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About a month after I started dating Becky she invited me over to the house after school. When I arrived she said she wanted me to make love to her so she could find out
if she could accept a man. I said are you sure and she said yes. She had a bottle of wine

and some cheese and crackers next to her bed. I sat down beside her and poured us a glass of wine. We drank the wine and then I reached over and kissed her gently. We lay
down on her bed and I began to caress her breasts. I kissed her eyes and ears and I
inserted my tongue into her mouth and she responded. She was very tense as I removed
her nightgown. I kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples and ran my tongue down
her stomach. I spread her legs and began to kiss her pussy. She started to push my head away but I inserted my tongue into her and she stopped pushing and began to shake. I
gently kissed the sides of her pussy and began to run my tongue over her clitoris. Each
time I caressed it her ass would quiver. I tried sucking on her clitoris but she was so sensitive so I just lightly moved my tongue on the sides of her clit barley touching her. I inserted two of my fingers into her pussy and my little finger up her ass. In and out in and out my fingers went as I continued to kiss and flick her clit with my tongue. I could feel that she was on the verge of coming. I stopped and she started to reach for my hand but I quickly inserted my cock into her pussy. It was tight and I was having trouble getting it in. She whimpered that it was hurting her. I had grown to a little over seven & a half inches & was a lot bigger than her step-dad. I took my time and put only a little bit in at a time. Slowly withdrawing a little before inserting more. I started moving in and out of her just the amount that was already inside her. As I inserted another inch, her pussy began to solvate. I felt that tight little pussy finally loosen a bit as it became wetter and wetter, and then it let me slide almost all the way until she had a full six inches of me inside her. I slid my cock in and out nice and slow. I fuck her with long even strokes. I kissed her and put my tongue into her mouth as she whimpered and responded with her own tongue. She began to pushing against my cock as she got hotter and hotter. I lifted her legs up high and inserted my cock as far into her as I could, but I couldn’t get my entire cock in, she was still too tight. She began to cum with each stroke. She couldn’t hold back, all the years of humiliation and frustration came pouring out of her pussy. I could feel my cock and stomach were wet from her cum. I turned us over so that she was sitting on top of me and I could feel my cock inside her. She started moving up and down in rhythmic motion on my cock. She looked down and smiled and whispered thank you. We fucked for about an hour when she said she was starting to get sore I faked an orgasm and stopped. As I gazed out the window I saw a reflection on a glass in my room and new someone was in my bedroom watching us. I got up and dressed and Becky kissed me passionately and said it was wonderful and thanked me for being so gentle. For the next five days I came over to Becky’s and fucked her several times each day for about two hours before her mother came home. The more I fucked her the more she wanted. On the third day I got her legs all the way up and spread wide and finally my cock drove all the way in. She let out a little whimper again and I new it had hurt a little, but she shoved herself up into me and took it all. When I came she said she felt my sperm clear up into her uterus and grabbed me and held me tight as I shot into her. Thereafter She loved to sit on my lap, facing me in this rocking chair her Mom had one just like ours. I would rock back and forth and my cock would slip in and out of her lovely pussy as we talked. I new that someone was still watching us every night. I didn’t tell her that but I told her I couldn’t come over the following night but I wanted her to undress in front of the window so I could watch

her from my balcony. The next night I pretended to leave to go to Becky’s but snuck back into my room and hid in the closet. I heard someone come into the room and open the slider to the balcony. I waited a while and then came out. I could escort kocaeli see Becky across the yard taking off her cloths and she stood in the window and began to rub her pussy. As I got closer I realized Tina was butt naked watching Becky through the binoculars. She had that dildo in her hand and must have put batteries in because it was vibrating and she was running it in and out of her pussy. She was bent over with her elbows on the railing with binoculars in hand. I quickly went to the bathroom and got some Vaseline and rubbed it on my cock. I was going to teach Tina a lesson she wouldn’t forget. I snuck up behind her and lifted her off her feet. Bent over like she already was aloud me to jam my cock into her ass. Her ass was real tight but with the Vaseline it slipped in, in one fluid motion. She let out a scream and struggled to get away but I wouldn’t let her and I continued pounding my cock in and out, deeper and deeper into her Ass. She was crying and struggling when Mom walked into the room and said what the hell was going on. I told her Tina was spying on Becky and me and I was teaching her a lesson. I kept jamming my cock in and out of her ass as hard as I could. Tina collapsed in my arms in a dead faint. It was then that I saw all of the blood coming out of her ass. I felt real bad that I had hurt her so. I picked her up and took her into the bathroom and ran some warm water in the bathtub and then laid her in it and began to wash the blood off. I had split the area between her asshole and her cunt. I told her how sorry I was that I didn’t mean to hurt her like that. Tina said it was OK that it was her fault and she was sorry for what she had done too. For the next several