Judy Ch. 01: Work Experience

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It started simply enough – Judy came to work as one of two replacement nurses with our team. She was a team leader, small and blonde, quite cute… and married. As a more junior member of the team – in ‘rank’ if not in years – nevertheless it was my job to show her around, introduce her to people she needed to know, and generally set her right for the rigours of her new job. Over the ensuing months we developed a close working relationship, friendly and flirty while remaining within the bounds of professionalism. Being recently separated, I found the risqué nature of some of our exchanges quite uplifting, but never thought it as anything other than harmless fun. After over a year of working together, however, things started to change.

Judy had always moaned good-naturedly about how inept her husband was at even the most basic of home-life tasks; she virtually had to tell him step by step how to boil an egg! Sometimes, he would phone up 4 or 5 times in the space of an hour, seeking instructions on how to prepare a meal for himself and their 8-year old daughter. Although she laughed it all off, I could see that it was getting her down quite a lot – but as she said, she loved him to bits, so she just had to put up with things as they were.

Part of the shift pattern in our workplace was having to work occasional weekends, which as a single guy didn’t bother me unduly. On these occasions, junior staff usually worked with another team leader, to spread the load with unknown clients. However, one weekend Judy and I were working together due to another team leader being off sick, and no-one else able to cover. I didn’t know this though, so it was quite a surprise to see Judy waiting at the gate when I arrived on the Saturday morning. As we entered the building, I noticed Judy was dressed much more provocatively than usual; in contrast to her usual ‘smart but casual’ look, today she had on a mid-length gypsy skirt and a quite low-cut top. I thought she looked very sexy, but refrained from commenting in other than a jokey,

“Oh yeah, going for a rumba tonight, are we?” as we set up for business.

I made a point of watching Judy as she moved around the office, and was struck by what I thought was a much more pronounced wiggle in her hips than normal, her slightly too-large for her frame behind causing the skirt to sashay and twirl very intriguingly. Over the months of working together, Judy often wore lowish-cut tops, and on many occasions I had been able to sneak glimpses down her top to see a pair of small yet firm breasts, the barely visible stretch marks at the sides a reminder of the daughter she so clearly doted on. Despite this, I privately thought her breasts were gorgeous, the moderate tan Judy seemed to maintain all year round adding to the allure. I had wondered for ages if her tan was ‘all over’, and if the white bits looked as good as the rest!

Over the course of that morning, we dealt with various calls and paperwork, crossing paths near the water cooler or going to answer the phone. Several times I heard Judy on the phone to her husband, explaining yet again the procedure for some trivial household task. Just before lunch time he phoned for about the sixth or seventh time that morning, this time, it appeared, to ask her where the butter was! Judy went ballistic, shouting down the phone at him how useless he was, and he’d better get his act together or there would be big trouble. I could hear all this from the next office, and decided to give her a bit of time to compose herself before I went back in; I knew she’d probably be quite embarrassed if she’d been crying or similar, and I had seen it. When I did eventually go through, she was sitting at her desk as if nothing had happened and asked me what I wanted to do for lunch.

This was actually quite a big deal for us, as through the week we all tended to eat at our desks and catch up on paperwork (the bane of our lives!) as we ate. However on the weekends we had time enough to go out for lunch, and consequently this was normally the highlight of the day. Today was different though, not least because the way she asked seemed to me to indicate she couldn’t face going out. I wondered if she was quite as composed as she seemed to be on a superficial level and, when I looked at her more closely, decided that no, she wasn’t.

Not only were there still small spots of red at her cheeks, there were also hints of moisture at the corners of her eyes – bright green eyes made more luminous than normal by the sheen of wetness covering them. It was then I made the move that, unbeknownst to me, would be the catalyst for all that happened after – I walked over to her and hugged her, not in any kind of a sexual way, nor with any such intent, but simply as one human being to another, hoping to make her feel at least a little bit better, so I was extremely surprised when, instead of a short return hug, Judy clamped both arms around my waist and squeezed like there was no tomorrow, her head buried into my chest Antalya Escort on a level with my suddenly thumping heart!

After standing tightly together for several minutes Judy began to speak, initially merely a muffled murmur into the thin cloth of my shirt which was now damp from her tears.

