licked him from hole to sac a few times trailing my tongue over his taint. Because he had no legs, I had easy access to all his parts. I was able to turn my head to the side to lick and suck on him. I gave his taint plenty of kisses and licks and gently travesti istanbul sucked on it. I frenched his asshole creating a seal with my lips. I licked all around his puckered hairy hole and wiggled my tongue inside.

Eating an asshole has to be one of the most degrading jobs a man can do. I love it though. The shame of devouring such a filthy thing, just drives home how low I can go. It reinforces my place in the world, serving others.

I ate Roy’s ass for a long time before he commanded me back to his balls. I sucked on them and enjoyed them for a few minutes before ordered me back on his now semi hard cock.

I sucked on his cock bobbing up and down and fondling his sac with my hand. I licked all the underside of his shaft and gave gentle tugs to his balls. I could feel him growing again and once he was hard, I forced my throat over the head of his cock. I loved feeling him stretch my throat!

Roy was so hard now! He let me know that he was going to have me rip my own ass apart on his cock. He pulled his wheelchair away from the table and ordered me to impale myself on him as he lubed up his shaft.

Roy held his cock in his hand and I turned around and aimed my ass for its head. I grabbed onto the chair handles and started bouncing on his cock a little. I could feel the head pushing my sphincter apart. Soon I felt that familiar pain as the head pushed through. I froze and got used to it and slowly started working my way down on it as the pain subsided.

In a couple of minutes, I had his whole cock up my ass! I was impaled on a big male cock. It had invaded my most private hole. I could feel it stretching me out. It pounded home what a slut I was to let myself be used like this by a crippled man.

I was able to lift myself up with a combination of my legs and arms and went to work lifting up and sliding back down on his hard cock. I was not hard myself due to the exertion of working myself up and down on him.

On his computer screen a big bear of a man had just ripped apart a young twink’s asshole.

When he came a second twink on a leash moved in and ate out all the cum, and cleaned the bear’s cock.

Roy had begun grabbing me. He would hold on to me tightly and then pinch a nipple. He helped me move up and down. It was hard work and my legs and triceps were burning from the exertion. I had a sheen of sweat on my body. I clenched my asshole as tight as I could around his cock and worked it up and down his shaft. I would take short breaks and just wiggle my ass on his crotch while totally impaled. This took the weight off of my arms and legs. Roy also seemed to enjoy it.

I could see the porn playing on his computer. I watched the second twink, who was now tied down onto a table, got fucked hard by another big bear. Both wore leather harnesses like the one I was wearing.

I clenched my asshole tightly around Roy’s cock because I could not last much longer. My muscles were burning and I didn’t know how much longer I could keep it up. I was envious of the twink tied to the table. He did not have to exert himself and could concentrate totally on enjoying the big cock in his ass. Since this was his second round, I knew Roy was not going to cum fast.

Exhausted, I just sat down fully on Roy’s cock totally impaled. I let Roy know that I my muscles were too tired to keep raising myself up. Roy had me turn around and face him. I put my legs through the armrests of the wheel chair and re-impaled myself on his cock. This was much better.

Roy now grabbed my ass cheeks, fondling them and pulling them apart. This allowed me to be impaled even deeper and I enjoyed him grabbing my ass. My balls and cock were now rubbing against Roy’s hairy stomach and it felt so good.

Roy was lifting me up by my ass cheeks and letting me fall back onto his cock. His arms were so strong from wheeling the chair around. He handled me as if I was a little bitch, and I was. I was his bitch istanbul travestileri and he was going to breed me.

I could feel Roy’s excitement building and I was getting close myself. Roy kept lifting me up by my ass and gravity would deeply re-impale me back onto his cock. My ass was loving it and I felt so dirty being his little bitch. I reveled in my humiliation of serving a legless scarred man. My prostate was taking a beating and all the precum I was oozing out lubed up Roy’s hairy gut. It felt so good having my cock slide in the wetness and I could not hold out any longer. I blasted my load all over his stomach.

Roy felt it and laughed. He grabbed my ass cheeks really hard and pulled me tightly down onto his big cock. He rocked his pelvis some, grunted and came deep in my ass. I just hugged him tightly as I was bread and enjoyed the new slimy warmth filling my ass.

I rested in the afterglow on Roy’s lap for a few minutes before he told me that I have clean up to perform. By now his cock had shrunk and plopped out of my ass. I lifted myself off of his lap and got on my knees on the floor in front of his wheelchair.

I could see the mess of jizz on his cock and all in his massive tangle of pubes. I could also see the huge mess I had made on his upper stomach. Now that I had cum, I did not want to clean it up but I knew that this is what I had to do. I engulfed Roy’s soft cock in my mouth and tasted his cum for the second time, along with a mixture of my ass and lube. I burned with shame deep in the pit of my bowels. How could I, a good-looking rugged guy, be here on my knees, serving a legless man?

The taste of my ass on his cock was really gross, and the humiliation of it drove home what a bitch I was. Now that his cock was clean, I sucked out any mess that he had in is pubes, and saved my pure cum that was all over his stomach for last. I really had to lick and suck hard to clean his abdomen of my jizz. It was all rubbed and smushed into his skin. Roy stroked my head and I cleaned him off and I felt like a pet dog. So degrading, but so right. I was right where I was supposed to be.

I was glad that eating my cum had taken away the taste of my ass as I finished cleaning Roy. I sat back on my legs on the floor and Roy commanded me to get up and present my ass to him.

He put his cupped right hand between my legs and ordered, “Expel my load!”

I pushed and I could feel all his cum run out of my ass and into his cupped hand. When it was all out, Roy presented me with a big puddle of cum all over his fingers and in his palm.

“You know what to do.” He stated with a smirk,

I sank down to my knees and brought my face to his cupped, jizz filled hand. This was humiliating on a whole new level. I could not believe that I was now going to eat a load of jizz that had been up my ass. I was disgusted with myself and had to breath deep to calm my stomach. The shame of what I was about to do drove home what a bitch I was. My ass was still sticky and that made it even worse. I moved my head forward and sucked the lion’s share of that puddle into my mouth.

“Taste it.” Roy stated with authority, “Enjoy my gift a second time, and let it drive home that you serve me.”

I pushed his load around my mouth with my tongue making a point of showing Roy and swallowed it down. I then started the task of licking the remnants off of his hand. This was not an easy task because the cum had gotten all between his fingers. This task made my shame last much longer and reinforced what a slut I was.

When Roy’s hand was totally clean, he told me to follow him. I did as he shut off his computer and wheeled his chair out of the den to his bedroom. He opened a closet door and took out a red lacey baby doll gown.

“Put this on, and let’s go to bed.” He ordered.

Roy wheeled his chair over to the bed and swung himself out of the chair into the bed. I put the baby doll on and it totally reinforced in my mind what a bitch I was.

I crawled under the covers and Roy spooned me as much as he could without his legs.

I fell asleep with the taste of cum in my mouth being spooned by and burly legless man. My debasement was complete and I could not be any happier.

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