It’s One Big Party

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This is a follow up to Our Big Boy Toy


When Lance called and asked if Elaine and I would be up for a party with some friends of his we didn’t have to think it over.

Bradley and Jodie make for a unique couple, both about 40 he’s an average sized guy 5-11 tall and 185 pounds but she is one awesome woman at 6 feet tall and 375 pounds. Jodie for her size is a flat chested woman but thick from head to toe with a roll of belly, wide hips, a massive flat ass and long legs with tree trunk thick thighs. Plenty of big woman to go around.

We decided to hit the pool for a while to break the ice. Elaine, Lance and I were in the pool first, Bradley came out and dove into the water followed by Jodie in a conservative one piece suit that still showed acres of skin doing a cannonball that might have gotten water on the neighbor’s house.

While Lance, Bradley and Elaine were off to one corner Jodie and I were in the deep end. We were talking and flirting which progressed to hugging and kissing, we had our arms around each other Jodie was massaging my back and I worked my hands down to grab as much of her ass with both hands as I could. As a squeezed her massive cheeks Jodie said, “Find something to your liking there Sam?”

Pulling Jodie closer to me I replied, “Oh yes good stuff.”

Jodie hugged me closer and said, “You like the big butt, that’s good Sam because I’ve got that and then some. I’m a giver and a taker when it comes to butt, I’ll want all you can give me but you’ve got to take it too. Do you go for that action Sam?”

The thought of how much power a woman the size of Jodie could bring made me wonder what it would be like to have her on the business end of a strap on behind me and I was excited by the thought, “Oh I’m counting on us both giving and taking it’ll be something for sure.”

We were about chest deep in the water hugging and Jodie grabbed my ass with both hands and said, “That’s my kind of man ready to fuck me silly and not afraid to let me do him the same way.”

We started bouncing in the water like kids I was pushing up higher with Jodie’s assistance. At one point my head was well over hers and she put her hands under my thighs I quickly put my arms around her neck and swung my arms around her waist. Jodie put both hands under my ass and with the buoyancy of the water and her thick powerful legs it was no problem for her to hold me up.

It was an awesome feeling being held up by this massive woman and she enjoyed showing of her power. “Oh Sam I think you are Goldilocks size for me.” I must have had a puzzled look on my face, “You’re bigger than my Bradley but smaller than beefy Lance, you’re just right. Your ass feels like prime meat, I can’t wait to get a piece of it.”

I slid down off of Jodie flattered and feeling like I could conquer the world said, “Could I try holding you up?”

Jodie laughed and said, “You’re not afraid of tackling the big job are you Sam. Well let’s see what you’ve got, how do you want to take me?”

I had an idea, not sure how smart it was but said, “Just spread your legs a bit and get ready.”

I then moved around behind Jodie and taking a deep breath squatted down under the water. Putting my head between her legs and my arms around her massive thighs I pushed up using all the strength in my legs.

Aided by us being in the water I was able to raise Jodie up and actually got to a standing position with my head out of the water and Jodie’s 375 pounds on my shoulders. It was exhilarating but my feat of strength only lasted about 20 seconds when reality set in and taking a deep breath I eased Jodie back down into the water and slid out from between her legs.

I had to catch my breath but Jodie was very excited and held me up saying, “Oh Sam you are the man, hoisted my fat ass up, you’re awesome. I want you like nobody’s business you are going to fuck me silly and I’m going to do you big time. Let’s get those guys and get it on.”

Then Jodie turned towards Bradley, Lance and Elaine who I hadn’t given any thought to while we were playing. They were doing fine themselves, Lance was standing behind Bradley jerking him off while Elaine was in front of them Beylikdüzü escort reaching around Bradley and stroking Lance’s dick. Jodie then bent down slightly and said, “Jump on I’ll give you a piggy back ride over there.”

Well who was I to decline the chance to get a ride from an awesome woman. I jumped on Jodie’s back putting my arms around her neck as she held my legs and strode easily to the other end of the pool. As we approached Lance and our spouses Jodie said, “Come on you guys that’s enough getting acquainted let’s get in the house and get busy.” I slid off Jodie’s back and taking her by the hand started for the house.

Well with five of us there was no bed that would be up to the job so we decided to just go at it on the family room floor. Lacking a script we sort of set ourselves off, Elaine grabbed Bradley and Lance leaving Jodie and I to get started.

Jodie and I got down on the floor and putting our arms around each other kissed, hugged and ground our bodies together. At first we were on our sides but eventually we rolled each of us ending up on top, I do have to say it was easier for Jodie to roll me than it was for me to roll her off of me.

At one point we broke apart, both of us getting our breath Jodie was on her back so I moved around between her legs to go down on her. As I did my best muff diving I put my arms around Jodie’s considerable thighs. I thought about putting her legs over my shoulders and pushing her ass up off the floor but having had the experience of lifting her thought I had better not get too ambitious.

