John’s Sex Encounters on the Job

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John just graduated from Engineering School about 2 years ago, and as with most new graduates, does not know exactly what he wanted to do. Yeah, the textbook will tell you what is marketing, operations or logistics, but they never ever gave you the full story on how it’s like in the real world.

With a “fresh from the oven” degree in his hands, John tried his hands on operations, but did not like the mad-house lifestyle he has to go through, he then went to Sales for a while, which gave him the opportunity to dress up real well and have nice lunches and dinners with customers. When all’s well, the steak and wine tasted good, but when the shit hits the fan, he just dreaded facing the customer.

Then off he goes searching for the perfect job and landed himself a buyer job in one of the huge American firm. The company manufactures office automation products and has purchases in excess of 1 billion dollars every year. He was put in charge of a commodity with annual purchase of 10 million dollars. He did not know exactly what it means to have a budget of 10 million dollars to spend every year, until he starts getting invitation from suppliers to lunches, dinners and drinking sessions in posh places that he did not even got to go to when he was a sales executive. Initially he was a little nervous of accepting all these invitations when he remembers the Business Ethics briefing that he got on his first day of work, but after a while, and realizing that all his colleagues, including his boss, are accepting such invitations from suppliers, he soon understands that this is all part of the benefits he will get on the job. He also soon realized that all this entertainment will get very frequent when there is a new project and suppliers are invited for the bidding exercise, and during this period, the normal steak dinner will move up a notch to lobster dinner and beer would soon became Cognac and fine wine.

Recently, the company is working on a new product that is expected to be received well by the market and as usual, John send out some invitations to bid to the usual suspects. One of the components he was trying to purchase is worth 3 million dollars per year and he received some very aggressive bidding from a few suppliers.

One such company involved in this bidding is Global and the Sales Manager in charge was Christie. Christie is a local Chinese in Singapore, medium frame, about 5 feet 5 tall, black curly hair, big round eyes, and a full lips which every guy would like to have their cock wrapped around with, but her most outstanding feature has to be her pair of 34 double D boobs which are extremely outstanding hanging on her tiny frame. Christie has been in Sales for many years although she is still only 29. She was in Global for only a couple of years and has performed extremely well to move up the corporate ladder real fast, although one have to suspect that the sales figures has something to do with her pair of delicious looking 34 Double D tits. And she was always professional dressed in tailored blouse that shows off her figure perfectly and a short miniskirt that seems to hug around her shapely ass and barely covers her favorite black lace thong.

Christie has been following up closely with John on the progress on her bid and has gotten news that she is second in the race, and she knows that in this industry, second means nothing. As a go-getter and being under pressure for sales, she is determined to do all she could to bring in this business.

She has done all she could to wine and dine this business out of John and she knows that it will take something very special to put her in front of her competitors and she has run out of restaurant to take John to so she decided to meet him in his office. She called on John to arrange for the meeting today at 5 in the afternoon, and being a Friday, John was really reluctant to meet her as he was also almost ready to award the business to the other supplier. But remembering the last time they met up and the way her tits just seems to reach out to him, he decided to meet up with her, thinking “Well, what the heck, maybe just for the tits…..”

Christie know how important this business is to her company and her chance of further promotion, she is just about ready to pull out all her tricks to close this deal, she saw how John was always trying to steal a peek down her blouse everytime she was explaining her proposal to him, she was contemplating how far she would go this time.

She arrived at John’s office right on time, and being a Friday, everyone has left except for John.

From his office, John could see Christie walking towards where he is and straight away he could recognize the jiggling of the tits.

John was eager to get this meeting out of the way so he could go for a drink and hopefully get laid.

“John, what could we do to close this deal?”..Christie wasted no time and got straight to business.

“Christie,everything about your proposal is fine except Antalya Escort the price…”John said.

“Well, that’s simple, just let me know how low you want me to go and if I could I would match the price you want”

“Christie, it’s not ethical for me to review your competitor’s price to you…..” John could sense that Christie is getting desperate but he got no idea just how low Christie is willing to go just to get this business.

