Is It Really Me? Ch. 01

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For several years I’ve been going 3 times a week to a sport facility, exercising for about an hour and then relaxing for few minutes in the jacuzzi or sauna. It helped me look more muscular, lose 10 lb and and make me feel good about myself. I now weigh 165 lb, not bad for a 5’7″, 40 years old guy.

My wife Ann is an avid exerciser too. She takes yoga and Zumba classes every other evening.

At 36 and 5’3″ Ann looks great. She has auburn hair, cute face (that always reminds me of Annette Funicello), flat tummy and 34B/C bust. Her ass is her best asset in my opinion. It sways very sexily when she walks.

I recall the time I courted her. I pretended to be a gentleman. I used to open doors for her and walk behind her just to see her back side. I still do it these days, but now she knows “my secret” and when I do it she juggles her ass even more than usual for my pleasure.

We love each other dearly.

While these days our sexual activity is not as frequent as it used to be 14 years ago, when we married, it’s still very satisfying most of the time.

Returning to the initial paragraph, lately I moved to a closer sport’s facility that had fewer guests during my favorite hours, better equipment and hotter jacuzzi.

One evening last week the facility was mostly empty, probably due to predicted snow in the area. I was tired from the day’s work and decided to exercise less than usual, sit for awhile in the jacuzzi and then relax in the wet sauna.

I exercised on treadmill for 30 minutes and added 20 additional minutes of hands, legs and abdominal routines.

I felt much better following the exercise. The jacuzzi afterwards was great too.

Then I went to the wet sauna. The room was empty and dark. It was warm but not hot enough for me.

I turned the heat up, laid the towel on the upper bench and lied down on it on my back naked.

It was very relaxing and I started to doze off.

I was dreaming about the last time I was in Greece with my wife, having sex on a secluded beach. Bright blue sky, sunny weather and warm sand made both of us very horny. We removed our swimsuit and started kissing and fondling. She pushed me backwards and started sucking my cock. I was having a major hard-on…

I woke up due to sudden burst of vapors gushing in the sauna.

Only then I realized istanbul travesti that on the lower bench there was a guy sitting and watching me intently.

I couldn’t see the details of his face because of the heavy vapors, but I noticed his hand massaging his cock through the towel.

The guy saw me waking up and staring at him, but he continued watching me and playing with his dick.

We were observing each other for a minute or so and then he removed his towel and started going up and down on his exposed tool.

It was much bigger than average, maybe 8″ and very thick. It was much more impressive than my 5.5″.

It was glistening in the foggy air and appeared in full mast.

All this time the guy, who appeared about 35 years old and in good shape, was looking directly at me.

The combination of my erotic dream, dim light in the sauna, and a guy masturbating in front of me, caused my erection to grow even further…

The man smiled at me and said, “I see that you like what I have. Would you like to help me?”

I felt terribly embarrassed, “You put up a fun show, but I am married and of course never did anything like that with another man.”

He smiled mischievously, “You may tell me the truth, but your John seems very interested…”

I’ve never had sexual thoughts about gay sex, but I could not deny that watching him in action was causing me to become somewhat aroused.

I said, ” Look, I am heterosexual and I’d rather have sex with women. In any case, even if I agreed to your offer, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

His smile never left his face.

He continued massaging his cock, ” I have met many straight guys who later found out that they craved a man’s meat. I see that you are still hard. How about you come closer to me and see it better?”

I wasn’t sure about it.

I hesitated for a couple of minutes… Then my curiosity took over. I had nothing to lose… Why not?…

I moved closer to the guy.

As I mentioned before, he was about 35 years, around 6’2″ and 200 lb. He was hairy,had dark complexion and black hair.

He had a magnificent circumcised cock with a large mushroomed head and protruding veins noticed on the throbbing shaft.

In spite of the awkward situation I found myself in, I wasn’t able to take my eyes of it.

