Joe in the Dorm Room Ch. 03

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I still remember my days in the dorm with fondness. It was a time of exploration and discovery. When you are young, hung, and full of cum the world is a fantastic place! My job as an RA meant that I did nightly room checks for the residents of the small college I attended. Well, the past few nights had been mind-blowing to say the least. I thought about the previous evening’s encounter with Tom as I sat in the cafeteria with some friends.

I glanced up as I saw Tom approaching the table with his tray. I motioned for him to join us, and gave him a cool nod as if to say “it’s all good, no uncomfortable feelings going on here,” which was a total bullshit lie! In reality I could not help but think of the feel of his hard dick in my hand as I jacked us both off! The vision of his cock as he erupted in cum was getting my dick hard right here in the cafeteria.

Everyone was talking about the upcoming football game. The Bears were having an unbelievable season. Tonight was their big Monday Night Football game.

“You guys want to watch the game in my room?” asked Tom.

“You bet,” I answered. Most of the other guys said they had plans, or even worse – night classes. We moaned in sympathy for them, and I wondered if it would just be the two of us.

“I can come,” said Jack. I glanced over at him. He was in a few of my classes, but he lived in a different dorm. He was pretty cool from what I knew, but I could not help but feel some level of disappointment in the turn of events.

“Bring chips,” said Tom as we agreed to meet for the game.


I had to finish a take home exam, which took longer than expected, so I was late to the party. Tom greeted me as I came into the small dorm room and threw me a beer. Jack seemed to be well into his third beer as he sat on the chair and cheered the game. The floor was littered in chips and pretzels.

“Thanks,” I said popping the top and taking a pull from the can. I sat on the bed close to Tom, but not so close as to appear awkward. The game was in the third quarter, and the Bears beating the Lions handily.

“Great game,” exclaimed Jack.

“They are on fire,” said Tom in agreement.

Jack stood up to grab another beer. I could not help but notice that he was well built. We were all three wearing shorts, which back then were much shorter than today. His orange shorts had a white stripe on the side, and cut into a v at the legs. But what I noticed was how clearly Jack’s dick was outlined in the shiny fabric.

What the hell was it about this dorm room that had me looking at other guys dicks? I glanced at Tom, and noticed his gaze was fixed as well. He glanced up at me, and a smile crept across his face.

I shifted on the bed, and glanced at Tom’s shorts. He was wearing tight green jogging shorts, and he slid down just a bit to make the fabric taut against his package. Now I was beginning to get hard!

Jack plopped back down in the chair and drank his beer. He was facing the screen and positioned just to the side of us, and a bit forward, so he had a good view of the tiny TV screen. What I realized was that Jack did not have a view of Tom’s crotch. His back was mostly to me, so I was concealed as well.

I slid my hand down on the bed beside us, and cupped my hand into a loose fist, then slowly moved it up and down. Tom sputtered his beer as he saw my motion. Jack was engrossed in the game and didn’t notice at all.

I slowly slid forward on the bed, pushing my dick hard against my red shorts. I knew I was giving Tom an eyeful! He responded to my actions by lifting one leg up, allowing his semi hard dick to fall to the side, almost but not quite protruding from his shorts.

Jack suddenly cheered as McMahon threw a long pass for another touchdown. Tom and I scrambled to cover our erections as Jack turned to high five us both.

I knew Tom was sporting a hard on, so teasingly I asked, “Tom, will you get me those chips?” motioning to the bag near the TV. I smiled as he glared at me, knowing that if he stood up now he’d be in full view of Jack. It’s kinda impossible to explain a hard on during a Bears game!

“Get them yourself, lazy!” Tom shot back.

Now I was in the same predicament. Well played, I had to admit.

I slid off the bed with my back to Jack, and reached across Tom’s field of view for the bag of chips. I was pretty sure Jack couldn’t see my cock, and I wiggled just a bit to tease Tom as his eyes grew wide at my bold maneuver.

“There,” said sitting down on the bed, further behind Jack this time, with my legs stretching across the bed towards Tom. Now that I was completely concealed to Jack, I lifted my knee which was near the wall allowing my shorts to fall open to Tom. With a careful motion, and one eye on Jack, I slowly slid my hand down between my legs and shifted my penis out into the open.

I glanced at Tom, who was staring at my cock head. He had a smile on his face as he watched my dick grow harder and creep out from beneath my shorts. It was a crazy thing to do, istanbul escort exposing myself with Jack in the room, but I was horny as hell, and I didn’t care!

