Innocent Love

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On my way to Sex Education class I had this feeling deep down that something was about to happen to me that made me tingle all over. Savoring this thought, vision, jumping around inside me that refuses to surrender even as I took my seat directly in front of Mrs. Smith’s shiny oak desk. Proving to myself that I can sit here without getting excited over our new teacher, which stood by the chalkboard with her back facing the class. Jotting down the assignment with the long white squeaky substance that I begin to vision is the same size and shape as my cock. Fondling the soft texture as she turns around to seek out a smart student that wasn’t afraid to answer the question I saw moving around in her pretty eyes of green.

“Who can tell me what an orgasm is?” Mrs. Smith politely said. Eyes circling the small room wearing such a puzzled look about her when no one answers, slumping down in my chair as my heart felt a broad thumping in my chest when she gazes towards me as though yearning to hear my reply. But just as I was expecting her to call out my name and explain the question, Mary Beth raises her charming hand high in the air, waving for the teacher to call on her as she moans and yelps that everyone knew whom this savvy nymphomaniac was, without looking.

“Yes Mary,” she said, leaving my side to move her loud high heels to the rear of the class where the petite blonde was sitting.

“It’s what a girl does when she’s excited by a boy that gives her womb what it yearns to have.”

“That’s correct Mary,” Linda said, returning to the chalkboard to write down words that made me blush.

Vagina, penis, orgasm, stimulation, excitement. “Now, do all these words go hand in hand with intercourse?” Linda said, exciting me into a near climax when she stood before me wearing a seductive grin. “Of course they do,” she adds.

All my emotions were being exhausted and exposed once my eyes examines closely the young teachers short silky dress. Thinking to myself how she would act in bed, how she would moan, and the shade of her short tomboy hair (black) that certainly delivers a blow to my senses. Trapped inside this web of deceit when she sat back down behind the long drawn out desk. Taking repeated snap shots in my head of how she looked naked in her bedroom that I try desperately to hide, disguise, from this intelligent teacher that from the way she talked had come from Asia.

Day after day I begin to feel more comfortable around this tall brunette with an eye for me. Eye for sex, as the questions become even more evident of her strong status, personal then the last one that left her sweet lips.

It was Friday, last class of the day when Mrs. Smith calls on me to stay after class to clear the lesson plan from the green board, while she sits behind the desk bursa escort to grade papers wearing a scent that weakens me so. Weary of what was going on in her hideous mind as I continue to study the erotic words I wipe slowly and the sounds of her tender voice exploiting more then she should about incest and affairs.

Just as I was about to rid the last word ‘affair’ I felt a bit of heavy breathing behind me as I close my eyes and vision, anticipate her soft lips along the side of my neck. Trembling to the thought of her soft smooth fingers going up inside my long slender legs to gain a feeling or two of my swelling.

“What does that word mean to you?” she said, with a seductive voice that ignited my cock to not just any kind of erection. Shrugging my broad shoulders as if I didn’t no the answer.

“Johnny. You make me want to cum in my skimpy black undies every time my eyes lays eye on your sexy body,” she whispers, moving her fingers gently up and down my thighs with more passion then I could ever feel between a guy and a woman. “My needs are rapidly growing inside my dress for you to make-love to me on the desk baby,” Linda adds, attacking my emotions, neck with a gentle caress that sent cold chills and hives down my spine.

All my mind was thinking about right now is her husband walking in with a shotgun and taking me out. Both of her hands were rummaging about my rump, my thighs, my loins, while I begin to vision her naked on the desktop with luring eyes that were fading in and out like a blinking light.

“Mumm, you are the specimen that can soothe this craving I have. This adventure of lust buried within my weaken soul, exposing my vagina and firm breasts to your humble hands that soon caress each hidden part, vital to this affair I must have before I simply go mad!

Linda began to press the front of her flowered garment against my rump and continues to whisper her obsessions to me in such a manner that delivers me into so much more then lust, temptation…rage! Swaying from behind me, gathering up more of my flesh when she runs her fingertips up and inside my shirt that she had unconsciously unfastened to enjoy the wonders of a lads smooth chest and hard nipples. Two fingers pinching my nipple, while the free hand was gathering up my bald eggs, so bald that it tingles me so when this Asian woman with strong hormones fondles each one deep inside my pants.

Carefully she begins to unfasten my pants, stroking the back of my jeans with the silky material as she starts to breath heavier, crave more, stroking my hard substance softly then flicks the cherry knob that nearly sent me to the moon and back.

“You know darling I could have anyone I want, but I chose you, you’re the one I want to bare my soul and deliver my pussy what it must have bursa escort bayan to survive,” she said intimately. Working me over repeatedly with these hideous behaviors that I find extremely good and stimulating.

