Just Once

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“Just once I want you to take me. I want you to take me in ways I’ve only seen in movies, or in the theater of my mind. I want to have you look at me with knowing eyes, hungry eyes, lustful eyes. I want you to be aggressive, my dirty little slut, but more so that ever. I want you to fulfill my every need, want and lust, without question, without thought, without hesitation.”

Just once I want to come home and be greeted by you, wearing an apron and little if anything more.

“Dinner will be ready in just a short while, but first we have wine and appetizers.” With that, you take off my jacket, shedding the stress of the week from my shoulders as you meticulously lay it down on a near by chair, making sure you keep you legs straight as you bend only at the waist. Revealing to me the barely covered delights you’re hiding under your apron, you look back at me over your shoulder, a lustful, playful smile on your face. “Why don’t you come over here and sit down? Relax, and let me take care of your every need.”

I come towards you, slowly at first, slightly unsettled by your newfound demeanor. I like your aggressiveness, and ability to take charge, but I’m definitely curious, and very turned on.

A sly grin crosses my face.

I begin to speak, but you rush to cut me off with a kiss. “Shhhhh…..” you hiss into my ear, breaking the connection. “You don’t have to say or do anything tonight. I am going to please you in every way tonight. I love you. And I am going to show you just how very much I love you tonight, that’s all there is to it. So please, don’t speak, just let me satisfy you.” With that you sit me down and loosen my tie. Reaching your hands behind me, you stare into my eyes and massage my neck. The tension and stress begin to fade. You get up and walk behind me so as to get a better angle on my neck and shoulders. Your hands, though small, are surprisingly rough. It feels wonderful as you work knots out of my neck. Just as I feel the sleepy side effects of your massage, you bring your hands to a halt. Feeling your breath on my neck you whisper to me “I’ll be right back with the wine.”

You turn and walk into the kitchen, and I notice, for the first time, that something smells delicious. Not wanting to spoil your plans for a night of surprises, I resist the urge to rush to the kitchen and see what treats you’ve been working on in there. Instead I toss my neck from side to side, feigning off the sleepy feeling you’ve left me with and sit back and enjoy my soft leather chair. Hearing glasses click, or perhaps the four inch heels I’m noticing for the first time, I turn my head to see you carrying in a bottle of my favorite red, two glasses, a cork screw, and a small selection of appetizers, all balanced carefully on a tray on one hand, while the other hugs your delicious hips as they sway back and forth. I begin to sit up to open the wine, but to no avail “Sit back dear, please allow me, I don’t want you to have to lift a finger for anything.”

Sipping wine, with you in my lap, I feel a familiar stirring in my pants, and I’m sure you feel it too. I’m about to ask you about the appetizers and you look at me with a grin “I was just going to get to that.” You cut me off before the thought escapes my mouth. Standing up, you turn away from me, giving me a perfect Antalya Escort view of your gorgeous ass up close. Bending over, you cheeks spread slightly and reveal the thong you were previously wearing seems to have magically disappeared. Again, the look you throw me over your shoulder is playful, mischievous, and lusty all in one. Standing up, you use your knees to spread mine. Bending over again, this time I’m greeted with a wonderful view of you ample breasts hanging within the confines of the slightly too tight apron you’ve confined them to. Lost in your cleavage, I don’t notice your hands working at my belt until you pull it free and throw it aside. Snapping out of my breast filled daydream, I begin to instinctively unbutton my pants. Your hands meet mine and the look in your eyes meets me as your words do. “Not a thing. Nothing, I want you to do absolutely nothing, but let me take care of you. The way a wife takes care of a husband, the way a woman takes care of a man, and the way I want to take care of you.” With that, you kiss me. Deeply, passionately, throwing your mouth to mine before I can open it and object. Your tongue searching desperately for mine, our lips locked, you grab at my pants and tear the buttons open. Ripping me from the seat, you shove my pants down past my hips, over my knees and in a single act, take off my shoes and pants, all without taking your lips from mine.

Holding our kiss for a moment more, you grab my shirt at the buttons in the front. Breaking our kiss you tear the shirt open as if it were to blame for out kiss ending. Using the shirt to pull me forward, you slam my naked chest against your apron and pull the shirt down my arms. Shoving me back into the soft leather, you look at me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the look in your eyes I’m seeing now. It’s one of pure animal lust. Your chest is heaving as you stare at me, consuming me with your eyes, head tilted slightly down, mouth hanging ever so open. Seeing the shock on my face, you control your breath, bringing your heaving breasts to rest on your chest. Regaining that grin, you purr “It’s time for appetizers.”

Sitting in only my boxers, it’s easy to see I’m slightly scared, but even more so turned on. The circus in my shorts can’t seem to make up its mind if it’s going to raise the main tent. Having witnessed you almost turn into a beast of passion, you understand why, but refuse to miss the show under the big top.

Kissing down my neck, using hot breath followed by a cool tongue, you begin to work your way down my chest, stopping briefly at my nipples. Rubbing your face and open mouth across my chest and stomach, I feel your breath warming my skin and ever so slightly tickling the curly little hairs there. Keeping your hands on my upper chest, as if to hold me back, you rub your face against the fabric of my underwear, forcing my cock to slide back and forth across it, mouth open. Looking up at me with the same ravenous eyes, only a purr escapes your lips. A sound so deep it makes me wonder if it actually came from you, or if you’ve hidden a wild lion in the house. You nuzzle my cock through my shorts keeping your eyes locked on mine. Kissing the head through the fabric, you take a hand off my chest and run it up my thigh, into the bottom of my boxers. Your Antalya Escort Bayan kisses are getting sloppier and wetter, and your hand carefully finds my balls and begins tugging on them slightly. You hold my penis with your mouth like a mother dog holds a pup and bring it to my belly, kissing up the underside while your hand massages my weighted balls against my body. Switching your hand and mouth, you take one of my fabric covered balls in your mouth, using your tongue to gently massage it while your fingernails trace zigzags along the soft underbelly of my shaft. Releasing the first, you bring the other in your mouth and give it the same glorious treatment. After a few, agonizing intense minutes of this, you finally give me a break and let the pleasing sensations run throughout my body.

