In The Shower

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Blue and I left the kitchen. I took her hand, kissed it and started leading her to the shower.

“I’m not going to take a shower with you! You’ll just want to fuck me again, Sunny!”

I kept walking, but turned my head, looked back at her and smiled.

“Hmmmm…I just might…I can never promise not to.” I threw my hair back and put a little wiggle in my ass for her.

“Oh! You’re such a fucking slutty nympho!”

I stopped and turned around. I held her ass and pulled her hips roughly against mine…I looked right into her eyes. “Who MAKES me such a fucking slutty nympho and to WHOM does this fucking slutty nympho belong?”

Blue was quick with her answer. “ME!”

“Kiss me, Blue…kiss me like you can’t get enough me.”

Blue pressed her body harder against me with her arms around my neck. I gripped her ass harder…her lips sunk into mine and she kissed me very hotly…her tongue roughly fucking my mouth…her mouth trying to devour my lips.

I slid one finger teasingly through her ass cheeks from bottom to top and she squealed into my mouth, pulling my hair with her tongue savagely attacking mine…

…I escort izmit eased off our kiss, caressing her back and giving her a bunch of hot little kisses all over her lips. We were both breathing heavily.

“Well…my dear Miss Blue…that was quite the proper kiss.”

“Yes, my dear Sunny…it was quite nice.”

I took her hand again. “Shall we continue to the shower, Miss Blue?”

“We shall, my dear Sunny.”

“Just so you’ll know, Miss Blue, I still might have to be a slutty nympho…and I might have to have very tempestuous sex with you.”

“Such would be a lovely occurrence, my dear Sunny.”

We ran the rest of the way to the shower in a mass of giggles and dripping pussies.

Holy fuck…what a shower it was.

Blue and I got to the shower and stepped onto the heated floor. I eased her back against the wall and deliciously kissed her, my body pressing against hers.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my hair and purring into my mouth.

Oh, but when I slipped my thigh between her legs, Blue screamed while trying to devour my lips and fucked her pussy on my satin-smooth skin.

I izmit escort grabbed the hand-held shower massager and turned it up to “hard pulse.”

I had plans for my sweet lover…

When Blue saw the shower massager on pulse, she screamed.

“Fuck no, Sunny! Don’t you dare!”

I smiled, turned it off, took her hand and led her to a marble bench in the shower. (The shower is huge and the bench is out from wall and can be moved around)

Blue sat down and I moved one of her legs so she was straddling the bench. I gently laid her on her back.

Oh yeah…I had her where I wanted her. I stood over her, but with one leg on each side of the bench, my pussy directly over her.

Blue reached up and played with my pussy. That’s when it started to drip on her.

She grabbed each of my hips. “Ooooooohhhhhh,

Sunny…please, baby…give me your pussy.”

“Aaawww, sweetheart…ya want your hot slut to feed you her pussy?”

“Sunny…be my good little slut and give me your pussy? I promise, I’ll suck it REAL good for you!”

“I know you will, my pretty baby…you always do…alright, here ya izmit kendi evi olan escort go.”

I slowly lowered my pussy down to Blue. She had a hard grip on my hips, trying to pull it to her and it was dripping even more on her open mouth.

Suddenly, I stood back up, raising it away from her. “Oh! You almost had it, baby!”

“Dammit, Sunny! I want your pussy now!”

“Here you go, baby…try again.”

I lowered back down to her again. She had her mouth wide open and her head off the bench…her nails dug almost into my skin.

I let my swollen pussy lips just BARELY touch her mouth, then jumped back up, out of reach of her mouth. “Omg! You came so close that time!”

Blue spanked my ass REAL hard. ”Fuck, Sunny!! Don’t make me get off this bench and attack you!”

I giggled loudly. “Oh no, babydoll! Not that!” I giggled some more.

That did it.

Blue raised her body up from the waist..a growl came from her throat…she roughly pulled me down on top of her and attacked my pussy with her mouth…a wonderful 69!

I screamed like HELL! ”Yes baby! Eat me good! Make my pussy yours!!”

Blue growled again and sucked my swollen outer lips hard into her mouth…I came right away…and she didn’t stop, making come twice for her!

Is it any wonder why I always shower with Blue?

Thank-you for reading.

Love to all,


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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