Jimmy Pt. 02

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Following the great revelation of our mutual infatuation with one another, Jimmy & I were on cloud nine as we slowly walked home. My heart was bursting with joy. Jimmy had this angelic glow on his face, we kept looking at each other smiling like silly love sick fools.

There are a lot a small side streets in that neighborhood and I knew most of them. I steered Jimmy towards this alley of a street which kind of dead ends but then diagonally veers off into 6th. Dark quite, only a few residents. At the end we stopped and sat on an enclosed stairway. We immediately embraced & resumed our deep French kissing. I was so turned on I thought I was going to cum in my pants. Jimmy’s tongue was like velvet, the taste of his saliva sweet & fresh. Everything about this Boy was so unimaginably sexy! Jimmy broke free from my kiss & in a demure voice whispered Oh Philip I can’t believe this is happening.

I reached down & felt his erect Penis encased in the white shorts Jimmy was wearing. I must say I was quite surprised & pleased with what I was feeling. For a skinny little boy, around 5″6″ tall & 135 Lbs., Jimmy had a nice little package.

Jimmy was breathing hard as I continued tracing the outline of his Cock etched in the material of his shorts. He began to un-zip the fly to my pants & pulled my blood engorged Cock out for him to view for the first time.

Oh My God , he purred, as he stroked the length of my slick pre-cum lubercated Penis. Ohhh, It’s beautiful, Jimmy said with devilish delight. He then softy kissed the head & pursed the Pre-cum from the slit of my quivering Cock.

Deeply looking into my eyes Jimmy slowly took my Organ into his warm tight mouth, his eyes closing as he swallowed. Uhmmm, he moaned as he expertly gave me a small sample of the head giving I would soon be receiving on a regular basis.

Now I do not have the biggest Cock in the world, just about 6 inches & average width. But I must modestly admit, as a proud connoisseur of Cocks myself, I do have a sexxxy Dick. Well Jimmy seemed to be enjoying it & that was all that mattered to me at that time.

Jimmy was really getting involved & I was loving every second. But I urged Jimmy to stop in fear eryaman eve gelen escort we may get caught in this compromising position. He was kind of entranced but then slid off realizing where we actually were. We sheepishly disappeared off into the night.

As we walked home, Jimmy asked me about my past experiences with other men. He wondered if I had many lovers in the past or was seeing anyone currently.

Assuredly I told Jimmy I was not involved with any other guys presently. But if you want to know about my past encounters I would tell him everything, I said with a wicked smile.

Here is a bit of the stories:

Truthfully, I had only been with four other men to that point in time. In detail I told Jimmy about Michael, The first boy I ever blew. I described how well hung Michael was & how addicted I became to serving Michael from my knees. I told Jimmy about how mesmerized I had been at the sight of Michael’s magnificent eight inch horse Cock. About Michael’s great virility and how he could shoot tremendous loads of cum all over the place. Mostly on my slutty face though.

Then there was Father Kerr, a Catholic priest and old teacher of mine who I had the great fortune of having a torrid two year relationship. I graphically described to Jimmy about Fr. Kerr’s beautiful Mushroom headed Cock that I religiously worshiped with my willing mouth. And that it was under his stern command I truly began to understand my role as a submissive. Fr. Kerr was so authoritative in his demeanor that I melted under his direction. Jimmy was speechless

Then there was Sheldon, an older neighbor who’s Cock I sucked just a few times. Oddly I was drawn to him, just at the realization of his Homosexuality. His Cock was very small & he was always uneasy about me coming over his house. So it did not last long.

The last was a transit driver who operated the trolley car in our neighborhood. I guess he just assumed I was a little fag & was always trying to seduce me. Whenever I went on his trolley he always greeted me with a big hello. Invariably he would move his hand down to his Crotch to see if my eyes would gölbaşı esmer escort follow down. A teasing test to get my reaction. Initially, although my eyes were automatically drawn to his Crotch, I would quickly move them away. After a while though I kept my eyes right on his bulge making sure he knew indeed I was interested in what he was packing. It looked so big & long the way he had it placing in his pants on the side of his left leg. Oh Wow!