From my vantage point between Jodie’s thighs I couldn’t see where the others were or much of anything but Jodie’s pussy really but after a while Elaine, Lance and Bradley came over to us.

Jodie was lying on her back with her feet on the floor and her knees up I was still on my knees between her thick thighs going down on her while she was returning the favor for Elaine who was hovering over her face. Lance was standing straddling Jodie in front of Elaine who had the head of his cock in her mouth.

Bradley was leaning on my back with his arms around my body and his hands stroking my cock. With all that was going on I was of course hard so when Bradley laid on my back a whispered in my ear, “You’ve got her wet how do you feel about being the meat in our sandwich?”

Pulling my tongue from his wife’s pussy I knew what Bradley meant and turning my head towards his said, “That sound like a great idea.”

I got to my knees and we helped each other roll condoms on then I took my position between Jodie’s legs. Lance and Elaine moved off to the side and got into a 69.

Bradley lubed up my ass and pushed a couple of fingers in to prepare me as I held my cock at the opening of his wife’s pussy. Bradley spread my ass cheeks and poked the head of his cock into my ass which pushed me forward and I pushed my cock into Jodie’s pussy.

Oh it only got better as Bradley and I got in sync and we pulled back together and pushed forward in unison really putting our combined weight into Jodie. And that was just what she wanted, my cock pumped into her pussy pounding her well padded ass into the floor. Bradley of course enjoyed pumping his cock into my ass and I was doubly pleased fucking Jodie and getting my ass reamed.

Jodie was really into it too, “Oh you guys, having you both between my legs it’s like having you both fuck me and fuck me good.”

Finally Bradley grabbed my hips and pushed all the way in and paused because he was ready to cum. That was enough to put me over the edge and I nestled down on top of Jodie with my cock buried in her pussy and came. Bradley and I both pulled out but we all just rested in a heap for a minute feeling satisfied.

Being completely occupied I didn’t get to see Elaine getting well fucked by Lance and his big dick but they finished right about the same time we did. So at that point we decided to take a break, get something to eat and drink so we could continue, and believe me everybody wanted to keep going.

About an hour later we were recharged. As Bradley stroked his cock Lance was greasing up Bradley’s ass while Elaine and I came together. Beylikdüzü escort Elaine and Jodie grabbed me and Jodie said, “Ok let’s you two show me some loving.”

After helping Jodie into the 12 inch strap on Elaine and I lubed up her ass before Elaine laid down on her back spreading her legs wide. Jodie rolled a condom on my stiff cock then was quickly on her knees between my wife’s legs aiming the latex dong at her pussy.

Jodie eased the head of that strap on in my wife’s pussy and began slowly pushing in and out as I massaged her back. She then looked back over her shoulder and said, “Ok cowboy it’s your turn to ride the big mare, get yourself in position and hold on because I like to buck when I fuck.”

I was kneeling behind Jodie in a flash and spreading her big butt cheeks held my cock at her back door. Poking the head of my cock into her ass I pushed Jodie slightly and she continued to work her strap on into Elaine. Jodie had the biggest dog in this fight so I did my best to match her motions as she worked more of her foot long into Elaine.

I took my time and holding Jodie by the hip with my left hand slapped her fat butt with my right. She let out a laugh and said, “You have discovered the happy switch back there Sam, you smack that beef and the happy face shows up on the other end. Hit that baby, come on smack that ass good and hard.”

So having lit on that sweet spot I pumped my cock up Jodie’s ass and jiggled her fat cheeks with solid slaps alternating hands. That combination seemed to really get the big girl hot. Jodie was really fucking Elaine and I was pounding Jodie’s big ass for all I was worth but I couldn’t hold out any longer. Putting my arms around her hips I hugged Jodie tight, buried my cock to the balls in her ass and shot my load.

After I came I just held onto Jodie as she continued to fuck Elaine taking me along for the ride until she stopped and leaning forward kissed Elaine and said, “OK now I’m warmed up enough to give Sam a big butt banging.”

As I rubbed Jodie’s broad shoulders she said to me, “Let’s get you around in front here on your knees Sam and show you how the big girl does a man up big time.”

Jodie straightened up on her knees and Elaine rolled out from under her as I crawled around and got in position front of her. While Elaine was using three fingers to grease up my ass Jodie rubbed my back and squeezed my butt cheeks while tapping her 12 inch strap on against my ass saying, “What a sweet man ass you’ve got there Sam I love a nice big boy butt fuck. Now you take a deep breath because I’m plowing ahead.”

With that Jodie poked the tip of that strap on in my ass and got going. As she worked the first few inches in and out I was feeling good, having taken Lance’s monster cock I was used to the size but as Jodie went deeper the thought crossed my mind that her big dong was never going to go soft and she could plow deep until she got tired, that made me close my eyes and take a breath.

