Iris the Witch

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Iris is still at college and so everyone in this story is over 18.

The football team was doing well and ¬winning games. The cheerleader squad was working hard and dancing like crazy every game. But all this good news didn’t help Iris at all. With Coach Simmons in a good mood the sex was getting very vanilla, and way to boring. The Coach had given Iris a taste for rough, hard sex and she was hooked on to being fucked like a ragdoll. She need it harder, rougher and she sure as hell didn’t want it to stop now. Some of the guys on the team were good. Big cocks and liked to pull hair while fucking her but that wasn’t enough for the budding whore, she not only needed cock, not just lots of very big cock in all her holes, but she needed to be ravaged and destroyed by totally oblivious men that paid no heed to her while they enjoyed themselves.

She was fucked by two guys at the same time in the showers after the last game. Sucking one big cock while the other guy pounded away at her tight warm pussy. They just left her in the shower to get clean after they came though, just as she started to get good and dirty, it was ok, but it was barely enough. Her eyes began to roam a little further a-field.

The three janitors in her dorm building were big black guys. She had seen them in the college gym lifting weights when she was on the running machines. They knew what they were doing, with muscles bulging as they pumped double the college weightlifting record with ease. Iris began to hatch a plan.

Halloween brought parties and fancy dress. And Iris loved dressing-up, the smaller the clothes the better. This year Iris was going to be a sexy witch, large black hat, tight satin bodice that forced her large tits high on her chest so they heaved when she breathed. Under that she wore a tiny little black velvet skirt with lots of net that didn’t even cover her ass when she stood up let alone when she bent over. If she took a deep breath you could see the front of her black, see through thong. She had black, lace top hold ups and finished the look with black 6inch heel stripper shoes.

Iris took a good look at her-self in the mirror and had to resist the urge to plunge her hands in to her minuscule underwear and start fingering her-self, she was so wet already that it wouldn’t take long to cum. She thought she should save her first orgasm that night for her new friends though.

Dre, Stew and Frank were just finishing up for the day. They had replaced the broken locks in the girl’s showers again, and had the cleaners fish all of the used condoms out of the drains before they overflowed during the holiday weekend.

“Those rich, white girls are total sluts, man. I swear they break these locks themselves and tell all of the frat boys about for them to go in and fuck ’em.”

“Dre, man. You think way too much about those girls. Just let them get on with being young.” Frank was the oldest of the three, at 32 he was the boss and spent his time teaching the other two about the job as well as keeping them in line so they didn’t get sacked. He served time when he was a teenager, when he tried to help one of his white classmates having a fight with her boyfriend. The moment they got back together she turned around and accused her of molesting her, and that the scuffle was the white snob trying to defend her.

He has been wary ever since, if one of the girls complained about them so much as looking at them wrong they would get sacked. Nobody was going to take the word of a black janitor over a rich college kid. Frank knew it and so kept the young men on a tight leash. They used the gym to burn off all that testosterone, and spent their money on ranches in Texas whenever they had a break.

“Knock” “knock”

The door opened up to reveal a young girl wearing the sexiest little costume any of the guys had ever seen.

“I’m sorry young lady but this is out of bounds to students. If you need something you can e-mail us.” Frank stopped in his tracks as the girl turned to face him, she had an almost perfect, angelic face framed by a cascade of loose blonde hair. Somehow the black hat and witch’s costume only seemed to make her more sweet and innocent.

She put her finger-tip in the corner of her mouth and pouted. “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t know. I just need your help though. ” She walked over to Frank, swaying her hips in the most provocative way she could and put and hand on his arm.

“I need a big strong man to open my door and check in my room. I think there is someone in there.” Iris swayed further istanbul escort in to the room, feeling Franks eyes lock on to her hips and arse as she walked past him. The two younger guys just stared at her bulging tits and swaying ass as she walked over to them and sat on the edge of the desk, her long stocking-clad legs drawing all the eyes in the room.