“I don’t know what to do, Tom,” she eventually managed to make me understand, “I do love him, but he’s useless in the house, and with Hannah, he doesn’t want to do anything but watch football or go fishing – he never has any time for me. Sometimes I think I should leave him, just to see if he’ll change, you know?”

“I…” I began, but Judy shushed me with a squeeze to my ribs.

“Do you know what hurts the most?” she asked – rhetorically, I knew. “He doesn’t come near me anymore… for… you know… sex”.

Well, saying I was surprised at that statement was an understatement. To me, single and horny admittedly, Judy was one of the most gorgeous women I’d ever met, and I just couldn’t comprehend how any straight man wouldn’t find her attractive. I bent my head down until my chin rested lightly on the blonde curls leaning against my chest, drinking in the subtle aroma of Judy’s body. Hugging her tighter now, I breathed

“I’d come near you, given half a chance,” not realising I’d spoken out loud until I felt Judy stiffen in my arms.

Shit! For a few seconds I thought I’d gone too far, that Judy would pull away and storm out – maybe even report me for harassment! Instead she snuggled back into my embrace, only now her entire body was against mine where before it had only been her upper half, and I was sure I could feel a couple of hard points digging into my stomach. Naturally, being so close to an attractive and sexy woman in these circumstances, especially since I hadn’t been with a woman for quite a while, caused an automatic reaction in my trousers which initially appeared to go unnoticed by Judy. A minute later,, Judy did that ‘leaning back from the hips’ thing that some women are so adept at, holding on to my upper arms and pushing her lower body hard against my groin. A soft smile crossed her face as my straining penis ground into the fullness of her skirt, my face now obviously turning bright red with embarrassment as could feel the heat from it suffusing my skin.

“I think I’ll rephrase my question about lunch,” she said, a devilish glint entering her eyes, “do you fancy a cafe, take-out… or Me?”

“Um… well … you, if you’re serious,” I answered, not at all sure that she was.

“Are you sure?” she whispered, “because this is a once-only offer, never to be repeated. I had been thinking about possibly, maybe leading you on today, but he has just made up my mind for me. Well?”

She looked straight into my eyes then, a cloud of uncertainty crossing behind the brilliant green orbs.

For a moment, I just stood frozen, my brain refusing to believe what I’d just heard. Then, still not speaking, I answered Judy’s question by pulling her back into my arms and placing my lips softly on hers, my tongue gently caressing her slightly opened pout and tasting the sweetness of her in my mouth as she exhaled a breath pent up in anticipation. As I pressed my lips more firmly against hers, Judy reciprocated with gusto, her mouth opening to allow our hot tongues full reign to duel with each other in the moist cavern of our kiss, both of us revelling in the taste and feel of the other. I let my hand drop down Judy’s back until it was comfortably cupping her right buttock, squeezing it gently in time with our probing tongues. It was difficult to tell, given the nature of the material which made up her gypsy skirt, but it seemed to me Judy was not wearing any panties!

Judy now decided to take control of where this action was going; pushing against me, she walked us slowly backwards until the back of my knees hit a chair, causing me to suddenly sit down quite hard on the seat. Without breaking our passionate kiss, Judy raised her right leg over my thigh, then bounced her left leg over the other, ending up sitting on my lap with her skirt riding upwards over her thighs. She reached down with both hands and pulled the skirt far enough up that she was able to reach between my legs and feel the length of my erection through the material of my jeans, now stretched tight around my groin. I couldn’t help but groan as she traced the outline of my thick shaft with the tips of her fingers, pausing when she reached the tip of my eight-inches where, I was certain, she could feel the large amount of pre-cum that I knew was soaking my jeans leg.

Judy shuffled forwards a little more so that now the junction of her thighs was directly over the knuckles of her hand and, much to my surprise, ground down hard on her hand, a low moan issuing into my still jousting mouth as our deep kiss continued unabated. My right hand was still cupping Judy’s firm right buttock; now I lifted the other hand and brought it round between our Antalya Escort Bayan bodies and slid it up under her top, heading for my first touch of what I hoped were pert, firm breasts.

