It Happened In Khatmandu Ch. 01

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Miss Z, a fan of mine wrote:

I quote, “Saheb Ji, you are discriminating against Muslim girls’ .They also deserve a good fucking…. We (Miss Z and her two friends, Miss R and Miss F) also appeal to you write a story involving three of us. Our fantasies are Hindu guys fucking us with their mighty lunds (cocks) and then exchanging partners.”

I have written this story keeping their fantasy in mind.

Saheb Sahebji

Monday, 15th July (Present):

It was the monsoon season but we had had no rain. Since a week the weatherman, in his daily forecast in newspapers, has been promising rain. Even the weather forecast for today read “Wide spread thunder showers”. The summer had been long and very hot. Even the air conditioners could not cope with the heat.

In the afternoon, I was in my office working, sweating and cursing the heat. Then suddenly black clouds appeared from nowhere. It became dark and with a loud clap of thunder the skies opened up. It had started to rain heavily. I heaved a sigh of relief. I went to the window and looked out. Thank God, for once the weatherman was right.

I saw that those lucky ones, who had put their faith in the weatherman, opened their umbrellas and went about their business but the non-believers, like me, scurried for cover. The street urchins were having a gala time, dancing and laughing in the rain.

I opened the window to let the cool breeze in. The work could wait. It was time to take a break. I made a cup of coffee and carried it to my desk. Then lighting a cigarette, I slowly sipped the brew. As I drank the coffee I poked around in the drawers of my desk. I spotted a dairy with a very colorful jacket. Whose diary could it be? I opened it. The first page read:

Dearest Saheb,

Thank you for making our holiday in Nepal a memorable one.

I am leaving this dairy with you to remind you of your promise to write about all that happened in Kathmandu.

With hugs and tons of kisses xxxxxxxxx,

Lovingly yours,


She was right. I had promised to write about it. When I returned from Kathmandu so much work had piled up that I decided to write the story later. Later it had completely slipped my mind.

I flicked through the pages of the diary and the memories of the wonderful holiday flooded my mind……

Thursday, 10th May, (several years ago):

It was very hot. It was only the beginning of May. The day temperatures were around forty-five degrees Celsius. The schools had closed a fortnight earlier for the summer vacations because of the heat.

My wife had taken the children to spend their vacations with her parents. I was alone. There was no relief from the heat. I looked at the weather forecast, 44.6 degrees, promising another scorcher. It was 11 a.m. and I was still in the cool comfort of my bedroom. The telephone rang. It was my wife.

‘Saheb, are you all right?’ she asked.

‘Yes, why?’ I replied.

‘I rang up the office. You were not there. What are you doing at home at this hour?’ she asked.

‘It is very hot outside. I don’t have the strength to go out,’ I replied.

‘You poor dear, I feel sorry for you. I know that you don’t tolerate the heat well,’ she said.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll survive. This heat can’t last long,’ I replied.

‘I would have suggested that you join us but it is miserably hot here also,’ she said, ‘I have an idea. Why don’t you go to Khatmandu? You have been working very hard recently. You can relax and also escape the heat.’

‘Why Khatmandu?’ I said.

‘Remember Mr. Rana? He was so happy with your work that he had invited you to Nepal. The weather in Kathmandu will suit you,’ she said.

She was right. I had worked on the interiors of Mr. Rana’s hotel “The Himalayan Retreat”, a five star hotel. In appreciation of my work he had invited my family and me for a holiday to Kathmandu.

‘Yes, I remember but that was several years ago. He must have forgotten his invitation by now,’ I replied.

‘No harm in trying is there?’ she chuckled.

‘Okay but a holiday without you is no fun,’ I said.

‘Don’t worry, you will find someone to keep you company, you always do,’ she giggled, ‘Here talk to the children. They are missing you a lot.’

‘And what about you?’ I asked.

‘Me too, specially your…’ she giggled

I had been to Nepal on several occasions but always for business only, never on a holiday. I decided to go and sent a fax to Mr. Rana. It read:

“Attention Mr. Sher Singh Rana, Managing Director.

Sir, I am thinking of coming to Kathmandu for a holiday this month and would like to pay my respects to you. Hope you’ll be in town?

Saheb Sahebji”

Within an hour I received a reply.

“Attention Saheb Sahebji.

Sahebji, welcome to Kathmandu. I have not forgotten my promise. You will be my guest at ‘The Himalayan Retreat’. I will arrange transportation, sightseeing etc.

Send me your arrival details as early as possible.

Sher Singh Rana

P.S. istanbul escort It will be a pleasure to meet you again. I am in town for the whole month of May.

On receipt of the reply I purchased my air ticket and shot back a reply giving my itinerary.

