John the Usher Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, the man had a smooth chest, hair around his nipples, and a trail that led to his public region. I unbuckled his belt and pants, his cock tenting his boxer briefs, I reached in and grabbed the man’s cock, it progressively got harder and harder. I got up and took my own clothes off, standing on the side of the bed naked I pulled John’s underwear off. The man had a six inch cock, nice size perfect for sucking.

“Mine is much smaller than yours Tom!” John said nervously.

“It’s not the size John, its how you use it and what a guy does to enjoy it!” I stated.

I got back on top of John, my cock grinding into his, John was cut with hairy balls and a bush that needed some trimming. I took John’s cock in my mouth, my tongue circling his knob,

“Oh Fuck Tom! Oh Fuck!” John whaled out.

Wham John shot his first load deep in my mouth. John apologized for cumming so quickly stating he had never had anyone suck his cock before.

“John the whole idea is that you cum! Never apologize for having cum!” I told him.

John tried to suck my cock, but the most he could take was the knob, what he lacked in technique he made up for in trying. I took John’s cock in my mouth once more, I sucked his balls into my mouth bathing them in my saliva, I lifted his legs to get to his pretty little rosebud, my tongue went to town on his hole. John’s balls rose in their sack and he blasted himself in the face as I rimmed his pretty hole.

“John once your ready again I want you to fuck me.” I said with a sly grin.

“Really you want me to put my cock in your ass? Doesn’t that hurt?” John asked not knowing.

“It can if the guy is rough, But John I know you will be careful and not try to hurt me.” I said leaning in for a kiss.

We would try doggy style first, what John lacked in experience he made up for in enthusiasm, John was a gentle lover, careful not to hurt me in any way. We changed positions, me on my back ass hanging over the edge of the bed, John towering over me, my ankles on his shoulders, John positioned his cock to my hole.

“Okay John this time I really need you to fuck me hard, take my ass make it yours, slam that cock of yours in me, make me take it, cause you know deep down I really need to be fucked hard.” I said with lust filled eyes.

John had this look in his eyes, he aimed to please, the guy would do what I asked, at first he slowly slid it in me, careful not to hurt me in any way. I leaned up grabbed his head in my hands.

“John I really need you to fuck me hard man, take that ass, make me your bitch.” I said as I kissed him gently.

John pushed me back down on the bed, grabbed my hips, getting himself in position, the first few slams I have to be honest really hurt, his cock a piston, slamming Beylikdüzü escort my hole my ass slapping with every thrust, John fucked me hard, like I wanted it, my ass would be sore tomorrow. I could see John was close, his cock ready to fill me with his seed, the look in his eyes was incredible, John was so into fucking me now his train of thought lost on his cumming in my ass.

“Oh Fuck Tom I’mm oh Yes take it.” John yelled as his cock unloaded.

I quickly grabbed my own cock and stroked it maybe six strokes and I creamed my abs, chest and neck in creamy cum. John collapsed on top of me, I dropped my legs off the side of the bed, John laid on top of me, his eyes opening, his lips on mine.

“Tom that was incredible, I have never, I’ve never fucked anyone like this before, the power I felt as I slammed your ass, is indescribable.” John said as he laid his head on my chest.

“John we have to get into bed, I can’t lay here much longer my legs are stiff.” I said spent and tired.

John helped me up, pulled me into an embrace, gently kissing me, holding me tight.

“A guy could get used to this John.” I said as he kissed me.

“You’re right Tom I could get used to this.” John said as he pressed his lips to mine.

I pulled away opening the covers on the bed, John got in, myself right behind him, we got ourselves into a spooning position, it felt so good to have John so close holding me, his cock semi erect once more.

“John we have to get some sleep we have to go help tomorrow with the cleanup.” I said yawning.

John pulled me in and kiss the back of my neck, dam this guy was so adorable, I turned off the lamp and we snuggled in close, John was so nice and warm, I felt so safe and secure. I woke up early we had to be back at the venue to help clean up, John still had me held in his arms, I tried to sneak out but he held me firmly.

“John you better let me loose or I will pee all over you.” I said my bladder ready to explode.

John reluctantly released me from his grip, I seemed to pee for and hour the stream never slowing down, I quickly washed my hands, checked myself out in the mirror, I looked pretty good for a wedding and a night of wild sex. I walked back in the room John was naked on the middle of the bed his cock rock hard, I climbed back in bed from the foot of the bed, right between his wonderfully hairy legs to his beautiful rock hard cock.

I reached out and grabbed his hard tool, I examined it carefully, I kept a firm grip on his tool, then leaned in and took it deep in my mouth, his cock buried deep in my throat, I sucked down and swallowed at the same time, my tongue working its magic on the base of his beautiful tool. I grabbed a handful of balls, the man had beautiful balls in a very hairy sack. I stretched his Beylikdüzü escort balls taut then leaned in and licked them, I got a loud groan when I did that.

