Is this the traditional dance?

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Hawaii seemed the best place to take your vacation. Alone, you figured a beach vacation for the best place to pick up women. The hotel you found yourself at was nice, a tall modern structure right on the beach…and your second night here you’ve wandered through the lobby and found a gathering. Bachelor party, and big one. One more face swept up into the festivities goes unnoticed and you follow the crowd out to the beach.

Long logs sit on the sand lined up in front of a raised platform of a stage. Once a week they hold a luau, but that’s on Sunday and this is Friday night. The stage is empty, the drums beside it are abandoned, unlit torches lay dormant on either side of the T shaped stage. Several kegs of beer in basins of ice sit at the ready and the guests make their way there first. Twenty, thirty minutes pass and as the sun begins to dip low on the horizon, several people make their way to the stage. Two men in traditional dress take positions by the stage, another seems to be hanging out for technical issues, and a dark Hawaiian beauty walks with them.

She is simply breathtaking. Her hair is long and dark, curling in gentle flowing waves that tangle lightly to low points on her back. Her skin is healthy and glowing, a warm brown that speaks of hours in the sun, enjoying her caress. Her large, thickly-lashed, dark brown eyes draw your attention with a mischievous twinkle. She is dressed for a hula, wearing a long grass skirt from a ‘waistband’ ringed with delicate petaled pink flowers. Her ‘bra’ consists of two big sea shells and some twine. She has a matching lei around her neck and a flower in her hair. She is comely and curvaceous, her physique is both round and firm in the most pleasing of ways. She stands there in the front center of the stage in position, awaiting the beginning of the music.

Drums begin to play and you move quickly for a front log. This isn’t your party, you weren’t even invited technically…but like a moth to a flame you are drawn in and take up the front and center position. The guests all file in and sit down, the drumming picks up to a rapid rate she begins to dance. She shakes her hips, fast … fast so that everything on her body bounces and jiggles.

Bum bapa bum bapa bum bapa bum bum bum bum. The drums pound out a primal rhythm and with a lusty grace she moves.

Bum bapa bum bapa bum. She spins around and bends forward, bends over. This is nothing like a traditional hula. She begins to move instinctively. The grass strands part and twin bare cheeks can be seen through the veil of dried strands. No panties under that grass skirt. She shakes and shimmies, grass starting to fall from the band on her hips as she straightens and arches her back the other way, flexing and rolling her tummy as one graceful leg parts the curtain of grass again. Around her little ankle a cuff of pink flowers is woven.

Graceful arms stretch toward the sky, fingers flexing and Antalya Escort hands rolling expressively. Her busty silhouette is outlined against the purple sunset behind her. Just as the sky darkens and makes seeing the details of her exquisite frame difficult, fires erupt from two torches on either side of her and she reaches behind to fall into a back bend. The grass falls down between her legs to conceal her sex, but the strong and round thighs are bared from the draping blades. Beneath, the firm curve of her butt is bunched slightly up, seeming rounder still from the impossible bend. Her hair drags the ground….the flower falls out. Suddenly she twists and ends up on her hands and knees. Her back arches and snaps repeatedly with the beat, bucking like some little wild animal as she makes her way back to her feet.

The slender twine that holds the bra in place snaps and the sea shells thunk against the hard floor of the stage. Full round breasts are free now, the pink lei drapes between the warm brown bouncing breasts. Completely uninhibited, she continues her primal dance, her hair flying, her breasts bouncing…and a delicate sheen of sweat beginning to glisten off her exotic form under the light of the fires on either side of her.

She steps to the side and bends, her ass thrusting out behind her as her heels begin to beat a fast ‘running’ rhythm on the ground, causing more of the grass to fall out in the back. It slides slowly over the round swells of jiggling flesh. Her hands stretch out behind her, shoulders moving with the beat so that her whole body writhes to the drums.

Suddenly arching up again, her arms swipe through the grass, catching the long blades on the backs of her arms as they rotate up toward the sky. Her long black locks are caught by her sweeping arms as well and grass and hair flies in a sweeping flurry of motion. She shakes her head and the hair settles against her back again, but the grass just floats to the ground. Now so much of it is gone that at all times, glimpses of her tender flesh can be seen through the sparse veil.

She lifts her hands to her breasts and cups them, lifting the soft glistening swells and massaging them against her chest as her hips begin to shake again. At this point, the grass is held so loosely by the band of flowers that it rattles loose and has all fallen out in a matter of seconds. Now she stands, completely bare save for the lei bouncing above her breasts, the strip of pink blossoms draped across her round and writhing hips, and the little pink cuffs around each ankle. Her sex is completely devoid of hair…and aroused by her own dance, the lips are swollen and ruddy.