” Well I could give you a better after sales package ….” and Christie went on to explain the package and when she finished, she did not hear any response from John and when she looked up, she found John staring at a distance and when she followed his glaze, she realized he was staring right at her cleavage which was in full view with the top 2 buttons of her blouse came undone. Her boobs are literally hanging half way out of her blouse.

“Maybe there is something more I could do to close this deal….?” Christie then runs her slender finger across her exposed cleavage and John came awake from his trance…..

Christie then stood up and bends forward and pretend to explain her proposal again, showing John more of her cleavage, but what she really wanted to do was to steal a peek at the effect that she had on John, and she had a smirk on her face when she saw the bulge in John’s pants.

She walked slowly around the table to John’s side and lifted herself to the edge of the table, she then pretends to fan herself with her jacket and proceeds to remove it while complaining it’s getting hot in the office. Her action allows her to push her tits even further out to almost inches away from John’s face, giving him a real close up look at her “package”.

” Look John, we have been talking about what my company can offer you but what I have not discussed with you so far is the personal after sales service that I pride myself on, maybe if I could give you a little…..oral introduction… might help you understand a little more….” and with that said, she dropped to her knees in between John’s legs and started to work on his belt and zipper, and before John could recover from this latest development, she already had his throbbing cock out of his pants. She then give his swelling cock head a kiss and looked up at John with her sultry eyes, then uses her tongue to lick a little precum from John’s rock hard cock. “Well John, should I start my explanation now?…..”…”Well….” is all John could say …….” I’ll take that as yes….” says Christie and with that she plunged her head down and took John’s cock completely into her mouth in one swift motion. She then started bobbling her head and making slurping sound, sending John to heaven. John has heard about sales bringing his colleagues to nightclubs and massages but he has never heard of sales providing this kind of service themselves. But here he is, literally getting a business deal sucked out of him by a busty young lady whom he, up till now, was only able to steal a peek or two down her blouse during their previous encounters.

However, he was able to summon enough strength to assess the situation while getting a blowjob in the middle of an empty office, and is determined to get as much out of this head bobbling Power Woman as possible before he closes the deal.

After giving John about 5 minutes of a mind boggling blowjob,she could sense that John was getting close when he started to lift his hips and literally trying to fuck her mouth, Christie lifted her head and ask ” Well, you think I should finish my oral explanation anytime now….?” ” yeah……you really should do your conclusion now” John said, struggling with his composure a little. With that, Christie sink her mouth into John’s crotch again and start sucking hard on his cock, twirling her tongue on the underside of his cock and within seconds, John exploded and shoot what seems like a whole mug worth of cum into Christie’s lovely mouth.

After a few jerks of his hips and emptying his fuck juice into Christie’s mouth, he sink back down his chair and his cock popped out of Christie’s mouth after she has cleaned the last drop of cum off his cock head with her tongue.

“Well, John? You like my …oral….explanation?” “And as part of our company’s package, we will not stop here, I would give you a weekly …oral update…..if you’d like…..” Christie purred…

“Well, Chris, I like what you have to…er…say” John by now knows that he has the upper hand and would like to see how far Christie could go….” But I have not ….er…fully ….tasted……..ehm I mean gone through the whole ….package …yet” John said, while starring right into Christies deep cleavage, which by now is in full view after another 2 buttons gotten undone during the previous scuffle, showing her black lace bra and her boobs almost threatening to pop out of it..

Christie by now is feeling quite horny, recently being so busy with this project she has not really Antalya Escort Bayan gotten a fuck for weeks, and to be honest, Johns was quite well endowed and she really wouldn’t mind stuffing herself with John’s cock. “Well, if I could land this project and at the same time having this stud fucks my brains out……..why not….” She purred in her mind.

“Well John…I am glad you are interested in my……company’s ……package, I would gladly spread it out on this table for you, and if you like, we could….drill… to certain specifics….” Christie said, while running her slender finger along her deep cleavage and licking her lips.

John felt a tingling feeling in his crotch again and is spotted with his second hardon of the day, his cock pointing straight up to Christie’s face.

