Jonas , Rose in Brazil

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Jonas was just finishing his second cup of coffee after breakfast as they began their decent. He always found the timing of the flight from Dulles to Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport convenient….a late evening departure with a mid morning arrival meant a nice nap on the overnight trip and a chance to arrive refreshed. He had been upgraded on today’s trip from the usual business class to first class. Jonas didn’t think the extra touches on the food and drink service were anything special, but the extra inches on the lie flat seat in first was priceless.

He smiled thinking about Rose, who would great him at the airport. Rose was the firm’s outside counsel for business in Brazil over the last several years. She had also been Jonas’ lover for nearly as long. He traveled to Brazil for business several times a year. He loved the country, but he certainly also loved spending time in the bedroom with Rose. Although happily married, she sought out sexual adventure with Jonas. Her appetite for sex was incredible, even for the experienced Jonas. He almost felt sorry for her husband, a pleasant and likable engineer. Jonas was certain he simply couldn’t keep up with her sex drive. In fact, Jonas often wondered if he could too on a permanent basis. The occasional trips were perfect.

He immediately spotted Rose outside of customs. She ran over to greet him with a big hug and a generous kiss on the cheek. However, this was Brazil after al where public displays of affection were much more common, even among professional colleagues. Her behavior would not have drawn any suspicions to a casual observer. Rose was the opposite of Jonas’ tall and imposing frame. Petite and short with fantastic dark, brown hair. Her fit body, with an ample yet tight ass and perky tits was a perfect combination to her seemingly endless energy. This morning, she wore a simple, attractive white blouse and a relative short, but professional miniskirt; Jonas was quite certain that panties would not be part of her outfit. “Jonas dear, I’ve missed you so much that I have a small surprise for you this morning!” was the greeting that she met Jonas with today. “You’ll have to wait a few minutes until we get in the car though.” Jonas smiled. While he had no idea of what she had in mind, he had no doubt that the surprise would be sexual in nature and would likely provide a nice energetic antidote to any jetlag that he might have.

They quickly fetched Jonas’ priority checked bag and Rose phoned the driver to bring the Büyükesat Escort car around. Jonas knew the car would be a simple black car variety with dark, tinted windows. Anything too expensive or flashy looking in Brazil was simply not wise given the unfortunate crime rate. Jonas also knew that any driver working for Rose would be discrete as he had had fun with her in the back seat on more than one previous occasion.

They settled into the back seat of the car, a late model Chevy sedan, and began the long, traffic-ridden trip into town. Jonas was surprised to see that the driver today was a quite attractive brunette who greeted him warmly. ‘Is this part of the surprise,’ Jonas wondered. Rose immediately set to work on James, kissing him aggressively and passionately. She was a great kisser with a strong and attentive tongue. Soon his hands were inside her shirt and unhooking the clasps of her bra. Her breasts, while not large, were terrifically firm and fun to play with. Soon her bra was off and Jonas was cupping her left tit with his right hand. Her nipples were rapidly hardening like bullets and he pinched each gently. Rose had likewise gotten under Jonas’ shirt and started to run her hand across his chest. She too, engaged in a bit of light nipple pinching. Neither Jonas nor Rose paid any heed to the driver. While she was clearly aware of the antics in the back seat, she simply focused on the task at hand, driving to town through the traffic. The first time he had fooled around with Rose in the car, he had felt incredibly uncomfortable. Rose had only been able to give him a hand job on that occasion due to Jonas’ reluctance to perform with another person in the car. While Jonas was not an exhibitionist by nature, he had grown to like the periodic back seat fuck with Rose with a driver present. By this time, Jonas’ cock was hard and straining against his pants. Rose unbuckled his pants and quickly shuffled them down to his ankles. Today, Jonas was incredibly turned on by the presence of a female driver. He quietly positioned himself in his seat so that the driver could easily see his cock and balls in the mirror. Whatever Rose had in mind for Jonas, he wanted to enjoy letting the driver watch.