One day on the trolley there were only three other passengers besides myself & the driver, Mr. Pace. He told me to sit in the seat perpendicular to the drivers chair that way we could talk. He started telling me about how many girls he got to suck him off on his route because they just loved his Big Cock. Jimmy meanwhile, was loving my recounting of my forays into the Homosexual realm.

I could sense that feeling that comes over me when I start to get excited thinking about Dick. It’s just a vulnerable submissive glow that over rides my body. Mr. Pace could tell I was hanging on to his every word. I was leaning over looking around the post to listen as I lustfully gazed down at his long Cock which was clearly visible thru his uniform pants. He asked me, as he grabbed his wad,” do you like this?” I nodded with a yielding look & licking my lips. Mr. Pace smiled broadly.

As I got off at my stop, Mr. Pace said maybe we could get together sometime soon, I smiled & told him with a nervous stutter, that I wanted to see him some night. He said he couldn’t wait.

A few nights later I sat on the corner of 7th & Morris hoping Mr. Pace was working. After about one half hour I saw a trolley coming, Oh my God, Mr. Pace was driving. He immediately noticed it was me at the stop, opened the doors, I climbed onboard. The familiar smell of the trolley, a sort of electrical odor. My heart leaping through my chest. Pace smiled & asked, “waiting on me?”. My nervousness gone, I gave him a provocative, seductive look and whispered that I had been dreaming of him. He squirmed in his seat & motioned for me to be seated.

At one end of the route the trolley stops for a rest period. ulus otele gelen escort It was dark, we were alone on the trolley. Mr. Pace came & sat next to me in the long leather bench seat on the left side of the trolley. Immediately & without a word I kneelt down on the dirty floor between his legs, undid his green uniform pants and ripped out Mr. Pace’s erecting Cock. All the imagining was over, there it was before my gapping eyes. It was jaw dropping! It had to be ten Inches long! Slender with thick muscular veins running vertically up it’s most beautiful shaft. The head a true work of art. So erotically sexy, I do not have the words to describe it’s effect on my Cock craving mind.

Mr. Pace said, “I told you it was big.” I licked my chops and slowly began to go to work on the awesome monster Cock. Oh how I loved it! The pungent taste of Cock & perspiration mixed with the mind blowing aroma of the sweaty Dick nestled in a Man’s underwear. That masculine scent that always paralyzed my mind, leaving me powerless & helpless to my uncontrollable desires to be a Cock Sucking Submissive Servant.

As I expertly worked Mr. Pace’s Penis with unbridled passion & style he just sat back & enjoyed my felicity. He affectionately stroked my long dark wavy hair and the side of my face as I sucked his masterful Cock with an affinity reserved for such an extraordinary specimen.

Without warning The Bus Driver reached climax! Strong long torrents of red hot deliciously salty semen gushed down my throat! As each burst was released I timed my downward stroke to accept the precious fluid swallowing every drop hungrily & gratefully.

Mr. Pace & I continued our secret rendezvous for a least two years. The thrill of sucking his Cock never diminished. Then suddenly he was gone.

We reached our street & at the corner where this night began, Jimmy & I said goodnight & planned to meet again tomorrow.

After a fast shower, I went to bed but how could I sleep. I was so revved up, thinking of what had just transpired. Wishing Jimmy was in my arms. Overjoyed by the long imagined dream now turned reality of a relationship with sweet Jimmy.

Furiously I started jerking off, thinking of my taking Jimmy’s Cock into my mouth & worshiping my precious young lovers Penis. Soon I erupted shooting out like I never had in my life. This was the effect Jimmy inspired.

That night I never did fall totally asleep, mostly I lied on my stomach pressing my Cock into the mattress. Grinding away with Homoerotic dreams of Jimmy lying naked in my arms. I could not wait for tomorrow!

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