Wednesday, 17th May:

On arrival in Kathmandu, a car was waiting for me to take me to the hotel.

“The Himalayan Retreat”was situated outside the city of Kathmandu. It was built on a twenty-acre plot. The main building, a ten-story structure, was situated in the west and the rest of the plot was covered with exotic fauna and flora with pathways running through it. A paradise for nature lovers and exercise freaks.

As I got out of the car a short plump gentleman, who was waiting in the doorway, approached me.

‘Sir, welcome to Kathmandu,’ he said, ‘my name is Mahendra Thapa. I am the General Manager of “The Himalayan Retreat”. Mr. Rana is waiting for you. Please follow me.’

Mr. Thapa led me to the office of Mr. Rana. Mr. Rana’s office was very large. On one side was his desk and on the other side a comfortable sofa set. The floor was covered with a plush blood red persian carpet and beautiful paintings adorned the walls.

Mr. Rana got up to greet me. ‘Welcome to “The Himalayan Retreat”,’ he said, ‘Sahebji, how are you? Where is your family?’

‘They couldn’t come,’ I replied.

‘Come Sahebji, sit down. What would you like to have? Tea, coffee or a glass of beer,’ he said as we sat down.

‘A cup of coffee would be fine,’ I replied.

‘Thapa, order three coffees and some biscuits,’ Mr. Rana said.

We talked for about half an hour. ‘You are a very busy man I shouldn’t take more of your time,’ I said getting up.

‘Not at all, it was a pleasure to see you again. If you have a problem ask Thapa and if can’t solve it then come to me,’ Mr. Rana said smiling, ‘Thapa, show Sahebji his accommodation. I hope you’ll like it.’

Mr. Thapa led me the Himalayan Suite on the tenth floor. ‘Mr. Rana has reserved the Himalayan Suite for you and your family,’ Mr. Thapa said.

‘Thank you, but as my family couldn’t come, an ordinary single room would do,’ I said.

‘Sorry sir, this is the only accommodation available at the moment. I’ll tell the bell boy to bring your luggage. Sir, if you want to go to the city then there is free transport available for the guests of the hotel. The bus leaves every thirty minutes from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The last bus for the hotel leaves town at 10.30 p. m,’ Mr. Thapa said, leaving me the lap of luxury.

The suite consisted of three large rooms, a large sitting room cum dining room in the center flanked by two large bedrooms with attached bathrooms. All the rooms were luxuriously furnished.

After freshening up I went down to the lobby to purchase cigarettes. I was looking around for a stall selling cigarettes when I bumped into someone. ‘Sorry,’ I said mechanically.

Turning around I saw a young girl sprawled on the floor with four or five packages scattered around her. ‘I am very sorry, miss,’ I said, trying to help her on her feet.

‘Don’t touch me,’ she said, seething with anger, ‘Are you blind? Can’t you see where you are going?’

‘I am very sorry. I did not run into you purposely,’ I said, picking up her parcels.

‘Sorry is a magic word. First, you commit a mistake then you say the magic word “sorry” and expect everything is forgiven,’ she said sarcastically getting to her feet, ‘who will pay for the breakage. There is expensive crystal in the packages.’

‘Don’t worry, just tell me the amount and I’ll pay,’ I said handing her the packages.

‘Don’t worry I’ll pay,’ she mimicked, ‘Everyone says so but when the time comes to pay they start making excuses.’

‘Miss, I am also staying in the hotel. My name is Sahebji,’ I said, ‘Just inform the reception or me of the amount to be paid.’

‘WHAT DID YOU SAY?’ she said loudly.

‘No need to create a scene,’ I said, ‘I have already agreed to pay for anything that is damaged.’

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout,’ she said, ‘what did you say earlier?’

‘I said that I am staying….’ I started to say when she interrupted me.

‘No, no what did you say your name was,’ she asked excitedly.

‘Oh my name, it is Sahebji, why?’ I said.

‘Is it Saheb Sahebji?’ she asked, holding her breath.

‘Yes, Saheb is my first name,’ I replied.

‘Hai Allah! (Oh my God!),’ she said, dropping the parcels all over again.

‘Let me help you, miss,’ I said.

‘Don’t bother. Listen, I am very sorry for being so rude to you before. It was my fault. Because of the packages I was not able to see where I was going,’ she said.

‘That is all right. No harm done. Let me help you,’ I said.

‘Let them lie. I am a great fan of your. Your stories are so sexy and exciting,’ she said, ‘If you have the time then I’d like to talk to you for ten minutes. Please, don’t say disappoint me,’ she begged.

‘Of course, let us go to the coffee shop,’ şişli escort I suggested.

‘You go ahead. I’ll put these packets in my room and join you,’ she said.