My hand slipped upwards to find Judy was naked beneath her top – yet another surprise this day – her small breasts unfettered by any form of support, the flesh as firm as I’d imagined and warm to my touch. I folded my hand around her right breast, my thumb and forefinger falling naturally to surround her nipple which seemed to grow between my digits even as I squeezed it gently outwards against the pull of her skin. It felt so good, I just had to replicate my actions on the other breast, so within seconds I had Judy’s left breast firmly in my right hand, now teasing both of her exquisitely formed nipples at the same time.

This had an entirely unexpected reaction from Judy. I obviously didn’t know it, but Judy was one of those rare (to me!) women who can climax merely by having their breasts stimulated. So my shock when she suddenly began to shake and moan into my mouth can only be imagined! In truth, it took me several seconds to figure out what was going on but, when I did, I immediately moved my hands, stopping what I’d been doing. Instantly, Judy broke our kiss and almost shouted,

“No, keep doing it! I haven’t come like this in months!”

I didn’t find that as hard to believe as you might think, knowing what I did of her marital relationship, but I didn’t obey right away. Instead, I took the opportunity of sliding her top upwards, removing her hand reluctantly from my cock as I went, and lifting the top off over her head, leaving her upper body completely bare and open to my gaze. My occasional thought about her tan was now answered – it wasn’t ‘all over’. Given the weather in this country that wasn’t too much of a surprise, but I knew Judy went abroad at least once, sometimes twice, a year, and I’d thought she might go topless when she was away – however, it seemed not. I drank in the sight of her tanned torso and the blend into paleness where the edges of her bikini top had obviously moved around while she had been sunbathing.

Lost as I was in appreciation of Judy’s perfectly formed boobs, I was still aware of her movements in my lap. Even as my eyes locked on to the gorgeous pink nipples perched on the twin summits of her breasts, Judy returned her hand to its’ previous position along the throbbing length of my hard cock, under the cover of her voluminous skirt. As she started to stroke my now painful penis once again, I returned my hands to their earlier position, cupping the slightly conical mounds in my palms with my finger and thumb on either side of her coral-coloured, pebble sized nipples.

As I tightened my grip on her delicate buds, Judy threw her head back and closed her eyes, her entire body beginning to shake as she swiftly reached another orgasm. This time I kissed her throat and upper chest as she came, her pelvis ground down hard on the length of my erection, still encased in denim, a large wet patch now very evident on the material.

“Oh GOD,” she whispered, “what are you doing to me?”

As the climax she had just enjoyed died away, Judy bent her head forwards again and looked me straight in the eye. Her lips moved silently as they formed the word “more”, her free hand pulling my face down towards her breasts, still imprisoned in the cage of my hands.

Knowing exactly what she wanted, I lowered my mouth to her right nipple, squeezing it out between my fingers and delicately licking the tip with my tongue. Before she could say anything, I sucked the hard button deep into my mouth, nipping it gently between my teeth and flicking the end with the tip of my tongue. Swiftly, I released it and repeated my actions on her left breast, Judy’s hand now moved from stroking my cock to rubbing frantically at her, as yet unseen, pussy. I felt her thighs tensing and relaxing in quick succession as she fought to delay yet another climax which, in the heady atmosphere of our sex, I thought was fairly pointless.

A sudden thought occurred to me and, retreating from her breast an inch or two, I pushed both of the small mounds of succulent flesh in front of me tightly together, squeezing them until the nipples were only millimetres apart. Judy shuddered in anticipation, knowing what was coming next; not to disappoint her, I quickly lowered my head again and took both those supersensitive nipples in to my mouth, sucking them hard and nibbling both of them with the edges of my teeth. The more I sucked, the greater the movement by Judy in my lap, her pelvic bone grinding painfully against my denim-covered cock. Her nipples swelled in my mouth until they felt like they were twice as thick and long as when I’d started, my tongue lashing them to even greater arousal.

It was then that Judy’s most explosive orgasm so far hit; all of a sudden, her pelvis ceased it’s grinding rotation on my lap and pressed hard against Escort Antalya me. At the same time, I felt Judy’s head thrown back once again as a loud moan erupted from her lips, her pussy bearing down on me roughly as she clamped my head tight to her chest, unwilling to let me stop sucking and biting her glorious nipples.