Slowly Linda maneuvers her fine built around, engaging my lips with the glossy redness of her own. Watching the excitement in my eyes developing as she gradually works my pants down and caresses my bare ass with both hands grasping simultaneously. Knowing then that I hadn’t worn anything to safeguard my swelling or a G-string.

My body went numb as hell, head tipping back, hands unconsciously rambles in a rage through her short locks of jet-black hair as she went down on one knee to eye-ball the eye of the tiger and insert the shiny tip of my hard cock deeper between her lips. Pondering over the fulfillment of each thrust, each smack, and each lick across the sensitive tip that made me coo and moan collectively. Milking me with soothing touches to my bald eggs and hard shaft that tingles me so with every gulp of hot lava I felt surface and lofting in a host of streams that I see dripping over her loose lips.

“Mum, I enjoy sucking you off. It gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment, my love,” Linda adds, raising herself back up.

Linda began to seduce me completely when she saw the look of a virgin in my eyes and gestures. Feeding off my emotions that was beginning to express more, expose every feeling I have for this foreigner that announces how much she enjoys my company and how she plans to aid in this trifle affair.

I was still hard as a rock, 8 inches in length, when this lovely feline with evergreen eyes begins to undress before me. Leaving only her black string bikini and matching bra as a tease. Then she reaches for my hand that was at my side, taking it inside her left bra cup for me to feel the warmth and texture of her small round bosom. Rotating my nervous hand around it and atop the nipple that brought from her straight lips a soothing coo and a glitter to one eye.

“I know you can please my weak mind, weary soul darling,” she said seductively, as she took off the top to witness the energy forming in my warm eyes that were fading in and out of consciousness. Precisely the way she wanted me to feel, enjoy, as she lowers the same hand down the flatness of her body, passing her sunken naval and inside the silky elastic of her sinful panty.

Linda shifts her beady eyes towards the door as though an intruder was about to enter and deliver her the pink slip, joining other teachers like her on the unemployment line. By the time she looked back into my horny eyes she saw something she had never seen before, at least that was what I saw in her gestures. Brief smile arose on her face when she felt a great thrill, my fingers escort bursa brushing back gallantly the wilderness beyond imaginable, this inviting touch to her clitoris as my fingers moves up and down the wet slit that was soft and very much hidden.

Linda’s smooth hands carefully felt the warmth of my cheeks as she dances in place while studying the look. Color in my weaken eyes that were appearing to be enjoying this lust forming with every erotic stare sent to my emotional pupils as my fingers begins to spread apart her moist pink…folds.

Slowly I begin to imagine what this creature would look like naked and weaken by my harsh attacks of never being with a woman before. Anxiously I begin to lower her fine features down onto the carpet, working my aggressive lips over her lipstick, down onto her breasts, between them, and farther down to enjoy the feeling she felt when she went down on me. Indulging the richness of her hot cum, sensitive flaps, forcing my tongue deeper within the twin folds.

“Oh yeah,” she spouts with glee. “Mum, my body yearns for your sweet blessings, my lover.”

I begin to feed off the carefree accent of Linda and lay upon her flesh. Cockeyed, so I could peel slowly down her narrow hips the remaining material that would certainly expose to my vision again the fullness of her pleasure ‘nest’ and shade of black that once saw through the front of this transparent garment. Melting in a formal way when I touch the womb and fondle to gain, too, this excitement about to explode from her body and mind. Forcing my feverish hard cock between the twin ripe pedals when suddenly she squirms, moans, brushes her sharp nails across my biceps out of shame and pity that gave me a thrill of a lifetime.

I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, working my penis in and out of the rich lava and side to side with such explosive behavior. Feeling a bit noshes when I felt this, the tingling sensations that friends told me I would certainly feel. Forcing more of myself in and out of this deep depression when suddenly Linda cries out. “Oh! Yesssss!” Squirming to try and release this tension in her mind and body, wanting to escape this extreme feeling of my many savior heaves that were multiplying. Begging for me to stop at once before I tear her womanhood apart.

Suddenly I spat once again with overwhelming seeds as I felt my blood circulation being cut off from my biceps. Balls crashing several more times against this beautiful teacher that had seduced me in the classroom, yearning for me, luring me into this trap of deceit when I found myself nearly fucking this specimen nearly to death.

Suddenly I stopped my forward progress when I saw her eyes weeping with mercy on her weary soul. Carefully I lower my lips to hers as I remain inside the ‘well’ of happiness to kiss her quivering lips. Thanking her with a lick across the nose as I reach my feet and left the room, leaving Linda lying in a poodle of lust that I know from the look in her eye that I could never feel this lava again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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