“Good one,” exclaimed Tom, looking directly at my dick.

“Did you see that tackle?” asked Jack, engrossed in the game.

“Looked like a hard hit,” I said watching Tom stare at my penis.

“Damn,” said Jack. “Look at those tits!”

That got both Tom and me to glance at the TV, where the cheerleaders were shaking their tits for the camera. One redhead had her pom poms low and twirling around for the camera, and her huge breasts were tightly encased in shiny white fabric as she smiled at the camera.

“Fuck!” slurred Jack. “Nothing better than a good set of tits.”

“You know,” I said, shifting back to tuck my cock back under my shorts. “I hear that some guys in this dorm have some porn magazines.”

“Hell, that’s what I need!” exclaimed Jack looking back at me with excitement in his eyes.

I glanced at Tom, and I could tell we were both thinking of how much we wanted to see Jack’s cock get hard in those orange shorts.

“Who’s got the porn?” asked Jack, getting excited.

“Well, I might have a magazine or two in my room,” I admitted. Tom looked at me with surprise on his face. It seems that I was not the goody shoes RA he thought I was.

“Gimme another beer, and I’ll go get it,” I said to Jack.

He tore another off the six pack ring and handed it to me. I took a drink, then placed it discretely between my legs to cool off my dick. “I’ll get it after this series,” I said hoping that was enough time to relax my erection.

Tom rolled his eyes and grinned as the next few minutes passed. Finally, after concentrating on the game for a solid minute, I felt comfortable in sliding off the bed behind Jack, and moving to the door. I quickly shifted my dick down in my shorts – it was only semi hard now so it was not too obvious.

“Back in a sec,” I said slipping out of the room. Running down the hall, I went into my room, and grabbed a handful of Penthouse mags. I shoved them into my backpack, and went back to the action.

“Cool,” exclaimed Jack as I showed him the pack. I tossed one to Tom, as Jack pulled out one of the thick, glossy magazines. I took one as well, and sat back on the bed. Tom shifted up to sit cross legged on the bed, with the open magazine on his lap. I leaned back on the bed against the wall and watched Jack in his chair. His legs were spread wide as he hunched over to see both the magazine and the TV.

This could be interesting, I thought.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, turning the pages. I pulled open the centerfold and held it up for the guys to see. The hot blonde was laying on her bed, her tits pushed up and flowers barely concealing her pussy.

“Oh, shit,” muttered Jack as he looked appreciatively at her.

Tom held up a picture of a guy with two girls. They were in a locker room, and he was standing up while one girl sucked his dick, and he held the other girl up on his shoulders with his face buried in her cunt.

I looked down to see Tom’s cock shifting up in his shorts, causing a tent to pop up.

“He is getting his bat sucked!” laughed Jack at the photo. We all chuckled as Jack found a photo to show us.

This one was two babes, a blonde and brunette as they lay together with their hands reaching across to finger each other’s pussy.

“Damn,” I muttered, entranced at the scene.

“His hot dick entered her wet pussy,” Tom recited as he read one of the letters.

“Dear Penthouse,” I read from my magazine. “I always thought these stories were fake until one day…” We all laughed.

“Who cares if they are real or not,” Jack laughed. “They give me a huge boner!”

“Okay Jack,” I said watching him closely. “Stand up and read one.”

Jack was feeling the effects of all the beers, and he was invincible. So he stood up, steadying himself on the chair back, then proceeded to read a story. “Dear Penthouse,” he began to read. “I have to tell you about this sexy babe I met last night…”

Tom continued to read the erotic letter out loud, and we were all getting into it. As he told about sucking on the babes tits I held up a glossy photo of a brunette who was rubbing oil on her naked breasts, the dark nipples pinched between her fingers.

When he got to the part of her giving the writer a blow job, Tom found a photo of a babe who was kneeling in front of a man as he held her hair with her face between his legs. Her ass was to the camera, and her moist pussy was clearly ready for a hot dick to pound her.

Each time we showed Jack a picture he became more aroused. By now his big cock was clearly outlined in those silky shorts. Jack was a stud, no doubt about it! I looked at Tom’s penis to see that it had grown hard, but he had it pointing downward to help conceal it. My own was similarly positioned, but it was threatening to poke out one leg of my skimpy shorts.

Looking back on that college şişli escort scene it was amazing how much testosterone was present in the room that evening. The game was still on in the background, but we were all focused on the eortic tale Tom was reading, and on the amazing sight of each other’s hard dicks! We were all very fit, and it was like a scene from a greek play.

