Journey of Rick Heiden Ch. 13

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The Journey of Rick Heiden

All Rights Reserved © 2018, Rick Haydn Horst

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


The previous evening, we made plans to visit the college to check on the device, and did so, on the morning of the fourth day. Laurel and her team looked tired but pleased with themselves. The device was more substantial than I expected. Our end of it had the appearance of a smartphone, a design both portable and unobtrusive, but to have an energy field powerful enough to read the chip at a distance required a larger device. So, they broke it into two main pieces, the look-a-like smartphone and an aerial drone that could cloak itself. When folded for travel, it reminded me of three enlarged Attendants stacked together. Once unfolded into a triangle of three circles, it produced bursts of a dynamic field of energy strong enough to pass through buildings, and at lower altitudes, down into the ground. Once it read a chip within its range, it split into three parts using triangulation to find the exact location of the ring. It then sent a map to the smartphone look-alike for us to follow. It had robust energy sources that would last, but in the unlikely event that it needed to recharge itself, it could hover near a high-power electrical line and soak up the ambient energy.

“If the ring is in London, this device should make short work of finding it,” said Laurel, “but I have one more thing for you. Inside the drone, we used an older version of Iris. She won’t control the drone, but she feeds data to the remote, and will allow the three of you to communicate with one another while many miles apart, just like you do here.”

Quite impressive, Laurel and her team went well out of their way on it, and given the importance of the mission, I supposed that shouldn’t have surprised me.

Aiden helped with the design earlier, but Laurel asked him to stay the day so that she could go over it with him. I reminded him that if he wanted clothes to wear on the mission, he had to get scanned. He told Laurel that he would take care of that and return immediately to the lab.

Only a couple of people browsed the shop when we entered, and Svend needed someone on whom to cater.

“Welcome back, gentlemen,” Svend said with exuberance. I noticed his infectious excitement and enthusiasm made him well suited to customer service. I understood why his shop had existed for a few hundred jears. He also readily remembered names and faces, making me wonder if he had enhanced his memory. “I’m glad you came early, David,” Svend said, “We must have time to get your uniform ready. Will the three of you let me scan you?”

“Indeed, we will,” I said. “We each need two suits of clothing for the mission.” It felt odd to mention it, but no state secrets existed on Jiyū.

“Oh, the mission! I will prioritize your order. You must have something to wear. One question, what season is it?” he asked, gesturing with his hand.

“Only a day will have passed, so late October,” I said.

“I’m not much into clothes,” David said to me, “so whatever you get, I’ll have a set like it too.”

“And look like a 1980s gum commercial?”

David shrugged. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. What’s wrong with wearing the same clothing?”

“Well, for starters, we’re not twins. However, I’ll agree on one condition; you get them another color.”

“Agreed, but you pick the color,” David said.

“The same goes for me, Rick,” Aiden said, “I really need to get scanned and get back to the lab. I promise to wear whatever you think appropriate. I trust you. So, what will you two do today while I’m at the lab?”

“I can show Rick around some more,” said David.

“The theater, maybe?” I asked.

David nodded. “Sure.”

Svend scanned me last, I stood naked in a metallic cylinder with a glass screen in front of me, depicting the various poses to hold for the scans. I didn’t expect that much involvement. It must have scanned every nook and cranny.

Since I found the choice entirely tossed into my lap, I used Svend’s equipment to craft each of us a stylish ensemble that would work for our needs. I settled on pants that looked like chinos. I could have chosen them with a zipper, buttons, or codpiece, which I found tempting as David said they provided a considerable amount of comfort. But we would wear them on Earth, and I saw no reason to draw that kind of attention, so I settled with buttons. Not knowing how long the mission would take, I ordered jackets for us with removable liners brown, navy, and black, respectively, including all the accouterments that one needed, including a pistol holder. At the cobblers, I acquired each of us a pair of calf-high boots so comfortable they felt pre-broken-in.