weeks Tina was too sore to fuck, but she would watch Mom and me and would finger fuck herself as I fucked Mom. I did eat Tina’s pussy to show her how sorry I was and to let her know I loved her. During that time she responded by sucking my cock before I fucked Mom. Mom really liked the dildo up her ass while I was fucking her and I would push it in and out with my stomach. Tina reached over and turned it on and I thought Mom would jump out of her skin. I could feel the vibration against my cock and it turned me on, and my cock seemed to get even bigger. Mom began to cum one after the other as I went in and out of her extremely wet pussy. I looked down and her asshole seemed to expand and retract around the end of the dildo. I got turned on watching it. I then pushed the dildo all the way in and then pulled back and let that dildo come spurting out of her Ass. I withdrew my cock from her wet pussy and slipped it into Moms asshole. She tried to stop me but I held her tight and very gently began to move in and out of her ass. Boy was it tight, I could only get it in about four inches. Mom began to squirm and push against me driving my cock deeper and deeper into her. Tina saw what I was doing and at first looked scared for Mom, and then started yelling yes Jason, fuck her, and fuck her hard in the ass. I began to plunge my cock in and out and the harder I pushed the more excited Mom got. Her ass was so tight on my Cock that it didn’t take that long for me to cum. I shoved my cock as far up Moms ass as I could which was only about six inches and let go. I could feel my sperm shooting into her ass and Mom kept pushing against me as if she never wanted me to stop. After we finished I ask Mom if she was able to cum that way. She said, Oh yes, several times but it was different it felt like she came deep inside her pussy. Tina asked, but didn’t it hurt? Mom said yes, at first, but then

it began to feel wonderful. While Tina was healing I would take turns fucking Mom in the cunt and her ass. By fucking her first in her pussy I could last a long time and would not cum but when I screwed her in the ass it was so tight around my cock that I would explode inside her after only about two or three minuets.
Tina started having Greg over at night, which upset Mom because we couldn’t do anything without letting him know what was going on between us. But Tina insisted that
he be allowed to come over because that was the only time he could be with her. She
would fuck Greg as many times in a night as he could get it up. The more she fucked Greg the less time she spent with Mom and me. Then kocaeli anal yapan escort she surprised us all and said Greg had asked her to marry him after he graduated from college in June. The wedding was to be June twenty eighth with just the respective immediate families and my friend Bob. Mom didn’t say anything but I new she was thinking about losing him. Becky told me later that the following week she arranged for Greg’s cousin to start doing the pool. Greg’s cousins name was Tom and he was seventeen. Greg said he could be trusted and was discreet and needed the Job. So Thursday Greg came as usual and Tina ditched school. After Tom and Greg finished the pool Greg went inside. Tina and Tom snuck in the back way, and waited about thirty minuets. They then went to Moms bedroom and the door was partially open. Becky had Tom take off his cloths and leave them in the hallway. After fucking Momma for about fifteen minuets Greg saw us in the mirror and rolled over placing her on top of him. She was really hot and was moaning and groaning and she would cum about every few minuets. While they were waiting for the right moment Becky got down on her knees and began to suck Toms cock until it was hard as a rock. Becky then motioned for Tom to come behind Mom. He was scared but she said it was going to be all right. Tina made the OK sign to Greg and he reached up and pulled Mom forward exposing her ass. Tina had gotten a lot of moister on Tom’s dick and when Tom slipped his cock into Moms ass, Mom thought it was me and she arched her back and said Oh Jason, as Tom slid his cock half way in. Greg and Tom both shoved their cocks into Mom at the same time and she exploded as they moved in and out of her. After about ten minuets Tom couldn’t hold off, and gave a big groan and shoved his cock as far as he could into Moms ass and let his cum explode into her. Mom said Oh Jason that felt so good. Greg rolled her over and lifted her legs high above her head and began to ram that huge cock deep into her cunt. It was then that Mom realized that it wasn’t Jason who had been fucking her so nicely in the ass but didn’t say anything at the moment because her mind was on the pleasure Greg was giving her. He fucked her for about another eight minuets and then shot his load into Moms hot pussy. She finally got her breath and wanted to know what the hell was going on. Becky came in then and said it was her idea because when Greg asked me to marry him she said she would on the condition that he would stop fucking you. I want him all to myself, so we got you a substitute. He is Greg’s
cousin and his name is Tom. He is going to take over the pool service for him. He is very discreet and I think you will like him. Well lets find out, go take a quick shower she said. When he came back she had him eat her pussy. She then proceeded to get on top of him and she moved up and down on his rejuvenated cock that was smaller than me but as
big around. She rolled over and let him fuck her with her legs over his shoulders and
when she felt him cum deep into her she laughed and said she would keep him. Tina said she was really horny from watching all that fucking. She grabbed Greg and began to suck his cock with a nice fluid motion. When it got hard she laid down beside Mom and Tom and let Greg put that big wonderful cock into her. Tina said after words they fucked the
rest of the morning, but she would not let Tom fuck her. I’m not quite sure why not.