Her feet continue to pound on the wooden floor, hips swaying and shaking in an enticing rhythm. Her hands release her breasts and they bounce enthusiastically, nipples hard and erect from her proud chest. She presses her palms to her ribs, cupping the undersides Antalya Escort Bayan of her breasts at first and then pressing down slowly as she continues to sway and dance. Her soulful and lusty eyes lock onto yours, forgetting the rest in the crowd as she focuses on you. She does think that you are the bachelor, front and center like that.

Her slender little fingers slip under the belt and strain it down over the gently rounded tummy, stressing the fragile band. The drums slow and she begins to dance slower, her mouth open and panting, wanton. She grasps the slender vine of her belt between her fingers and breaks it, turning as she does so you can see it float down over the curve of her ass. She slows her hips to an almost stop, moving so slowly now as she slides her right hand back around so that she holds the vine like a tail at the base of her spine, allowing it to run down the crack of her ass. She shakes hard once to the right, the cheeks opening and closing as they jiggle hard. She looks over her shoulder and meets your eyes again, staying twisted to maintain eye contact with you as she slowly bends over. Her legs are wide apart and her tiny backdoor pucker and her sex are easily visible behind the pink flowers.

She slides her hand up her back so that the petals brush softly over her tender places as more and more fluid gathers between her soft labia. The petals brush over her own pink petals, dampening from the fluid gathering at her entrance. She holds your eye contact, staying spread open. She slides her hands along the little vine, grasping it with one hand and sliding her hand to the very end again. She makes a show of it though, moving her hips in distracting circles as she straightens again and turns to look over her shoulder. She extends one hand and points at you, hand rolling and finger crooking to beckon you forward. She’s picked you. You get to play with her.

She waits on the elevated platform until you’re up near her. The beach is not a place for much clothing, so the swimming trunks you wear do not hide the raging erection that her sexy dancing has caused. She grasps your hands and guides them around her slick body to rub her tummy as she turns and turns you with her so that you and she stand sideways to the crowd. She arches again and rubs her round ass against your bulging cock, the thin material of your trunks letting your erection stand out prominently so as she bobs and lowers her ass, your cock strokes down and over her anus repeatedly. As she does this, she presses the little vine into your right hand, encouraging your fingers to grasp the end of it.

As you take the end in your fingers, she straightens and flattens against your chest, her silky hair rubbing over your flesh. She twists her head around and whispers to you of how beautiful and hard your cock feels against her ass. And then she falls forward and holds her ass high in the air, supporting Escort Antalya herself on one hand, her long legs stretched behind her. Reaching behind, she grasps your hand with the vine and guides it to her ass, the cheeks parted and the little pink bud begging to be entered. Careful to make your participation in the show easy, she gracefully slips the end of the vine over your index finger and holds it there while bringing your hand forward. The tip of the viney finger touches the hot pink flesh and she strokes it down and up again on her crack.

You know what she’s going to do. Maybe she’s a prostitute, though it’s hard to believe that from the energy and vigor for her performance. All you can tell for sure is she wants you to violate her. She grasps your hand firmer when your finger brushes over her pucker, and brings it sharply forward so that it shoves right up her little ass. The vine goes in as well, of course. It’s hot and tight in there, and she gives a strangled little cry that is as much pleasure as pain….squeezing down so that as she draws your finger out of her ass again, the pink flowered vine stays lewdly in, like a little tail.

This beach where stripping and lewd acts are watched by so many. From the crowd are several loud groans as she spins, holding her ass cheeks apart so that everyone can see the little vine that your finger shoved up her ass. So dirty. So sexy. It’s almost art…

Keeping it inside, she turns back to you and grasps the other end. She bends over and slips it through her beautiful legs and brings it back up again, presenting you with the other end. This time, no encouragement is needed. You take the end and slip it over the end of your finger to push it slowly up her ass with the first, giving a good slow sawing in and out so that it’s well seated, her asshole starting to soften and open from the little fingering.

While your finger is sliding in and out of her, she reaches back and rubs your hips. Just as your finger slides out, she grasps the material of your shorts and pulls down sharply so that your cock bobs free. Before you can protest too much, she steps back and impales her hot pussy on your rock hard shaft. The head pops into her tight hole. She squeezes hard as she steps back once more and her little bum smashes against your hips as your cock is buried the rest of the way inside her.

And wantonly she begins to rotate and lift her hips, fucking herself so that all you have to do is stand there and watch your cock slide in and out of her pussy…all while her little stuffed asshole winks at you. But it’s all too much sensation, too much pleasure, too much buildup and you begin to thrust, grabbing her hips and holding on for the ride. This is unexpected. She was in control and as soon as you begin to fuck her vigorously, she tries to step away. Your hands are like steel on her hips and she’s caught, it’s only seconds from your own release and you hold her for long enough to deposit your seed, erupting with one final hard thrust deep within her velvety confines. She groans and staggers forward as you release her, looking back briefly as she trots off the stage and to the waiting robe held for her. And then she’s gone…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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