“I knew that I was about to cum, so I pulled out of her cunt, spun her around, and began to stroke my cock right into her face.” Jack shifted uncomfortably as his dick pointed straight up, pushing against his elastic on the waist of his silky shorts.

“I don’t see any pictures like that,” Tom muttered.

“But I do see a hard cock,” I said, looking right at Jack.

“God, I am so fuckng hard,” moaned Jack. “Told you that this always happens!”

“Well,” I said hesitantly, “I guess there is only one way to get relief.”

“Ha, that’d be funny,” Jack laughed uncertainly.

“Yeah,” I laughed. “It would be funny to see us all naked.”

“Looking at porn,” added Tom. We both were subtly pushing Jack, who was still allowing the concept to soak into his beer buzzed brain.

“I have an idea,” I said, sensing the moment slipping away. “Let’s play shoot or dare!”

“How do you play that?” asked Jack.

“You either do the dare, or take a shot of beer,” I said, proud of my on the spot improvisation of a game.

“I love that game,” joined Tom. He could easily see where this was headed, and it looked like fun to him!

“I’ll go first,” I offered.

“Okay Joe,” Tom said. “I dare you to take off your shirt!”

Standing up, I stripped off my shirt, throwing it to the floor. Tom and Jack cheered as I struck a muscle pose.

“My turn,” offered Tom.

“You have to lick the centerfold,” Jack spoke up. “Lick her pussy!”

“Oh, man,” I moaned. “That’s one of my favorites!” Despite my minor protest, I was totally willing to go along with the game and sacrifice my magazine.

Tom walked over to Jack who was holding out the centerfold. He suck out his tongue and licked all the way up the glossy print. Jack was thrilled with his conquest and howled in laughter. I could not help notice that Jack’s cock stayed hard as nails this entire time.

“Okay Jack,” I said. “I dare you to look at this picture for thirty seconds.” I held up a picture of a man who was getting a blowjob from two girls, with a look of lust on his face.

“Easy,” said Jack already staring.

“That’s all?” asked Tom.

I let the bomb drop, “Naked!”

Jack froze for just a second. Then he shrugged and tore off his shirt. I could tell that he wanted to be naked, so this was just a gentle push.

He stopped suddenly, his hands on the side of his shorts.

“You guys are not messing with me, right?”

“Dude, just relax,” I said. “Look, if it makes it easier for you, we will all strip. But if we do, you have to take a shot.” Wow, the logic of this sophomoric reasoning actually worked!

Jack nodded assent, and slammed the rest of his beer. He was about to strip naked when he looked a Tom who was taking off his shirt. “You first,” he said.

Tom took the challenge, and slowly pulled down his shorts and undies. His thick cock was rock hard as it emerged from the fabric. Tom kicked off his clothes and stood for us both to admire his body.

“Feels good,” he said to Jack.

I didn’t wait for my invitation, I just started pulling down my shorts. I looked at Jack and motioned for him to follow my lead. He hesitated for a second, then he joined me in lowering his jogging shorts.

I pushed my shorts down, my hard cock popping free and my loose balls dropping down in the cool air. I watched as Jack focused on my dick, and he pushed down his shorts.

His dick head emerged from the top of the orange shorts and caught my attention. It was already huge and pulsing as he revealed more and more of his cock shaft. It seemed to just keep going! Tom bent at the waist as he shoved his shorts to the floor, kicking them to the side. He stood back up and we were all amazed at the sight of his huge boner!

“Dude,” I whispered. “That is a big dick!”

“Gimme that,” said Jack in defiance as he grabbed the magazine and started to stare at the chosen photo. Tom and I both simply stared at Jack’s cock!

It was, to say the least, very impressive. His hard penis was swollen and red, with thick veins running down the length of his shaft. His penis tip was like a fireman’s helmet, and it was visibly throbbing as he stared at the arousing pictorial. No matter what, Penthouse always turned on any guy!

“Time,” exclaimed Jack as he tossed the mag to the bed. He looked at us as if to say, what’s next?

I was at a loss for what to do next. Luckily Tom rescued me, “Okay Joe. Now it is your turn. Shot or dare – you have to play with your balls for thirty seconds.”

“Okay,” I agreed. I lay back on the bed with my knees pulled up to give the fellows a great view, then began to rub my balls mecidiyeköy escort with both hands. I thought this would be easy, but I realized how hard it was to not jerk my dick while I played with my balls.

