Jenny and Carrie Ch. 12

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I hope you all have enjoyed this story so far, if not sorry. But those of you who have, thanks for taking the time to read and vote and respond. Here in this chapter you will find one twist. I guess something no one saw coming.


“Now both Jennifer and Caroline are splitting our award of class valedictorians. They each also have received twenty different awards during their four years. Now, they will both receive some more tonight for their achievements, and added to those are added to graduating with the highest honors, so, please if you ladies will come on back up.” Jenny and Carrie went back up on stage where he was. After all the presentations were made to them, making it a total of six awards they received tonight. After they made their speeches, they shook the dean’s hand and thanked him and went back to their seats. So, the rest of their classmates who earned awards got theirs.

After the last classmate received their diploma, that’s where the celebration began. They all made tons of pictures with their fellow classmates, and also with their family. The auditorium cleared out by midnight, and everyone headed for the Fairmount. Where Jenny and Carrie gave their awards to their parents with their caps and gowns then left with Bobby and Ken.

Finally at three in the morning, the ladies returned home and staggered into the house. Both were completely drained, and also for the first time in their lives, both were drunk. Both Katherine and Leslie met the ladies at the door. Where they all hugged, then both Katherine and Leslie took the ladies up to their room, and helped them undress and get in bed. As they were coming downstairs, Ross met them at the bottom of the staircase.

“Well, did our college graduates finally get home?”

“Yes dear, they did. Both appear to have had the time of their lives.” Katherine told Ross.

“Appear to have? Jenny and Carrie didn’t elaborate to either of you how their night went? Now, that’s a switch.”

“No dear. I don’t think either of them was in the shape to tell Les and me how the night went. Jen and Carrie were way past the point of being exhausted, and both were also drunk too.” Katherine said and laughed with Leslie and Ross.

“I’m positive, that both ladies will deal with their first hangovers in the morning, but, if memory serves me well, sis dear. It was well worth the fun.” Leslie said still laughing.

Around 11 Saturday morning, both Jenny and Carrie had finally woke up both hugged and kissed, then got out of bed holding their pounding heads.

“Damn! My head is really pounding, and it feels like it’s going to split wide open.” Carrie said.

“Same here honey. And the slightest little noise makes it hurt that much worse.

Almost like its being ran through one of Kiss’ amps at full volume.” Jenny agreed.

“Well sweetie. I hate to say this, but we both have fallen victim of our very first hangovers. Maybe they will pass under long showers and love making.” Carrie said as they walked into their shower and both stood under the massaging spray of hat water. After 30 minutes of this, the hangovers finally lifted. Then, they lovingly bathed each other, and made love, then dried one another off. They went into their room and did their hair, then their now ritual of dressing each other and placing kisses under each other’s bras and panties. Then they left their room heading for the kitchen to eat. Jenny and Carrie greeted Katherine and Leslie with hugs and kisses, then went and got their juice and cereal. Then sat at the table with the women and ate.

“Well dears. How do you both feel this morning? Katherine asked holding back a snicker of laughter as best as she could. Whereas Leslie was trying all she could not to laugh. As she was holding a pen, which she put in her mouth and bit down on it.

“We’re both fine now.” Jenny smiled. “But that was not the case when we both woke up. We both knew we both had our first hangovers. But, those lifted after long showers and love making.”

“Good for you ladies. We both knew from the way you ladies both looked last night when you came home, that you ladies would suffer hangovers.” Leslie laughed along with the other three.

“Oh by the way Jen and Carrie Ann and Janice called this morning. They were wondering what had happened to the both of you. Since neither of you showed up at the gym. So, we both told them about you graduating and that you both went to the graduating party at the Fairmount, and that neither of you got home until three this morning. And that both of you were past being tired and also drunk. Those two got big kicks out of that. They told us, to tell you ladies that each was very happy and proud of both of you.” Katherine explained to her daughters. Who finished eating, then excused themselves and went to the den where they called Janice.

“Hello?” Janice answered on the 2nd ring.

“Hi Janice its Jen and Carrie, mom just told us you and Ann had called. Sis and I are sorry izmit escort we missed you both this morning.”

“That’s no problem ladies. So, how do you both feel?”

