It Started as a Date Ch. 01

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Her black hair draped across her cheek as she leaned forward. Each time she shifted closer, something seemed on the verge of happening. I could smell her, or at least I thought I did. It made me breathe deeply. Despite myself, I wanted to be grab her and tell her to be with me all in one confusing moment. I wanted to smell her again but couldn’t find the scent of flowers warmed by body heat. The absence sent me back. A little saddened, I tried to continue to the conversation, but she had moved across the room.

Refusing to feel angry, I asked to see her again. I shaved. Cologne peppered my neck. The walk to the restaurant gave me enough time to work myself up into an invincible beast. Standing at the corner, I didn’t expect to see her there. She smiled and I melted. “Stay cool,” I said to myself.

We found our way to the patio of the restaurant. She told me funny things, and I tried to put her in place. Her words were so deft that she would slip out of my hands when I was about to announce to myself, Antalya Escort “I won.” And then she would coordinate her body along with her speech in such a charming way. Never mind, and continue the pursuit. Joking about her chances to work where she wanted, I suggested that she try her hand at bar tending. At last she faltered. Interestingly, I felt discomfort looming in the back of my mind at her dismay. “Fight through it,” I cheered from a different part of my mind.

“You’d make a great bar tender since you’d lay off the product,” I said in attempt to change the conversation’s tone without letting her off the hook. She needs to earn it.

She dipped her head and looked tenderly upwards at me. “You’re right.”

And it was as if she wanted me to hold her pinned underneath me. The rest of the meal was a blur. I couldn’t think straight. She enchanted our walk to the Starbucks. Maybe some coffee would clear my mind. Instead of ordering anything, she stood behind me and held me gently. I was surprised Antalya Escort Bayan that things moved so smoothly. If she looked down at any moment, I’d have to excuse my arousal.

At my place, we barely sat down when she lunged in for a kiss. I was only 5 years older, but I could tell she was young and impulsive for her age. Bracing myself for awkward sex with an attractive woman I was fond of, I was excited. These feelings I was having weren’t something I knew. It was new territory and I needed to be in control.

Then it happened. She unzipped my jeans and opened her glistening mouth. As the perfect O-shape slid down her tongue undulated. Drawing up her head, she wet her hand with spit. Wrapping her small fingers around me, she stroked softly upwards before licking the head with her pretty tongue. Cupping her hand still on my dick to her mouth, she moved up and down. Her fingers would slip over my dick followed by her warm, wet mouth. I don’t climax this way, but it seemed that I might. I also wanted Escort Antalya to penetrate her.

We moved to my bed and she quickly discarded her clothes. She seemed to be such a good girl just 30 minutes ago. Rubbing her legs together in anticipation of me, she opened her arms as I fell into her. I hesitated as I attempted to pull off a daring move. Rubbing the head up and down the slit of her cunt, I told myself she was lucky to have me. I would blow her mind. Next thing I know, I hear her ask in a plaintive tone, “are you wearing a condom?”

I couldn’t lie because she’d find out so easily. Her head tilted to the side.

“Why so glum, chum?” Yeah, I tried to be cute. Better than ruining promising sex with someone who proved her skill not 5 minutes ago.

“Get inside me.”

Then I understood. I lost some respect for her at that moment. She was nothing but a dumb whore who would let me fuck her bareback. She wouldn’t get my cum though, because I wasn’t going to be an idiot straddled with child support on half my pay check each month. I worked hard to get where I was and all she’s done her entire life is be pretty. There are plenty of other chicks who need my cock and I wouldn’t be tied down. She’ll do for now though. Slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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