“I’m too scared to go back up, would one of you boys please go and check?” iris used her best little, girl lost voice knowing that men found it irresistible and was rewarded by the sight of three growing bulges in the men’s pants.

Frank was the first to blink, he knew the score but had never been on the receiving end of such a blatant come-on.

“Well I think you had better stay with the boys why I go and check for you, young lady.” As he walked over to get his keys he whispered in Stew’s ear.

“Girls like this just want a bit of rough, don’t be to mean and don’t leave any bruises on that golden skin of hers. Enjoy yourself boys.” He got his keys and left.

Dre followed Frank to the door and locked it behind him. Iris pretended to be frightened as he walked back and the two huge black men stood in front and behind her. “Please don’t lock the door sir. I’ll do anything you want if it gets you to open the door. I’m so scared and helpless right now. Don’t take advantage of me.” She did her best puppy dog eyes expression and knew exactly what the effect will be, she’d be both innocent and slutty and turn men into beasts that only want to violate her.

Stew placed his big hands on her thighs and slowly ran his hands up her legs, lifting her skirt up as he did so. Revealing her black thong and her hairless pussy through the see through thong that hardly covered the sweetness beneath. His rough hands scratched her skin and made her pussy even wetter. Dre ran his hands over her tight stomach and up over her tits, squeezing hard as he tried to force her breasts out of the top. Iris shivered with fear that she only slightly felt, but she knew the guys loved her scared and helpless.

“Please guys. Don’t out your hands there, sir. Please don’t do that.”

Dre slipped his hands under her thong and slowly moved one finger round to her soaking pussy.

“Damn this bitch is wet Stew. You enjoying the attention you little whore?”

Dre’s rough hands and dirty talk were already starting to push Iris close to orgasm.

“No, sir.” Iris put a very believable shake in her voice “but I’ll do anything if you just open the door. Anything!” She looked deeply in to Stew’s eyes as she said it and felt his cock grew even harder as he pressed up against her.

“You’re going to do whatever we want anyway, bitch.” Stew pulled Iris’s tits free of her top and mauled her big tits, pinching her nipples hard enough to make her cry out a little. This time she wasn’t pretending, but she loved the pain.

Dre pulled her hips back towards him as Stew pulled her head down by the hair. As she was bent over, Stew used his free hand to open his fly and freed a huge 8 inch cock. With his hand on the back of her head Stew forced Iris’s mouth over the end of his dick pushing it deeper than she thought possible. The feel of having a strong man force his cock in to mouth made her hotter and wetter than she had been in weeks.

As she bobbed her head up and down on Stew’s cock she head Dre pull his zip down. He gently rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy lips. Iris was used to guys eating her pussy before they fucked her but these guys didn’t care. They were going to fill her fuck holes and not care about her at all, just as Iris liked it. She felt the tip of dick press up against her cunt and was expecting him to slowly push it in so she gave a loud yelp of shock when she felt him slam the whole thing in to her in one quick lunge. His cock felt even bigger than Stew’s as it forced her cunt open, it felt like she was being ripped in half and the pain was so delicious it made her head spin.

The two guys never bothered to work out a rhythm, they both just took hold and fucked her as much as they wanted. Dre took a good, firm grip on her hips and began to fuck her cunt with long, slow, deep strokes. His whole cock was going deep in to her tight fuckhole, no woman he had ever fucked had taken to whole thing and Dre was enjoying the feeling of being balls-deep in soft, white flesh. Dre had never fucked a white chick before and he loved the way her white skin looked as it was starting to get a sheen of sweat as he picked up the pace.

Stew was having a şişli escort good time with her mouth too. He could get all of his cock in to her mouth and throat but she was fisting the end of his shaft as she sucked as much of his cock as she could in to her mouth. Her energy and enthusiasm more than made up for the lack of depth and she was getting faster and faster as Dre was pounding her cunt from behind.