“We both are fine now. Do you think we can still hold training today? We know we both need it. And we both want it also.”

“Sure we can ladies. How about say two?”

“That sounds perfect to us both. We’ll see you both at two then.” Jenny said and they hung up, then they went back to the kitchen and told this to Katherine and Leslie. Then the ladies went up to their room, to get ready for their day of weight training. Jenny and Carrie’s next two competitions were both in Texas. Diving in Dallas, and golf at Colonial, starting on May 27thso, they both had 11 more days to put everything they each had into their practices and training. Then both would have to go to Atlanta for two more, one in diving and the other in the LPGA. So, their coaches told the ladies that they would just head to Atlanta when they finished in Texas. So it was decided that instead of going home, and then having to trek across the country a few days later. They would hold their practices and training there. As both ladies spent every day in either practice or in the gym, they both spent the nights either with their family or Bobby and Ken. Or what was more likely together in their well defined love.

On May 23rd, they all left for Dallas, Texas. As both had said, Bobby and Ken were coming with the ladies to root Jenny and Carrie on to victory. They arrived at SF International at 8:30, where they boarded their plane sitting in first class. The ladies and guys sat all together. Jenny and Carrie beside each other and Bobby on Jenny’s side and Ken on Carrie’s. Those four talked nonstop all the way to Dallas. Both Ann and Janice could tell that all four were very happy with each other.

After they landed, they retrieved their luggage. Then they went over to the National Car Rental to get their cars. Using Ross’ Emerald Club card, Jenny and Carrie got themselves a convertible Camero, Ann and Janice got a Chevy Lumina, and Bobby and Ken got themselves a Ford Mustang 5.0. Once that was done, they went to get their hotel rooms. The ladies and Ann and Janice split a penthouse suite at the Hilton. When Bobby and Ken went and found themselves a cheaper one.

Once Jenny and Carrie got onto their training and practice modes, both guys knew enough not to bother either of them. They would sometimes sit and watch, but mostly they spent their time touring Dallas. Then at night, the guys took Jenny and Carrie out for dinner. But always had both back at their hotel early. So, both ladies could get all the rest they each needed. The ‘Hayward Storm’ took the diving competition from start to finish; both had really over-dominated all of their competitors, with Jenny getting first and $275,000 and Carrie 2nd and $230,000. They also had flat out whipped the field at Colonial, where both ladies tied for first, with a score of -23. To which both earned $ 1.2 million apiece for the win. Then they all went back to their hotels, where they decided to go ahead and pack and head for Atlanta early in the morning.

Of course almost as soon as they arrived, both ladies went right into their routines. Jenny and Carrie were training much harder and heavier that they usually do.

During one of the training sessions, Carrie dropped her weights. And she yelled in pain, grasping her stomach, and doubling over. Jenny dropped hers, and rushed over to Carrie, as did both Janice and Ann. Ann stood up and went to get one of the nurse/ therapists employed there, to check Carrie out. 15 minutes later, the lady figured out Carrie’s problem. Carrie was cramping in her right ab muscles, and also the fact that she was also dehydrated too. So, they got a massage therapist to attend to the muscles, and then they gave Carrie an IV to help re-hydrate her. After an hour, Carrie was still very sore, but feeling better.

“Dear. This will be very uncomfortable for awhile. I’d advise you not to train with weights until it does get back to normal. You’ll have to be patient until it clears up and heals.” She told Carrie and had to leave.

“This will be a very hard choice for you dear Carrie. I don’t think you can compete with this problem until it heals. Seeing that the competition starts tomorrow, I really can’t think of any dives you can do now.”

“I know Janice. But Damnit! Oh well. After all sis and I have been through with our bodies. We now know we have to listen to them. So, I’ll withdraw. And hopefully I can be ready for the LPGA next week.” Carrie said hugging Jenny, and then both looked into each other’s eyes, and then kissed lovingly.

“Look, let’s call it a day. Go ahead and tell them we both withdraw. I could use the break also to rest.” Jenny said, and that’s what Janice did. She went over to the sponsors and told them what the ladies decided.

“What happened to the real Jenny and Carrie?” one guy said. “Neither would think about dropping out.” So, Janice explained all izmit escort bayan the problems each had faced with their bodies, and that now each lady knew not to push.

