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First impressions, second thoughts and lasting influence. The one comes from the moment, the next from our experience and the last because we disregard all that and charge ahead anyway. I never should have even talked to her, let alone be pulled into bed. She was West coast, I was East. She was blonde and I was… well smarter than that, I thought.

“Hi, I’m Christi.” She bubbled up in that perky, California way, stepping up next in the bookstore line. She stood tall and tanned all smiles with perfect white teeth in denim cut-offs and a silly bare midriff white top with full length sleeves.

“These girls must have cold arms and warm bellies,” I thought to myself sarcastically and had to grin because it was a very sexy belly.

She held my book in her hands and waited for my acknowledgement before handing it over to be signed.

“So, Christi, do you like my book?” I asked the obvious question every first time author loves to have answered.

“Oh, I haven’t read it. I’m getting it signed for a friend.” She put offhandedly.

Well that made me pause and I looked up at her over my red rimmed glasses. “Really? Well that’s awfully nice of you, but I’ve just written an inscription to Christi.” I pointed out a little exasperated.

She leaned over the table and looked at what I had written on the first page of the slim tome. My eyes couldn’t help but gravitate to the opening of her shirt. They weren’t big, on the contrary, they were small and athletic, subtle platforms for what I imagined to be rosebud nipples.

“Just add an apostrophe “S” and BFF Jenna.” she said helpfully. “Then she’ll always remember I stood in line for this.”

I wrote what she asked and handed back the book without another word. She smiled again and gave a silly wave goodbye before turning and bouncing happily away. “Californians” I thought with distaste and shook my head as the next person approached. I had been feeling lightheaded and queasy most of the morning and before I got two more done I had passed out.

I awoke on the floor with my head and long dark hair in a warm lap and looking up at firm breasts encased in soft white cotton. I was in the lap of Christi, who was administering the last of a pillsbury gel icing into my mouth. I looked up into those green eyes that seemed to smile, happy that I was conscious. When I tried to get up she pressed my shoulders back down.

“Don’t rush it.” She said softly.

“Christi?” I remembered her name from just minutes before.

She truly smiled as she looked down at me. “Well your memory seems to be OK. You’re diabetic aren’t you?” She held the used tube in my sight. “Found this in your shirt pocket.”

“It’s in case my sugar gets low…” I began.

“I know.” Christi put in. “I’m a nurse. You didn’t feel any signs before this?”

“Sometimes it dips really fast. I put myself on a special diet that keeps it low, but my doctor hasn’t changed my medication yet.” Slowly I sat up.

“Well, you should listen to your doctor, but maybe you should also get a new one because this one isn’t listening to you.” the blonde advised surprisingly sagely.

Christi stood up and helped me to my feet. She was half a head taller than me, slimmer but still very womanly in her curves. My own chest I knew dwarfed hers but her rounded half globes fit her athletic body and I caught myself again ogling them through that stupid white shirt.

“You really should get something more substantial to eat.” my blonde savior advised. “There’s a place a few stores down that makes great avocado tacos.”

“What about my fans?” I tossed my head towards the small crowd still on the other side of the table.

“They just saw you pass out. I’m sure they’ll understand.” Christi insisted.

“Will you show me it?” I cocked my head and bit my lower lip.

“Sure” She gave that bubbly smile that moments ago I found vapid and annoying but was beginning to find rather charming.

After some apologies and a parting of the crowd that actually gave me pats on the back for my recovery, we found ourselves at a little storefront table with soft tacos stuffed with vegetables with not a piece of meat in sight.

“I should really thank you for coming to my aid.” I said as I bit into what was basically a tortilla wrapped salad.

“I’m just glad I was there, Emily.” and Christi really meant it.

“I’m sure someone would have eventually saved my life.” I half laughed.

“Still, you should have a note with that icing if you’re going to carry it, not everyone would know what it’s for”

“I guess I AM lucky,” Now I smiled at her, “that you were there for Jenna to be there for me.” God that sounded better in my head, but she smiled anyway. “I should take these to go and get back, but I’d really like to thank you. Could I buy YOU dinner tonight?” I couldn’t believe how bold I was. “and what if she’s bursa escort straight?” the thought finally occurred to me. “You’d have to pick the place though.” I finished nervously.