Iris took her head off Stew’s heavenly cock and threw her head back.

“I’m on the pill guys so you can cum in my white cunt as much as you want. Fill me up guys. I want you to fill all of my holes with your hot spunk.” She dropped her head back to Stew’s cock and attacked it with renewed vigour.

Iris’s dirty words sent Dre over the edge, he grabbed her hips as he smashed his cock as deep in to her cunt as far as it would go. Iris was sure she could feel it hit her cervix as Dre began to pump her full of his hot cum. She screamed out in pleasure as she felt her cunt and womb being filled up.

Stew was so close to cumming he grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth back on to his mouth as he began to spray his own load of cum on to her throat. His cock was almost completely in her throat as he came and he cried out in joy as he came in her hot mouth. The combined feel of being filled with spunk from both ends was enough to send Iris in to a massive orgasm of her own. Her cunt clamped down on Dre’s cock and began milking his cum in to her womb. Her hand gripped Stew’s dick so hard he pulled her head up and sprayed the last of his cum over her tits instead of down her throat.

Dre pulled his cock out her pussy and let her tiny thong snap back over her well used cunt.

“If you’re done Stew I need this little bitch to clean her cream off my dick. Mind if I make her suck me clean?”

“Sure thing man. I intend to destroy that hot little cunt of hers anyway.”

Iris couldn’t believe the guys were still hard but was happy to oblige the two men. They didn’t waste any time getting to position and before she knew what was happening Stew’s 8 inches where being rammed in to her cum filled cunt and Dre was forcing her head down on to his 9 inch cock. The power of her last orgasm made her legs very shaky.

“Shit, man. I can’t fuck her face if she can’t stand. Sit on the couch and let her sit on your cock so she can suck me off while you fuck her. “

Stew sat down on the couch and pulled Iris on to his cock, she tried to protest but her cry was cut off as Dre shoved his cock in to mouth. As Stew pulled her down on to his cock her cunt was so wet it dripped all over him, giving him lots of lube as he pulled her hips down on to him, smashing his cock deep inside her boiling hot cunt.

Iris let out a loud cry of lust as the two cocks were forced back in to her waiting holes. Stew was pulling and pushing her body up and down on his long pole while Dre fucked her mouth with every up stroke. This time they did find a good rhythm and Iris was in fuckslut heaven, 2 massive black dicks were destroying her holes and she was cumming all over them. Moaning and crying with each thrust in to her pussy or mouth.

Iris was having such a good time she didn’t even hear Frank come back in to the room.

Frank was amazed at the site he saw, his two young work mates double fucking the white bitch who walked in half an hour ago.

“Well, no time like the present.” He thought to himself.

The first think Iris knew about Frank’s return was when she felt him slip is hands around her body to fondle her tits. A quick glance behind her showed her just what she really wanted at that moment, a third huge, black cock.

What Iris didn’t see was Frank rubbing hand soap on his cock in order to lubricate it. He placed the head of his dick against her tight arsehole as she sank down on to Stew’s cock in order to give her a little warning.

Iris hadn’t had anal sex before and should have been a little worried about it but she was in throws of lust and just wanted more cock inside her. She took her mouth of Dre’s wonderful dick and turned her head round to look Frank in the eye.

“Fuck me arsehole Frank. Destroy my last fuckhole like you hate me you big dicked bastard.”

She took Dre’s cock back in her mouth as Stew rammed back in to her soaking pussy, lifting her high off the couch. As she sank back down Dre kept his dick in her mouth and Frank rammed his whole 10 inch cock balls deep in Iris’s virgin butt. It felt so good, pain mixed with perfect pleasure that Iris opened her mouth mecidiyeköy escort to scream.

Put his hands on the back of Iris’s head and rammed his whole cock in to her mouth and throat. No woman had ever managed to deep throat his cock before and he didn’t care if Iris could or not, he just wanted to fuck her mouth and throat like the white whore she was.