I went into the coffee shop and took a table facing the entrance. To my surprise she came in after two minutes and stood at the entrance trying to locate me. I raised my hand to show where I was. Spotting my hand she smiled and walked towards me.

She was in her late teen. She was not a beauty but had regular features. She was from a well to do family because the smart beige salwar kameez (a ladies dress from the Punjab) looked very expensive. She was tall and slim. The only drawback I could see was the size of her boobs. They were too small for her body.

‘May I sit down?’ she asked smiling. She had a nice smile too.

‘Sure, that was a quick trip to your room,’ I said getting up.

‘I was too excited to go up to my room. So I dumped the packages on the reception counter and came,’ she said.

‘What did you want to talk to me about?’ I asked.

‘Sir, I don’t know where to begin. I am so excited. Imagine meeting you here. I am a great fan of yours. When I tell my friends back home that I met the great Saheb Sahebji in Kathmandu then they’d just flip over… My favorite story is Razia, the horny divorcee… Shabnam’s character is sooo hot… Many times I dream that you are defl…..,’ she stopped and blushing sweetly… moved to another story.’

She went on talking excitedly for ten minutes or so. When she stopped to take a deep breath, I said, ‘Your coffee is getting cold.’

‘What! Oh yes coffee,’ she murmured taking a sip.

Then she started on another monologue. I heard her out patiently. ‘Sir, may I ask you a question? I hope you won’t mind,’ she said.

‘Sure, but don’t call me “sir”. Address me by my name “Saheb” or “Sahebji”,’ I replied.

‘Thank you, Sahebji. Why don’t you write more stories?’ she asked.

‘What is your name?’ I asked.

‘Sorry, how rude of me, my name is Shazia,’ she replied.

‘Shazia, writing is my hobby not my profession. I am a commercial artist. I write only when I have spare time,’ I replied, ‘enough talk about me. Tell me something about yourself.’

‘My name is Shazia. I am 19 and a big fan of yours. I am here on a holiday,’ she said rattling off the essential data about herself.

‘You are very young to be traveling alone in a foreign country,’ I replied, ‘I am surprised that your parents let such a pretty girl like you to travel alone.’

She blushed and said, ‘I am not alone. We are four of us, my khala (aunt, mother’s sister), Nusrat, my cousin and her friend, Saira.’

‘Your parents let you travel without a male escort,’ I asked teasingly with a twinkle in my eyes.

‘They didn’t want to but had no choice,’ she giggled.

‘Sounds interesting, tell me,’ I said.

‘I won a trip for a family of four in a competition. Nusrat, Saira and I wanted to come but our parents said no. Our parents were too busy accompany us. My elder brother was in abroad and Salim, Nusrat’s elder brother had exams,’ she said.

‘Then what happened?’ I asked.

‘We told our problem to khala, who lived nearby. She fought with ammi and abba. After a long discussion it was decided we could go provided khala accompanied us. We persuaded khala to come and we are here,’ she said.

‘This accounts for three of you. What about Saira?’ I asked.

‘When Saira’s parents heard that khala was accompanying us then they also allowed her to join us,’ she said.

We talked for some more time and at 1 p.m. I excused myself as I planned to go into town.

‘I’ll see you later. I am on the tenth floor in the Himalayan Suite,’ I said bidding good bye. ‘

‘WOW! You are able to afford the best suite in the hotel. I didn’t know that commercial art paid so well,’ she said.

‘It doesn’t. I am a guest of the management,’ I chuckled, waving goodbye.


Note: I have reproduced only those portions of Shazia’s diary, which are relevant to “what happened” in Khatmandu. Shazia had written a lot more, describing the places they visited and about the beauty of the Himalayan State. Saheb Sahebji

Dearest Diary,

I am so excited. I couldn’t wait till night. I had to tell someone.

Can you guess whom I met today? You’ll never be able to guess…. I’ll give a hint. He writes stories…. Yes, it was HIM, my favorite author, Saheb Sahebji. When I tell Abida and others that I met Sahebji in Kathmandu then they will die with envy.

Imagine meeting Mr. Saheb Sahebji here in Kathmandu. He is sooo handsome. He is tall slim and well built. I was so excited that my bur (cunt) started leaking. We talked for hours…

Shut up. Must you bring that up? Sorry for scolding you, darling. Thanks for reminding me. I hadn’t thought of it. You are right; if a man, who writes such hot and sexy stories then he must be an expert lover?

Oh how I wish he would try to seduce me. You think mecidiyeköy escort he’ll try. What if he doesn’t try? Then I’ll go to his room, no his suite, and say, “Saheb darling, fuck me.”

Yes, he told me to call him by his name.

