Just this Once

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“Yes madam, I will let him know. Good luck with the lawyers, bye!” Sophia hung up the house phone and began to pace. It was the moment she had been waiting for. The lady of the house had an emergency at work and was going to be gone for the evening. The last time she stayed at work late, he had gone to be with her. This time she told Sophia to tell him not to come.

Sophia stopped pacing in front of the large mirrors in the dining room. She looked like a mess. Her hair had flyaways all over her bun. Her white blouse had some stains from lunch and cleaning supplies and her skirt was wet from scrubbing the tub. She grew frantic, a immediately took off her clothes. Her undergarments were not much better. The plain white bra and panty set had turned a grayish color from the multiple washes. She took them off with haste. Her curvy figure bare to her eyes. She was chubby, more than she would have preferred to be. She cupped her breasts, they were pretty with light pink nipples that grew hard from the coldness in the room. She dropped her C-cups to give her attention to her large ass. A small smack and it jiggled. Her thighs were large, and white. When was the last time they saw sun? She sighed, wondering if the master of the house even noticed her.

The front door then swung open, and she jumped straight to the kitchen. Her clothes left in the dining room, she grabbed the only thing that could cover her, the madam’s apron.

“Welcome home, Sir!” She called from the kitchen, not realizing how the time flew while she examined herself. The door clicked closed, and Sophia’s heart raced faster.

“Oh, Sophia you’re still here?” He looked up from taking off his shoes. Looking in the direction of the kitchen, but not seeing Sophia.

“Yes Sir. The Misses asked me to prepare you dinner, since she had an emergency tonight, and won’t be home till late tonight.” She popped her head out to make eye contact, while hiding her body behind the wall of the kitchen.

He chuckled to himself, “I married such a workaholic.” He loosened his tie and tossed his shoes to the corner of the entryway. His attention was absorbed by the crying pet cat and he reached down to pet the furry creature.

Sophia looked him over. His tall physique gave her chills, and she felt a heat stir inside as his muscles tightened his yellow dress shirt around his arms. His warm, yet tired smile towards his pet cat made her yearn for him to look at her with such eyes. Jealous of a house cat… she wished she would stop this infatuation.

“I make some tea! It’ll be ready soon, if you want to take a seat, I will get you a cup.” As soon as she said her words, she wanted to smack herself. If he went to the dining room he would see her clothes, or worse look into the kitchen and see her.

“Tea sounds great.” He called back to Sophia, he put down the fat cat and proceeded to sit down at his home desk.

His back was to Sophia and she grew brave. She grabbed to tray for tea, and as soon as the pot finished heating, she placed it on. She approached the master from behind and placed the tray to his left.

“Sir… is there anything in particular that you want for ofise gelen escort dinner?”

He didn’t look at her, his eyes fixated on his computer. “I am not hungry yet, do you mind getting a bath ready for me? Work’s air conditioner went out and I was sweating all day.”

Sophia paused, looking over the handsome man again… his pants clung to his toned legs, she wanted to run her hands along them, wanted to feel his flesh against her own. When his computer chair squeaked, letting her know he was turning to look at her, she knew she had stared too long.

She jumped again, like a thief caught red handed. “Right away, Sir!”

She hurried to the bathroom, scared to look back. She cursed herself as she prepped the bath. She was supposed to be seducing him, not running away.

The master of the house had looked at his house keeper before she bounded away like a hunted rabbit. His bright green/blue eyes widened at the sight of her nude behind. He closed his eyes, rubbed them and then looked back at the computer’s monitor. He must be hallucinating. But the fact didn’t change how much he enjoyed watching her ass bounce away. Her chubby behind jiggled with each step.

With the bath almost finished, Sophia looked in the mirror again. The apron covered her entire front. If she could manage to keep her front facing him when he entered for his bath, she could escape to her clothes and give up on this crazy plan.

Her eyes drifted to the candles in the bathroom, the wife enjoyed her long baths and always kept candles and lighters handy. Without fully realizing it, Sophia lite all of the room up and lust filled her voice as she called to him, “I’m re-… the bath is ready, Sir.”

The man was stirred from his dangerous thoughts, he realized he had not moved from his position since Sophia left. He went to the bathroom without a thought, when he entered the steaming room he couldn’t help but notice that his hired help wasn’t in her usual uniform. She was wearing only an apron. He saw her uneasy smile and tried to look away from the beautiful woman, her dark brown eyes drowned him in wonder, her chubby cheeks gave an innocent flirt and they were framed with wild strands of blonde hair. His eyes looked to the mirror in the room, not wanting to look too much at the woman in front of him, but as fate would have it he could see her entire backside in the reflection. His hand flew to his head, perhaps the heat of the day had gotten to him, but he knew he enjoyed the sight of the round ass and the curve of her hips. Those hips demanded to be grabbed.

He regain his thoughts but too late he noticed shaky hands unbuttoning his shirt. Sophia was saying something but he wasn’t listening, too absorbed in the fantastic view of her smooth milky skin and the shadows that played against her womanly curves. Her gorgeous breasts wiggled as she pulled each button off.

She had finished taking off his dress shirt, but his white undershirt would be much more difficult to remove. Did she know he could see her entire backside in the mirror?

“Hands up, Sir.” Her voice commanded, otele gelen escort in his stupor he obeyed silently.

She struggled to remove the shirt, being so much shorter than him. She went on her tip toes and barely succeeded in the removal, she quickly dropped back to the flat of her feet, making her breast bounce up and down delightfully.