I istanbul travestileri was mesmerized by his action for the next 2 minutes, as he was moving his hand slowly along his penis, all that time staring straight into my eyes.

He then took my hand gently, put it on his tool and started moving both palms up and down.

His tool was velvety to the touch, but also hard, thick and long…

It was a weird experience. I was not suffering, but… ashamed.

I tried to remove my hand, but he was stronger than me and didn’t let go.

He said, ” It’s clear that you DO want to touch my cock. You simply are afraid to admit it to yourself. Look, there is nobody around and the thick air does not let others see anything even if they entered the sauna. I really want you to continue playing with my big dick.

I will free your hand now and it’s up to you to do it if YOU want to…”

He removed his hand from mine, leaned backwards against the wall and looked intently at me.

My upper brain told me to stop everything and leave, but I was too aroused and my lower brain took charge.

I continued moving my hand, caressing the mushroomed head.

His smile widened, ” As I said, you definitely like my big cock.”

I didn’t reply. I was embarrassed and horny at the same time.

All this time I gazed and touched his magnificent tool, my erection never subsided.

My mouth felt dry and I swallowed.

He smiled at me, “That’s OK buddy. I know that deep down you want to feel it in your mouth. Go ahead and lick it!”

I was still very confused.

I knew I shouldn’t do it, but I really wanted to taste his amazing cock with my lips…

Seconds later I bent down on him and licked the large head. It felt soft and spongy.

I continued licking my way toward the base and his hairy balls.

Then I opened my mouth and for the first time tasted how it was to feel a man’s dick in my mouth.

It was big and smooth.

It took me several minutes to get used to his sizeable girth. Slowly I let it penetrate deeper toward my throat.

I tried to remember Ann’s BJ technique, that I loved so much to watch and feel…

Then I began up-and-down motion while sucking him using my lips and tongue.

He was growing further in my mouth.

He started moaning and travesti istanbul moving his pelvis to meet my mouth every time my head was going down.

He was obviously enjoying it. Few drops of precum landed on my tongue. Only mildly salty.

I tried to take more and more of his organ in my mouth. I gagged several times and it took me about 10 minutes to be able to reach with my lips the hairy part of the base of his cock.

At times it felt like his organ was invading too much and choking my throat, but I loved to know that I was successful taking all of it in and how good I made him feel.

Suddenly and without warning, his hands were above my head keeping my mouth wrapped around the base of his raging pole and it erupted inside my throat. I was literally choking. I tried to move away, but he was stronger and kept flooding my mouth with his seed.

His jizz was warm, oily and slightly bitter. Even though I wasn’t ready for him to come when it happened and I was gagging, it wasn’t really a very bad experience.

I was swallowing as much as I could, but about half of it spilled over.

Once his cock started shrinking, he released my head and sat up and smiled at me.

He scooped the spilled over come from the bench and put it in my mouth.

I initially hesitated, but then swallowed it all and smiled back.

“I like you,” he said, “I am usually here on every Monday and Thursday evening between 8 and 9. I’d like to see you again.” And then he left.

I stayed in the sauna a little bit longer, trying to understand what really happened.

A guy I have never met before – I didn’t even know his name – made me suck his cock and swallow his cum.

I was very baffled…

The strange thing was, that my dick was still erect and I was EXTREMELY horny…

I hurried back home and found my wife watching TV.

I said to her, “Honey, the exercise made me think how much I love you. You look so sexy now. Come to bed.”

I was fucking her harder than any other time in the past while thinking about the guy’s gorgeous tool and came within 5 minutes.

I doubt that Ann reached an orgasm, but I was too aroused to be able to stop and wait for her.

She just stared at me for a couple of seconds but said nothing.

Short time later my wife fell asleep.

I couldn’t.

I was thinking about ‘my new friend’ and the new experience. My spent cock started to rise again…

Yes, next Monday I’ll be there again.

With these thoughts I fell asleep, dreaming about a handsome guy smiling at me and pointing to his cock.

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