Enough for now, I have some serious thinking to do. Bye, dear Dairy. I’ll see you at bed time.

Wednesday, 17th MAY:

I went to town and strolled around returning to the hotel at about 10 p.m. and went to the dining room for dinner. As the waiter served the soup I noticed Shazia and her party leaving.

We waved to each other. I was a bit puzzled. I remembered distinctly that she had said her khala, her cousin and her friend but I saw four pretty ladies leave. I mulled over it for a few minutes then shrugged and forgot the whole thing.


Dear Dairy,

It was very funny. When Sahebji waved back to me all three asked me, ‘Shazia, who was that handsome man?’

‘Oh, just a man I met in the morning,’ I said.

I was not going to tell them who he was or his name. What do you take me for, an idiot?

I’ve decided on plan “B”. What is plan “B”? No, I’ll not going to tell you now but later if it works. Good night, darling, sweet dreams.

Thursday, 18th MAY:

Trrriiinnng, the doorbell rang. I looked at my watch. God, it was six in the morning. ‘Go away,’ I murmured and turned over and went to sleep.

Trriinnng trinnnng the bell rang again. Who can that be at this unearthly hour? Maybe it is a man from the room service and he has brought bed tea for me…but I didn’t order it…maybe Mr. Thapa did.

Reluctantly I got up and as I was walking towards the door the bell rang again. This time more persistently. ‘I am coming, have patience I am coming,’ I murmured tying the knot of my dressing gown.

When I opened the door I was shocked to see Shazia, in her jogging suit, standing with a big smile plastered on her face. ‘Good morning,’ she said cheerfully.

‘Good morning to you,’ I replied yawning, ‘what the hell are you doing here at this hour of the morning?’

‘May I come in or you want me to announce to everyone the purpose of my visit,’ she said brightly.

‘Sorry, Shazia, please come in. Now tell me,’ I said letting her in and closing the door behind her.

‘My name is Shabnam,’ she said, falling in my arms. I was wide awake now.

‘You are a cruel man. I went away for few days and you have all ready forgotten me. Who is this Shazia? she said.

‘A naughty girl on a holiday here,’ I chuckled.

‘If I had been Shabnam then you would have taken me in your arms and kissed me tenderly,’ she said pouting her lips.

‘You mean like this?’ I said, taking her in my arms and kissing her, tenderly at first then passionately.

‘Oh Sahebji,’ she panted, clinging to me, ‘treat me like you treated Shabnam. Take me to your bed and make wild love to me.’

‘Shazia, my dear, to treat you like Shabnam I’ll have to fuck your mother first,’ I said, getting into the spirit of her game.

‘Fuck her too if you want to… oh… oh… there is a problem. She is not in Kathmandu. Your cock is big but not long enough to reach my home,’ she giggled taking my erect cock in her hand and added,’ I know what you can do. You can fuck my khala, her younger sister, instead. She is here and available. This is best offer I can think off right now.’

‘We’ll see,’ I laughed, carrying her to the bedroom. We lay down on my bed kissing each other. While kissing I undressed her. I was surprised that she was not wearing anything underneath the tracksuit. She was suitably undressed for the occasion.

I kissed her and ran my finger between her between cunt lips. I then transferred my attention to her beautiful milky boobs but kept running my fingers between her cunt lips. I kissed them and sucked the nipples.

‘Oh Sahebji,’ she moaned as I worked my way down to her clean shaven choot (cunt), stopping on the way to stick my tongue in her navel and rotate it. She was moaning loudly.

I reached her cunt and separating her lower lips started to run my tongue up and down between them paying special attention to her swollen clit. Her moans became louder. I continued. Soon she raised her bottom pressing her choot (cunt) to my lips.

‘OH SAHEBJI, PLEASE STOP. I AM ABOUT TO CUM,’ she yelled. Instead of stopping I took her swollen clit in between my lips and pressed it.

‘HAI ALLAH, MERI CHOOT JHARD GAYI (OH GOD, I HAVE CUM),’ she shouted and fell back on the bed filling my mouth with the flow of her love juices.

‘Oh Sahebji, ab mujhe chodo (Oh Sahebji, fuck me now),’ she said gasping for breath.

I pulled myself on top of her and kissed her while moving my lund (cock) with my hand between her now very wet cunt lips. I kept kissing her and rubbing my cock on her cunt and pressing her clit with it. Suddenly she grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers and bucked her bottoms from under.

I placed my cock on the entrance of her fuck hole and pressed it into her choot slowly, waiting for her virginal sentinel to stop my progress. To my surprise there was no hymen to deal with and whole of my cock slid inside her wet fuck tube.

‘She is not a virgin,’ I thought.

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