I took Johns cock back in my mouth my eyes on his, the feeling of having your cock in some guys mouth and he is making eye contact with you is intoxicating. John’s balls slowly retracted, his breathing more labored, his cock swelled, his balls tight in their sack John screamed out.

“Fuck Tom Suck my cock, Eat my cum.” John screamed as his hands went to my head forcing his cum deeper.

Drained of yet another load John laid there naked cock deflating, his eyes closed, I leaned in and kissed him, he hugged me and rolled us over, he was now on top of me, between my legs, he quickly pulled my legs up, placing my ankles on his shoulders, his cock once again rock hard, he spit in his hand wet the knob of his cock and slid it in, it hurt a bit at first but soon his cock was fucking me once more.

John grabbed my cock firmly, stroking it, slamming my ass with his own cock.

“Cum for me Tom, shoot it all over so I can taste it, I want to taste your hot creamy cum Tom.” John begged me.

With his cock in my hole and his hand stroking me it would not take long and I was blowing my load on my chest in my neck and all over my face. John soon was filling my hole up with more of his steamy white cum, he pushed it in deep, making sure it got deep in my hole. John leaned in and licked the cum from my face, sucking it up, then snowballing it with me. I rolled John over so I was now on top of him. I held him under me, gently kissing him over and over.

“We have to get ready, they will be calling us soon if we don’t get there soon.” I said to John in between kisses.

“I don’t want to go, I want to stay here with you.” John said with sad eyes.

“Want to stay another night in this hotel room John?” I asked hoping he could.

“I’m suppose to be at work tomorrow but I could call and see if I can get out of it, Yes lets do that Tom.” John said a grin on his face.

“You call work I will call to let them know we slept in, but will be there shortly.” I suggested grabbing my phone.

John got the next two days off, I worked from home so I did not have to call anyone, we would stay two more days, I quickly made the changes to the room, staying two more days with a guest.

We showered together, more kissing than showering but we were clean at least, we got dressed and headed back to the venue and John’s truck, they were all looking at us, clearly it showed that John and I had had sex with each other, we traded looks, I had this silly grin on my face, John too was smiling much more than he had ever had. There was a luncheon after, John and I stayed only a few feet apart from each other the Escort Beylikdüzü whole time. I went to the washroom and my cousin quickly followed me in.

“What are you doing Lisa I need to pee.” I said knowing Lisa had to know what had happened with John and I.

“Shut up I’ve seen your cock before, so tell me what happened? And don’t even try to leave out any details.” Lisa said sitting on the vanity.

“Nothing happened what are you talking about? John and I are just friends.” I said with a cheesy grin.

“You can fool someone else but not me cousin, so who fucked who? Is John gay? He is isn’t he, I knew it.” Lisa said not taking a breath.

“Not gay per say, he may be a little bisexual, just a little, Oh Fuck who and I kidding he is so fucking hot.” I blurted out

“I knew it I knew you would bring him out, he is such a great guy, like his brother.” Lisa said smiling.

“We are spending two more nights in the hotel, the guy is insatiable, he can’t seem to get enough of me, and me of him, I really like him.” I said turning red.

Lisa and I exited the bathroom, I went to get John and I a drink in the kitchen, I ran into John’s brother Keith, the groom.

“Thank you for helping my little brother out yesterday and last night, I’m glad you did not let him drive. Where did John stay?” Keith asked

“John stayed in my hotel room with me last night.” I replied as Lisa walked in.

“Oh really that surprises me John is so shy usually.” Keith said as Lisa took his arm

Just as John walked in standing close to me.

“What are you three talking about?” John asked giving me a smile.

“Keith was just worried about where you stayed last night is all.” I said smiling at John.

“Oh no worries Tom here took care of me all night long.” John said with a grin.

Keith looked at John then at Lisa, then me, just as John grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss, my arms naturally went around his neck, we stood there in front of Lisa and Keith embracing. Keith stood there his mouth wide open in total shock, He looked at Lisa then back at John and I.

“John’s gay? When did this happen? Did Tom turn him gay?” Keith asked totally beside himself.

Lisa simply laughed at Keith.

“You can’t think that Tom made your brother gay, he clearly was gay before he met Tom.” Lisa said laughing.

John and I stopped kissing.

“So John did I turn you gay?” I asked smiling.

“No Tom I think I was born that way, I’ve always liked guys you just helped me come out is all.” John said with a broad smile.

“Glad I could help in any way possible, maybe I can try to bring you out a little more later in the hotel room?” I suggested playfully.

“Tom the next two days are going to be amazing, I look forward to getting to know you better.” John said with a sly grin.

“Look at you two, your so cute together.” Lisa said smiling.

Keith still was in awe that his little brother was gay, He stood there looking at the both of us shocked.

“John’s gay really!” Keith kept saying.

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