Iris felt Dre’s cock forcing its way in to her wide open mouth, cutting off her cry of pleasure. She felt it being rammed deeper and deeper in to her throat, it hurt, but not too much and as she looked up in to Dre’s eyes she could see pure lust and pleasure there. The idea that she could give this guy so much pleasure turned her on even more than before. Her cunt convulsed around Stew’s cock and her arse got even tighter around the base of Frank’s cock, causing both men to cry out in pleasure.

Iris finally had what she wanted, to be stuffed airtight by three well hung black cocks. All three of her tight teen holes were filled to their limits, each one pounding away at her cunt, arse and mouth. Iris was in love with the feeling of being filled with cock, her mind whirled and her body responded as only a natural-born slut would respond. Her slutty holes opened and closed to try and milk the cum out of the huge dicks fucking and destroying her holes.

Dre pulled his cock out her Iris’s mouth and slammed his cock deep in to her mouth again.

“Shit, guys. This tiny, white slut if deepthroating my whole cock. It feels fucking amazing. I’m going to cum any second.”

Dre’s first shot of spunk shot down Iris’s throat but he managed to pull his entire cock out her mouth so the next blast hit her in the side of the mouth. The third shot landed on her tits, Dre started shaking his cock so the last dregs of his cum were spread over her tits and the top of her slutty outfit.

The sight if Iris’s tits covered in cum sent Stew over the edge and he pulled her hips down as he fired a huge load of spunk as deep in to her cunt as he could. While he was filling her with her second load of cum of the night Frank continued to fuck her arse.

Frank picked her up off Stew’s cock with ease and threw her on to the couch, he rammed his dick back in to her arsehole without even a pause. Frank pinned Iris’s slim body to the couch and started to pound her tiny arse with all of his might. He put his whole weight behind each thrust and got deeper and deeper with each one. Iris’s hole was being stretched wider and wider and she just loved being used as the pathetic sex toy that she always knew she was. Frank, Dre and Stew had completed her cumslut training. With the 10 inch monster currently destroying her arse Iris was in pure fuck heaven.

“Think I can get this little bitch to suck my cock after it has been in her filthy butt?”

“Yeah, do it man.”

Frank pulled his cock out her arse and spun Iris around. She felt the thin material of her thong cover her well used pussy and arse again. She knelt in front of him like the obedient little whore she was.

“Let me suck your cock, Frank. Please.” Iris put on her best little-girl-lost voice as she looked up in to his eyes. This made Frank force his cock in to her mouth, he grabbed her head and rammed it as deep as it would go, right in to her throat. After a few long, deep thrusts Frank was close to cumming so he pulled his now clean cock out of her mouth.

“I’m going to cum all over you, you little bitch. Now wank me off so I can sum on your milky white tits.”

Iris continued to look Frank in the eye as she wanked his slimy cock fast, begging him to cum all over her. She licked his cock and pointed it at her tits as she felt him stiffen. He blasted a massive load of boiling hot spunk on to her tits, he continued to pour cum all over her tits so that it leaked down her cleavage to soak in to her dress. The last blasts shot over the top of her dress, soaking it from inside and out.

Iris finally finished wanking to cum out of Franks cock so she sucked it clean and pulled her mouth off with a pop. After a few moments to catch her breath Iris stood up. She pulled her dress back up over her huge tits and put her hat back on. She stood in front of her three new lovers, covered in their cum, her thighs were sticky as a combination of her own cunt cream and the two loads of cum slowly leaked out through the sheer material of her thong.

“Thanks, guys. I needed that. Now I have a frat party to go to.”

“Hey, lady. You can’t walk in to a frat house like that. They’ll fuck the hell out of you.”

“Oh, I do hope so boys. Do you think I look cheap and slutty enough to get gang raped by a bunch of drunk frat boys?” She winked at the three stunned men, turned on her heel and walked out of the room, swaying her sexy arse as she went.

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