After a day of visiting the istanbul travesti theater and many other places David felt I would enjoy –and with Aiden still at the lab– David and I ate alone for fifth meal at his favorite diner where he enjoyed the decor. They styled it after a traditional British gentlemen’s club, with lots of wood paneling, leather-like wall coverings, sumptuous chairs, and elegant finishes. David showed me around, and he seemed keen on the style, which gave me an idea that I took care of just before we left for the mission.

I brought up my thoughts about Maggie. “I want to give her one last chance to join us.”

“Rick, I know you want her here, but we cannot make the time to deal with it. The time either manifests on its own, or it doesn’t happen.”

“I understand the problems involved,” I said, “and I accept that. I’ve given it some thought. We know Maggie’s reasons, and we can help with that. If she has no reason to stay on Earth, she might come with us.”

“I’ll make a deal with you, as leader of the mission,” said David. “I’ll agree to your bringing what you need, say four hundred, one-quarter ounce blank gold rounds to make that happen, with a few conditions. If you agree to this, then I’m fine with it. We do it only if we have time –I make no guarantees of that, and you must carry the responsibility for the gold you bring. If you agree to that, then I’ll agree.”

“I would expect nothing less,” I said. “I agree to your terms.”

That evening, after David and I watched the shadow pass across the city, he left to shower, so I remained on the balcony to contact Venn.

“May I help you with something?” he asked.

“Yes, will the Forge produce anything?”

“It cannot produce some things –food, for example. What do you need?”

“I have a friend on Earth named Maggie. She would do well here. To make that happen, I need four hundred, one-quarter ounce solid gold rounds so I can help her. Is that too much to ask? I feel uncomfortable asking for it.”

“I see no problem with the request,” said Venn, “but it would require more time than you have if you leave in less than two days. I require at least six days for that much gold. With our current stock, we have a great supply of gold alloy, but only enough pure gold for fifty-two, one-quarter ounce solid gold rounds. More rounds would require more gold, which means further excavation and refinement. We have that work currently underway, but it takes time. If you had contacted me three days ago, I would have had enough to fulfill your needs. Your mate David, however, requested that same number of rounds, and it depleted our stock. Might you have duplicated a request for the same need?”

“I see,” I said. “Yes, I probably have –my mistake. I didn’t know David had made that request. Thank you for letting me know.”

“May I help you with anything else?”

“No, thank you, you’ve been quite helpful. Goodnight, Venn.”

“Goodnight, Rick.”

That wonderful little shit. David made me agree to his conditions and go through that whole conversation when he had already decided to do what I had proposed at least three days prior, how I loved that man. It reminded me of what David said on the way to Facility3 that Monday morning. I knew his endeavor to express how much he loved me would bring me joy for ages to come, and I made it my purpose to remain worthy of his effort.

He hadn’t left the shower, so I joined him. I sat there on our stool, sucking David’s big-headed cock. If he didn’t have it in my ass, I wanted it stuffed into my mouth to give him as much pleasure as he would me. I wouldn’t have wanted him to always do all the work. Our shower had the bars just like the one in the temple’s shower. He stood there holding himself up while I serviced him with an exceptional suck job, the warm rain showered down upon us. He held back a long time, so we could both enjoy it. I tasted the steady trickle of precum that I gladly swallowed down, and when he finally came, he stood there holding my head with his cock shoved into my mouth. I didn’t move, I merely waited. After a few minutes, I began again…

They held David’s ceremony on the morning of day five. It took place at dawn in the most massive building on Jiyū, known as the Arena. I mistakenly expected it to take place at the temple. I underestimated the importance of the ceremony. The Arena resides on the opposite side of the mountain near tunnel five. They had drilled several shafts through the mountain, but number 5, the second-largest one, became the most utilized route for pedestrians and bicyclists.

When we awoke that morning, I learned of my mistake and asked David about it. He told me the Arena had standing room for masses of people and dwarfed the most prominent arena on Earth.

David looked handsome in his new uniform, which arrived at the last minute. The latest creation by Svend consisted of a tailored, waist-length jacket of jeather. It kept its shape, especially the half collar and istanbul travestileri the front, which had no lapels. It had modified raglan sleeves, and Svend hid vents beneath the arms and in various places to keep the body from overheating. Svend built the jacket so that the sword scabbard magnetically attached to the back. He broke from the traditional Prussian Blue and began a new era of uniforms in all charcoal with royal blue accents on the jacket. With little need for anything more formal, Aiden and I wore our suits from Earth for the ceremony.

