Jenny Pulls A Train

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Jenny is a small Girl(5’2″/95lbs) with little titties(a-cup), long blonde hair(to Her waist), and a sexual appetite bordering on nymphomania. Jenny and I have been Friends since I was 17 and She was 13. From the beginning of Our Friendship, We had no reservations about what We would talk about or do with/to each other.

Since Jenny graduated, She seemed to go from one failed relationship to another. She blamed it on Her sex drive. She wanted more than any one Man could give Her.

Her longest relationship was 6 months. Her BoyFriend enlisted the help of His Brother to keep Her sexually satisfied. It all ended when Her BoyFriend found Her being double-teamed by His Dad and Uncle.

Jenny had a fantasy since She We first met to have a train run on Her. She wanted to be fucked in all holes until She couldn’t take any more. As the years went on, I doubted She would ever say “Enough” when it came to getting fucked.

Jennys 22nd birthday party was at a local lounge. She had sucked and fucked over a dozen different cocks belonging to Friends and Strangers.

Jenny had just swallowed a 2nd load from me. While still on Her knees in the Mens room stall, She looked up at me and said, “It’s time!”

I wipped a drop of my cum from the corner of Her mouth. As She licked it from my finger, I asked, “Time for what?”

“Time for my train ride,” She said with a grin, “and You’re gonna set it up!”

I’ve never been able to tell that Girl ‘no’, so I caressed Her cheek and grinned.

After posting on Craigslist and a couple Swinger websites, I had things arranged in 2 months. Jenny and I hadn’t talked about it since Her Birthday.

The Lounge was connected to a Hotel. Jenny suspected nothing when a Stranger asked Her to dance. He was a professional looking Guy. Suit and tie, 40s, just over 6ft tall.

It didn’t take long before His hands began to roam. Jenny didn’t resist…She seldom did. They drifted to a dark corner booth. After making out, Jenny slid under the table and sucked Him off.

Another Man slid into the other Beylikdüzü escort side of the booth. After the first blasted cum down Her throat, She immediately went to the 2nd. After swallowing His load, She sat next to Him and introduced Herself. They chatted for a few minutes while He fingered Her. The 1st handed Her a roomkey. They all got up. The 2 Men headed to the doorway to the Hotel. Jenny came back to Our table.

“They said to tell You ‘Hi’…is it time?” She asked me excitedly.

I grinned and smiled. “Go to Your room!”

After giving off a giddy squeal, Jenny double timed it into the Hotel.

The room She entered was empty except for a kingsized bed, a few studio lights, and a half-dozen cameras. There was a locked door to the adjacent room. She could hear voices on the other side.

I knocked on Her door. She opened the door and I had seldom seen Her so excited. She jumped into my arms and kept repeating ‘thank You, thank You, thank You…’

I plopped Her onto the bed and asked, “Don’t You think You should get ready?”

She only hesitated for a moment and literally ripped Her own clothes off. I picked them up and looked at Her writhing around on the bed. She was going from Her nipples to Her pussy to Her ass. She was so excited She couldn’t help Herself.

The door to the other room opened as I approached it. I entered the other room and Our Friend Mike entered the room with Jenny.

He was naked and hadn’t made it half way to the bed when Jenny was on Her knees with His cock down Her throat. After 10minutes Mike picked Her up and bent Her over the bed. One quick thrust and He was balls deep in Her pussy. Long firm thrusting had her orgasming in seconds.

Jenny was never quiet when She came and this was no exception. Mike continued to fuck Her for another 20 minutes before filling Her pussy.

As He walked to the adjoining door, another Man entered Jennys room. She had flipped onto Her back and grabbed her ankles.

He plunged into Her cum-filled pussy and proceeded to pound hard Beylikdüzü escort and fast. Her orgasms came often and were intense. He came in about 15minutes.

Next was Our HighSchool math Teacher, “Mr. James?!” Jenny yelled between panting-breaths.

All He did was smile before climbing onto the bed. He knelt down and pushed His sizeable cock down her throat. AS He fucked Her throat, He rubbed Her pussy. He would rub Her pussy after pulling out a bit after a few thrusts to let Her breathe. While He throat fucked His former Student He would slap Her cum coated pussy.

This went on for almost 20minutes before He blasted His Married cum down her throat.

The next came in and slid His cock into Her ass. Jenny always loved it in the ass. She proceeded to have one long assgasm. After 10minutes, He wrapped His hands around Her throat and choked Her while He came.

Next was Her ex-Boyfriends Dad. He too slammed into Her ass. He rammed Her ass fast and hard while cranking on her nipples. Her wailing from the assgasm was amazing! He reamed Her ass for almost a half hour before He came.

The next 2 came in together. Jenny mounted one and the other slid into Her ass. They double penetrated Her to more wailing orgasms before filling Her.

The next 2 took her mouth, 2 more in Her ass, and 4 more took Her pussy. Other than being weak and covered in sweat, Jenny showed no signs of wanting to stop.

Mr. James and the Exs Dad came in together. The Dad in Her ass again and Mr. James down her throat. The Dad made a comment that He never choked a cock-filled throat before. They took turns slapping Her pussy. The Dad managed to get 4 fingers of His big hand deep into Her pussy.

Jenny was bordering on passing out a few times before They each came and left the room.

Jenny lay there for a few minutes before She managed to mutter, “…next…”.

I came in and Jenny began sucking my cock. Slowly She sucked me. Someone slid into her ass while She sucked me. Jenny let out a cock-muffled whimper. The cock that was Escort Beylikdüzü pushing into Her ass was larger than She had ever had.

After a few thrusts into Her ass, jenny took Her mouth from my cock and looked over her shoulder at the owner of the massive cock.

“What the fuck?!” was all Jenny could mutter when She saw Sandy Naked behind Her sporting a huge strapon.

Sandys huge tits bounced as She continued to stretch Jennys ass. Jenny went back to sucking my cock.

Seeing that Huge strapon destroying Jennys ass combined with the sight of those double-D tits bouncing was awesome.

I shot my cum down Her throat and Sandy wasn’t slowing down when the next Guy sat down Under Jennys face.

“Jenny, take that cock out of Your mouth for a minute and see who owns it.” Sandy said as She continued to give Jenny record assgasms.

Jenny continued stroking as She looked at the face of Mr. Roberts…the Highschool Principal!

Jenny just smiled as She slid His cock back into Her mouth.

Mr. Roberts reached out, tugged and twisted Sandys nipples. Sandy moaned and squeaked.

10minutes and Jenny was swallowing Our principals cum. As He left the room, He jokingly said, “I want to see You both in my office Monday morning!”

2 more cocks were sucked by Jenny before She yelled, “Damn Bitch, enough destroying my ass! Fuck in my pussy!”

Sandy swapped Magnum condoms on the dildo and while Jenny rolled onto The floor landing on Her back. Sandy put Jennys legs back and began piledriving that massive strapon deep into Her cum filled pussy.

Jenny wailed and moaned between French kissing Sandy. Jenny squeezed Sandys hanging tits, sucking on and biting Her nipples.

Another 4 cocks came down Jennys throat and on Her face. I and Mr. James each fucked Sandys ass while She fucked Jenny.

Sandy was exhausted. She unhooked the strapon, leaving it buried in Jennys pussy. Sandy then strattled Jennys face and rode Her mouth to multiple orgasms.

After many hours, countless orgasms, and quarts of cum, Jenny finally conceded.

Jenny and Sandy lay cuddling on the cum-soaked bed for a while. They showered together then got dressed.

On the drive Home, Jenny thanked me for fulfilling one of Her fantasies. She then told me a few more that She had…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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