Jonas reached up Rose’s skirt. Sure enough, she was not wearing panties. Instead, he quickly found the soft trimmed hair of her bush. Jonas absolutely loved the way Rose trimmed her bush. In his opinion, it was simply perfection. Rose was Elvankent Escort already damp when Jonas started to finger her. He slipped two fingers inside her and then withdrew them. He sucked her juices from his index finger and offered his middle finger to Rose. She sucked his finger aggressively and said, ‘My Jonas, was a tasty slit you’ve gotten into…I need to suck on something else.’ in a moment, she was kneeling on the seat besides Jonas and sucking his cock. Jonas considered himself significantly more experienced sexually than most men. That being said, Rose gave incredible, aggressive head that drove him wild. Thankfully he was well along into his 30’s and able to enjoy her attention to his erect member. He often wondered if he would have lasted 90 seconds of a Rose blowjob in his early 20s. Rose knew about Jonas’ fetish for noise. She made sure to make his blowjob very wet and noisy, pausing from time to time to spit, loudly, on his balls, something that Jonas loved. Jonas caught Rose looking up towards the rear view mirror a few times. There was no doubt, the driver was very discretely enjoying the show while keeping her eyes on the heavy traffic. Jonas was nearly certain that he saw the thin outline of a smile on the driver’s lips more than once. While it was unclear to him how she could be the surprise with her driving duties, it was clear to him that she and Rose were up to something. Well, he would be in town for a week, there was plenty of time for more than one surprise.

“What about that surprise baby,” Jonas inquired. Rose looked up, smiled and asked, “have you grown bored of my cock sucking skills darling? OK, let me show you something.” Rose rolled her skirt up to her waist and turned around on the seat. Still kneeling on the seat, but now facing away from Jonas with her fantastic ass facing him. There, stuck into the middle of her asshole, was a ruby colored crystal anal plug. Jonas laughed. Of course, here was the surprise. Rose loved anal sex, but was extremely tight. Although Jonas cock was only slightly larger than average, she still needed to stretch her asshole for anal play and this took time. Her pre-planned plug put her in ‘ready to assfuck’ mode for their drive. Jonas started to play gently with the plug. He loved the fact that she had obviously gone into the airport to wait for him with her anal plug in place. He popped it out of her ass and was surprised by its weight. He leaned over and tongued Rose’s Beşevler Escort asshole. It was well stretched now and ready for sex. Still, he wanted to have some fun first. He continued with his tongue….he was able to stick it in her ass fairly deep as a result of the plug’s work. He used a spiral motion to push the plug in and out a few times. The moans from Rose were a clear endorsement of his approach. He stroked his cock in preparation for her ass.

At this moment, the driver announced, ‘we’ll be arriving in about 20 minutes.” This time, there was no mistaking the smile on her lips or the direct eye contact that she made with Jonas via the mirror. He was certain, this would not be the last he saw of her this trip. “Ok baby, you’ve got just enough time to fuck me in the ass and cum in my mouth before we need to freshen up.” Fortunately, Rose was quite petite and actually perfect for the confines of the sedan. She sat on Jonas’ lap and lowered herself onto his cock. Rose was not the first Jonas lover to remark on the size of his cock as being perfect for anal sex. With his hands on her hips, Jonas fucked Rose in the ass for several minutes. The driver now hid all pretense of anonymous discretion. She was clearly enjoying the show in the back seat. “Jonas, this is Fernanda. Show her how well you can fuck me in the ass. You’ll have a chance to get to know her better this trip too.” Ah, Jonas had been right, the driver was clearly more than just a driver.

They exited the freeway and entered city streets. Rose took this as her cue to hop off Jonas’ cock and replace her ass with her mouth. “How does your ass taste baby,” Jonas inquired. “Let your friend Fernanda know too so she can try it later.” Fernando smiled broadly in the front seat and said nothing. Rose responded by sucking his cock more aggressively. Jonas knew he would come soon. Rose started to finger the base of his balls to help bring him to orgasm. With a loud groan and full body spasm, he unloaded his balls into Rose’s mouth and down her throat. “Jonas, you taste great as usual, but you had too much to drink on the flight last night,” teased Rose. Jonas responded, “that was great baby, what a way to kill jetlag! But I didn’t have time to make you cum baby!” Rose smiled, “Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to do that before you leave, and if you don’t, I’ll just hide your passport until you do! Welcome back to Brazil!”

Just a few minutes later, Fernanda brought the car to a stop in front of the Hotel Unique, a boutique hotel with a terrific rooftop bar. Soon, Jonas and Rose strode into the lobby, just two tired travelers ready to check into their hotel to freshen up for the business meetings ahead. The desk clerk offered them a mint candy while she checked them in….’no thanks,” said Rose, “I’ve already used my favorite mouthwash and don’t want to ruin the taste.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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