Searching my eyes for a sign, a silent clue as to the quality of your performance thus far, I look at you with wonder, astonishment, pride, and above all else, lust. Upon interpreting my lust, you nuzzle my cock again and drag your hands down my chest, letting your fingernails rake my skin. Crossing my belly, your fingernails dig into my thighs and stop at my knees, leaving trails of scratched skin along the way. Spreading my knees wide, you snap you head up, and I’m treated to that same lust filled, slutty, desire filled look you gave me once my pants were off. Almost without a sound, in one quick motion, you kiss my cock as it strains to burst through its cotton confinements, grab hold of my boxers with your teeth, snap your head back, tearing my shorts open, and get the entire length on my penis in your mouth and down your throat. Sitting naked on the patch of clothing that once was my underwear, I’m stunned. If my erection got any bigger, it would have blocked all air from reaching you lungs, but somehow you manage to breath your hot sweet breath on the base of my rod. Looking up at me, you shake your head slightly back and forth, rubbing your nose in the well trimmed patch of hair above my dick. Vibrations erupt through my cock as you try in vain to say something. Not believing it to be possible, your tongue works its way around the meat in your mouth, reaches my balls, and begins to wet them down, keeping your eyes on mine the entire time.

Finally breaking the deep throat, you suck as you pull all but the head of my cock out of your mouth. Swirling it around with your tongue, you can taste the pre cum leaking out, and savor every bit of it. Taking me completely out of your mouth you once again nuzzle my manhood and look me in the eyes. “Papi, will you please give me your cum? I want it. I need it, to taste it, to savor it. I want you to cum all over my face so I can eat it all up when you’re done. Please Papi, please cum on me, let me be your little cumslut. Por Favor Papi?” Your voice is that of a total slut, begging for more, pleading. I almost thing that if you don’t get it, you will starve. Hearing such filthy words out of your mouth only turns me on more. Your lust is overwhelming as you massage my balls into my cock, lifting them out of the way so you can lick and kiss the spot between them and my asshole. “Papi, I NEED your cum, I WANT your cum, you HAVE to give me your CUM!!” you demand of me. Before I can react, you nuzzle my checks with your nose Escort Antalya so that my balls resting on your forehead. Snaking your tongue out, I feel it connect with my asshole as you begin stroking my cock with one hand. Working your tiny little tongue against my asshole I feel your other hand rest between my checks as well, your little finger running circles around my knot, getting wet from your tongue. With this mild form of a warning I know what you have in store for me. I tense slightly and expect you to slam your entire finger in my ass like normal, but instead you’re gentle. You take your time and make sure to leave a generous supply of spit to keep things moving before sliding the full length of your lithe finger in my hole.

Looking down at the slut between my legs I open my mouth to speak, to warn you that I’m in heaven and you’re going to make me cum soon, you shoot me a look that silences me and pushed me closer to the edge. “Don’t tell me when you’re going to cum, I don’t need a warning, I just need your cum all over me.” You pre-empt me. Amazing. Before I can pick my jaw up off the floor, your lips are back around the base of my cock. The suction on my dick is amazing. The feeling of your soft tongue and throat around my dick is mind blowing as you bob your head faster and faster in my lap. Picking up the pace, you press your lodged finger against my prostate, causing my mind to go grey at first, then stars begin forming in the corners of my vision.

I’m going to cum, and you know it. Instead of stopping to finish me off by hand, you press harder in my ass, suck deeper with your mouth and begin rubbing my balls with your free hand. Looking down through the impending darkness for a final look at the Goddess between my legs, I find your eyes, locked to mine. You try to say something with a mouth full of cock and the vibrations send me over the edge. Colors instantly get brighter. All sounds are lost. My breath is gone. My thoughts are nothing but the stars that fill my vision, reflecting you a thousand times over. I feel release as my orgasm erupts from my cradled balls. The force of my cum hits your throat so hard it causes you to break the stare you’ve held on me and focus on the spewing beast in front of you. You aim my cock directly at your face, mouth wide-open, head tilted back, just like in the movies. “Papi, give it to me, give it all to me. Cover me. Cover my face with your cum Papi, I NEED it.”

You moan as burst after burst of my hot sticky cum shoots at you. Within seconds your face is completely covered, your hair is freckled, and your mouth is full. You swallow what you can and open wide for more, only to have to swallow again, and again, and again. By the third gulp, cum is literally pouring from your face to your neck and apron covered tits. The thin material of the apron becomes see-thru when semen coated. Not wanting to miss a single drop of my cum, you point my still spewing cock down between your soft caramel colored tits and hold it there, using just your ample breasts. Taking your finger out of my ass, you use both hands to grab my cock and use it to push puddles of cum from your face, neck, tits and even bellybutton to your waiting mouth.

Once you finally feel satisfied that you sucked everything out of my cock, you let it go limp, hanging between my legs, as you wipe the smaller puddles of cum into your mouth. Licking your fingers as you get the last of the cum from between your tits, you look at me and smile. “That was the best appetizer I’ve ever had Papi! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for dessert.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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