I glanced at Jack, rewarded to see his gaze fixed firmly on my balls and cock. His hard on had not subsided, so I stared at it as I rolled the balls in my hands for him. Finally my time was up, and I sat up on the edge of the bed in triumph, proud of my control.

Jack went next. “Tom, I dare you to beat your meat for one minute while looking at porn, and not cumming!”

Tom nodded, and Jack and I both began to grab magazines to show to him while he jerked. I must admit I was not focused on the porn I was selecting. I was only watching him as he stood there jerking that boner. It looked so good, I wanted to reach out and stroke it!

Tom was just on the verge of shooting out his load when Jack called time. I could see the tension in Tom’s penis, and I knew it wouldn’t take much to make him orgasm.

“Jack,” I said. The sexual tension was palpable by now. “I dare you to touch his dick.” The room grew silent, and I feared I had crossed the line.

“Okay,” answered Jack with a whisper. He slowly walked over to Tom, who was quivering in anticipation by now, and reached out his hand slowly. With just one finger he touched Tom’s balls, then slowly ran the finger up the center vein of that glorious cock, pushing gently as he reached the tip.

Tom shuddered, and I knew he had just had an intense erotic experience.

“I dare you to grab my cock with both hands,” blurted out Jack to me.

Surprised at his forwardness, I slid forward on the bed until I was positioned with his dick right in front of my face. I slowly reached both hands up and encircled that rocket. It felt so damn warm, and it was throbbing with excitement. I gently moved my hands up, pulling his skin along, before shifting it down again.

I was surprised to feel hands on my own penis as I slowly stroked Jack’s pole. I glanced to see Tom had moved forward and reached out to stroke me. I glanced up at Jack, who smiled and reached out a hand to cup Tom’s balls in his grasp.

It was evident that the game was in full swing, and I sat there watching those two big dicks as I got stroked by Tom. We were in a circle jerk, with each others cocks being jerked by a different person.

Our pace quickened, and I knew that showers of cum would soon rain down. I realized with a grin that it would mostly shoot on me, as I was on the bed with both cocks facing me. I was mesmerized, and I wanted more!

I pulled Jack’s monster cock to me, and lightly blew on it. I looked up to see him smile in arousal. He moved his dick closer to my mouth.

I had never sucked a dick before, and was not all that experienced in getting my own sucked either. A few dates had obliged me, and I always loved the feeling of being in a girls mouth.

Now I knew that I wanted more than anything to suck a dick. And Jack had the perfect specimen for my first time!

Opening wide, I pulled his cock into my mouth. I head Jack moan, and saw Tom grab his ass and push him harder into my face.

Tom was moaning too as Jack continued to stroke him. His dick was close, so I reached over and helped masturbate him as I tried to slide Jack further inside my mouth.

I felt his swollen cock fully in my mouth, and suddenly I gagged on his pole as he hit the back of my throat! I pulled back quickly not wanting to spoil the mood. I continued to stroke his wet dick as I regained my breath.

Tom shifted slightly, so his meat was closer to my mouth. I smiled up at him, and while I maintained eye contact, I took his dick inside my mouth. He was not as large as Jack, which was better for me. I was able to take Tom deep in my mouth, slurping up his hard penis as he stroked my cock.

I pulled off him, then moved quickly to Jack. I slurped on him for a few solid strokes, then switched back to Tom. As I alternated I pulled them closer together until both dicks were touching and I was licking all over them.

Hands were all over the place by now, pulling my head forward, jerking off each other’s dicks, and grabbing ass. The pace was growing faster and faster! I rubbed their wet dicks together as I alternated sucking them to climax.

Tom was first. He moaned loudly as I took him in my mouth, and he unleashed loads of cum into my wide open throat. It was so tasty, and warm! I sucked as much as I could, letting it spill off my lips and onto my own dick in his grasp. The sensation of him stroking my now well lubed dick was fantastic!

He played with Jack’s balls and I shifted to Jack’s penis. I sucked on the massive head as I stroked him with Tom’s wet semen on my hands. I tugged and sucked like there was no tomorrow, and Jack was bucking in my mouth like a caged animal. I never gave him a moment of reprise, I just kept pounding and slurping on that beautiful cock!

Jack actually howled as he came! He shot load after load in my mouth. I caught as much as possible, but it quickly overfilled my open mouth. I kept jacking as I pulled him out and swallowed his jizz. More continued to spurt out in my face, dripping off my chin onto my own pulsing dick. Damn he was tasty!

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