Jungle Fever Ch. 3

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Female Ejaculation

It was the fantasy I never knew was mine. Tied to a tree in the humid isolation of the Amazon, my cock throbbed with excitement at the scene before me.

My captor, who I knew only as The Stranger, was perhaps the most stunning example of masculinity I’d ever known. His strength was unsurpassable; his passion for me only matched by his violence against all who opposed him.

Before me now was the bridge between these two states of being and my legs weakened at the site and the anticipation of what was to come.

He held in his arms Boi, a teenager of the jungle, painfully stretched out in an unforgiving full nelson. Boy’s lanky, muscular frame glistened in the morning sun as sweat poured down his arched chest and pain wracked his chiselled features.

It had been a battle of might. Boi’s jungle upbringing pitted him well against The Stranger, a feat I once thought impossible, but my Master’s power had proved too much in the end and now Boi suffered helplessly at his mercy.

But I already knew that mercy was not his plan. Savouring the youth’s vulnerability, The Stranger moved in closer behind Boi and sucked hard on his neck. Boi groaned, feebly trying to break free still, but The Stranger’s mark had been left. A deep love bite, drawn prominently on Boi’s exposed neck, visible even from where I watched.

“What should I do with you?” The Stranger purred, glancing up at me to ensure I was still watching.

“Let him go!” I pleaded, but my heart wasn’t in it as I waited breathlessly for The Stranger’s next move. He read me like a book, his eyes flicking down to my hardened cock, bringing a smile to his lips.

“You like this?” he asked. “Seeing someone so helpless against me? Perhaps I should make him mine, just like you, eh?”

I didn’t respond. There was nothing I could say and the lump in my throat would stop any further attempt to speak anyway.

“Ohhhh, yeah!” he purred, and yanked Boi’s hands down, twisting them harshly behind his back. Boi gasped, the fight drained from him as The Stranger pressed him down, face first into the ground.

Adjusting his hold to pin Boi’s arms behind his back with one hand, The Stranger leaned forward, reaching his right hand around Boi’s face. Boi’s thrashed in desperation, but The Stranger’s palm wrapped firmly around his mouth and nose, pulling Boi’s face up and back.

Arched once more, panic spread across Boi’s eyes as The Stranger began asphyxiating him. Boi broke a hand free and clawed frenziedly at The Stranger’s suffocating palm to no avail.

I watched in morbid fascination as Boi’s terror-driven movements became sluggish and his eyes rolled back into his head. The Stranger, sensing Boi slipping into unconsciousness, released both holds and started massaging Boi’s moist back.

“Oh, no,” he moaned to Boi, “I don’t want you dead. Beylikdüzü escort Not yet. I want you awake just enough to know what I’m doing to you….”

He rolled the semi-conscious Boi onto his back and began fondling his victims heaving upper body, massaging his chest and nipples like he had to his muscular back. Lifting Boi’s arms, The Stranger dropped them above the teen’s head, and began moving his moist mouth down Boi’s torso.

Boi’s body lay there exposed, moaning softly but unable to stop the advance as The Stranger’s mouth reached his stomach and continued its descent.

The loincloth flung to one side, I was surprised to see Boi’s impressive cock, pulsating and hard, reach up to greet The Stranger’s mouth. The view vanished in a moment and a loud moan escaped from Boi’s lips in response to The Stranger taking his impressive length completely.

Then all was still, save for the rhythmic rising and falling of The Stranger’s head and the occasional squirm from Boi, accompanied by yet another soft moan of bliss. Like the passion of his fighting, The Stranger worked Boi over, tempting and teasing him, safe in the knowledge that he could not be denied.

I realised that I was holding my breath, visualising The Stranger’s lips around my own cock, now agonized from being up so long with no attention to its plight. Any moment now, Boi would awaken enough to fight back again, but in the meantime the live sex show before me was enough to drive me wild. Two demi-Gods, pitted together first in battle, and now in lust. Was it The Stranger’s plan to let Boi gain full consciousness before thrusting his own tool inside of him? The thrill of anticipation was unbearable.

I waited. And I watched. The Stranger wouldn’t let Boi climax; he only teased him, bringing Boi to the verge of eruption before pausing to change tactics. The bastard! Was there was no mercy at all in his mind?

His stubbled cheek rubbed against the underside of Boi’s cock, moving to his inner leg and then up passed his stomach, over his chest to finally rub against Boi’s own cheek, smooth with youth and beauty. The weight of The Stranger’s dominant frame pressed down on Boi, who remained stretched out beneath him.

Another love bite; long, slow, inviting; marking Boi’s throat, pressing against his exposed adam’s apple. I heard the wheeze escape from Boi’s open mouth as his laboured breathing was restricted again.

And then it happened.

Like a leopard attacking, Boi’s arm swung up, grabbing The Stranger in a headlock and rolling him around. Boi’s deadly leg wrapped around The Stranger’s own legs as he mounted the Master and clawed his pecs in one, swift move.

The Stranger cried out in surprise as Boi’s fingers burrowed deep into the exposed flesh of his pecs, tangling amongst the thick coat of hair. The Stranger Beylikdüzü escort reached up, grabbing Boi’s face and hauling him down, pushing him off, rolling away to safety.