Sophia gazed upon her handy work. His chest was smooth, not hair in sight, his stomach flat with the smallest hint of a six pack under a thin layer of fat. Once more her hands ached to trace his skin. Her eyes instead moved along his long torso, his skin tanned from walks on the beach.

“I… uh…” The businessman stumbled trying to find words as Sophia undid his pants. His dress pants pooled around his legs, he was only wearing his boxers and black dress socks by the time Sophia spoke.

“Shh… I will wash your body for you. Don’t fuss. Step out of your pants now.” Confidence grew in Sophia as she saw his fat dick growing hard. He was aroused by her.

His boxers were gone in seconds and all that remained was his socks. Sophia didn’t seem to notice or care. She was on her knees before him. The master was not completely erect, but his blood was rushing in all the excitement. Sophia’s nimbled hands cupped his soft balls, they just barely fit, and she massaged them gently.

“What are you doing, Sophia?”

“Just making sure I wash you really good. The missus told me to take care of you.” She stated so calmly, as if it was normal for her to see him undressed. Her tongue flicked out and licked the tip of his erect penis.

“I am a married man… we can’t do this.”

“Do what Sir?” Sophia looked up, her red lips frowning. “I am just giving you a good cleaning, nothing wrong with that.”

She swallowed his hard cock, doing her best to get the entire member in her mouth. He was getting too hard and too big for her small mouth. Her tongue placed sweet pressure along his shaft and elicited a moan from him. His hands grabbed the temptress’ head. He took over her slow pace and pushed his dick deeper down her throat. She didn’t resist and he quickened the pace. He pulled her bun out and her twisted braids fell loose.

He fucked her hot mouth, giving her little time to breath. It had been so long since his wife had given him head. He felt guilt surface and he pulled out of the wet cavern. He turned away from the girl on her knees.

“This is wrong.”

She coughed, and breathed in the sweet scented air, “You were enjoying it though.”

He took off his socks and got into the now lukewarm bath. “See yourself out.”

Sophia almost gave in, she almost turned tail and left… but she had tasted his dick and finally felt his long muscled legs. She watched his back, and knew she couldn’t stop now.

Wordlessly she walked to the tub. She reached over his body to grab the soap, his hand abruptly caught hers. “What are you doing?” His voice was rough, he was doing his best to push the vixen away.

“Cleaning, Sir.” His hold tighten and she winced in pain. He dropped her hand immediately when he sincan escort saw what he had done. Her lipstick was smeared from giving him head, and he could still feel his excitement for the woman.

“Please…” he started to plead for her to stop, it had taken his everything to stop the forbidden act from earlier.

“Shh… She won’t know, I won’t tell her. Just this once, let me wash you. I dream about this every night. I am losing sleep over you. Just this once. I won’t tell a soul.” Sophia begged him.

“Just this once?” He asked, his eyes roaming to the breast that had escaped the apron when she leaned over him. His voice shaked, his question laced with uncertainty and arousal.

“Just this once.” Sophia assured him, and the began soaping his back. She sighed contently as she finally got a closer look at his magnificent back. His shoulder blades were sculpted by the gods. Her fingers traced his spine and she dearly wanted run her nails into his back as he thrusted into her pussy.

She finished washing his back, and moved to his chest. She never entered the tub, but continued to scrub his entire body clean. She couldn’t help herself playing with his cock.

“Mmm, it is so big. I bet it’ll feel wonderful inside…”


“Inside me.” She leaned forward and captured his lips. He tasted sweet and she tasted like his dick. Their tongues danced, exploring one another’s mouths.

He broke the kiss first and stood up in the tub. “Bend over.”

Sophia looked at him confused and he pointed in front of himself. She didn’t need him to say it again, so she stepped into the tub and bent over. She braced herself on the edge, and he shoved his long dick deep into her pussy.

“Oh my!” She cried startled by the size.

He didn’t move his cock, he bent over and whispered in her ear. “Such a tight pussy for such a loose woman. I’m going to fuck you so hard, your insides will crave only for my cock.”

“Oh yes… please Sir, make me only want this fat prick.”

“Don’t worry slut. I’ll fill you up.” He pulled his cock out almost all the way and then shoved it back into the shaking woman. He only thrusted into her three more times and he felt her pussy clamp around his dick.

“Cumming already?”

“Yes! Please fuck me harder, Sir.” She shaked her ass, begging for more of his girth, her juice spilling out and running down her legs.

He thrusted into her more, making her cum over and over. “You’re such a cock whore.”

“No…ahh!” He kept teasing her with his dick, enjoying how her body reacted to his movements. He pushed in, enjoying the sound of his flesh pounding into hers. He loved watching his ass jiggle with each thrust.

“I’m not a whorrrre… oh god, you feel so good.” He grabbed her love handles and squeezed her fat. “I’m cumming again!”

“You’re bent over, cumming like a bitch in heat, letting a married man fuck you, and wearing his wife’s apron. Sounds like a cock whore.”

“No… just your cock whore, Sir.”

“Oh? Why is that?” He leaned down, pulling on her tits roughly. He squashed the fat between his fingers and then reached down with one hand and flicked her clit. Her pussy tightened, crushing his dick and squirting out more juices.

“My pussy only wants your cock!”

“I’m cumming!” He pulled out and unleashed his load all over her back.

Sophia stood up, turned around and smiled, “Now I need a bath.”

He gave that warm smile Sophia longed for. “I’ll clean you, just this once.”

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