“I could bring Jenna.” She chimed right in. “She’d love to meet you.” She picked up the thin book and waved it.

“Oh, uh, of course.” I said. If she is gay Jenna might be her lover, “Jesus, Emily!” I screamed in my head, chastising myself.

We exchanged cell numbers and went our separate ways.

That evening in my hotel I put on my burgundy knit dress. It was sleeveless and kind of short. I would have worn the little black one that was sexy as hell and slimmed down my rump but if Jenna was there it would have been too much and I would have looked on the prowl. I played it cautiously. The knit dress with white hose looked classy and calm, but sleeveless and tight up top and the ‘girls’ were well on display. I nodded in the mirror liking what I saw. Now if only Christi did too.

Walking down to the lobby in the red knit dress and the littlest of handbags all my insecurities came rushing back. “One step at a time, Emily” I reminded myself. “Have dinner and conversation. Enjoy the evening with people… no matter what happens.” Jenna and her being a couple would probably be worse than her being straight, because then I’d be a third wheel.

Arriving by cab I found myself at another quiet mom & pop kind of place, small but clean with wooden tables painted black and chairs to match and in the corner was Christi waving at me. I was nearly over dressed for this place, but she looked good. The blonde had traded the shorts for tight faded jeans and a red v neck sweater that I KNEW had nothing under it. She still had her hair pulled back but it just made her look fresher.

As I sat down I looked around, “So no Jenna?” I had convinced myself on the cab ride that talking with a reader would be fun.

“No, she pulled a double.” Christi shrugged before saying, “nursing, gotta love it.”

“So she’s your best friend?” I hunted for relationship confirmation.

“Oh yeah, I’ve slept on their couch many times.” The blonde paused “Usually when I’ve had too much at this place.”

‘Their’, that was the clue. Jenna had a partner and it wasn’t Christi. “This place?” I questioned, looking around at the small restaurant

She reached across and touched my hand in excitement, “Oh, they make their own Sangria” She patted my hand, “and it is the BEST! So fruity and smooth you forget it’s alcohol.”

“Sounds great.” I smiled. “I could use a wine” I thought, or two.

We ate and drank and talked about Los Angeles, about New York, and bands and songs, but never about writing. She really wasn’t a fan, which was OK. She was into me for me, not who I was or any of what I did. We were just girls hitting it off. I could make her laugh when I did my Bronx and Brooklynese, sounding like “Tony Soprano” she said. I was loving the way she laughed. It was a full go, life enjoying laugh, no tittering behind her hand for this girl. She was open and it was making me open.

After a couple hours, much Sangria and leaving a big tip, we decided I needed a cab because she needed one too. We rode side by side to my hotel still talking and laughing. Sometimes my hand hit her knee and I wasn’t in a hurry to move it. When we finally got out she helped heft me out of the cab by my underarms and pulled my face right to her tight rounded tits. We both smirked a little until she said “Oops”. But she laughed and I wasn’t sure it was an accident. I hoped it wasn’t an accident. I put it to the test.

“Wanna come up? We can call another cab.” I offered. “You can see half the city from my room.” I lied. It faced the back street.

“Sure” Christi didn’t hesitate and slammed the cab door.

It was silence in the elevator, but the blonde goddess kept looking at me and I never turned away. We were at that impasse where more words were just words and wouldn’t help. It was time for action but who would move? I opened my door and stepped in. Before I could turn she had closed it and now she was right there. I had to look up into those eyes. I swallowed…

“Um…” And she kissed me before I could say anything. She kissed me hard. I felt her hand at the back of my neck as she held me to her. Now I moved and reached for her face cupping it as I returned her passion, mewing into her mouth. She tasted of Sangria and peppermint tic-tacs. Her other hand pulled my body to her. Christi’s body felt firm against me, a slim active California girl wrapped into my soft curves of flesh. I put my arms in deeper and wrapped them around her head holding me up to our forever kiss.

I felt her hand cup my ass and squeeze the flesh there, as she backed me into the wall. I was pinned and it’s where I wanted to be. Our breath shot out of our nostrils as our passion grew hotter until finally she broke it bursa escort bayan and dove into my neck. “GOD, she bit me” just a little and my knees went weak.

“Christi?” I was able to voice out.