“ehm, looks like you can’t wait ……” Christie said with a husky voice while grabbing John’s cock and gave it a good squeeze. She then bring her hands to the front of her blouse and removes the remaining buttons and took her blouse completely off. She then stood up and unzip her skirt, removes it and stood merely inches from John in just her sexy lace underwear.

John placed his hands on Christie’s butt and pull her towards him and gave her snatch area a good smooch. “I love it when buyers go straight to the point, it makes all negotiation easier….doesn’t it…?” with that said, Christie push her sacred area towards John’s face and started rubbing, looking straight down at John’s eyes, with her mouth slightly opened, and driving John’s lust level to a new high.

Christie then moves her hands behind to remove her bra and said to John “I think it’s time to go through the package, why don’t you start with these…..” Christie interrupted John’s moment with her lace covered pussy and lifted his head and then push her boobs together and started rubbing her already hardened nipples.

“Fuck….she’s so hot” John thought and his cock was harder then it ever was. He pulled Christies down towards him and started savoring her globes. ” oh yess……suck my tits, make sure you don’t miss a single inche of them….oooooh” Christie purred, half deliberately trying to drive up John’s urge, and in actual fact she also badly needed to feel a wet tongue on her nipples.

Christie arched her back,pushing more of her tits into john’s face and he was slurping away on them. John’s hands found it way onto Christie’s crotch and almost immediately found her wet and slippery pussy.

“Oh yes, John, fuck me with your finger….ooooohh, don’t stop………urghhh!!” John slipped his finger in and out of Christie’s pussy while still sucking hard on her titties.

“Let me show you more of the package that I have for you”…..Christie interrupted John, but the disappointment on face soon disappear when Christie hooked the sides of her panties with her thumbs and pull it down to review a well trimmed pussy. She then lifted herself up on the table, and lifted her legs to encourage John to pull her panties off. John was still in a daze and realized where Christie was and he duly pull off her panties and in almost one swift motion, dove right into her pussy and starts licking….”Oh shit, John, yesss…suck my pussy………suck it harder……Oooooo yes, that’s it, that’s the S…p ot…..Ohhhh…..urggg….emmmmmmmm” Christie felt herself moving her hips in in a nice rhythm to meet John’s tongue trusting into her pussy. And John , feeling Christie’s movement, is beginning to fuck her pussy with his tongue. “God, John, you have a fucking good tongue, oh…yes, fuck me with your tongue, fuck me…urhghhhh!” John, feeling that Christie is nearing her climax, inserted a finger into her pussy, and immediately,Christie felt an electric wave right through from her pussy through her spine and arched her back..”Ohhhhh, FUCK!…..urrrrrrgh…….Ohhh God………” John felt her trembling and trying to pull away, but he hooked both his arms around her thighs and held her to his mouth and continue sucking , causing her to tremble uncontrollably and almost fell on the floor……”umphhhhh…….urhh……oh God, stop John, I can’t.,….urrrrg, ohoooo, take it any ……..oooh, more……..oooooohhhhhh” Christie screamed while experiencing her first orgasm in about 2 weeks……….

“Oooooo John, I love the way you negotiate with your mouth,” Christie purred, and took a glance at John’s raging hard cock, “and it looks like you have your pen all ready to sign a deal with me” Christie said while reaching down to grab his cock which was already twitching for attention. “Tell you what John, why don’t you cut me some slack and give me the price you are looking for to close this contract” ……John , with his raging hard on, is already having problem thinking straight, but he managed to regain some composure to know that he is still having the upper hand and could still push the deal a little, ” Well Christie, it really depends on what else you have on offer Escort Antalya for me” Christie looked down on John, giving him her best seducing look, and glide herself off the table. She spread her longs legs and lower herself down to sit on John’s lap….” Emmm, looks like you want to drive a hard deal…..just like him…” Christie wrapped her slender fingers around John’s cock and started to rub it, ….and if John’s cock could grow any bigger, he most probably would burst a blood vein or two.