So the next day, Janice and Ann, hugged and kissed the ladies and left for home. Jenny and Carrie spent their days resting and recuperating, and in their love. Then, at night for only a few hours, they went out with Bobby and Ken. The rest did both very well, Carrie was back to normal, and Jenny wasn’t tired and in perfect shape. Because, it really showed in their golf championship, in which no one had an answer for the ‘Hayward Storm’. The ladies plain out-classed everyone there. Carrie won with a score of -22 and claimed $850,000 and Jenny 2nd with a -21 and she got $823,000.

When they arrived back home, the guys dropped them off. Once back at home Jenny and Carrie spent all their time with their family and Bobby and Ken their soon to be husbands.

“So what happened to you ladies down in Atlanta? We heard you both had dropped out of the competition, but not the reason for it.” Katherine asked.

“I cramped up in my right ab muscles and was dehydrated as well. So, I was so sore that I couldn’t compete.” Carrie said.

“And I decided to drop because I needed the rest also. If we both can’t compete, then the other won’t. But we both know from all we’ve gone through, we have to listen to our bodies. If they tell us we need a break or are pushing too hard, we have to stop.” Jenny finished.

“Great ladies I’m glad you both are in tune and taking all the steps necessary to keep your bodies healthy. Now, Carrie dear, how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine. Maybe still a little tender, that’s all. We both made appointments with Linda. To give both of us each a good physical and she can tell me if I might have done any damage and just how long it will take to heal.” Carrie explained.

“See, with all we’ve been through and all we both are doing. We decided to have her give us physicals at least twice a year, just to be on the safe side.” Jenny said just as the phone rang. It was Janice and Ann, so the ladies went up and got in on their phone, and talked to their coaches for two hours.

“So, what have you ladies got planned for tomorrow?” Ann asked. “Are we practicing diving and golf or weight training?”

“No mam. We both have appointments with Linda tomorrow, for through checkups and to check Carrie’s ab muscle out good.” Jenny said, 30 more minutes later, they all said good bye and hung up.

So, the next day, the ladies showed up at Linda’s office for their checkups. Jenny let Carrie go first because she was the one hurt and needed most attention. So, Linda spent three hours on Carrie, including on an MRI on her ab muscles. Then Linda turned attention to Jenny, and went over her with a fine toothed comb. After this, Linda knew Jenny was in perfect health. After she had finished with the checkups, Linda let both get re-dressed, then took the ladies back to her private office. Where she read the report in Carrie’s MRI, and told each they were fine.

“Jen dear, you are in perfect health hun. Maybe just a little on the worn out side. But, that’s understandable, and also to be expected. Carrie hun, you are the same way. You didn’t injure your muscle; you may have just pulled it some. It’s doing fine, and it will be sore for maybe a few more weeks. Then you can get back to your heavy training and practices. But, until then just take it easy.” Linda explained.

“Thank you Linda. We both will be taking it easy for the next two months. We both just have a few golf tourneys, but no diving. Before our break for our weddings and honeymoons, and before we have our next diving competition is scheduled.”

“Very good ladies I sure hope it works out well for the both of you. If you are still sore by then Carrie, let me know hun and I can probe deeper to figure out what’s

wrong there, but, I think you should do fine.”

“Thanks again Linda.” The ladies said and got up to leave. “Oh, we thought up a plan just for precaution wise that being, we want you to give us full checkups twice a year. Just for us to be safe.” This made Linda smile, and she agreed and told them that when they were ready all they had to do was call her. Jenny and Carrie hugged Linda and headed for home.

At home, the ladies sat in the den with Katherine, Leslie and Victoria planning out their weddings. Where both Jenny and Carrie wanted to have the same exact weddings their parents and Leslie and Claude had, including the same church and reception. After hearing this, Victoria said they could have the same honeymoons in Menton as well where the two couples would stay for about 2 months. Because Jenny and Carrie were also entered in four diving competitions in France, those four were in their last month of full competition in diving. The last of their diving competition was “The world Diving Championship’, which were held in Miami. This also was the title that both had won and repeated as its champions izmit sınırsız escort for the last two years in a row. They missed winning it their first or rookie year, with their first season ending surgery. Then when they would arrive home, the guys would go down to Pasadena and search for a place big enough to share and live. Because Jenny and Carrie had six more golf tournaments and the World diving Championship to complete, before they started school at UCLA on September 20th. Their husbands would start school August 12th. Both ladies had just two years to complete before they would start their interns. Earlier both had discussed this with Linda. This was where she used her clout to pull the necessary strings for the ladies, now both would enter Woman’s hospital after the each graduated. Jenny and Carrie decided that they both were going to keep diving and golfing through it all. Neither of these ladies had any intentions of giving up on either of their sports.