“Mmm?” she mumbled under my dark hair.

“Bed,” I suggested with that one word. If she kept at my jugular I didn’t think I could keep standing.

The blonde Goddess slowed down and pulled back. Her eyes went up and down me in lust and hunger and then she leaned in, touching foreheads. Her hands slid along my sides constantly caressing as we caught our breath. Almost nose to nose she finally spoke.

“I lied. I did read your book.” She confessed looking into my eyes. “I think you’re amazing,” Christi was still breathless. “But I didn’t want to come off as a weird fan girl or let you take advantage because of it.”

“O-K” was all I could squeak out, looking up to her needfully. She held my lust at her fingertips and NOW she decided to come clean?

“Alright?” She sought some kind of forgiveness for her little lie and now I moved in and kissed her into absolution.

I kissed her as deeply as she had kissed me. I wrapped one leg around hers. If she wasn’t taking me to the bed she had damn well better help hold me up. My fingers went all up into that golden blonde hair and my tongue into her mouth. She held me. She took me and held me to her own body. I felt her grind against me and I grunted encouragement. Gently I bit her lip and pulled a little. She responded by SMACKING my ass. “Oh YES, California girl, that’s how we do it!” I thought wickedly and leaned into her. Christi hefted my thigh higher and pressed me hard into the wall. She rocked our groins there, mashing hard. I undulated my hips to meet her rhythm, but in the opposite direction.

I let my fingers slide down her red sweater to press at her firm breast. It just filled my hand and felt so warm and supple. Through the yarn I found her nub, standing out and rigid. My middle finger ran across it, back and forth. I didn’t think it was possible but it got harder. I pressed it between my fingers and softly mashed her breast to her chest. Christi mewed and I opened my eyes to see her head roll with lids closed softly. I Broke our kiss and nudged into the front of her throat as I pressed that taut little titty.

“Mmm, no.” She said softly and disengaged our tangled limbs.

I stood in shock at this tall blonde haired tease. “No?”

But she looked at me coyly with a sexy finger playing with her lower lip. “Clothes.” she put simply but somehow pouting.

“Oh,” I smiled back and moved away from the wall and back towards her embrace.

My fingers went to the button of those faded jeans while Christi nuzzled my neck as she pulled the zipper down my dress back. She pulled it off my shoulders and had to slide it down my body, bit by bit. It fit snug, but it was supposed to. She pushed it passed my 36 D black bra and down to my waist. I watched her stare at the “girls” and smiled as she brought her hands back up. She hefted them, “they always do,” I thought to myself. She was gentle and gave soft squeezes.

“I want this off.” She spoke softly as she tried to thumb my nipples through the material.

I thought of reaching back and unhooking it, but I wanted her to undress me. I turned and shimmied my butt, pushing the dress past my hips while looking back with my hazel eyes over my shoulder. Christi answered my beckoning stare by pressing up behind me. Quickly I was unhooked and she formed her body around me. I felt her breath at my neck and my boobs suspended by her hands. My nipples turned into bullets as she pulled them and bit my neck again.

My knees went weak like before. Her right hand slid down my belly and into my soft thatch. I opened my legs for her as she cupped my mound. Christ nibbled my neck and my ear. She mauled my soft titty while stroking my muff. For my part I reached behind and rubbed her blue panty covered ass and she kept grinding into mine. I was happy but I’m sure she got the short end of the stick.

Finally she broke it off and taking my hand led me over to the hotel bed. I sat down at the foot of it with my knees spread and her standing in between.

“I want this off.” I copied her with a giggle, pointing to her red v neck.

Christi crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom and yanked the sweater over her head.