One Thursday in June before they were married, Tina went to the pool in
Anticipation of Greg and Tom coming to clean it. Tina wanted to make love to Greg before they went into the house to have their weekly session with Mom. She striped down to her birthday suit and dove into the pool and began to swim laps. After awhile she turned over onto her back and floated while she got her breath back. She was wondering where Greg was. He was way past his usual time to clean the pool. Just about that time my buddy Bob walked into the back yard looking for me. When he saw her stark naked floating on the water he just stood and stared at Becky’s body. His eyes followed those long succulent legs up to her honey spot and then up to her lovely breasts. They were perfect grapefruits and hardly sagged at all even though she was on her back. He couldn’t take his eyes off her Y spot. He had wanted to izmit yabancı escort fuck her ever sense he was thirteen years old. His dick began to harden. He was starring so hard at Tina’s Y spot and that wonderful patch of hair that he didn’t realize Tina had spotted him. She closed her eyes leaving her eyelids open enough to see. She slowly parted her legs and she told me later, that Bob’s eyes almost popped out. She reached down and began to rub her pussy opening allowing her knees even further apart. She said she thought Bob’s cock was going to pop right out of his pants. I stuck my finger into my pussy and began to push it in and out, ever so slowly, she said. I was breathing long breaths sucking the air into my lungs so I could float better. Bob hurriedly took off his cloths and slipped into the pool with his dick sticking straight out. He swam under water and came up between my legs she continued telling me. She said she pretended to be startled when Bob took hold of my legs and inserted his tongue into my pussy. Jason, I have to tell you I have never had anyone including you stick their tongue up my vagina so far. It went in about three inches, and he began to lick the inside top of my pussy right where my G spot is. By this time I had floated over to the side of the shallow end of the pool so I reached back and grabbed the side of the pool and at the same time pulled my legs up. Bob began to lick and suck my clitoris, and run his tongue back and forth over my G spot. As he ran that long tongue in and out of my vagina I could not contain myself, I came big time. I ducked under the water and took his cock in my hand and could not believe my eyes. Bob’s cock was at least three inches around and about an inch bigger than you Jason. I put that cock into my mouth and it completely filled it. As I sucked I thought to myself what have I been missing all these years. I thought, Bob & Jason have been close friends ever since
grammar school, I could have been fucking this beautiful cock all those years. Bob’s cock
was as hard as a steel rod and I sucked it until I couldn’t hold my breath any longer. I
came up and lifted my legs and put them across his shoulders. Bob put his hand behind my lower back and took his other hand and inserted his cock into my vagina. He stretched my pussy to the place where I didn’t think it was going to go in. Just then my
juices kicked in and that beautiful cock went deep into me and filled me just like Greg. I couldn’t help myself I came at least three times instantly. Bob Began to move in and out
of my vagina in nice easy strokes. I think he was afraid he would cum to quick. Oh, Oh, I said to myself god what a feeling. Bob quickened his stroke and then he pulled me as close to him as he could and I felt his warm cum shoot all over the bottom of my cunt. He must not have gotten any for quite a while. He kept squirting that sperm into me and felt
like it must have been closed to a pint of cum. He did not stop; he just very slowly kept
moving in short strokes in and out of my vagina. After about a minuet or two he began to pick up speed and increased the length of his strokes. In and out of my pussy he went, faster and faster. I began to cum like I used to when I first fucked Greg. I couldn’t seem to get enough of his cock. I reached behind his ass and clasped my hands together and pulled him even closer, shoving his cock right up to the point I could feel his balls bang against my ass. He fucked me like that for over half an hour. As he came again he grabbed me tight and shoved that big cock as far into me as he possibly could and I felt him cum again deep inside me. I almost fainted from the shear joy of feeling that sperm spread inside me. We went to the pool house and showered together. He kissed me long and hard, running that long tongue into my throat and the roof of my mouth. I started to get horny again but Bob said he had to go to work. She began to see Bob quite often and they would fuck all afternoon. She always seemed to have trouble walking after a bout with Bob. I think she was having second thoughts about marrying Greg. I was spending a lot of time with Becky and I wasn’t fucking Tina very much. I was neglecting Mom some too. Tina made up for it with Bob. She fucked him so often that he started losing weight. Finally Bob Told Tina that she was too much for him and he was calling it off. Tina became real up set and tried to change his mind but he wouldn’t go back to her. Bob and I are still good friends, to this day. He has never mentioned that he fucked Tina.
(continued in August) All rights reserved

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