Venn said he had the privilege of driving us to the Arena. Aiden carried David’s beautiful jacket, and Magnar would meet us at the Arena’s floor entrance.

We exited tunnel number one just before dawn. From David’s description, I figured the building would impress, but no word exists to describe a structure that size. Even in the predawn light, I could see it resembled Rome’s Colosseum except far more massive and more ornate. The retractable roof covered the building that morning. A reflector in the middle would direct the sun’s rays onto the central platform where the ceremony took place.

People packed the stadium beyond imagination. They must have begun arriving hours earlier. The scores of people who wanted to see David become a member of the Trust astounded me. No doubt, everyone we knew and had met, stood somewhere in the risers that wrapped around the arena, or among those crowding the floor around the raised platform in the middle. People respectfully left a path about three feet wide as an aisle from the lower door, where we stood looking in, to the platform. I saw what looked like millions of people there as we stood watching from the door.

“So many people,” said David, gripping the scabbard of his niobium blue sword.

“Is it always this crowded?” I asked Magnar.

“Not by half,” he whispered and received David’s jacket from Aiden.

The crowd stood chatting with one another, and when the sun broke the eastern horizon, a bright beam of sunlight illuminated the stage, and the masses went silent. The four of us walked the great distance to the platform. I intended for it to remain David’s day alone, and while I wanted to keep close, I moved no farther than the top step. I refrained from stepping onto the stage, and Aiden stood by me.

Amaré had never performed the ceremony without a translator. He stood there as he always did, his hands behind him and spine straight. Upon the pedestal beside him lay three objects glowing in the sunlight, a silvery handled sword, a ring, and a small solid gold cup like the one engraved upon the sword pommel.

Just as Amaré went to speak, my connection to Iris activated, and I could hear him as if he stood right in front of me.

“We are here today,” Amaré began, “at dawn on the two hundred and eighth day of the jear three thousand one hundred and fifty-four to bring someone special into the Trust. The Trust comes with honor and responsibility, but with it an immense burden. It holds few benefits and the possibility of the ultimate sacrifice. We honor David as he honors us with his service, his loyalty, and his love. David, may I have the sword given to you as the student?” David gave him the sword, and Amaré laid it on the pedestal. “It is my honor, and my duty, as Prime to determine when someone has demonstrated their worthiness. Having decided, I now bestow upon David the honor of the Trust.” Magnar held David’s jacket so that he could slip into it, and he did so. “David, you may consider yourself Trusted,” Amaré said. He picked up the new sword within its scabbard. “With this sword, we will know you as one who the people Trust to protect them whenever the necessity arises, and for the sake of us all, may that time never come.” David swung the sword and scabbard over his head where it attached to the magnetic harness on his back. Amaré picked up the ring and held it aloft. “And here, I give you the ring, which will further identify you.” David took the ring and placed it upon his hand. “And finally, I present the opportunity for the Sharing.” Amaré held the cup and raised it. “If you choose to take it, you must do so freely. You have a choice. You may decline and join the sharing later if you wish. Do you wish to partake of the sharing?”

“I wish to wait,” said David.

“So be it. You will always have the option,” he said, placing the cup back upon the pedestal. “Good people of Jiyū, I present to you, David the Trusted.”

The crowd bestowed upon David a cacophony of applause once it ended. I thought it was a short ceremony, but an important one. David had fulfilled his dream of joining the Trust. However, his decision to wait to partake of the Sharing made me curious. I knew how much it meant to him.

We exited as we entered before people left, and Venn waited to drive us to the penthouse. En route, Aiden congratulated David, shaking his hand, making a fuss over his accomplishment. When the three of us arrived home, however, I followed travesti istanbul David into the bedroom, where I hugged him, kissed him, and told him how proud he made me, but I had to know why.

He lovingly held his cheek against mine and whispered to me. “I decided that the Sharing doesn’t matter to me as much as it once did.”