“Oh my God” I thought, or more correctly, “My Goddess.” She was taut and tanned. Her body was athletic and sculpted. I saw toned muscle and a perfect tummy. Nothing was pierced or tattooed. I sat in awe, and yes, she had delicious rosebud nipples. My fingers reached out to her firm belly and along her sides. I kissed it as I hooked my fingers into her panties, pushing them down to reveal a wispy golden muff. As she stepped out of her underwear I just dropped to the floor and put that sex right in my mouth. Christi escort bursa straddled over top of me and held me by my head, but my hands were on her ass and my lips were glued to hers. I lapped hungrily at her wet pussy, my mouth covered it and sucked on her vulva. My Goddess sighed her contentment and ground into my chin. I slurped her, I suckled her, I feasted on the flesh before me. Her scent intoxicated me and I was never fulfilled. She forced my neck to the edge of the bed and putting her hands on it, rode my tongue. Trapped there, she tribbed my head, rode my pink worm as if it were a small cock. She grunted over top of me, swirling those hips for more. My nose mashed her clit and when two fingers were finally put in, My Goddess went crazy. She bucked my face as I slammed those fingers to her hungry little slot, her panting was like an engine at full speed. And finally she cried out. Her ass was a rock as I clung to it, her legs like boards, but the rest of her shook above me. Her climax a song to my ears and her convulsions a sacred dance, until ultimately she rolled off and plopped next to me on the floor.

My face was coated and she was still getting her breath, but I kissed her anyway. I put my tongue in her mouth and straddled her lap. She kissed me back and put a hand to my ass. The other went into me. Two fingers she shoved deep into my dripping hole. I held her face like before and on my knees began to ride her hand as our tongues intertwined. Christi broke the kiss to focus on my boobs. She held one up and brought the big nipple to her lips. I wrapped my hands around her head and held her to me as I fucked her hand. My Goddess sucked on me like a hungry babe. I rocked my hips and rode as she quickened the pace. My head went back and I moaned when she bit down, “God, this girl loves to bite” I thought, but I loved it.

Christi ate my titties one by one, getting the nipples hard and pulling them with the perfect suction. I was rocking in her lap as she fingered me so deep. I could feel my silky walls crushing in, gripping her fingers. Her pace was good but I needed jack hammered.

“Make me cum, Christi.” I pleaded.

She let go a titty and gave a roguish smile, “We got all night, Emily”

“Yes, but make me cum NOW” I demanded.

“Stand up then.”Christi was confident. “I got this.”

I stood with my hands on the bed and her between my legs. She kissed and nibbled my thighs as her fingers started pistoning. Christi did just short, fast strokes, giving her fingers a flick at the end every time she pulled them out. Each time she strummed my “G” spot. Each time she made my body sing. I held my legs wide and my fists gripped the bedspread. My pussy would clench hard when she left it, trying to bite down on the emptiness. I was panting above her with my head hanging. She knew what she was doing and I was loving it. She shoved them in deep now and really rubbed it back and forth, right on my spot.

“Christi, I’m gonna squirt!” I cried out in a quaking voice to warn her

She didn’t get out of the way. Instead she smacked my ass. “You squirt it, baby. You squirt it all over me!”

Her hand must have been a blur, my pussy was on fire, and starting to spasm. My head hung low and I could see Christi right under me, waiting for my squirt. She’d go hard and fast with quick jabs and pull out, then the quick hard jabs again until…

“Aaaahhhhhh.” My legs shook, my body rocked and my pussy convulsed, and I juiced all over her face and chest. It squirted out like a jet and Christi let it all shower her.

She pulled me down to her and put me back in her lap. My legs wrapped around her and hers were crossed under me. I draped my arms over her shoulders We both reeked of sex and sweat and it was wonderful. She kissed me and I tasted my own juice. Her hands kept roaming and her kisses never stopped. It seems we weren’t done.

People talk about making love all night. I never had before, but the sun was actually breaking the horizon as we collapsed side by side on the bed, exhausted but smiling. I had another book signing at ten, then I was supposed to go up the coast. She was next to me when I fell asleep, but when the alarm went off at nine thirty she was already gone.

Yes, I never should have even went out with her, let alone made love to her, but I’ll always remember that night. I haven’t been back to California for three years. New York is the place to be, where people have character… or are one. Where the restaurants stay the same. Hell even the delis just go from father to son. New Yorkers never…

“Whatcha writing, Em?”

“Nothin’, just filling in the blog.” I answered.

My love leaned down and kissed me and copped a feel as I sat there at my desk, to be fair I patted that sweet tight ass.

“Coming to bed soon?” she looked down at me with expectant eyes.

“Just let me finish, Christi,” I said, then watched that blue pantied Goddess move away.

…New Yorkers never change and eventually we always come home, but sometimes, sometimes we bring back souvenirs.

Till next time, reader.


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