The rest of June flew by for both ladies, and it was now July 2nd. Just two days away from their weddings to both Bobby and Ken. Both Katherine and Leslie could see and tell that both were starting to get a little nervous. So, the women did their best to calm and reassure Jenny and Carrie. Both tried to answer all of the questions the ladies had. Most of which consisted of sex, straight sex that is. So, Katherine did her best to inform Jenny and Carrie all she could, and Leslie helped when Katherine needed it. Finally after two hours, both ladies felt they each knew enough. And neither would enter into their marriage blind to that big factor.

Jenny and Carrie’s wedding day

Everyone arrived early at the church, to get completely ready for the ladies weddings. Katherine and Leslie as a surprise for Jenny and Carrie had Rachel, Jackie and Ashley here and to do those four women’s hair and makeup. The wedding would start at 1, so, Katherine and Leslie led Jenny and Carrie into the room where they would get ready and dressed in. After both Jenny and Carrie were dressed and made up, those three started in on Katherine and Leslie, because both Jenny and Carrie wanted them to be their brides maids. Both Katherine and Leslie each secretly hoped that by doing this, that it would keep both ladies calm and fearless. Or as it was commonly called getting “cold feet’. But to their surprise, neither Jenny nor Carrie showed any signs of that, if anything both ladies were very happy and a little bit giddy. Ross knocked on the door at 10 till one; Leslie being the closest to the door let him in.

“I just wanted to come in here quickly to see how you ladies both were.” He said and hugged Jenny and Carrie. “Well dears. Get ready, it starts in ten minutes.” Then he looked at both Katherine and Leslie. “Well it does appear to me that I have now seen the happiest bride’s maids I have ever seen before.”

At one on the dot, the organist started playing the ‘Here comes the bride’, as everyone got their first sights of Jenny and Carrie. Ross was leading Jenny down the aisle followed by Claude leading Carrie. Both Bobby and Ken were already at the altar.

Everything went off perfectly, not one problem at all. Ross had the weddings videotaped, including the trading of the rings, up to the ladies’ the ladies first kisses as married women. Then the newly wedded couples had to pose for pictures for all the reporters from all the various news agencies. Then all four made a dash for their limo, trying to escape the rain of rice that was thrown at them. The limo took them to their reception at the Fairmount. When they got there, Jenny and Carrie changed into satin and lace dresses and the guys into suits.

Two months later, they all finally returned home, and went and did what each had to do. Bobby and Ken left for Pasadena, and Jenny and Carrie had just won the World Diving Championship for their 3rd year in a row. Now both were getting fine tuned for their final golf tournaments. By September they had won the rest of their tournaments, and were now ready to fly down to meet their husbands. While resting up, the four women sat in the den talking about how their honeymoons had


“Did you all find the swimming hole, we mapped out for you” Katherine asked.

“Yes mam. We sure did. But, it does take a while to get to it though. But I think we all enjoyed the hike to it.” Carrie answered.

“Very good so, how was the water this time? The last time we all were there it felt as though we all were diving into ice.” Leslie said.

“It wasn’t like that this time. The water was very nice and relaxing, I guess you could say it was at the perfect temperature.” Jenny answered.

“Great! Did you all get around to touring and visiting Paris, Menton, and Monte Carlo?”

“We sure did. I think we all had a ball in Monte Carlo at the casinos. Sis and I even won money there. I had put about $50 in a slot machine, and ended up hitting the jackpot two times in a row and won $3,000.” Jenny said.

“And I had spent around $40 to $45 at the blackjack table and matched what sis won. Both guys won like $4,500 at the poker tables, but before we left they had lost half that back on the roulette table. But I’d concur, that we all enjoyed everything we all did or tried.” Carrie added.

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