Luckily, I was of like mind, as I was enjoying the sensations of Judy’s nipples in my mouth almost too much! I released them from their moist – no, wet – captivity, and leant back slightly to properly observe the effects my oral ministrations had wrought. It was extremely arousing to see both nubs now a deep pink in colour, jutting out fully half an inch from the delicious mounds of Judy’s bosom, both of them glistening in the light reflecting from the thin coating of my saliva on her flesh. It was intoxicating to see these luscious orbs heaving up and down right in front of me as Judy rode the wave of her climax. As she finished, Judy fell forwards on to my chest, her hips still moving against my hard-on as she recovered from her stimulating experience. After a few minutes leaning against me to regain her composure, Judy suddenly stood up and, hands on hips, looked searchingly at me.

“Are you going to keep them on all day?” she asked, staring pointedly at my jeans, where both of us could see that my erection had not subsided in the least.

Reaching down, she started to answer her own question by undoing my belt with a flourish, then unsnapping the button and hauling down the zipper. Judy pulled me up by the ends of my belt and slid my jeans down the length of my legs, her thumbs hooking my boxers and dragging them down too! My rampant member sprang up so hard it smacked off my belly, a thin rope of pre-cum flicking from the tip and landing on Judy’s erect right nipple, joining the two of us with a slimy wet rope of my juice. Judy reached out a tremulous finger and smoothed the link of juice from my cock, lifting her finger to her mouth and licking it until it was completely clean of moisture.

“Mmmmmm… nice” she murmured, “I bet there’s plenty more where that came from!”

So saying, she dropped to her knees in front of me and, without pausing, took over half of my thick eight inches straight into her mouth, her hands resting lightly on the sides of my thighs. It was very erotic to see Judy’s elfin face between my thighs with my cock disappearing into her mouth, something that up ’til now I’d never even dared to dream about.

Judy began to slide her lips up and down my shaft, taking a fraction more of me into her mouth with every stroke, her tongue slithering round the girth of my shaft as she moved. The one thing wrong with this scenario, from my perspective, was exactly that – perspective! Being sat on the chair with Judy kneeling between my legs meant I could no longer see her beautiful tits, although I could feel the swell of them against the skin of my inner thighs. However, all thoughts of her breasts left my head when Judy suddenly dipped her head sharply downwards, completely engulfing my entire cock in her hot mouth, her lips in what felt like a perfect circle round the base of my shaft.

I couldn’t believe how easily Judy had deep-throated me, no tentative “can I do it, can I not” try outs just, ‘wham’, straight in. She had obviously done this before, and here I was reaping the benefits of her experience. Again and again Judy raised her mouth to the tip of my cock before plunging downwards, her throat opening easily on each stroke to fully encompass my hardness. It had been quite a while since I’d had anyone do this to me – hell, it had been a while since I’d had anyone do anything for that matter – and I realised that I was already very close to cumming. I grunted that information out to Judy, fully expecting her to stop, but she merely redoubled her efforts on me, her right hand now cupping and squeezing my balls while her other arm slipped round my lower back to pull me even deeper into her throat.

Pausing briefly to look up at me with her bright eyes, her tongue lashed from side to side over the head of my cock, sending amazing sensations through my entire body. I was very close to orgasm now, and Judy sensed my impending explosion. Tugging gently on my heavy sac, she began a powerful suctioning on the head of my penis, still flicking the little japs eye with her tongue. I couldn’t hold out any longer when she started that, and grunted loudly as the first of my scalding sperm shot up my shaft and into her wanton mouth.

Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Judy swallowed quickly as jet after jet of spunk shot into her mouth, every drop finding its’ way down her throat and into her stomach. When the flow grew less, she drew her head back, and watched the last few drops leak from my prick, bending her head again to lick them from my purple cock head, licking her lips once she had savoured all the moisture I had produced. As my penis began to deflate slightly, she smiled beatifically up at me saying,

“You have no idea just how much I needed that Tom,” she murmured, “It’s been so long since I did that. He…” She exclaimed, obviously referring to her husband, “… never liked me doing that to him, he always said it was ‘dirty’. Said he thought I was a slut for even wanting to.”

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