Taking a firm grasp of my hips with both hands Jodie was working that strap on deeper with every push and I loved it as she went a little faster. That’s when I felt Jodie’s body banging against my butt meaning she was pounding the full 12 inches of her strap on up my ass and I was getting a major league ass fucking. I have to say Lance is stronger and really put it to me but Jodie being so much heavier with her weight concentrated in her hips and thighs was really pounding my ass hard. The force she was ramming into me was incredible.

I remember Elaine rubbing my back and asking me, “How are you doing Honey? Getting the butt fuck of a lifetime?” But I had no response.

At one point my arms and legs got weak from trying to stay on all fours against the full force of Jodie’s weight hitting my ass and I laid face down on the floor. But enjoying the action so much Jodie held her strap on in my ass and laid down on top of me. “Oh Sam I’m proud of you being able to hold yourself up, most guys can’t last as long as you did. Now you can just relax for the big finish. Usually it’s the full Jodie butt pounding but I think you deserve a special treat.” And with that she said, “Elaine climb up Escort Beylikdüzü on my back and we’ll give Sam’s butt a bonus sized pounding. You’re good for taking on two women aren’t you Sam?”

Then, at least Elaine told me, she laid on Jodie’s back, wrapped her arms around her and she rode Jodie as she pounded down on top of me with their combined weight. Well if you’re going to get your ass fucked by a big woman you might as well really get fucked.

When Jodie finally tired and pulled out I was exhausted. She slapped me on the ass and said, “That was one sweet time. Why don’t you take some time to rest up and get back in the game when you’re ready.” Then she rolled off next to me and Elaine climbed on top of her and they intertwined their legs and hugged and kissed.

Bradley came over to me with a glass of water and said, “Damn Sam still conscious? I usually pass out after one of those, you’re strong.” I wasn’t awake by much or feeling that strong but thanked him.

I was able to roll on my side to see what was going on next to me. Jodie was on her back getting all she could of Elaine sitting on her face, Lance was on his knees between her legs going down on her and Bradley was laying on Lance’s back reaching around and stroking his big dick.

A few minutes into that show I had recovered and was getting hard from seeing the action. After Jodie and Elaine both came Bradley helped Lance put on a condom and he moved up to fuck Jodie. Elaine rolled off of Jodie’s chest and grabbing Bradley first by the hand then taking hold of his dick said, “OK let me check, good and hard.” Then taking my cock in her other hand said, “And you’re ready too. Now Bradley it’s time for you to be the meat in our sandwich.”

Elaine and I greased up Bradley’s back door then Elaine laid down on her back, Bradley easing between her legs and I lined up behind him.

My wife held Bradley’s dick aiming it at her pussy and when he eased forward into her he paused to allow me to poke my dick into his ass. We quickly got into a rhythm, Bradley and I eased back and I pushed into him and he was in turn pushed into Elaine.

With her eyes closed Elaine had to the biggest grin on her face as I my thrust into Bradley drove his cock into her pussy and our weight down onto her. She was having the time of her life.

Next to us was an awesome show. Lance was pumping the length of his huge dick into Jodie’s pussy just pounding her big ass into the floor and she had her feet planted firmly on the floor and was humping that big ass back up at him. Their big bodies were well matched to give and get in what Jodie later called, the big buffalo fuck.

When Elaine, Bradley and I were done and took a break we looked over to see Jodie with her thick legs wrapped around Lance as he came and fell forward on top of her. They hugged and laughed and you would have thought Lance and Jodie would be spent but they were both ready for more. After Lance helped her get her strap in place Jodie greased up his ass and they got in position for action. Jodie eased that strap on into Lance’s ass and getting a good grip on his hips began pumping it into him.

Those two big bodies going at it was an awesome sight. Probably the most amazing thing was Jodie’s stamina, maybe it was because she was so hot and getting off so much but she never seemed to tire. Elaine got down next to Lance and kissed the back of his neck and rubbed his back while Bradley and I were on either side of Jodie feeling her up. Before long she was slamming her big belly against Lance’s ass hammering all of that foot long in his ass. Lance was getting off on it every bit as much as Jodie.

Finally Jodie got winded and eased back pulling out. Lance pitched forward face down on the floor. Elaine jumped up to get them both a pitcher of water as Bradley straddled Lance and sat down on his back to rub his shoulders. Jodie motioned me to take the same position on her big butt and I worked on her broad shoulders.

Elaine returned and Lance and Jodie, both red faced sat up to get a drink. My wife said, “You two look like you could use a timeout.”

Lance laughed and said, “I could use a nap.”

Jodie smiled and said, “Yeah I think that would help everybody recharge so we can take another swing at it.”

So we all retired to the bedroom, got into a multi spoon and dozed off for a couple of hours before going at it hot and heavy again. Best damn time I can ever remember.

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