It’s Just Not Your Day

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It’s Just Not Your Day

I heard my sister calling for me. Now she had never wanted me before. In fact she constantly threatens me with bodily harm if I even come near her. She has slapped my face, punched my arms, and once the bitch even kicked me in the balls. Needless to say I did not go to her.

I tried to tune out her cries for help, but after about a half an hour I finally went to her bedroom and knocked.

Her reply was, “Get your fucking ass in here and help me! NOW, you little shit.”

I went back to my bedroom and turned my music up.

I was still mad at Jessica for earlier that day. You see she had invited two of her girlfriends over and then three boys. She knew better. Whenever our parents went off for a weekend we were to obey certain rules. For Jessica that meant no more than one girlfriend over, no boys what so ever, and no parties.

Basically she had violated all of those rules. Then to compound it further she had threatened to kick my nuts up into my throat causing me to suffocate and die a horrible death.

Another half-hour had gone by and again I was standing in front of my sister’s door knocking.

Jessica softly said, “I’m so glad you came back. I really need your help. Please come in.”

I wondered who that girl was and what she had done to my sister. I liked this girl much better than the old one.

I kocaeli escort bayan opened the door. Her room was dark so I snapped on the light. There on the bed was my sister, she was naked, and she was tied up.

She was folded in half like a jackknife. Her hands were spread out to the sides of her bed and a rope was tied around both of her wrists from underneath her mattress. She was on her back with her head up to the headboard and with her feet up around her ears. Her ankles were tied to the headboard. In that position I could see her breasts, her pussy, and her asshole. It looked as if both of those holes had been used. I had certainly jerked off enough to know what cum looked like.

I asked, “What happened to you?”

Jessica said, “Donna and Laurie tricked me into getting undressed under the covers. Todd sat on my stomach and Billy and Dick tied my hands. The covers came off and my feet got tied over my head.”

“The girls gagged me and spanked my ass. They said that I had spread rumors about them getting gang banged. But I didn’t, it was Sally.”

“Then Todd, Billy, and Dick fucked me. They all fucked my pussy, then my asshole, and then back in my pussy again.”

“When they couldn’t get it up again they got dressed, removed my gag, and left me like this.”

I smiled and said, “It’s just not your day.”

Jessica’s eyes got bigger as I undressed. She was fifteen years old kocaeli sınırsız escort and the most popular girl in our school. I on the other hand was just her fourteen-year-old virgin brother.

She said, “Oh God, your cock is bigger than any cock that I’ve had in me so far. Who would have thought.”

Then for some strange reason I asked, “Will you be mad at me if I fuck you?”

Jessica said, “No! I don’t think so.”

I started to untie her when she said, “Leave me tied up. That way I can’t object to anything that you want to do to me.”

I got right up to her bare ass and aimed my cock at her pussy hole then at the last minute I poked it into her asshole. Jessica flinched but smiled at me.

Then she giggled and said, “My baby brother lost his virginity in my ass.”

I jammed it all the way into her and then I started gyrating it in a circular fashion as I forced it in and out of her rectum. In no time I was cumming in her ass.

It didn’t go soft so I thrust it into her pussy.

She smiled and said, “Oh that’s nice. I’ll let you fuck me anytime…especially in my pussy like this. In this position I can feel you poking against my uterus and sending wonderful feelings through my body.”

I took that as the go ahead to really thrust into her. I slammed her hard and often. If I could have gotten another quarter of an inch into her, I would have. izmit anal yapan escort Soon I was filling her second hole with my cum.

Before I untied her I made her promise to let me fuck her as often as I wanted too. Too ensure that she would not go back on her word I recorded her telling me about that night in detail, about the three boys fucking her repeatedly, the girls spanking her, and her letting me fuck her. And letting me fuck her as often as I wanted too.

With the camera still recording I untied her and had her suck my cock until I shot my wad into her mouth. She swallowed then got closer to the camera and said, “My brother can fuck me anytime he wants too for the rest of my life.”

I turned the camera off and then we took a shower together.

The rest of that weekend was full of nudity and sex. In fact I was pulling my cock out of my sister’s pussy when Mom called up the stairs to tell us that they were home.

As I crossed the hall to my own room Mom came up and saw me. I was naked and my limp dick was swinging nicely. Mom just smiled at me.

When I stepped into my bedroom Mom whispered, “So…did you manage to fuck the little slut?”

I replied, “Yes. I lost my virginity in her ass and she will let me fuck her anytime that I want too.”

Mom giggled and said, “Then we should take you both with us the next time. Your father and I are swingers. How do feel about fucking a lot of ladies my age?”

I asked, “Does that include you Mom?”

She stepped inside my bedroom and closed the door behind her. Then she started undressing.

The End
It’s Just Not Your Day

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