“I wanted it when I had no one. I guess I thought it would help end my loneliness, but now I have you.” He rubbed his bearded cheek against mine, “and I don’t want to share myself with anyone else.”

David overwhelmed me sometimes. I cried as he held me, his passionate words had touched me deeply. We kissed for the longest time. In his full uniform, I removed David’s codpiece, and he grew erect. I pushed him onto the bed, and he lay back. I removed my clothes but insisted he remained clothed. I climbed on top of him. His erection leaked precum, so I rubbed the head of his cock on my hole and sat down on him taking him inside me. I enjoyed the unusual experience of fucking with his uniform on, and it would not be our last if I had anything to do with it. I leaned forward, kissed him, then placed my hands on his chest. The sensation of being in control felt exhilarating. I rode David like I did the dildo I had in my flat in London. Except this gave pleasure to the man I loved, and his cock felt far more stimulating. I rode him like a bucking bull, and I lasted far longer than 8 seconds, and so did he. When I couldn’t keep going, he came after he took control for a couple of minutes. I enjoyed having David’s cum inside me. It came from David and that made it special.

The three of us came together again at 14:45. We had an important task to perform. David wanted to teach us about the pistol that he used while on Earth.

David and I retrieved Aiden from the beach. The air felt warm, and the sun had risen to midday in the sky. The beach had many people, all sans clothing. Aiden had just left the water and planned to lay in the sun to dry himself. None of us had a towel.

“Dry off with your shirt,” David said. “You don’t have to wear a shirt if you don’t want to. You won’t make a social faux pas or anything.”

Aiden had a funny expression on his face at the notion of toweling off on his shirt, but he did it anyway. He donned his shorts and slipped into his shoes before getting into the transport. “I’ve been looking forward to this,” Aiden said. “An energy weapon is fascinating.”

“You will find them easy to use,” said David, “but I wanted to give you both some experience with them before we leave in the morning.”

When we arrived at the armory, David sat us down and gave us a bit of a lecture, and rightfully so, they weren’t toys. “As a member of the Trust, my position places upon me a greater responsibility. My pistol remains unlocked, but yours will have the kill settings locked out. However, I will give you the usual lecture as if I had left yours unlocked because you still need the information.”

He went into detail about the What, Where, and Why in the use of the weapon. I found it tiresome, but I accepted it. He showed us every aspect of how they functioned, and their design had a simple elegance to it. Aiden and I appreciated that ours had the kill setting locked out. As non-members of the Trust, it only made sense. I knew it would take time to hone our skills to make appropriate quick decisions for whatever circumstance might come along. When we fired at targets, Aiden and I didn’t have difficulty when given time to aim, but without that time, we had widely different results. David impressed me when it came to rapid aiming. Out of the twenty-five targets, he missed two. Despite the ten-year absence of practice, it seemed his skills hadn’t rusted.

After our time at the armory, we had a satisfying meal at a diner down by the beach. Aiden wished to return to his swim, which he thought to do instead of the gym exercise that day. We left him to his own devices.

When we arrived home that evening from the gym, we discovered that Svend had finished our clothing. We found them and our boots from the cobbler, waiting for us in our rooms. When I saw them, it told me that the time was winding down, and before we knew it, we would stand on the portal with our eyes shut.

As David held me, we watched the shadow pass over the city from the balcony, and I couldn’t help but feel a touch of poignancy. It felt like a marvelous dream that would dissolve upon waking into the devastating reality of life on Earth. I didn’t want those times in David’s arms as we chatted by the pool to end. I tried to remain confident, but I will admit that I worried.

We didn’t know what time Aiden came home. He contacted us after sunset telling us that he had met a group of people at the beach. He said he would return home late, but not so late that he couldn’t get enough sleep. David and I were pleased he had made friends.

The next morning, before the dawn of the sixth day, we awoke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as the saying goes. We had first meal, showered, and prepared ourselves for the possibility of having to go without such amenities for some time. David and Aiden approved of their clothes, and they fit as I expected them to. Once Venn arrived, he transported us to the lift, and we met Magnar at the Temple door.

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