The two sprung up to their knees to face off again and The Stranger’s eye’s sparkled with excitement.

“Very good!” he exclaimed. “I was wondering how long it would take you to come around.”

And The Stranger pounced, confident that Boi was weakened enough to control. He was right; their bodies slamming into the ground, legs entwining as Boi writhed valiantly beneath his aggressor. His struggle was fruitless though, The Stranger holding him down firmly and forcing his hungry mouth against his own.

I gasped at the sudden resuscitation of action, scrutinizing the scene with equal gusto so as not to miss a moment.

The Stranger held on fast to his prey, forcing an endless kiss that couldn’t be refused. As Boi slowly succumbed to The Stranger’s onslaught, he returned the kiss with equal fervour, and the twosome’s maws raped each other with a passion rarely seen.

It went on forever, or so it seemed, until The Stranger suddenly rose to his knees, and grabbing Boi’s legs, he bent them up and over, exposing Boi’s naked arse to his hungry penis.

Boi twisted, trying to stop The Stranger from entering him but The Stranger released Boi’s legs, allowing him to flip over, and grabbed at his shoulders, pulling him to his knees and holding him steady as he pressed his mid-section against him.

Boi issued a little cry of horror as The Stranger moved his grip to Boi’s wrists and held him firm, thrusting himself hard and fast inside.

My mouth hung open in shock as I watched tears begin to stream down Boi’s face. But were they tears of terror or tears of pleasure? I couldn’t tell.

Time flew and finally the thrusting ended and The Stranger dropped Boi to the ground and turned him over. With an urgency matching his ferocious zeal, The Stranger spread Boi’s legs apart and inserted himself again.

Boi attempted to rise, but The Stranger bore down on top of him again, restraining his arms to his side. Plunging harder and harder, The Stranger wrench Boi’s arms beneath his horizontal body, pressing them into the small of his back, and used his unshaved mug to sandpaper Boi’s nipples.

Boi’s mouth hung open like my own, but short gasps were the only sound he could muster.

With his own legs holding Boi’s apart, The Stranger reached up, grabbing Boi around the throat and squeezing tight. Boi gagged, pawing hopelessly at The Stranger’s wrists as the life was strangled out of him in time to The Stranger’s impending climax.

The moment erupted like a volcano as The Stranger greeted his climax with a shriek that would wake the dead. Below him, Boi struggled to remain conscious, his face a chameleon Escort Beylikdüzü of colour, from pink to red to blue.

Falling on top of his fallen prey, The Stranger released his deadly grip and they lay there, one on top of the other, both breathing heavy, desperate for breath.

A minute passed. Perhaps two. Then The Stranger resumed his kneeling position over Boi and slapped his face, bringing him closer to consciousness.

“Tell me you’re mine,” ordered The Stranger. Boi refused to respond.

“Tell me you belong to me or your suffering will be just the beginning!” The Stranger’s voice was oddly factual. It was a statement this time, not an order. Boi’s response was barely audible, his voice masked by his heavy breathing.

“Never,” he whispered.

The Stranger slammed a fist into Boi’s chest and then, returning the earlier favour, dug his fingers deep into Boi’s pecs. Boi screamed in pain, suddenly writhing again, arms flailing in desperation. Still The Stranger held on.

“You belong to me! Tell me your mine and the suffering ends!”

“No!” Boi’s voice cracked with pain, pleading his answer, desperate to hold onto his self worth.

“Tell me!” The Stranger dug deeper, drawing blood now as his nails pierced skin and threatened to rip the muscles right out of Boi’s chest.


“Tell me!”

The pain was unbearable, veins pulsing across Boi’s temples.

“Tell me!” It was the final order and Boi knew he must succumb or die.

“Okay!” he cried, “Okay…”

The Stranger released his grip, leaving Boi moaning in agony, and like a father to his injured child, The Stranger gently massaged Boi’s bloodied torso, easing the pain away.

“I submit…” whispered Boi.

“Tell me who is your Master?”

“You are.” The defeat in Boi’s voice almost brought tears to my eyes and as he strained his head backwards to look up at me, I could see a glistening film coating his own despairing pupils.

Again, like someone caring for the injured, The Stranger rose and gently gathered Boi into his arms, bringing his limp body before me and gently lowering him at my feet.

“As your Master I want you to prove your loyalty,” The Stranger instructed. “My friend here has watched you suffer and in doing so has suffered himself. Please him.”

We both looked to The Stranger, confusion mounting our faces, but The Stranger smiled lovingly and cupped his palm around my stiff cock.

“Take him in your mouth and swallow what he gives you.”

“No!” Boi’s pleading response was barely audible, filled with disbelief.

“Then I kill you.”

The Stranger paused, waiting for Boi’s reaction. The seconds that passed seemed like an eternity.

Then slowly, Boi turned to face me and greeted my member inside his warm, moist mouth. I gasped as his tongue fondled my foreskin, my head thrown back at the thrill of his gentle touch and as my knees began to buckle beneath me, my half-open eyes glimpsed The Stranger looking on from above, like the all-powerful Being he’d become to us.

To be continued…

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