Kate Gets Full Payment

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Kate opened up the gate and walked up the path to the front door of the large brick house. She rang the door bell and waited for Mr or Mrs Hale to open up the door. She was babysitting their only child Samuel, who was only 18 months old, whilst Mr and Mrs Hale were going out to one of Mrs Hales work parties. She had turned 18 a week ago and knew she had to start saving for the road trip she had planned in the summer.

It was the second time Kate had babysat for the couple, though last time only Mrs Hale had been at home. She got the impression that all was not well between the couple, but Sammy was a good kid and they paid well, so when they asked her a second time she jumped at the chance, especially since they were staying at a hotel so she was going to stay all night, which meant a bigger pay packet.

Mrs Hale opened the door whilst fixing an earring into her ear.

“Hi Kate, you okay? Thanks so much for sitting tonight. Sammy has been up all last night feeling sick, he is okay now, and is in bed already. He was so tired; I think he should sleep all the way through. Please come in” She ushered Kate into the large hallway and into the lounge, which was also large and beautifully decorated.

“What time should you be back tomorrow?” Kate asked as she laid her overnight bag on the couch.

“No later than 11am, I should think. I had better go and make sure Dan is ready, we are already late, make yourself at home; you know where everything is right?” Without waiting for a reply, she dashed off upstairs. Kate heard discordant tones from upstairs, and hoped that there wasn’t going to be a full argument. She sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV.

Dan and Helen came down the stairs, Dan a handsome man in his late 30’s stepped into the lounge.

“Hiya Kate, I’m Dan. I am sure Helen has already said, but make yourself at home, DVD’s are in that cabinet there and there is plenty of food in the fridge. We’ll see you tomorrow, and don’t hesitate to phone if there is anything wrong okay?” he smiled, a friendly though slightly weary smile.

“Sure thing Mr Hale, have a good night” she waved them out the door and locked it behind them. She had the whole house to herself. She smiled.

After Antalya Escort running upstairs and checking on Sammy, who was fast asleep she sat down in the lounge and started to flip through the channels to find something good. After settling on a Johnny Depp film she changed into her summer pyjamas of shorts and a crop top, and curled up on the couch.

Kate was awoken by the sound of keys in the door. Disorientated, she sat up, seeing that the film had finished on TV and was now playing something r-rated. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock, wondering when she had fallen asleep…before she could think, the lounge door opened and Mr Hale walked in.

He had taken off his tie and had rolled up his shirt sleeves. His eyes were dilated and Kate could smell the alcohol.

“Mr Hale, what are you doing home? Is something wrong?” She asked, still feeling half asleep and rather confused.

“I’m just great, fine, awesome. As is my wife, who is more interested in her boss than in her husband.” He plonked himself down on the sofa next to Kate.

“Oh…is Mrs Hale coming home tonight as well?” she asked cautiously. Not sure if she should offer to go home or not.

“No she is staying at the hotel. Probably going to fuck Ethan’s brains out” he slurred, holding his head in his hands.

“I should probably go…” Kate made to stand up and leave, but Dan reached up and took her hand.

“No…please stay, I’m sorry” Kate sat back down, unsure of what to do and starting to feel very aware of not wearing much. They both automatically looked at the screen as a low moan came over the volume. A couple were kissing naked in a shower. Kate blushed bright red and went to change the channel, but Dan stopped her hand and curled his fingers around hers.

“Let’s watch this for a bit longer eh?” he kept hold of her hand, running his thumb up and down her fingers. Kate sat as still as possible, not at all sure of what to do. He brain screamed at her to get up and leave, but something was making her stay. She wanted to stay.

The couple on the screen now were rubbing soap all over each others naked bodies, touching each other intimately. Kate could feel her pussy getting wet as Antalya Escort Bayan she watched them start explore each other.

“Kate…how old are you?” Asked Dan, glancing across at her, admiring her large breast on her slim frame. Her hair was dark brown and long, and she had long dark eye lashes that framed her dark eyes.

“I turned 18 last week Mr Hale” she replied, feeling the intensity of their bodies sat so close.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No…I don’t really have time what with studying and with gymnastics” Kate answered slowly, unsure about what was going to happen.

“Kate, I want to touch you, like he is touching her. I want to feel your body. Do you want that?” he was running his hand up and down her arm now.

“I…I don’t know. I…I think so” she muttered, blushing again. The couple on screen now were fucking hard against the shower wall, she screamed out in pleasure as the man drove his cock into her. Kate was breathing fast now.

“Kate, I want you to stand up in front of me.” He said it with the tone of a command.

“I…” she faltered

“NOW Kate” he said, forcefully, tightening the grip on her arm. Kate felt a chill of fear and excitement run through her body. She stood up in front of Dan, trembling slightly.

Dan reached out and put his arms on her slender hips. He ran them up her waist and underneath her top to her breasts. She was wearing no bra under her top and as his hands touched her nipples she gasped as a thrill went down to her wet pussy.

“Take off your clothes” Dan instructed. His eyes roved over her young supple body as she stripped off her clothes and stood naked before him. He stood up now and picked her up then laid her down on the couch. He bent down over her and took one of her large erect nipples into his mouth. She moaned in pleasure. He licked the nipple and then sucked at it, his tongue roving over her skin.

Then he stood up and stripped off his clothes. His large cock was erect as he removed his boxers. Kate marvelled at his size, both excited and a little scared.

He knelt over her. Kissing her mouth deeply, he pushed his tongue into her mouth, making her taste him. She could taste the Escort Antalya tang of alcohol on his lips. She kissed him back hard, savouring the flavour.

“Oh Kate, you are so beautiful” he muttered between kisses.

Dan kissed down her neck, and then turned his attention back to her breasts, sucking and biting them playfully. Kate was in heaven, she had fully turned her body over to him now.

“Kate, I want to fuck you. I want to be in you”

“Take me. Take me now. Cum in me” she whispered in his ear, surprising herself with her words.

Dan needed no more encouragement. He straddled her, placing the tip of his cock at her opening, dipping in slightly, he heard her moan. That was all he needed, and he plunged his hard long cock deep and fast into her tight pussy. Kate cried out as he filled her and she raised her hips into him, pushing him further into her.

He pulled back then started to fuck her hard, pounding his meat into her tight hot young pussy. Sliding deep as she rose to meet him, grinding her clit against his body.

He thrust into her harder and harder, picking up is pace as he pounded her barely legal pussy. She started to moan louder and louder, as he slammed into her, in and out, his huge dick filling her completely.

He reached down and grabbed her tits, rolling her nipples in his fingers, then bending down and taking one in his mouth as he carried on fucking her.

“Deeper Mr Hale. Fuck me like the dirty little girl I am” Kate cried out, grabbing his ass to pull him deeper into her.

“Kate, you little slut, you want me to cum in you don’t you, you want me to fuck you hard, and make you cum” he said, starting to feel the cum rising in his balls. He pounded her harder and faster holding her hips to slam her down onto his shaft.

“Kate I’m going to cum in you” he roared, lifting her up and spinning her so she was now straddling him, she rose up and down driving his cock deep into her.

“Do it sir. Do it to me, cum in my tight pussy, I am gonna cum. Make me cum” she started to moan as the first waves of her orgasm crashed over her. At the same time Dan felt his cum shoot into her pussy, he kept pounding into her until he had shot his load, and she kept grinding her pussy down on to him, her juices running down his cock. He took her nipple into his mouth, licking, biting. Then they kissed long and hard, his cock still in her pussy.

Kate whispered in Dan’s ear, “I’m free again next Saturday…”

To be continued…

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