John closed his eyes upon Christie’s touch, enjoying the whole experience “God,…. Chris, if only more sales agents are like you……….” Christie planted a deep and wet kiss on John’s lips, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth……..half panting…..she lifted herself a little, reached behind to grab hold of John’s cock and started to rub it’s throbbing head along the entrance of her heavenly pussy ………teasing John to madness….”Well John, what do you say……….you ready to nail….er….the deal?” “God . Chris……urrrrrrr…..10% …..take 10% off and you got the contract…….” “C’mon, John, ……..emmmm…..I have lay my deal bare for you….literally, 10% will eat into my cut………..” Christie said, inserting John’s cock head partially into her wet pussy, and then pulling it out…continuing her teasing of John. “oh God, Chris, oh shit, I am going to burst………………oooooooohhh, ok 8%…….8 and you got it………”…..”Ok John, here’s my offer, 5% off my current price, 5% and I will make that my “Fuck-me-now” price, plus…….I will be here personally every month to receive the PO, you hand the PO over to me, ” “Christie inserted John’s desperate cock into her pussy and pull out again….”and I promise to fuck your brains out everytime………well?”……”Damn Chris…………..ok 5%, ………………just let me fuck you now……..” Chris reached behind her and pull out a piece of paper from her briefcase, and hand it to John….” Sign this contract…..and I will take you home…….” With that said, she inserted part of John’s cock into her pussy, and waited…….”Oh shit Chris, ….you are a fucking tease……….give me a pen now”…….Christie handed him a pen and John hurriedly signs the paper and hand it back to her……..”Emmm John, there … have worked hard for this… just sit back and enjoy…” with that said, Christie sat down completely , engulfing John’s cock into her wet pussy………”Jesus, Chris, that feels gooooood”……”well, it can only get better”…Chris said and started to bounce herself over John’s cock, using his shoulder as support, and her slim waist as leverage. “Oh…Shi…t, I have been waiting for a good fuck for the last 2 weeks……God, your cock is so big John…..Oh…….yesssss….fill me up……..Oh..oh…oh…….urrrrrgggg” John, finally finding some relief for his cock, started to lift his hips, pushing more of himself into Christie……and at the same time sucking on Christie’s bouncing boobs….”Oh Chris, I have wanted to fuck you from the day I saw you, OOOOoo, I am beginning to like this job already. He then lifted Christie up, with his cock still in her pussy, and put her down on his table. He held both of her legs at the thighs and spread her more, pushing himself between her. And without missing a beat, starts pumping into Christie’s pussy.”oh yesssss…John…….oh…..ooooooo, Fuck me harder……faster…………Ohhhhh…..Fuck me John…..Fuck me harrrrrddd!!” “Urg…Urg…..Fuck…Chris, things would be…..urg.,…easier ….if you w..ould….show me …yourrr….package earlier………urg…..damn, you are so …fucking tight”…..with this, John increases his speed, and starts fucking Chris real hard and fast……”Oh John,….Oh Fuck….yes, fuck me hard….oh…John ..Oh …Oh….Yes’s…….urggg”…Chris is now arching her back, getting herself ready for what she think would be a very intensive orgasm.

“OHHHHHh Fuck….urgggggggggg….oooohhhhh……Yesssssssssssssss” Chris let out one last scream and let herself go , feeling the relief in her body. At the same time John is still having a go at Chris’ pussy like a Duracell rabbit, and also feeling his load building up in his balls………and with one final push, he shot his second load into Chris’ swelling pussy…….and let himself fell onto Chris body…………with his cock still twitching in Chris’ well fucked pussy….

“John…….business aside, that was a great fuck….I needed that, after all the pressure from trying to get this business….” Chris said, while putting her clothes back.

“Well Chris, you have to understand that was a 3 million dollar fuck… less” John, said, still staring Chris all over while she is dressing up……

Christie found herself actually enjoyed the fuck for real, but still understood that she has to keep dangling a carrot in front of John to keep him motivated….

“You know what John…” Chris purred while bending down and resting her elbows on John’s desk, giving John another full view down her blouse…..” you probably could fax the PO over to me next week, but I’d prefer to collect it personally from you next Friday, then we could go through some more details…..of my….package.

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