Janet the Swim Coach Ch. 03

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It was the next meet and Janet couldn’t believe she’d already fucked two of her swimmers. What had she gotten herself into?

Janet wore a skimpy bikini as she was going to take it off anyway. She drove to the arena club and walked up to the door of the indoor where a sign had been posted.

“Pool closed temporarily”

Janet spoke to a woman at the counter who said the pool filter had broken. But that her team would have use of the showers and second open air Olympic pool exclusively. So Janet borrowed some paper, a pen and taped a sign to the door telling them to meet her at the other pool.

She waited there in her T-shirt and shorts for the team. Shane, Dan, Derek, Greg, Stuart and Markus all arrived.

“Boys obviously swim trunks stay on, the pool is broken, something about a filter. So we’re going to be on our best behavior”

Janet stripped out of her T-Shirt revealing a very revealing teal triangle bikini top. Barely containing her 34DD’s. Then she lowered her shorts to show off a matching pair of triangle bikini bottoms. The front barely covered her pussy and the back showed off most of her ass. Some college age men were already in the pool.

“Excuse me guys this pool has been reserved for my team, can you please evacuate the pool for my team”

“I’d like to evacuate my balls on your chest” snickered one of the men. She just rolled her eyes.

“What’s it gonna take to get you out of the pool?” And with that Markus came up from behind and shouted dominantly “Get out of the pool now!” With a fury Janet’s never seen before.

They practically leapt out of the water like electrified almanbahis adresi fish.

“Thank you Markus” said Coach Janet

“Now start your laps”.

Janet walked around the pool, her tits bouncing and ass swaying as she took notes.

It was blistering hot so she decided to join them.

“All right, now that you’re warmed up it’s time to teach you all the butterfly stroke. It’s pretty simple. Get out of the pool and watch me from above”.

The butterfly stroke was perfect for showing off her ass. Her barely there bikini bottom pushed into her crotch. She was practically in a thong now.

She climbed the ladder out of the pool.

“Now you boys try” removing her goggles.

Derek spoke up first saying “Coach, you lost something in the pool”

Her top! “Shit!” she thought, because it wasn’t like the boys haven’t seen them plenty of times but the pool wasn’t too far from the recreational pool. She heard the college guys whistle from the snack bar in between the the two pools.

She jumped back in, grabbed her floating top and re-tied her top in a rush.

They got in. It and it was clear Shane and Markus…wait Markus was actually excelling at the butterfly stroke!?

“How wonderful!!!” thought Janet.

Suddenly a nice young male Arena Club worker in his late 20’s approached Coach Janet.

“The indoor pool is fixed, so we’d like you to move to it now”. But the man was staring at Janet’s tits and not her face.

Janet cleared her throat. The man who’s name was Bryan blushed and apologized.

“Boys, we’re going to the indoor pool”

As almanbahis adres they walked got up to leave, the college boys returned to the pool. The swim team gladly flicked them off them off as they headed to the other pool. The college boys though were transfixed on Janet’s big firm ass swaying.

As they got through the door, Janet locked it behind her, putting the cardboard up.

“Okay, since we have our privacy I want buns and dicks out now. I want to see if you’ve kept up shaving.” Still in her bikini.

Janet got down on her knees as they stood around her in a circle. Their cocks erect. Janet lifted dicks and balls to check for hair.

It took a while but all looked fairly clean enough for Janet.

“What about you?” Shane asked his coach.

“Well I guess it’s my turn” she said as she untied her top and bottoms. She sat on a chair and spread her legs, showing off her clean shaven pussy. Then she got up, spread her legs and bent over, showing more.

“Am I good?” Janet asked.

“Yes” said Greg

“Good now it’s time to record your butterfly stroke times. I need to see who I’m choosing for lead.”

Janet blew her whistle and they took off. It was between Shane and Markus. Markus ended up winning by a hair.

Janet cannonballed into the water and came over to hug Markus from behind. Her tits and rock hard nipples pressing into his back. She kissed him on the cheek.

“Ok boys hit the showers.” Janet said, still holding Markus and smiling ear to ear over his progress.

Janet let go and Markus hugged her from the front. Her breasts against his chest and almanbahis adresi hard 7 inch dick poking into her crotch.

Suddenly Markus started kissing Janet. Janet squealed at the shock but then let her lust take over. She was making out with him as he pushed her against the side of the pool.

He stuck his hands down to his Coach’s pussy and stuck two fingers in.

“Fuck yes!” gasped Janet.

Markus curled up his fingers to find her G-spot. Janet was losing her mind.

Then Markus shoved his cock head into Janet’s pussy. Slowly at first since his head was the biggest on the team. Then more and inch by inch until he was balls deep in. Clearly Markus wasn’t a virgin.

“Oh my god, I’m so full! Your cock is unbelievable!”

With that he started thrusting and the water was churning around them. She wrapped her legs around him and surprisingly came. Clamping on his cock and gushing.


Markus pulled out still hard and turned her around. She stuck her ass out and he pushed his dick deep inside her. Feeling her ass against his pelvis. Groping it and squeezing it in his large hand.

“Ugh baby, yes yes yes yes yes, harder, harder!” said Janet.

Markus pumped faster and harder until water started splashing out of the pool.

“Cum for me Markus, fill me up, ugh ugh, yes!”

With that Markus pushed as far as he could into her cunt and released his seed. Filling her.

He stayed inside her for a few minutes before pulling out.

“Not a word to the team or anyone else or I’ll simply deny it and kick you off and say you’ve been sexually harassing me, got it?”

With that he kissed her again and said “Sure coach”. Then left to take a shower.

“Fuck, what am I gonna do? Screw the whole team? I’ve got to get myself under control.”

Janet took a shower and left. She didn’t know what the next swim meet had in store.

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